How Much Does it Cost to Clean an Apartment? Updated 2023

How much does it cost to clean an apartment? It can vary depending on the size of the space, what you want to be cleaned, and the level of cleaning service. For example, if you are looking for a deep or heavy-duty cleaning service, it will be more expensive than a light-duty one.

To help answer your question about how much it costs to clean an apartment, we have compiled some information on different levels of cleaning services.

When looking for a reliable apartment cleaning company, one of the most critical questions is the hourly rate. This question can be hard to answer because so many different variables go into pricing your project. The first thing we’ll do in our analysis is how long it takes an average cleaner to clean a two-bedroom apartment and then estimate the cost per hour based on those figures.

how much does it cost to clean an apartment

How Some Companies Charge their Customers

Some companies charge higher rates if they have to come out of their way or use extra equipment like an SUV or lift since these are more expensive than using two people on ladders and scrubbing tools.

– The longer the rental property is under your care, the less it should cost per visit.

– The terms of service & contract provide written information about how often you can expect to see a cleaning team at your property and what they will do during each visit.

– If you are further away from their equipment or office than most customers, then chances are that there may be additional travel fees involved in servicing your account. This fee would be an hourly rate separate from any other charges incurred by doing work not included in the original price quote for services rendered.

– The price of cleaning varies by location, property size, and condition. Many companies offer a free estimate so you can budget your home improvement projects according to what you have to work on in terms of time & money.

– As a bonus, some apartment cleaners also provide carpet or window washing on-site for no additional charge!

how much does it cost to clean an apartment

How Much is the Estimated Hourly Rate for Apartment Cleaning?

The cost of hiring out your housecleaning could be anywhere from $20-$50 per hour depending on where you live, how much work is needed to be done and who’s doing it. The total cost of hiring a cleaner would depend on how long they are required and what kind of tasks they will complete during their time at your home.

If you only need one room cleaned, an estimate could range from $40-80 depending on where you live in the U.S. For example, if you’re looking to hire someone that can clean an entire three-bedroom property, then this service may not come with too much extra work included, but it would still average out to about per hour due to the duration of time required for completion. Some larger homes require multiple hours, so it is best to speak directly with cleaners or agencies before hiring.

how much does it cost to clean an apartment

Cost for Cleaning a Filthy Apartment

A straightforward answer to the question is that it all depends on how dirty your apartment is. Cleaning can be incredibly cheap or extremely expensive, depending on what you need to be done and who you hire to do it. If you live in an apartment, then hiring a professional cleaning service will most likely end up costing more than if you were to clean yourself with some elbow grease.

However, having someone else come into your home and start scrubbing floors, washing dishes, wiping down countertops, etc., might seem like too much work for many people, so they may want to consider doing this themselves.

There are two ways of looking at costs when deciding whether or not one should hire out their housecleaning:either an hour and comparing rates or person hour. Doing it yourself may be cheaper if you want to spend less money, but hiring a company to come in and clean your home will probably save you time, so it often works out being more cost-efficient for people who have busy schedules.

Because many different types of companies offer cleaning services, the price also depends on what you need to be done- is the carpet dirty? Do appliances need to be scrubbed down? Is every surface covered with dust bunnies because nobody ever opens windows etc.? There’s no way to give an accurate estimate without first giving the apartment a good inspection to see what cleaning needs are.

how much does it cost to clean an apartment

Apartment Cleaning Rates

Do you have a lot of square feet to clean in your apartment? Do you prefer an all-inclusive cleaning service that includes everything from dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing the bathroom floor to changing sheets on the guest bed? How many bathrooms do you need to be cleaned each week?

If these questions are running through your mind, then this blog post is for you. We’ve broken down how much it costs to get apartments professionally cleaned into three different categories: small (up to 500 sq ft), medium (500 – 1000 sq ft), and large (greater than 1000 sqft) apartment spaces.

how much does it cost to clean an apartment

What to Consider to Know How Much Does it Cost to Clean an Apartment?

Size and Scale

First of all, we will need to know the size and scale of your apartment. However, you can expect our average rate per hour for a two-bedroom is $60/hr, and four bedrooms are $90/hour. You might wonder if there’s any way that they could clean my house cheaper than this? The answer would be yes, but it won’t be as thorough or efficient as hiring an experienced company like ours.

