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Things To Do In Tacoma – MaST Center Aquarium

MaST Center Aquarium in Tacoma, WA

The MaST Center Aquarium is a state-of-the-art facility that provides visitors with the opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of marine life from around the world. The Aquarium offers exhibits, programs, and experiences for all ages. As the only Aquarium in the Northwest showcasing freshwater and saltwater species, this one-of-a-kind destination has something to offer everyone.

About the MaST Center Aquarium 

The MaST Center Aquarium is located at 28203 Redondo Beach Dr. S, Des Moines, WA 98198, United States. The facility covers over 30 thousand square feet inside six galleries that feature more than 200 species of aquatic life, including sharks, turtles, piranhas, horseshoe crabs, and seahorses, to name only a few.

The building boasts more than one million gallons of water, which include winding streams and rivers winding throughout and giant oceans! Over 15 species of fish within the massive tanks, ranging from sharks to manta rays, multiple jellyfish exhibits, an octopus display with three different octopuses living together, dozens of seahorses all swimming through coral reefs at incredible speed. They even have some animals you may not expect, like red pandas or skunks!

Also included are interactive experiences like an outdoor tidal pool exhibit where visitors can touch sea stars, hermit crabs, and large ocean reef tanks. They walk underwater, viewing hundreds of fish swimming overhead. Special shows like the stingray touch pool, an outdoor tidepool experience, and a hands-on crab or lobster trap. Visitors can also see what’s going on beneath Puget Sound by taking action from underwater via vast windows or through virtual reality glasses, which make it seem you’re in the water with them.

You can learn about their conservation efforts by watching them feed the animals on particular days during feeding time. There’s also a theater where they show an excellent movie about animals. If you want to go above and beyond for your next date or want to take some friends out who will enjoy it too, this is the spot!

Facts about the MaST Center Aquarium

There are interactive exhibits like the one where you can watch hundreds of fish swimming overhead while walking underwater, looking at them through glass tunnels, as well as outdoor tide pool experiences so you can get hands-on with sea creatures from around the world. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a theater where they show an excellent movie, and you can even feed the animals on particular days during feeding time.

In a giant ocean tank, visitors can walk through a virtual reality experience where they feel as if they are swimming with fish and sharks. There is even a theater where visitors can see an excellent movie about the animals of Puget Sound.

Activities in MaST Center Aquarium

MaST Center Aquarium on Vashon Island is a state-of-the-art, environmentally responsible facility that provides aquatic experiences for students and community members. The MaST Center features an interactive play area with hands-on activities such as touch tanks, where visitors can get up close and personal with sea stars and other marine animals.

The MaST Center is home to the school’s marine lab, allowing students and community members access to wet labs. The center has an on-staff professional aquarist who manages the facility for both education and entertainment purposes. Two large aquarium exhibits include sharks, stingrays, octopuses, sea turtles, and more!

The Aquarium has a beautiful outdoor space with picnic tables and benches, making it the perfect place to bring lunch on lovely days. The building is also home to classrooms that can accommodate up to 40 students at once for hands-on learning experiences and an indoor classroom used for events such as birthday parties!

It’s worth checking out if you’re looking for educational opportunities or want something new to do outdoors. There are even summer camps offered throughout the year where kids get access to these excellent facilities!

What to See at MaST Center Aquarium?

The MaST Center Aquarium in Tacoma, WA, is a state-of-the-art aquarium facility managed by the Marine Science and Technology Foundation (MaST). The center has many interactive exhibits such as touch tanks, an open ocean tank with sharks and other fish. Visitors can also watch seahorses giving birth! It’s part of MaST’s mission to inspire young people about marine science through hands-on experiences at this fantastic aquatic facility.

The main attraction at this center is several exhibits featuring animals from around the world, such as sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, jellyfish, and many more under their care. There are hands-on activities, touch tanks, and even opportunities where visitors can work with the animals for those looking to explore.

Some fun exhibit highlights:

  • If you love animals, especially sea life, visiting the MaST Center Aquarium will be a memorable experience for children and adults alike. There are over 30 species on display, including dolphins that were rescued from the coasts of Japan!
  • Some of the other sea life on display include an octopus that moves around its tank and a horseshoe crab.
  • If you love science, the MaST Center Aquarium is a great place to explore. Several interactive exhibits make science fun and accessible to children.
  • One of the best ways to learn about sea life, and marine science in general, is by getting up close to animals. The MaST Center Aquarium has several exhibits that allow visitors to get hands-on with plenty of fish and other creatures like seahorses!

What To Do in MaST Center Aquarium?

MaST Center Aquarium is a great place to learn about life below the surface. Visitors can see incredible creatures, including jellyfish and sea turtles, up close. The shark tunnel invites visitors to walk underneath an acrylic tube where sharks glide overhead. Several touch pools with crabs, urchins, anemones, and other species allow patrons to become familiar with what they have just seen over their shoulders in the exhibits around them.

There are also opportunities for hands-on learning experiences at MaST Center Aquarium. Kids will love exploring outdoor tidepools or trying out some of the interactive displays inside! 

For example, you can stand between two tanks filled with water on either side of you and even feel live animals such as crabs or sea urchins. The MaST Center Aquarium is a great place for unique and fun learning opportunities, especially if you like to take field trips with kids!

What Not To Do in MaST Center Aquarium?

Do not talk loudly near sensitive equipment such as an animal’s habitat controls, water pumps, etc., especially if there is a sign requesting that people remain quiet during feeding or presentation times. All aquarium displays have sensitive electrical components which require us to be vigilant about safety issues, including noise levels and “hot spots.” These include areas around metal railings where static electricity may build up from human contact with conductive materials. We must protect these devices against even minor potential hazards since they can pose serious safety hazards.

