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Seattle Neighborhood – University Village

University Village Seattle Neighborhood Washington

The University Village Neighborhood


The University Village of Seattle is an up-and-coming area that has seen a significant transformation in the last two decades. Initially, this neighborhood was part of the University of Washington campus. The university decided to sell off the land because it became too expensive to manage it all by themselves. Today, you’ll find many high-rise buildings and apartments here, as well as many restaurants and other shops for your convenience. Explore what’s happening at one of Seattle’s most hip neighborhoods!


Just like Ballard or Capitol Hill before its own time, there’s no denying that U village will soon be overrun with new condos and townhomes. The area has been rezoned from being mainly focused on academics and study into a mixed-use community that includes residential, retail options, and some green space areas for recreation purposes. This zoning has caused the population density to increase by almost 50%.


About the University Village


The University Village is a great place to live, work, and play. The neighborhood offers some of the best shopping in the city, with stores like the Banana Republic, Apple Store, and Nordstroms. There are numerous restaurants and entertainment options, including movies at Pacific Place or Ivar’s right on Lake Union! Whether you want to catch a Sounders game or go out for drinks, this neighborhood has it all.


The University Village has a population of roughly 21,000 people. Since the area is so close to the downtown core, it’s common for residents who work in the CBD to live out here. The majority of residents are between 25-44 years old with a medium-income of about $72,000 per year.


Many high-rise condos have been built in the University Village area over recent years, so more people are finding this location their new home! With easy access to public transportation, including multiple bus routes that can take you downtown, it’s not hard to see why many people find this neighborhood attractive for living purposes.


The U village is also known by its nickname “The Ave,” which has some history behind it dating back from when there was only one road running through the middle of campus (University Way). Today there are roughly 70 restaurants & bars along “The Ave,” making it one of the best spots for nightlife in all of Seattle.


There are some great public spaces around U village, including Freeway Park, which you can find right across from Pacific Place Mall & Ivar’s Salmon House on Lake Union! Residents mainly use the park during nice weather to enjoy picnics and catch up with friends. It also features a water feature that runs throughout most of the area, so kids will love playing here too! Nearby there is Cal Anderson Park, where people like to run through or relax near the lakefront.


Finally, if you want an escape from city life but don’t have time for a vacation, then this neighborhood has plenty of green space to go around. You can find Thornton Creek, a small creek that runs through the U village neighborhood and outside Pacific Place Mall.


Facts about the University Village


The University Village neighborhood of Seattle is located in the city’s First Hill area. This beautiful green and the hilly section includes many shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, and other businesses that cater to its college student residents and those looking for a place with great shopping opportunities. There are numerous apartments throughout this part of town which is perfect for people wanting to settle down near their places of employment or study. The area also has several parks where families can spend time together relaxing or playing sports.


There are many public and private schools throughout the University Village, including Garfield High School. The area is also home to a large hospital that serves all of Seattle and one of the city’s most popular attractions – Pike Place Market. This part of town has everything that people could want to feel at home away from their neighborhoods. There are buses available if someone prefers not to drive their car through this busy part of town. It is easy enough for everyone who wants to live here or visit frequently can do so easily with these transportation options within reach!


Activities in University Village


The University Village is a great place to live. There are many activities in this Northwest part of the city, including some college sports events and concerts at Marymoor Park that everyone can enjoy! If you’re looking for something like constantly cycling or running along Lake Washington Boulevard between Bellevue College and Redmond. If you’re looking for a more natural escape, both Gas Works Park and Magnuson Park offer excellent opportunities to get out in nature.


University Village has been around since the 1950s. It is one of the top shopping destinations in Seattle, featuring many different retail outlets like Macy’s and Nordstrom. Additionally, you’ll find several restaurants on-site with outdoor seating for people to enjoy when they are not busy browsing the stores or hitting up a class at The Lab fitness center. There are also many places nearby where students can grab drinks after work, so there’s always something to do whether you’re single or have kids! You don’t even need a car if you live here because everything is within walking distance from your front door!


