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Your Complete Guide to Using Vinegar for Cleaning

Your Complete Guide to Using Vinegar for Cleaning

When it comes to maintaining our homes clean, we usually turn to the kitchen pantry in search of environmentally friendly and budget solutions. Among the staples found in our pantries, vinegar is a superstar when it comes to cleaning.

It’s more than just an old wives tale.

The use of vinegar for cleaning has become incredibly popular due to its versatility and effectiveness in tackling a range of cleaning tasks.

In this guide, we will explore why vinegar is essential for cleaning purposes, the recommended vinegar solutions for surfaces, dos and don’ts when using vinegar as a cleaner, a suggested vinegar product to look at, and answers to frequently asked questions about its usage.

Tips for Cleaning with Vinegar

The Significance of Using Vinegar for Cleaning

Vinegar may be an ingredient commonly found in kitchens. It has been used for centuries due to its ability to clean and disinfect. Its natural acidic properties make it an excellent choice for breaking down grime, stains, and bacteria.

Not only is it an eco alternative to harsh chemical cleaners, but it is also safe for your family and the environment. Additionally, using vinegar as a cleaner can save money while ensuring your home remains spotless.

Tips for Cleaning with Vinegar

The Vinegar Solution: What You Should Know

Before embarking on your vinegar cleaning journey, it’s essential to understand the type of vinegar to use and how to create the cleaning solution. Distilled white vinegar, often referred to as “cleaning vinegar,” is typically the option for cleaning tasks due to its high acidity level (usually around 5%), which makes it an effective cleaning agent.

Tips for Cleaning with Vinegar

Making the Vinegar Cleaning Solution

Here’s a recipe for a vinegar-cleaning solution:


  • Equal parts distilled white vinegar
  • Equal parts water


1. Combine vinegar and water in a spray bottle.
2. Shake well to ensure mixing.

Tips for Cleaning with Vinegar

Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning with Vinegar

Cleaning with vinegar can yield results. It’s crucial to keep in mind some dos and don’ts for optimal outcomes while avoiding potential issues.


Test in an area: Before applying vinegar on a surface, test it in an inconspicuous spot to ensure it won’t cause any damage or discoloration.

Use on surfaces: Vinegar is versatile. It can be safely used on different surfaces, like glass, countertops, floors, and even appliances.

Get rid of stains: Vinegar is excellent for breaking down and removing stains such as coffee, wine, and grease.

Disinfect and freshen up: Vinegar possesses properties that make it an effective disinfectant. It also helps eliminate odors.

Combine with ingredients: You can boost the cleaning effectiveness of vinegar by mixing it with natural substances like baking soda or lemon juice.


Avoid using vinegar on stone surfaces: Avoid applying vinegar to surfaces made of natural stone like granite and marble, as its acidity can cause damage.

Do not use on hardwood floors: While vinegar is safe for many types of flooring, it should not be used on hardwood floors as it might strip their finish and result in damage.

Never mix with bleach: Never combine vinegar with bleach since this combination can produce fumes. Always use these products separately.

Do not use on egg stains: Using vinegar on egg stains can cause them to thicken, making them more challenging to remove.

Limit prolonged use on aluminum surfaces: Prolonged exposure to vinegar can harm aluminum surfaces. Use it sparingly when cleaning aluminum cookware or utensils.

Tips for Cleaning with Vinegar

A Must-Have Vinegar for Cleaning

White vinegar is truly a must-have cleaning product. This versatile household essential boasts acidity levels and natural cleaning properties that make it a powerhouse for tackling cleaning tasks.

White vinegar is a reliable ally when dealing with stains, disinfecting surfaces, or simply keeping your home fresh.

Is it necessary to dilute vinegar as a household cleaner?

Absolutely! Using vinegar as a household cleaner can be too harsh on surfaces and may cause damage or leave behind a strong vinegar smell. It is recommended to dilute vinegar with water to create an effective cleaning solution. This combination balances acidity and gentleness, ensuring results without harming your surfaces.