Do not touch any animals, including invertebrates such as sea anemones and corals, without a guide’s permission to do so or if it is posted on signage that all visitors may interact with them. This would include touching their tentacles or pseudopods, which are more commonly known as “claws.” Zookeepers have been trained in animal husbandry for many years under rigorous guidelines to ensure safety during human interactions with our marine life. Aquarium keepers work closely together to care for each animal species’ needs. Only they should be permitted to handle these creatures because we know what harm can come from improper interaction. Remember, you may not swim with the fishes, but they can still sting or bite!

Please do not attempt to climb onto any of our animal exhibits. All animals in the Aquarium are under the care and supervision of trained marine mammal keepers, zookeepers, aquarists, and vet staff who monitor them daily for their well-being. Visitors should remain behind all fences when an exhibit is occupied by a live animal since there could potentially be required emergency protocols that would include human evacuations from particular areas surrounding these enclosures if necessary, which we don’t want anyone getting hurt during. Species such as sharks cannot afford distractions while swimming around their habitats lest something terrible happen; please respect this.

Do not attempt to feed any of the animals. Feeding times are scheduled for certain species, and all other times should be considered “hands-off.” In addition, the staff works hard to provide a daily diet that is carefully balanced with specific nutritional values, which could be compromised if people were constantly feeding them from outside sources or altering their diets in any way without proper guidance by trained zookeepers first. If you see food being given out on signage during your visit, it means someone else has permission to do so, but please don’t interfere because these creatures need a routine diet plan which shouldn’t change on a whim, even yours!


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Things To Do In Tacoma – Bresemann Forest

Bressman Forest in Tacoma, WA

The Bresemann Forest is a beautiful, serene place in Tacoma, WA. The forest consists of hundreds of acres of trees and wildlife. It is accessible to the public for walking, biking, fishing, picnicking, or just enjoying nature. There are many great spots to stop along your walk through the woods. A popular site is “the waterfall,” where you can sit on rocks and enjoy peace with a cup of coffee or tea from Starbucks that you brought with you.

About the Bresemann Forest

The Bresemann Forest is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life, yet very close to civilization. Visitors report a feeling that they just stepped into another world when visiting this secluded park. Most agree it feels as if you have been transported back 100 years or more to what the area may have looked like before being developed for human habitation. Many people choose not to visit the Forest because of its reputation for spookiness, but an otherworldly experience unlike any other often rewards those who venture there!

Since so few go out of their way to explore Bresemann Forest, visitors must take care not to leave litter behind and tread lightly on the wildlife that lives within these woods. They are all too often displaced by thoughtless visitors who don’t care about the environment or respect for local culture and history they’re visiting to experience in the first place!

The Forest consists of hundreds of acres consisting mainly of evergreens; over time has become home to the wildlife which now thrives there, making it a one-of-a-kind landscape feature. It’s easily accessible because it remains open 24 hours per day all year round, so no matter what time, any season, you can drop by, take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the beautiful Forest.

Facts about the Bresemann Forest

Bressman Forest has over three miles worth of trails leading through forested areas, including Douglas firs and western hemlocks along its paths, plus open meadows where wildflowers bloom every springtime surrounding Fish Creek Pond.

This mysterious woodland area has been the focus of attention from paranormal investigators for over 20 years due to claims it’s haunted by ghosts and demons. Many have reported seeing strange lights in the sky at night near this location and hearing unexplained noises such as people talking, among other things.

Some even say they saw Bigfoot walking through this wooded place known as Bresemann Forest Park, making those who believe in his existence excited about what they experienced there! Although no one knows precisely why this small piece of land became so popular with ghost hunters or were all these unexplainable sounds came from, many continue to visit them, hoping that maybe next time, something will happen.

They are known for their massive size, and they seem to have a taste for humans. No one knows what happened, but some say that it was an extraterrestrial abduction while others believe it had something to do with the radiation from space travel during World War III; there has never been any confirmation either way on this speculation.

Many people don’t know about Bresemann Forest because its dense forests were once home to Native American tribes before European settlers arrived in the 1800s, drawing them out of the Forest by building settlements around them near where Highway 50 runs today. The land itself remained relatively untouched until the 1950s when it was purchased by a German immigrant named Gustav Bresemann.

Activities in Bresemann Forest

People can fish in the three different artificial ponds at Bresemann Forest for trout, bass, bluegill, and catfish. The area has been designated as catch & release only to protect the fish population from over-harvesting.

The Lake Sylvia Nature Trail is a loop that runs through forested areas with several bridges along its path, which crosses over small mountain streams that feed into Fish Creek Pond. There are numerous points of interest on this trail, including a bubbling spring seepage cascading under a large boulder next to one side of the bridge crossing Fish Creek Pond. A series of interpretive signs describe how natural forces such as water flow shaped the landscape surrounding you while walking around Fish Creek Pond.

Another popular trail is the Lake Sylvia Loop Trail. This loop trail leads along a boardwalk that crosses Fish Creek Pond and then through forested areas with several interpretive signs describing how plants, animals, and humans have interacted over time to create a specific environment or ecosystem in Bresemann Forest. There are also benches along this walkway for taking breaks from walking and opportunities to view beavers, muskrats, and birds such as herons living at various spots around the pond itself.

A 22-foot high observation deck on the north side of Bresemann Forest offers panoramic views westward towards Puget Sound and eastwards up into the upper Tacoma watershed, including Mt. Baker. The Olympic Mountains in Washington State also provide dramatic scenery viewed from location atop one of many hills throughout Bresemann Forest.

What to see at Bresemann Forest?

