Why your time is your most important asset

In case you haven’t heard, time is the only asset you have that you can’t acquire any more of. Of course, there have been increasingly more tantalizing breakthroughs in the longevity field, but nonwithstanding a phase-shift in the lifespan of humans, it seems as though we have a finite amount of time on our hands to use as we please.

That being the case, it would be foolish to presume that other assets you have are more valuable, since you are at any time able to make more money and acquire more valuables.

For that matter, you can also lose all of your money or valuables quickly.

Time, however, remains the constant asset that is forever being slowly drained of you. So it would make sense to protect your most prized asset with the ferocity with which you would protect your cash or belongings. However, most folks don’t think of it that way.

In fact, most people frivolously squander their time on… let’s say, peculiar things, while feverishly guarding their monetary posessions with genuine tenacity.

Why is it, then, that we do this? Why don’t we guard our time with the same bullishness that we use to guard our money?

Probably because of a 2 main things:

  1. Perspective. If your bank account dips, you get an instant hit to your morale if your goal is to save money. Time, on the other hand, is constantly slipping away silently. Imagine a backwards clock that’s counting down until you die – wouldn’t that light a fire under your butt to get more stuff done with the limited time you have left?
  2. Status. If you waste time doing things that bring your life no value, nobody sees it (except in the long run). However, money can be used to increase your status and instantly feel better about yourself. So of course folks are going to try and accumulate wealth without regarding their time as more valuable – you can use wealth to feel superior to other people, but you can’t quip “I have more free time than you!” and achieve quite the same effect.

Speaking of time, how much is your time worth? Can you even put a monetary value on it? It should be priceless, since you can’t get any of it back.

That being said, why would you waste your precious time on this earth doing something like cleaning your home?

Why not instead hire a cleaning service to do the work for you?

As the owner of Tidy House Cleaning Service says, “What you’re really buying when you purchase a home cleaning service is more time.”

That can’t be emphasized enough – it makes fiscal sense to trade money for time because money has an inherent cap on it’s value, while your time should be regarded as infinitely more valuable than anything else you could possibly own.

So stop scrubbing those toilets and let the pros handle the dirty work. Meanwhile, spend more time with your family, get a new haircut, walk your dog, go hiking, and live.

You’ll be providing much needed income to hard working individuals that will be very grateful for the opportunity to better their financial situation, and you’ll free up your own time to finally have some fun out in the sun for once.

Don’t delay – book a house cleaning service today and thank me later. 

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