Do you need to rinse after cleaning with vinegar?

One common question that often arises when using vinegar for cleaning is whether rinsing is required afterward.

The answer varies depending on the cleaning task at hand.

In general, rinsing is typically unnecessary when:

Cleaning glass: Vinegar effortlessly leaves streak-shiny surfaces on glass, eliminating the need for rinsing.

Disinfecting surfaces: Vinegar’s antibacterial properties make rinsing unnecessary when disinfecting surfaces.

However, there may be instances where rinsing is recommended:

Cleaning countertops: If you have used a vinegar solution on your countertops, it’s considered practice to rinse them with water afterward. This step helps remove any vinegar, particularly if you have skin or the surface comes into contact with food.

Cleaning floors: It’s a good idea to rinse laminate floors with water after cleaning them with vinegar. This helps prevent any residue of vinegar that could potentially harm the finish over time.

Whether or not you should rinse after cleaning with vinegar depends on the type of surface and your personal preferences. If you’re unsure, it’s always safe to rinse with water.

If you need house cleaning services to give your home that sparkling touch, look no further than NW Maids. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing cleaning services that are tailored to your schedule and budget. We understand the significance of a hygienic home, which is why we use eco-friendly products for your peace of mind.


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The Pleasure of Turning Cleaning into a Fun Experience

The Pleasure of Turning Cleaning into a Fun Experience

Cleaning, often met with sighs and reluctance, doesn’t have to be a tedious task. Instead of seeing it as a duty, why not transform cleaning into something

In this guide, we will share many ways to make your cleaning routine more enjoyable and highlight things to avoid. So, put on your thinking cap and get ready to turn cleaning into a fun adventure!

How to Make Cleaning Fun

The Importance of Adding Joy to Cleaning Time

Beyond tidiness, making cleaning fun and turning cleaning into an enjoyable adventure can boost well-being, productivity, and your space’s ambiance. It can also positively affect your mood and overall well-being and even boost productivity. Embracing a great sense of love for the process can create a rewarding and satisfying activity.

How to Make Cleaning Fun

Ways to Make Cleaning Fun for a Clean Living Space

Make cleaning fun with your family by incorporating effective strategies and a positive attitude to transform your chores into enjoyable tasks. Here’s how to make cleaning fun:

Set the Mood with Music

Start by creating a playlist that will make cleaning more enjoyable. Music has the power to energize and uplift your spirits. Choose songs that make you want to dance or sing along.

The rhythm will naturally sync with your movements, turning the cleaning process into something more, like a dance party. So grab that mop and get your favorite tunes to guide you through each task.

Make it a Game

Why not turn cleaning into a game? Set a timer for each task, especially if you have kids. Challenge yourself to beat the clock. Pretend you’re on a mission in the cleaning olympics, where completing each task feels like a victory.

If you’re cleaning with family or roommates, you can even turn it into a competition to see who can finish their chores first. This element of competition can make even ordinary tasks exciting and engaging.

Harness the Power of Visualization

Before you start cleaning, take a moment to imagine the end result. Picture how calming and inviting your space will look once it’s been tidied up. Visualizing the outcome can serve as motivation.

Make the cleaning process feel like progress towards achieving a goal. The satisfaction of seeing your vision come to life will add a sense of fulfillment to your cleaning experience.

Dance Your Way Through

Who says cleaning has to be boring? Turn tasks, like vacuuming and sweeping, into a dance routine. Imagine yourself gracefully gliding across a ballroom floor as you maneuver the vacuum or swaying to the rhythm while sweeping.

Dancing brings a sense of enjoyment. It also boosts your activity, making it a win-win situation for both your home and your health.

Treat Yourself After Completing Your Task

Positive reinforcement can be incredibly effective. Give yourself rewards after completing cleaning tasks. It could be indulging in a piece of your chocolate, taking a minute to browse social media, or simply enjoying a short break with a cup of tea.

Knowing that there’s something waiting for you can make the cleaning process more pleasant, and it gives you something to anticipate.