Bressman Forest in Tacoma, WA, is a great place to explore and experience deep forests. The tall evergreens of the Forest make it seem like you’re walking through an enchanted fairytale land, but given that many parts are closed off due to logging, this may not be such a far-fetched idea!

Bird watchers can visit the bird garden at Bresemann Forest, where different species of songbirds, including chickadees, sparrows, and finches, are attracted by plant life found in this area throughout each year while several feeders provide these birds with opportunities for sustenance. There’s also an opportunity for visitors to purchase seed packets from one stand near Lake Sylvia Nature Trail.

There are hiking trails and picnic areas that make it easy for visitors to explore a variety of landscapes within a remote location. The trailhead starts at an open grassy field that gives way quickly into a dense tree canopy where you’ll find mature Douglas Firs along with cedar trees lining the path every few hundred feet or so on each side. Interspersed throughout are massive stumps from fallen giants, which hint at what used to stand here before arrived centuries ago. At the south end, the trail loops back toward a paved parking lot and picnic areas.

You can even see some giant ferns growing around fallen trees; these make great photo opportunities! During spring, you will love walking through here when flowers such as trilliums pop up alongside the path like bright candy gems on green leaves! And if you walk through this Forest in the fall, you will be greeted by a sea of golden leaves!

What To Avoid at Bresemann Forest?

If possible, always bring someone with you to keep an eye on the surroundings while you rest or use the bathroom somewhere within sight of them. You should always bring someone with you even during the day; it would be wise since new hazards could arise due to weather conditions such as lightning strikes or avalanches, or landslides.

Pets should never be allowed to run free in Bresemann Forest due to the risk of coyotes, cougars, and bears being attracted by their presence even if they stay within visible distance from their owners at all times since wild animals have been known to stalk prey for hundreds or thousands of feet before launching an attack; hikers may not even hear them coming until it’s too late.

Please do not leave food sitting out overnight; there is no reason why you shouldn’t bring a bear canister with you and use it every night when camping anywhere near Mount Rainier National Park. You’ll save yourself money on wasted food, plus get the peace of mind in knowing you can sleep through the night in complete safety.

Please do not start any fires outside of designated areas; there is a real threat that your fire could spread to other parts of Bresemann Forest plus, with all the deadfall and underbrush, it wouldn’t take much for such an inferno to rage out of control. It’s illegal, too, so why risk getting caught when you don’t have to?

Please do not sing or make loud noises when walking through Bresemann Forest at night; sometimes singers need to belt out their best tunes alone without worrying about bothering anyone else. Still, there are plenty of places where singing isn’t going to attract unwanted attention or be mistaken for something else.

Please do not wear headphones when walking through Bresemann Forest at night; if you can’t hear anything around you, then that means it’s also very likely that no one will listen to your screams either; there are some things out in the dark which aren’t worth risking your life over. Bring a friend and enjoy nature together instead.


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Things To Do In Tacoma – Sunrise Beach Dr NW

Sunrise Beach Dr NW in Tacoma, WA

Sunrise Beach Dr NW in Tacoma, WA, is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see. The sun rises over the ocean every morning and sets into it at night, bathing this road with a warm orange glow that can be seen for miles away. This area has been used as a backdrop in many movies, TV shows, and commercials because its beauty cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Although this is one of the most well-known roads in Washington, it remains relatively untouched by development. You can drive down Sunrise Beach Dr NW, park your car along the shoulder, and enjoy a fantastic sunset while sitting on a log or large rock that you find yourself in. This is a great way to relax and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. No matter where you look, mountains are rising out of the water or dramatic cliffs that descend into it. Wildlife abounds here as well, from bald eagles soaring overhead to sea lions barking below on the rocks offshore; this place has it all!

People from all over the world have been drawn to Sunrise Beach Dr NW due to its beauty, and one day it may become a destination spot for people who want to see something natural that has never been developed or commercialized. The fact that you can still enjoy this beach as it was meant to be enjoyed is extraordinary at present, there are no shops selling t-shirts or food items along the road, nor do any businesses advertise here because they cannot compete with nature’s glory! While many things in life come and go without notice, places like Sunrise Beach Dr NW should remain untouched for future locals and tourists alike.

In case you were wondering how this area got its name: legend has it that a young couple was walking along the beach here one evening, and as they looked toward the sun setting over the water, it appeared to be rising from below. The legend goes on to say that this is how Sunrise Beach Dr NW got its name!

About the Sunrise Beach Dr NW 

Sunrise Beach Dr NW is a beautiful street with many homes. Many of the houses are vacation rentals which give visitors access to this area near Gig Harbor, Washington State. Visitors enjoy taking walks on Sunrise Beach Dr NW along Puget Sound or kayaking in its waters when visiting this location. 

If you decide to stay at one of the vacation rental properties, you can fish off local docks and even maybe catch dinner! This waterfront property offers easy access to hiking trails around Simmons Island Park, where locals enjoy playing volleyball or having barbeques by the water.

Tiny homes on Sunrise Beach Dr NW are perfect options if you’re someone who enjoys the beach but prefers to live more quietly away from the hustle and bustle of Washington’s bigger cities as well as its crowded beaches. It is an excellent spot for those who want easy access to nature, especially with nearby Puget Sound that can be seen from many areas surrounding this street. 

You won’t find big mansions here, only small bungalows which offer something unique compared to other places where people choose to settle down, including Olympia or Seattle, where there tends to be too much traffic and noise primarily due to all of their business activity taking place within city limits every day, so it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle if one isn’t careful.

It’s also very close to the beach of Tacoma, WA, making it an attractive spot for nature lovers who want easy access to all that Washington offers. The homes on this street are small and cozy but straightforward enough since they only have one bedroom or two bedrooms at most. 

