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Do You Tip a House Cleaner?

We all know the importance of hiring a house cleaner to save us time. But do you tip them? Or is it considered an expense? It’s not something that has been thoroughly researched, but there are some opinions on this topic. Some people say it isn’t necessary, while others believe tipping your house cleaner is appropriate and means they did an excellent job.

do you tip a house cleaner

Do you need to tip a house cleaner?

There are no set rules for tipping house cleaners. It is not necessary to tip a house cleaner, but it can be helpful if you would like them to come back in the future. If you have an established relationship with your house cleaner and do a great job every time, don’t worry about adding something extra on top of what you already pay for their services. You should only consider tipping when the service was above expectation or additional items needed to be cleaned besides just vacuuming and dusting.

There will probably come when the worker provides above and beyond services that you wish to reward them for. If they go out of their way to do something extraordinary, pursue an option within your budget so that you can provide exceptional customer service back! A great example will be if they clean behind bookshelves and nightstands, which could easily have been overlooked because those areas were hard-to-reach. Perhaps offer up $20 extra just for going out of their usual scope! That being said, don’t feel obligated at all if you do not want to tip.

In general, it is not necessary to tip a house cleaner. It may be nice as a gesture of thanks for their service, but there are no standard expectations or tipping guidelines in place. The reasons for tipping a house cleaner are apparent, and the amount you tip is up to you.

do you tip a house cleaner

How much do you need to tip a house cleaner?

While tipping a house cleaner is not necessary, it’s certainly appreciated. You will want to keep in mind that the service you receive from your cleaning professional determines how much of a tip amount should be given. You can even use this as an opportunity for negotiation depending on their level of quality work. Whether you choose to, always remember that your house cleaner is working hard for their money! Every situation will vary, so try giving between $20 -$50 per cleaning session depending upon how often they clean your home each month. This amount may seem low compared to other jobs where tips are expected, such as waiters, bartenders, and bellhops; however, it is much higher than what others tip their house cleaners. You can also consider giving a tip during the holidays, especially around Christmas and Hanukkah, where you may wish to provide a more generous amount.

do you tip a house cleaner

What are some tips for tipping a cleaner?

There is no one rule for tipping a house cleaner. It’s really up to you and what your budget allows, but it’s always lovely, of course, to show some gratitude!

A lot of people wonder how to approach this situation. Some think it’s customary to leave money on top of an envelope with their payment information inside, but others don’t like that idea because they feel like offering more than what was agreed upon might make things awkward between themselves and their service provider or even encourage future overcharging. It’s most common to tip a house cleaner after they have completed their service, but it is also acceptable to do so before the actual service occurs.

However, if you’re feeling super generous, there are other ways to show appreciation aside from monetary compensation! You could offer them lunch one day when they get off work or bring them a gift card to their favorite restaurant.

If you decide on cash, we recommend $20-$50 per visit as your starting point and remember that every home is different and will require more or less depending on the size of the house.
Most people tip around 20%-25% but anywhere from 15%-40% is reasonable too! It’s entirely up to each individual, though, so if it makes sense for your budget and helps show how much you appreciate their work, then go ahead and give them something extra! If you still think tipping isn’t necessary at all, feel free not to worry about it either way.

Common suggestions include leaving money directly on top of furniture after their work or on a separate envelope with “house cleaning” written on it. like how some restaurants will do when they add a ‘gratuity’ line item on your bill. It’s okay if you forget to leave a tip or don’t have cash on hand one day, they’ll understand!

do you tip a house cleaner

What do house cleaners think about tipping?

In general, most people are pleased with any extra gratuity that is given. Of course, it’s always nice to get paid for their work, but an additional thank you from the clients goes a long way.
Some house cleaners think it’s unfair to tip them at all because they do their jobs regardless. They say that tipping should only be given to people who do excellent work and go above and beyond what they’re required, which is something that house cleaners always try their best to do.

Others don’t mind getting tips because it helps take the load off of their expenses, especially if they are working for a company instead of doing it as their own business. However, tippings can make cleaners feel more appreciated and valued for their work, especially if a lot of the clients they work for don’t do that. Most cleaners would prefer to be tipped after their work is completed because it makes them feel better when they get a tip at the end of a long day instead of in advance.

do you tip a house cleaner

Some things you should keep in mind when deciding how much to tip your house cleaner:

If someone comes into your home and cleans up after you while also bringing all of their supplies, which means the only cost involved was gas mileage since otherwise cleaning supplies would be an extra expense to you out of pocket, then a tip of around $20 is fine. If someone else brings all the supplies and cleans up while also taking care of their own transportation needs, plus they’re earning minimum wage for doing so, then tipping them should be more in the ballpark of $20-$50 depending on just how much work was involved that day or week.

Try not to base your tipping decision solely on what other people do since it’s hard enough to live these days without having comparisons made between different industries where everyone thinks their job deserves so much better than yours does! It’s important to show appreciation for house cleaners by giving them something extraordinary when they’ve done such great work rather than focusing entirely on whether other people tip them more or less than you think is appropriate.

Never give house cleaners anything other than cash unless otherwise instructed to do so. If you want to get them a gift as part of their tip, that’s fine, but don’t give it to them during the job because they’ll have too much on their minds and need all hands free to do their jobs well. However, when do you need to tip the house cleaner?


  • When they do an exceptional job cleaning your home or office.
  • When they go above and beyond by doing a little extra for you.
  • When they are willing to go the extra mile for you.
  • When you feel that their work is worth tipping them for doing such a great job.
  • When you can afford to give a tip to them.

do you tip a house cleaner

Tip alternative to cash

Gift Cards
If you’re not comfortable with cash, consider tipping your house cleaner with a gift card to their favorite store. This would be a suitable replacement for their regular income of just tips if you can afford it at least once per month.
Good Reviews
If you’re satisfied with the work your house cleaner has done for you, consider leaving them a good review on Yelp or Google Places. This is free and will help their future clients know more about who they are and the services offered.
Provider Referrals
If you’re not comfortable leaving cash or gift cards, provide your house cleaner with referrals to other people who may want their services. If you know of a good number of people who could use the same services, you may be able to work out a deal with your house cleaner where they get paid for each referral.


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