Get Creative with Cleaning Tools You Love

Why settle for the ordinary when you can add excitement? Invest in unique cleaning tools that bring a smile to your face. How about using a mop or an amusing feather duster resembling a character? Surrounding yourself with fun cleaning tools that you love can make the process feel less mundane and more imaginative.

How to Make Cleaning Fun

Things to Avoid for a Fun Cleaning Experience

While cleaning might not always be the most exciting task, learning how to find joy in cleaning and understanding what to avoid can help prevent common cleaning mistakes that might hinder your progress. Here’s a list of what to avoid:

Steer Clear of Multitasking

While multitasking may seem like an approach, it can detract from the joy of cleaning. Focus on one task at a time, fully immersing yourself in it. This will not only enhance enjoyment but also lead to better results.

Don’t stress over achieving perfection.

It’s natural to desire a spotless living environment. Don’t let the pursuit of flawlessness consume you. Accept that a little mess is acceptable and focus on making progress rather than striving for outcomes.

Avoid falling into a routine.

Repetitive cleaning tasks can quickly become mundane. Keep things up by changing the order in which you tackle chores or trying out cleaning methods. Adding variety and unpredictability can make the whole experience more enjoyable.

Stay positive in your mindset.

Don’t let thoughts about cleaning take control of your mind. Of dreading the process, remind yourself of the results – a cleaner and more pleasant living space. Positive self-talk has the power to significantly alter your perception of cleaning.

Experience Effortless Cleaning with NW Maids

If you find that maintaining a home is proving to be more challenging than expected and you’re considering assistance, look no further than NW Maids. Our experienced house cleaning services are designed to alleviate your burden while ensuring that your space is impeccably clean.


You can transform what was once a dreaded chore into an experience by injecting some fun into your cleaning routine. Don’t forget it’s not about keeping your space tidy – it’s about improving your mood and your wellness and embracing the positive effects of a joyful cleaning journey. So feel free to infuse your cleaning routine with your flair – you’ll be pleasantly amazed by the outcomes!


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The Ultimate Guide to End-of-Summer Clean-Up

End of Summer Clean-up

As summer comes to a close, it’s time to say goodbye to beach towels and barbecues and get your home ready for the fall and winter seasons. The end-of-summer clean-up is a task that not only refreshes your living space but also sets the stage for a cozy and inviting atmosphere as the weather gets colder.

In this guide, we will explore why this ritual is significant, which areas of your home need attention, overlooked spots that deserve care, the potential consequences of neglecting this task, and practical steps you can take to make the most of this opportunity.

End of Summer Clean-up

Understanding the Significance of End of Summer Clean Up

Imagine your home as a canvas that reflects your life’s colors and experiences. Like an artist prepares their canvas before starting a masterpiece giving your living space a clean-up before transitioning from summer to fall can have a meaningful impact.

In this comprehensive cleaning guide, we will help you restore cleanliness and freshness, which are vital for creating a living environment. Additionally, an organized and tidy space plays a role in promoting well-being by fostering relaxation and reducing stress as you settle in for the colder months ahead.

End of Summer Clean-up

Things to Consider Before Fall/Winter Arrive

Windows and Screens: After a summer of windows and fresh air, it’s important to clean the dust and grime that may have accumulated on your window screens. This improves the view and ensures better indoor air quality as you prepare to keep your windows closed during colder weather.

Outdoor Furniture: If you’ve been enjoying your space during the summer, it’s an idea to give your patio furniture or outdoor cushions a thorough cleaning before storing it away for the season. Properly cleaning and storing furniture helps prevent damage and ensures they’re ready for use when warmer days return.

Air Conditioning Systems: Your HVAC system has been working hard to keep you cool throughout the summer. Before you switch over to heating mode, make sure to clean or replace filters in order to maintain efficiency and ensure air quality.

Carpets and Rugs: Summer adventures can often bring in dirt and sand on our shoes, which can take a toll on carpets and rugs. Giving them a good cleaning or even considering vacuuming regularly will help extend their lifespan.