Standard house features include garages on opposite sides of the home facing Sunrise Beach Dr NW, sunrooms located near roadsides, fenced yards with gardens in some cases, decks off back doors accessible through sliding glass doors from kitchen areas found inside each residence, large windows allowing plenty of sunlight indoors throughout the day during cooler seasons especially when drapes are open depending upon weather conditions outside, and a shared community green space for outdoor activities.

Facts about the Sunrise Beach Dr NW

Homes in the area are a blend of houses and condos. The average year that homes were built is 1977. There are many trees here, so there’s plenty of shade on hot summer days, but not many sidewalks or other amenities for walking around outside because it’s primarily residential living out here.

The Sunset over Puget Sound has to be one of the most breathtaking sunsets you’ll ever see! It can get pretty crowded during sunset hours. However, if you go just before then, it will probably be much less busy than later at night when everyone else finishes dinner and comes down with their cameras to catch the best light show they’ve ever seen! 

If you’re lucky enough to be here on a whole moon night, the views are fantastic. If you come at sunrise instead of sunset, it is so much less busy because most people don’t want to get up that early!

There are a lot of young families and retirees living out here but not many single adults. People tend to be very friendly around there. However, there isn’t much going on as far as nightlife or other activities that might draw lots of visitors, which can make it feel a bit isolated at times if you’re used to being close enough for errands where ever without having to drive 20 minutes from your house! 

It’s been described by those who love it as “the best-kept secret” because hardly anyone knows about this particular little corner of town, which is one reason why prices have stayed so low compared to waterfront homes with similar views. If you want privacy along with views, you’ll love it here!

Activities in Sunrise Beach Dr NW

Sunrise Beach Dr NW is an excellent place for activities. Many people choose to do water sports such as surfing, fishing, and boating. Because of the beautiful waterscape here you can enjoy swimming or scuba diving too! The sunsets at Sunrise Beach Dr NW are always spectacular, so it’s worth checking out every day for this fantastic natural phenomenon alone!

It’d be a shame not to indulge your curiosity about nature by taking an excursion through the trails that wind throughout the park; there’s plenty of exciting birds and trees just waiting for discovery. When you’re all done exploring, come on over to Sunset Pointe Park, where many locals hang out after work with their family and friends. You will find volleyball courts, horseshoes, charcoal grilling stations, and picnic areas where you can enjoy a relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Sunrise Beach Dr NW is also great for families because there are many activities that children will love! The playground includes swings, slides, climbing structures, and opportunities to play ball or run around. There’s so much room here at Sunrise Beach Dr NW for kids to have fun outside; it’ll feel like they’re living on their jungle gym. Take the whole clan down the beach with some nets – try your hand at fishing together under this expansive sky full of stars while counting all kinds of fish species too! Don’t forget to watch wildlife such as sea lions, porpoises, and otters.


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Things To Do In Tacoma – Saltar’s Point Beach

Saltar’s Point Beach in Tacoma, WA

Saltar’s Point Beach is a beautiful beach that offers stunning views of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Located in Tacoma, WA, this shoreline area is a marine sanctuary with an abundance of natural features on display. As you walk out onto the sand for your day at Saltar’s Point Beach, you will be greeted by giant dunes and driftwood scattered across the shoreline. This leads to one side being covered in tall grasses while the other has been beaten down from years of wind exposure.

Saltar’s Point Beach is the perfect place to visit if you want something different. This beach area consists of driftwood, rocks, and dunes, making it a unique position to explore. It has been described as ‘the most incredible stretch of shoreline’ by many who have visited this location with its scenic views throughout Puget Sound. A trip here will allow you to enjoy all that nature has offered us while experiencing an adventure like no other. Whether you’re interested in hiking or just simply taking photos, there is always something new each time that can be enjoyed year after year!

About the Saltar’s Point Beach 

Saltar’s Point Beach is a beautiful stretch of beach with dunes and driftwood. This Tacoma, WA beach has something for everyone: the sound, the sand, and even some places to explore! The shoreline at Saltar’s Point Beach varies slightly from year to year. Still, it typically extends beyond the surf line onto dry sand, where you’ll find several exciting trails that wind through the area back towards Titlow Park. In addition, there are many large sections of driftwood scattered throughout this part of Puget Sound, which add an element of beauty along these paths when walking or exploring here in Washington State during your vacation. There is also a section near Titlow park that includes rock outcroppings in front of mudflats. These areas provide excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing during your visit to Saltar’s Point Beach in Tacoma, WA.

One of the most striking features about Saltar’s Point Beach in Tacoma, WA, is its miles and miles of pristine coastline. Located at the end of Delin Street, this beach gives visitors a delightfully wild experience as they explore along shoreline dunes that often host interesting driftwood specimens to be found among the seagrasses. The views are stunning too! You can see across Puget Sound toward Mount Rainier or look west towards Seattle on clear days. Visitors will find many tide pools around various rocky points where small crabs scurry between tidal pools filled with starfish, barnacles, and other intertidal creatures. When visiting this nature walk, there are several trails through surrounding forested areas for hikers to take advantage of an up-close and personal nature experience.

Saltar’s Point Beach in Tacoma, WA, is a unique park that has not always been today’s destination. Before becoming an official state park, this piece of land was home to many people and activities for decades before its transformation into what we see today. There are still remnants of buildings from times past, including foundations, concrete steps leading down to the beach, and even parts of old roads which can be seen when walking along the trails at Saltar’s Point Park or simply visiting with your family on one of our daily guided tours. We believe these stories should be shared, so future generations know about all who came before them here at Saltar’s Point State Park! While there have been some significant changes over time, Saltar’s Point Park remains a beautiful place to explore even today.