Depending on how much work needs to get done in your home, you may require multiple hours, which significantly brings down the hourly cost since most companies charge by time spent working, not their employee’s wage which often includes profit. We can do everything from low-key light dusting up to full-blown, take out the trash, wash all the windows and steam clean your carpets.

Type of Service

What type of cleaning needs to be done, the specific requirements for that particular job, and other factors such as any additional fees or anything going wrong during the process. The average rate is roughly $50-$80 per hour for a small studio apartment. For larger apartments or more complicated cleaning tasks, you can expect to pay upwards of $100-$150/hour on average.

If things go wrong during the process, it may cost extra depending on what happened and how extensive the damage was, so there is additional information about that within our FAQ section. If you require other specific items, such as a steamer for your carpets during the cleaning process, we charge an additional fee which determines how much it costs to clean an apartment.

The Area that Needs Cleaning (Additional Fees)

The average rate for this service is $50-$100+ depending on the size and scale of the apartment. If during the process something goes wrong or needs to be redone, which can happen if items were damaged (i.e., windows), it may cost extra, so make sure everything has been carefully documented before we start to work to avoid any significant problems down the road.

If it’s just light dusting up until full-blown, take out the trash, wash all the windows and steam clean your carpets, it will be rough $60-120/hour for two cleaners depending on the scale of the task at hand. In comparison, larger apartments or more complicated jobs may require three or more hours, which significantly brings down the hourly rate due to most companies charging by time spent working, not their employees’ wage, which often includes profit.

Number Bedroom that Needs Cleaning

One-Bedroom Apartment Cleaning Prices

$100 – $200 for a one-bedroom apartment clean. Usually, it is a good idea to have a deep clean done twice or four times per year or every six months or so. The service price will depend on many factors, such as the size of the apartment and additional services offered by your cleaning team, or company. Prices usually vary between regions; some cleaners provide free estimates based on square footage measurements taken during their visit to prepare an estimate quote beforehand. As always, make sure you read reviews online before hiring any professional company!

Two-Bedroom Apartment Cleaning Prices

$120-$250 for two-bedroom apartments depending on how much work needs to be done in each room and if there are any stairs. Again, a deep clean should be performed at least twice per year or more if needed depending on the usage of each room and the overall condition of the apartment.

Three-Bedroom Apartment Cleaning Prices

$200-$350 will usually cover this particular size of an abode with two bathrooms included in the price as well! As you can see from these examples, it does not cost much for cleaning services when having three bedrooms or less, but keep in mind that prices will go up significantly once there are four+ bedroom units involved in your order.

In most cases, companies offer discounts for booking several appointments during one day/weekend, which may cut some costs off your end! Remember that every company has different prices and additional fees, such as carpet cleaning or moving services, so always read the fine print when you receive an estimate quote.

Four-Bedroom Apartment Cleaning Prices

$275-$450 for a four-bedroom apartment is usually going to be your best bet price-wise compared with other larger units out there! Depending on the size of each room, special attention may need to be given by professional cleaners who will perform tasks like dusting furniture frames and getting into all nooks and crannies that are not visible at first sight.

In addition, carpets may get dirty very quickly in this type of unit simply because multiple people use them daily, making it challenging for one person (even if they experience it) to handle everything from vacuuming to laundry and dishes!

Five+ Bedroom Apartment Cleaning Prices

$350-$550 for a five or more bedroom unit is the average quote most companies will give you, making it cheaper than having multiple one-bedroom apartments cleaned at once. Remember, many cleaners offer discounts when booking several appointments during an ongoing promotion; if there isn’t any going on now, check back in a week or two as special offers are frequently changing depending on seasons (holidays) and public demand for their services. Also, keep in mind that some apartment building owners may require additional parking spot cleaning, trash removal from common areas, etc.

how much does it cost to clean an apartment

Calculate the Cost of Cleaning an Apartment

Now that you clearly understand the size and scale, what type of service is required, and any additional fees, we can calculate how much it costs. If your apartment needs a one-time cleaning, you will typically pay between $125-$150 for standard cleaning, including dusting, floor washing, and sanitizing stairs if applicable.

If you require a deep cleaning of your apartment which provides for taking out the trash, window washer, or exterior wash, vacuuming all floors including under furniture such as couches or beds, mopping all floors, and disinfecting bathrooms, this will typically cost $170-$200 for standard service depending on size or scale of the room, etc.


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