Gutters and Downspouts: Clearing out leaves and debris from your gutters is crucial in preventing clogs that can lead to water damage during the fall season.

Don’t Forget the Overlooked Areas

While it’s easy to remember the cleaning tasks, there are certain hidden and neglected areas that tend to gather dirt, dust, and grime over time. It’s important to give attention to these areas during your end-of-summer clean-up:

Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures: Make sure to clean the blades of your ceiling fans and wipe down the fixtures. This not only improves the air quality in your home but also prevents dust from spreading around.

Baseboards and Crown Molding: These areas are often ignored; they collect an amount of dust. Give them a wipe-down to restore their shine and keep them looking their best.

Medicine Cabinets and Drawers: Take some time to go through your medicine cabinets and drawers. Dispose of any expired medications or products. Give the insides a cleaning to keep everything organized.

Cleaning Your Garden

Before the leaves start to change colors, it’s an idea to tidy up your space.

Clear Debris: Remove any fallen leaves, spent plants, and other debris to prevent diseases and pests from overwintering.

Prune and Trim: Trim back your plants and prune shrubs to promote growth and prevent excessive growth during the winter months.

Harvest Remaining Produce: Harvest any remaining fruits or vegetables from your summer garden. Clear out ones that won’t survive the temperatures.

Mulch Beds: Add a layer of mulch to shield the soil and plants from temperature changes while helping with moisture retention.

Plant Fall Bulbs: Make use of the soil by planting bulbs like tulips and daffodils that will bloom in springtime.

End of Summer Clean-up

Consequences of Neglecting Summer Cleaning

If you neglect an end-of-summer clean-up, there can be consequences:

Health Risks: Over time, dust, pollen, and allergens can accumulate in your home. If left unchecked, they can trigger allergies or respiratory issues.

Pest Infestations: During the summer months, insects and pests may have found their way into your home. Failing to clean can create a welcoming environment for these guests.

Decline in Indoor Air Quality: Accumulated dirt and debris can have an impact on the quality of the air indoors, which can affect your well-being.

Reduced Comfort: When your living space is cluttered or messy, it can take a toll on your emotional state, making it difficult to feel comfortable and relaxed in your home.

End of Summer Clean-up

Cleaning Tips to Start Fresh

As summer comes to an end, why not take advantage of the opportunity to transform your living area into a comfortable sanctuary? Here are some steps you can follow;

Create a Checklist: Make a list of all the areas that need attention and tasks that need to be completed. This way, you won’t miss any spots as you go about cleaning.

Gather Supplies: Equip yourself with the cleaning products, tools, and equipment for a cleaning session.

Set Aside Time: Dedicate a day or even an entire weekend to tackle your end-of-summer cleanup. It can be more enjoyable if you involve family members in the process.

Declutter: While you clean up, take some time to declutter well. Get rid of items that are no longer needed by donating or discarding them. This will help create a spacious environment.

Choose NW Maids

If you’re seeking assistance to ensure that your end-of-summer cleanup is done meticulously and efficiently, consider enlisting the services of NW Maids. Our team of cleaning professionals is fully equipped to handle every corner and crevice, leaving your home revitalized and prepared for the changing seasons.

As summer comes to an end, it’s not the weather that transitions but our approach to maintaining our living spaces. Recognizing the significance of an end of summer clean-up, attending to overlooked areas, and taking proactive steps to rejuvenate your home sets the stage for a cozy and inviting fall and winter season.

So let’s roll up our sleeves gather our cleaning essentials, and embrace this opportunity to start anew as we bid farewell to summer.


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Master the Art of Keeping Your Home Clean Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Master the Art of Keeping Your Home Clean Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Having a home is like having your sanctuary, where you can feel at peace and create cherished memories. However, maintaining a spotless living space can often seem like a battle against dust, mess, and grime.

The good news is that cleaning your house doesn’t have to be a task. By adopting the mindset and using an approach, you can turn your cleaning routine into something manageable and even enjoyable.