History of Saltar’s Point Beach

Saltar’s Point Park was once a Camp Harmony and a temporary relocation center opened during World War II by the US government for citizens of Japanese descent. In 1942, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and President Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, which required that all people who were solely or partly from Japan be relocated from their homes along the Pacific coast into concentration camps called “War Relocation Centers.” 

There were ten such centers across seven states where over 120,000 people displaced as part of this order lived until 1945. The community built on what today is known as Saltar’s Point State Park had more than two hundred buildings, including housing units that served families with young children, a community center where people gathered for dances and other events, medical facilities such as surgery rooms and doctors’ offices. In addition to the medical facility, a post office was serving this area from 1942 until 1945, when it closed. Today Saltar’s Point Beach in Tacoma, WA, is one of Washington State Parks’ most beautiful locations with nearly three miles of trails!

Saltar’s Point Park had had many names over time, including Camp Harmony, Pinedale Assembly Center (during WWII), The Tacoma Buddhist Temple (1955-1968) before it finally became what we know today as Saltar’s Point State Park, located on 14 acres along Puget Sound near Brownsville in Tacoma, WA. During World War II, the area was used as a relocation center for people of Japanese descent. 

In 1942, President Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, which required all citizens who were partly or solely from Japan to be relocated to concentration camps called “War Relocation Centers,” one such camp being Pinedale Assembly Center located at Saltar’s Point Park, where over two hundred buildings including housing units that served families with young children and medical facilities were built into what today is known as this beautiful state park. Today you can still find concrete steps leading down towards the beach, foundations from old structures along trails within the park, and remnants of roads throughout!

Facts About the Saltar’s Point Beach

Saltar’s Point Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Tacoma, WA. With its large size, long stretches of sand, and access to Narrows Bridge trails, it offers hours’ worth of entertainment for visitors, young and old alike.

The beach provides many great activities, including swimming, surfing, kite flying & paragliding, bird watching, etc. Visitors are also allowed to bring dogs on leashes but must clean up after them!

One notable feature about this beach that makes it unique among other Washington State beaches is that depending upon the time of year; visitors may be able to see migrating gray whales along with their calves right offshore or even sometimes within 50 yards from shore! This gives you an idea of how large the beach is!

Activities in Saltar’s Point Beach

There are many activities that one can engage in while visiting Saltar’s Point Beach. One popular activity is to go sea kayaking, which you can do at this park from April through October. In addition to being an excellent way for people of all ages and abilities to have fun on the water, it also helps keep Puget Sound clean by removing pollutants from the waters. 

Other outdoor activities include bird-watching or having picnics with a view. Still, if visitors prefer indoor recreation, they can visit Tacoma Art Museum’s Henry Gallery inside the parking facility itself. This art gallery features changing exhibits, including modern photography pieces and works created by local artists who live in Washington state today. There is something special about spending time at a park, whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor activity.

Once you reach the beach, it is a wide-open expanse of sand and driftwood. This beach has no public restrooms or trash cans, so make sure to bring everything you need to the park with you for your day! Bring some things to explore while you’re down there, like binoculars, buckets & shovels, frisbees. Be careful not to throw anything into other people’s areas as this could hurt someone too close by!

There are also lots of logs and rocks along the shoreline where people love to wade to find all kinds of fantastic creatures hiding under them, such as hermit crabs, sea stars, and anemones! It’s a great place to spend the day with your loved ones by exploring together.

Reminders before going to Saltar’s Point Beach

– The currents can sometimes get very strong here, especially during high tide or when stormy winds are coming in from offshore! It’s also vital that you do not venture out into the water if you’re unable to swim, as drowning occasionally occurs.

– Please note that dogs are allowed on the beach; however, they must be kept on a leash. Be aware of dog waste bags near the parking lot and have an extra bag or two if you plan to go for a walk with your furry friend!

– If you plan to visit this beach when it’s low tide, please be aware that there are some deep sand pockets. If your dog ends up falling into one, it’s best to leave them there until the next high tide rolls in.

– Although this beach is located near a neighborhood, there are not many amenities in the area. There is no food or drink to be found here, so make sure you bring some snacks and water with you!

– It’s also possible to camp at this site, but you will need a permit from the city first. Tourists do not want heavy traffic in this area, so it’s a great place to get away from the noise of downtown Tacoma.

– There are many trails that you can follow along the bluffs. Just make sure to always keep an eye out for dangerous drop-offs and never venture too far out.

– For those interested in geology, the rocks here date back to both before and after Pangea. There are also fossils that you can find when exploring the bluffs.

– Another thing to keep in mind when coming here is that it can be very windy at times, especially during spring and autumn months, so dress accordingly, or you may end up with some pretty bad sunburn!

– Lastly, make sure you tethered well because Saltar’s Point Beach has unfortunately seen its share of drownings over the years despite numerous signs posted warning people about dangerous rip tides and large swells created by passing ships entering & leaving port along Commencement Bay which lies just adjacent to Tacoma WA itself. People have drowned trying to retrieve personal items such as cell phones dropped into the water while high waves crashed in.


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Things To Do In Tacoma – Buffalo Soldiers Museum

Buffalo Soldiers Museum in Tacoma, WA

Many people have heard of the Buffalo Soldiers, but few know much about them. The Buffalo Soldiers were an elite group of African-American soldiers who served in the United States Army during the Indian Wars and at other times throughout American history. They fought in many wars and conflicts, including World War I and II, Korea, and Vietnam. The museum is dedicated to telling its story and preserving its legacy for future generations.

About the Buffalo Soldiers Museum

The Buffalo Soldiers Museum in Tacoma, WA, is dedicated to the black servicemen once stationed at Fort Lewis. A former soldier founded it, LTC Rudolph B Johnson Jr. He served in the Vietnam War with two tours of duty and became very interested in history, especially that of his race when he returned from service in 1978. On April 14, 1994, the museum opened its doors after years of planning and collecting artifacts like uniforms, weapons, photographs, etc.