How to Clean a House Without Getting Overwhelmed

Understanding the Significance of a Clean Home

When you step into a home, you instantly feel a sense of tranquility surrounding you. However, the benefits not only extend beyond appearances but also having a tidy living environment has an impact on your physical well-being.

Research shows that an organized space helps reduce stress levels, enhances mental health, and improves concentration, making you feel overwhelming benefits from an organized environment.

Additionally, maintaining cleanliness plays a role in preventing allergies and respiratory issues by eliminating dust particles and allergens.

How to Clean a House Without Getting Overwhelmed

Create a Cleaning Schedule

One of the reasons cleaning can be overwhelming is not having a plan. Creating a cleaning schedule can make a difference. Divide tasks into weekly and monthly categories.

Daily tasks include making the bed and wiping down surfaces, while weekly tasks involve vacuuming, mopping, and changing bed linens. Monthly tasks could focus on cleaning areas like the refrigerator or oven. This organized approach ensures that no task becomes too daunting.


Before jumping into the cleaning process head-on, it’s essential to declutter. Clutter not makes cleaning time-consuming but also contributes to feelings of being overwhelmed. Start by categorizing items into groups; things to keep, items to donate or give away, and things to discard.

Take the cleaning process one room at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed, especially in a messy house. The satisfaction you’ll feel as you clear out each space will give you the motivation to continue with the rest of the cleaning.

How to Clean a House Without Getting Overwhelmed

Start Your Cleaning Process Without Feeling Overwhelmed

We will make the task more manageable and efficient to prevent cleaning burnout so you don’t get overwhelmed while doing it. Here’s how to start your cleaning process.

Cleaning One Room at a Time

Instead of trying to clean your house all at once, break it down and conquer it step by step. Concentrate on one room at a time giving your attention to thoroughly clean and tidy that space before moving on. This method not only makes the process more manageable, but it also gives you a sense of achievement as you finish each room.

Using Appropriate Cleaning Supplies

Having the tools can make all the difference in your cleaning efforts. Make sure to stock up on cleaning supplies such as eco-friendly cleaning products, microfiber cloths, a vacuum cleaner, a mop, and scrub brushes.

Keep all your cleaning tools organized in a cleaning caddy or basket so you can quickly move from one room to another without hassle. Having everything you need at your fingertips will save you from back-and-forth trips.

Tackling Small Tasks Immediately

When it comes to tackling tasks, it’s important to avoid procrastination. Follow the two-minute rule; if a task takes two minutes or less to complete, do it away. Whether it’s wiping down a countertop putting away items or hanging up coats, these small actions prevent clutter from piling up and eliminate the need for cleaning sessions.

Enjoy Family Bonding While You Clean

Don’t hesitate to enlist the help of your family members or housemates when it comes to cleaning. Assign age tasks to children. Share the workload with your partner. Not only does this lighten your load, but it also teaches responsibility and promotes teamwork. Additionally, turning cleaning into a shared activity can make it more enjoyable and less overwhelming.

Set a Timer

Set a timer for each cleaning task to prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed. By adopting this method, you can stay on track and make certain that each task is given an appropriate amount of time.

Time management techniques, such as time boxing, can help you stay focused and avoid spending time on a single task. This method is especially useful for chores you may not enjoy, like organizing your garage or decluttering a closet. By setting an amount of time for these tasks, it becomes easier to handle them.

Reward Yourself

It’s important to acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments along the way. Once you finish a cleaning task for each room, take a moment to reward yourself. It could be something like making yourself a cup of tea, reading a book chapter, or taking a short break. These small rewards serve as motivation. Remind you that the effort you’re putting in is worthwhile.

Consider NW Maids

If balancing your responsibilities while maintaining the cleanliness of your home feels overwhelming, it might be worth considering assistance. NW Maids is here to help transform your home into an immaculate haven through their trusted house cleaning service. Reach out to NW Maids today. Experience the joy of having a clean abode.

Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be an intimidating task that leaves you feeling stressed and burdened. Keep in mind that having a home goes beyond looks. It’s about establishing an environment that nourishes your physical and mental well-being. Embrace the process of maintaining cleanliness and relish the advantages that come with a kept living space.


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9 Reasons Why Recurring Cleaning is Important

Maintaining cleanliness in our surroundings is not merely an aesthetic choice, but a necessity for our health and well-being. Many people consider a one-time deep cleaning enough to maintain a tidy environment. However, recurring cleaning is as essential as any other routine in your life. From maintaining a fresh ambiance to improving productivity, there are countless reasons why recurring cleaning is vital. 

Today, we explore 9 compelling reasons why recurring house cleaning in Kent should be the foundation of your healthy lifestyle and an integral part of your routine.

Why is a regular house cleaning routine so important?

While the idea of cleaning may seem like a chore, it’s a habit that brings numerous benefits to our lives. From improving our health and mood to maintaining a safe and efficient living or working space, recurring cleaning is a practice that should never be neglected. By embracing it, we can ensure a better, healthier, and more fulfilling lifestyle. If you find yourself strapped for time as it is, choose the right company to take care of your living space on a regular basis and enjoy the benefits of a professionally scrubbed abode.

1. Improves air quality

One of the primary reasons for recurring cleaning is the improvement of air quality. Dust and allergens often accumulate in your home, reducing air quality over time. Regular cleaning helps reduce the presence of these elements, thus improving the air you breathe and lessening the risk of allergies and respiratory problems.

2. Reduces stress

A cluttered, dirty environment can increase stress levels subconsciously. A recurring cleaning routine helps maintain an orderly and clean environment that promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety and stress.

3. Prolongs lifespan of appliances and furniture

Regular cleaning can increase the longevity of your appliances and furniture. Dust and grime build-up can cause your appliances to work harder and wear out faster. Similarly, dust, dirt, and stains can damage your furniture over time. Regular cleaning ensures these items are cared for, extending their lifespan and saving you replacement costs. regular house cleaning routine so important

4. Prevents pest infestations

Pests are attracted to dirt, crumbs, and clutter. A consistent cleaning routine significantly reduces the chances of pest infestations by eliminating their potential food sources and hiding spots. Furthermore, by promptly addressing any initial signs of an infestation, recurring cleaning helps to nip potential pest problems in the bud, making it easier to maintain a pest-free environment.

5. Maintains a healthy environment

Bacteria, viruses, and fungi can thrive in a dirty environment, increasing the risk of infections and diseases. Regular cleaning with the right products can help kill these germs and maintain a healthier living or working environment.

6. Boosts productivity

A clean and organized space boosts productivity. When your environment is clean, it’s easier to concentrate, find things, and get work done. Regular cleaning eliminates distractions, helping you focus on what matters most.

7. Improves mood and well-being

A clean environment can significantly improve your mood and overall well-being. It offers a sense of accomplishment, improves your sleep, and enhances your quality of life. Additionally, the very act of cleaning can be therapeutic for many people, providing a productive outlet for energy and stress, thereby contributing to overall mental wellness.

8. Ensures safety

Regular cleaning eliminates potential safety hazards like clutter that can cause falls or spills. It helps maintain a safe living or working space, preventing unnecessary accidents and injuries.

9. Increases home value

For homeowners, consistent cleaning can help maintain and even increase the value of your home. A well-maintained home – one that is clean, fresh, and free from damages caused by negligence like mold, stains, or appliance wear and tear – is more likely to fetch a better price in the market. Recurring cleaning is a small investment that keeps your property looking its best at all times, thus maintaining its appeal to potential buyers or renters. Why is a regular house cleaning routine so important

Who should I turn to for reliable house cleaning in Kent, WA? 

If you need help making a detailed recurring housekeeping checklist, choosing a suitable house cleaning schedule, or pointers on how to get ready for a cleaning service visit, NW Maids Tacoma has all the answers you’re looking for and more. With ample experience and a vetted, trained, and motivated workforce, we are your dependable solution to keep your property spick-and-span throughout the year.

Indulge in a bit of wild adventure on the Soos Creek Trail while we get down to business and take care of your dirt and grime so you can make the most of your free time. Call us today!

9 Items On Your Recurring Cleaning Checklist

A well-kept home is not just a delight to live in, but it also significantly contributes to your health and well-being. Keeping track of all the cleaning tasks might be overwhelming, which is why having a checklist for your recurring Kent house cleaning is helpful. 

This blog post will help you create your own checklist with 9 essential items that should be a part of your recurring cleaning routine. Even if you don’t plan on sprucing up your living space yourself, having a detailed checklist will help you tell your professional seasoned house cleaning provider what you expect from them.

What should I include on my recurring cleaning checklist?

Having a recurring cleaning checklist can transform the way you approach housekeeping. Not only does it ensure that every corner of your home gets the attention it needs, but it also helps distribute the tasks throughout the week or month, making cleaning a less daunting task. Remember, a clean home is a happy and healthy home, so start creating your checklist today!

1. Dusting

Dusting should be an integral part of your weekly cleaning routine. This includes dusting furniture, shelves, picture frames, electronics, and other surfaces that tend to accumulate dust over time. Regular dusting improves the air quality in your home and prolongs the life of your furniture and electronics.

2. Vacuuming and sweeping

Floors accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, and crumbs each day. Hence, vacuuming and sweeping should be a part of your weekly routine. Special attention should be paid to high-traffic areas and carpets.

3. Mopping

After vacuuming or sweeping, mopping is the next step to ensure that your floors are thoroughly clean. Depending on the type of flooring and the amount of traffic, you might need to mop your floors weekly or biweekly. What should I include on my recurring cleaning checklist

4. Cleaning the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest areas in the house and thus requires daily and weekly cleaning tasks. This includes cleaning the countertops, stove, oven, refrigerator, and other appliances, as well as washing the dishes and taking out the trash.

5. Bathroom cleaning

Bathrooms can harbor a lot of bacteria and grime if not cleaned regularly. Your checklist should include cleaning and sanitizing the toilet, sink, and shower or tub, as well as washing and changing towels and bath mats on a weekly basis.

6. Laundry

Depending on the number of people in your household, you may need to do laundry multiple times a week. This includes washing, drying, folding, and putting away clothes, as well as changing bed linens.

7. Cleaning windows

While this task doesn’t need to be done weekly, it’s good to include it in your monthly cleaning routine. Clean windows can drastically improve the light in your home and boost your mood.

8. Decluttering

While not traditionally thought of as cleaning, decluttering can significantly contribute to the cleanliness and organization of your home. Make it a point to declutter specific areas of your home regularly. This could mean organizing your desk weekly, decluttering your wardrobe seasonally, or going through your garage or attic annually.

9. Deep cleaning appliances

Your household appliances, including your oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, and washing machine, work hard to make your life easier. They also need regular attention to function efficiently and last longer. Adding this task to your recurring cleaning checklist not only ensures the longevity and efficiency of your appliances but also contributes to the overall cleanliness of your home. Remember, a clean appliance performs better and has a smaller likelihood of spreading germs and odors, making this a vital point on your cleaning checklist. should I include on my recurring cleaning checklist

Where can I find the leading Kent house cleaning service?

If you’re looking for a team of vetted, insured, and bonded experts to take your housekeeping chores off of your plate, look no further than NW Maids Tacoma. If you want to know how to prepare for a professional housekeeping visit, which schedule will best serve your needs, or why you shouldn’t skip regular house cleaning, we are happy to provide the right answer to any question you may have.

With vast experience, regular training, and the finest equipment, we have the prowess and desire to please our dear customers on each occasion. Drop by Lake Fenwick Park and enjoy the soothing embrace of nature while our team licks your home into spotless perfection. Reach out to us today!