The Buffalo Soldiers were part of the U.S. Army’s all-black regiments established in 1866 after Congress authorized President Andrew Johnson to raise six cavalry and four infantry units from among former slaves who had been freed at the end of the Civil War, according to a website maintained by their descendants called Many African Americans served during this time with distinction despite Jim Crow laws that discriminated against them when they returned home from war. They continued operating until 1954, when desegregation was adopted for all branches of military service following World War II and enduring through 1948 when President Harry Truman signed an executive order ending discrimination in the armed forces.

Here are seven things you didn’t know about the buffalo soldiers museum you might not know:

  1. They were initially called “black cavalry” or the “Negro Cavalry.” Their nickname was given to them by the Native American Indians they fought against because of their dark skin and curly hair, according to
  2. The first Buffalo Soldier killed in action died on May 17, 1871, during a battle with Cheyenne warriors. He was Corporal John Avery Lomax, who is buried at Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery. His grave marker says he served as part of Company D, 24th Infantry Regiment of the U.S. Army under Colonel Ranald S Mackenzie but didn’t mention his name or that he’s African American, which led historians to believe that it misidentified his regiment.
  3. The Buffalo soldiers were known for their fearlessness in battle and respected by black and white officers alike. They served on the Western frontier after being sent to protect settlers traveling across the country during westward expansion, according to Their service was not limited to fighting Native Americans. Still, they also helped build roads and telegraph lines and guard supply routes from Indian attacks, which kept regular army troops free for other duties like fighting Confederates or protecting against Mexican bandits who attacked along the border between Texas and Mexico time. Most of them had been born slaves before emancipation, which offered a better life than doing agricultural work back home, where racism still ruled even though slavery was gone. Many African American women also served as laundresses and cooks.
  4. Buffalo soldiers fought in the Spanish American War during 1898 – 1899. Their most famous engagement was at San Juan Hill, also known as Kettle Hill, an adjacent hill west of Chapultepec Castle (the site of the Mexican defeat by invading U.S troops). A monument for one soldier killed that day named John Parker Jr stands nearby along with his epitaph that reads “Cpl., Troop D, Ninth Cavalry.” It’s believed he may have been a Buffalo Soldier because African Americans were segregated into their unit within the military until desegregation began after World War II, so he could have served with them before becoming part of another regiment later on. This makes him different from other unnamed soldiers buried there.
  5. The Buffalo Soldiers played an essential role in the development of African American history and culture during their time serving with distinction despite facing racism, discrimination, and segregation at home as well as abroad while fighting for freedom both overseas and on U.S. soil against Native Americans who were also mistreated by settlers who came west to California after gold was discovered or those that moved into Indian Territory which later became Oklahoma when it left once statehood was granted just before 1900 along with New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado thanks to President Abraham Lincoln’s Homestead Act of 1862 according to The museum is dedicated to telling their story and preserving their legacy for future generations to understand better what these brave men endured, even if it wasn’t always in the history books.
  6. The Buffalo Soldiers were not only known for their service during conflicts with Native Americans but also played an essential role in defending America’s borders while fighting off bandits who often attacked supply routes along the Mexican border between Texas and Mexico at that time before being sent overseas during World War I to help defeat Germany despite facing discrimination once they returned home again due primarily to racial tensions boiling over after WWI ended any real change happening back here in the states as well, according to
  7. The museum’s exhibits include a replica of an 1898 – 1899 era Army tent and authentic artifacts like photographs taken by Buffalo Soldier photographers during their time serving overseas, including images from China after World War I along with Native Americans at home in Oklahoma, which includes portraits of Comanche men and women wearing traditional dress. There are also weapons used on both sides, such as Colt revolvers that soldiers carried then later bandits who robbed them before they headed back south into Mexico; knives made out of everything from steel to bones; buffalo hides for warmth against winter winds while sleeping outdoors protecting herds or scouting ahead under General George Custer; even a handmade wooden cradle containing a baby doll representing what life was like for many Native American women back then before the Buffalo Soldiers arrived.

Facts About The Buffalo Soldiers Museum

Not all of the items on display belong to Buffalo Soldiers. Some are from other military units stationed at Fort Lewis during various periods in history, including World War II and Vietnam. These soldiers spent time training at nearby Camp Murray as well as going overseas for service in Korea and Japan before being deployed elsewhere across the Pacific Rim region, where they took part in both combat operations and humanitarian assistance missions, such as providing medical care after natural disasters occurred or food supplies became scarce due to conflict or famine conditions. Their stories have been told through a series of galleries with artifact-laden cases containing uniforms worn by these brave men who served our nation with honor even though racism against African Americans was rampant at the time.

One interesting fact about this museum is that there are no white soldiers featured within any displays or exhibits, which shows how segregated our country was during those times even though they all fought for their countries together. Another unique fact about this dedication to African American military men is that the museum is on an Army Base. The facility was built inside a historic building called Old Fort Townsend, which used to be one of the first buildings constructed in 1849 during Washington Territory’s early days.

The services provided by these soldiers are chronicled in several exhibits that feature military equipment, weapons, clothing, and photographs from the period when they were stationed here over eight decades ago up through modern times during which their heroic deeds have been documented for future generations to learn about what has transpired throughout history.

In addition to learning more about the Buffalo Soldiers Museum’s past residents who served with distinction during World War II and Vietnam eras when racism against African Americans persisted even though these brave men risked everything for our nation by going overseas to fight for freedom abroad while being denied equality at home, visitors will also find exhibits covering different periods throughout military history including what life was like after training at Camp Murray up through current times. A special show dedicated entirely to President Barack Obama, featuring his personal story, including his rise through the ranks of politics after growing up in Hawaii and attending college on scholarship with help from a white aunt before he became America’s first African American president.

What to see at Buffalo Soldiers Museum?

The Buffalo Soldiers Museum in Tacoma, WA, is a great place to visit. You can learn about the history of African American soldiers and their contributions during the Civil War, Indian Wars, Spanish-American War, and World War I & II. This museum has been around since 2003 and aims at educating visitors on how black soldiers were involved in every significant conflict after the Civil War until 1945, when Truman desegregated armed forces near the end of WW II. 

There is a theater where visitors can watch film footage covering different African American military history events and other reenactments showing how service members lived while deployed overseas or on duty in this country before returning home after completing their tour of duty. Visitors will find each gallery contains numerous artifacts, including rifles, helmets, and uniforms dating back to World War II when many African Americans joined the U.S Army to fight for a country that had still not given them full rights as citizens. Some of the items on display were gifts from other museums, such as those located in Little Rock and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where artifacts related to African American history are housed within their facilities.

This museum also has a research library where you can find out more about Buffalo soldiers who served in all wars and learn about their contributions to America. The archives include tribal records, battle reports, diaries, letters home from the front lines, etc. Over 2000 books related to African American history, including works by scholars like Carter G Woodson, W E B DuBois, Benjamin Quarles, etc. 

You will even come across rare titles that date back as early as 1827 when David Walker published Appeal to Colored Citizens of the World calling for armed resistance against slavery! Another great thing is that there’s free access to wifi which allows visitors to read about the Buffalo soldiers on their own time and do research.

The museum also has a gift shop where you can find interesting historical items like porcelain Black Americana figurines, metal signs with military sayings, and much more, making great souvenirs for friends and family back home! The best part is that African Americans artists exclusively design all products in this store. 

There’s also an auditorium available where you can watch movies related to black history or even participate in educational programs conducted at weekends, kids learn lots of things like how trains were used during civil war etc. This place may be small, but it packs quite a punch when it comes to teaching visitors about the contributions of African Americans during the civil war. 


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Things To Do In Tacoma – Dash Point Park & Pier

Dash Point Park & Pier in Tacoma, WA

Dash Point Park & Pier in Tacoma, WA, is one of the most scenic and peaceful parks. This park is located in Puget Sound; this park has a pier that stretches out into the water for fishing or viewing marine life like seals, otters, and even whales! There are many different types of trees throughout Dash Point Park, so there’s always something to see. If you’re looking for an escape from reality with plenty of natural beauty to take in, then you’ve found your destination.

Dash Point Park & Pier is a trendy place for both locals and out-of-towners to enjoy the scenic views of Puget Sound. This pier has been around since 1908, making it one of Tacoma’s oldest parks. There are picnic areas further back in the park and trails leading down to the water where you can fish or sit on a bench and think about life. If your dog loves playing fetch with sticks, this is an ideal location because there are plenty of dead trees laying all over that dogs love running after! Do not forget to pack snacks, though; they will be hungry after all that playtime. Unfortunately, Dash Point Park & Pier does not allow pets on the pier, but there is an off-leash dog park where you can let your dogs run wild and free.

About the Dash Point Park & Pier

Dash Point Park & Pier in Tacoma, WA, is a beautiful place to visit and spend the day with friends or family during any season! When you come out, make sure to bring your camera, there are so many scenic places that everyone will want to take pictures! Think about stopping by on a sunny summer afternoon for some fishing off the pier; sunsets can be seen from miles away! It’s also common to see kids running around playing tag throughout the trails while adults set up picnics along Puget Sound. You never know what kind of wildlife you might encounter here either- especially if you’re walking after dusk since this location has been known as one of Washington’s best spots for watching bats from under the pier every night.

Dash Point Park & Pier is located at 1500 Beach Dr NE, Tacoma, WA 98422, United States, and has 461 acres. It hopes to accomplish many goals: spending time with friends or family, enjoying the ocean view and sunsets, fishing off the pier for salmon and trout, picnicking on the grassy areas nearby, and even bringing your dog along! 

This park also includes bathrooms so you can feel comfortable stopping at any point during your day trip. However, the most crucial goal this park wants to achieve is making sure everyone who comes out here feels safe- which they do very well. Kids will be entertained for hours playing all over these trails while adults enjoy relaxing under trees next to benches overlooking Puget Sound, where boats pass by throughout the day.

Facts About the Dash Point Park & Pier

The pier has been a popular spot for anglers since it opened in 1911 and was renovated in 2012. The dock is a half-mile long and provides excellent views of the Puget Sound and fishing for salmon and trout. In January 2008, it underwent renovations to include ADA-accessible ramps on both sides of the pier.

In addition to being a place for anglers, Dash Point Park & Pier also offers many other activities such as picnicking nearby grassy areas with benches overlooking the water where boats pass by throughout the day or even bringing your dog along because trails are leading down to meet up at one of two off-leash dog parks provided! There’s something here that everyone can enjoy making this park very popular among locals and out-of-towners alike!

What to See at Dash Point Park & Pier?

Dash Point Park & Pier is a popular destination for locals, tourists, and visitors with its spectacular views of Puget Sound. The pier offers panoramic vistas of the waterway’s stunning backdrop that includes nearby Mts. Rainier, Baker, and Olympia, to name just a few! Catch some rays on the beach or explore trails through lush green forests during your next trip to Dash Point Park & Pier in Tacoma, WA!

Let’s start with some on-the-water adventures you will want to try out during your next trip here. Fishing is popular year-round along the shorelines of Puget Sound, where salmon are plentiful. Recreational crabbing is also a favorite pastime that can yield fresh seafood if you bring home enough crabs! Canoes, kayaks, and paddleboats are available for rent nearby, making it easy to get out onto the water fast. If water sports are not your thing, you can always go for a walk or hike on the trails that wind through lush green forests.

At Dash Point Park & Pier, you will also enjoy the scenic views. From your vantage point at this Puget Sound location, you can watch ships and watercraft travel through Commencement Bay to enter or leave port in Tacoma, WA, see holiday fireworks during the summer months along with beautiful sunsets over Mount Rainier. You’ll find plenty of activities to keep everyone busy!

If all that isn’t enough, there are other things to do near this park, such as visiting museums, taking a tour of downtown Tacoma WA landmarks like Union Station, where Amtrak’s Empire Builder terminates daily after crossing Stevens Pass. Or head out on the historic tideflats walkway to see the Commencement Bay shoreline where civilizations flourished in this area over a thousand years ago!

What Are Some Restaurants to Eat At Nearby Dash Point Park & Pier?

Dash Point Park & Pier is home to several restaurants serving up great eats, so you never have to leave hungry! If Mexican food is what you crave, there’s no better place than La Calle Tacos, which serves tacos with all types of meat, including carne asada, carnitas, and more along with other traditional favorites like burritos, quesadillas, and nachos. For burgers lovers who also love an ocean view, try Coho Cafe right by the pier, where patio seating provides spectacular views of Puget Sound.

What Are Some Tips for Visiting Dash Point Park & Pier?

If you plan a trip to see what all the fuss is about at Dash Point Park & Pier, several things will help your experience be just right! While it may be tempting to spend time on the beach or out by Puget Sound catching some sun rays, remember that July and August can bring hot weather with highs in the 80s even 90s, so plan accordingly to stay safe. It’s also not advisable to get too close to water because of strong currents, making swimming dangerous. Remember, if you decide to come during summertime, take precautions like wearing sunscreen lotion, staying hydrated, and bringing along hats and sunglasses to protect you from the sun.

What Are Some Other Tips for Visiting Dash Point Park & Pier?

One thing to remember before making a trip here is that parking can get crowded so if you plan on coming by car, be sure to check out available parking spots in advance and arrive early! There are also some events hosted at the park throughout certain times of the year, including fishing derbies which usually take place during springtime or summer months. If you visit between May-June, keep an eye out for sea lion pups who may be playing along Puget Sound shorelines as they learn to swim and hunt for food under their mothers’ watchful eyes. Remember, whenever possible, it’s best to have fun being active outdoors, especially in the summertime, and Dash Point Park & Pier in Tacoma, WA, is a great place to do just that!

What to do in Dash Point Park & Pier?

The Scenic and Serene Dash Point Park & Pier in Tacoma, WA, is home to many fun activities. There are plenty of things for families, friends, couples, and anyone looking for some outdoor adventure. The park features a long pier that stretches out into Commencement Bay so you can see down Mount Rainier by taking advantage of its views from above on top of its spectacular surface-level vistas. Grab your fishing gear because there are loads of opportunities to catch salmon, trout, and even crabs, making great eats after your catch.

Pier fishing is a popular activity to do in Dash Point Park & Pier. The pier extends over 500 feet into the Puget Sound, making it easy for anglers of all skill levels to fish from shore or onboard one of three piers connected by walkways around the park. Fish species found at this location include salmon, rockfish, perch, and other common varieties, including flounder, sole, shiner perch, and halibut.

Horseshoe crabs are also abundant during low tide periods throughout spring months as they breed offshore then return to lay their eggs nearshore once temperatures rise above 48 degrees Fahrenheit. This area has been known for decades as an excellent place where you can catch your food!

The pier in Dash Point Park & Pier is home to many fun activities for people of all ages. Whether you want to fish, shop or spend time with your family, there are plenty of options at this Tacoma location!

There’s something also great that can be said for just walking around and taking it all in because when else will you get a chance to enjoy such beautiful views over Mount Rainier AND the Commencement Bay?

If fishing isn’t your thing, then try out one of their other attractions, including paddle boating, biking, miniature golfing, or even renting standup paddleboards to take advantage of its scenic surroundings by continuing down Puget Sound’s shoreline on water.

What not to do in Dash Point Park & Pier?

Please do not climb on rocks near the water’s edge, as they are slippery when wet. No swimming is allowed at Dash Point Park & Pier in Tacoma, WA, even though it seems ideal for that activity with its beautiful views of Puget Sound and Mount Rainier. There are other places nearby where people can swim, including Lakewold Gardens, which offers plenty of areas around their pond where swimmers can practice this wonderful sport without having to worry about being arrested if caught by park rangers.

Do not drive your car over the edge. The park and pier are popular destinations for divers who jump off this cliff into deep waters below. Dozens have disappeared in these waters without a trace; their bodies never found again. People say they can hear screeching voices on windy nights coming from all around them or see apparitions walking along the piers at nightfall.

Do not park your car at the end of the pier. The last person to do so was found dead in his vehicle with no explanation of how he died or why there were bruises on his body, but clearly, visible bite marks all over him. Rumors say that it happened during a full moon. Since then, people have been leaving their vehicles outside of Dash Point Park because some think this will prevent them from being attacked by paranormal forces lurking around these areas at nightfall.

Do not eat or drink anything that you might find lying about on these rocks. It sounds crazy, but some people swear they can still see what looks like a trail of blood drops leading all over the pier along the sea wall! They think this is where some poor soul tried to escape his pursuer by jumping off the dock headfirst, only for his body to split open upon impact with these sharp rocks below. All sorts of strange liquid have been found spilling out onto these stones ever since then; fluids which were not fresh seawater!


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