Community Events in University Village


University Village Neighborhood has many community events. The University District Street Fair takes place every year on the first Sunday of June at the University Village Park. It is put together by businesses, artists, musicians, and volunteers in the neighborhood. There are performances throughout all day long, including live music from bands like My Goodness, performing this year! The University District Street Fair is a great way to check out the neighborhood while having fun!


In addition to the University District Street Fair, there are many other community events in the neighborhood. One of these is a Summer Movie Series that takes place at night on Thursday evenings from June through August and features family-friendly movies. The Village Halloween Parade held in October is another great event where you can get dressed up in your best costume and go trick-or-treating along with hundreds of others! There are also various concerts, lectures, yoga classes, and more throughout the year so make sure to check out what’s going on when you’re visiting for fun or holiday breaks from school!


Every year on November 11th, local businesses come together with the University Village Merchants Association (UVMA) to put on a day of free events celebrating veterans. Make sure you stop by your favorite stores because they will be offering discounts to veterans in honor of the day. There will be a ceremony honoring our community partners who have served, demonstrations by local organizations, and activities for children all day long!


Things To Do Near University Village


There are many exciting things to do near the University Village neighborhood of Seattle, WA. The first thing you should probably do is eat at one of its excellent restaurants because there are so many! When it comes time for shopping, you won’t be disappointed either with all the beautiful stores and shops available around here. On top of it off, this area has great places to take your dog out on walks if that happens to be something that interests you or family outing locations where everyone can have a good time together!


Burke Museum of Nature History and Culture

Burke Museum of Nature History and Culture: The Burke Museum is a natural history and culture museum near the University of Washington. The collection has about 16 million objects, including specimens in paleontology, biology, ethnology, local archaeology, and works on paper worldwide.


The Henry Art Gallery

The Henry Art Gallery: This art gallery at the University of Washington houses over 45000 pieces in its permanent collections, focusing primarily on modern American art and some contemporary international work and traditional Asian skills. Temporary exhibitions are curated by both regional artists and curators nationally recognized for their expertise in particular areas.


Union Bay Natural Area

Union Bay Natural Area: This is a public park on the north shore of Lake Washington at Husky Stadium. The site was once an unaltered saltwater bay but has since been transformed into freshwater wetlands with restored native vegetation and beaches for sunbathing. A boardwalk provides two pedestrian/cyclist access points over the marsh, while trails circle the entire swamp or connect to nearby Burke-Gilman Trail via Ray’s Boathouse & Café.


The Quad - University of Washington

The Quad – University of Washington: This is the primary green space students and faculty use at the University of Washington. It serves as a playing field, an open-air theater, and a place where students meet, play Frisbee or hacky sack. It is home to the UW Olympic rowing crew in Seattle as well as many other sports clubs.


Seattle's Official Bad Art Museum of Art

Seattle’s Official Bad Art Museum of Art: This is a small museum in the University District with paintings, sketches, and other pieces of art that are considered terrible. It even includes some items from prominent artists who were not well known during their lifetime, including Robert Arneson, whose work was rejected by galleries but later became sought after by collectors once he passed away.


The Unity Museum

The Unity Museum: This museum is dedicated to exposing visitors to the diversity of cultures in Seattle with exhibits including Native American, African-American, and Asian art objects. The permanent collection consists primarily of pieces from Africa, but some works are also related to other areas. Temporary exhibitions feature local artists and national ones who work closely with current events or issues.


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Seattle Neighborhood – Portage Bay / Roanoke

Portage Bay / Roanoke Seattle Neighborhood Washington

The Portage Bay / Roanoke Neighborhood


Portage Bay is a neighborhood that has gained fame for its small-town feel and quaint charm. The area features beautiful scenery, such as the shores of Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains. Portage Bay is also home to many restaurants, including two world-class seafood eateries: Ivar’s Acres of Clams and Anthony’s Homeport & Marina Restaurant. If you’re looking for a place in Seattle with a laidback vibe, this is it!


About the Portage Bay / Roanoke Neighborhood


The neighborhood was named after a bay that used to be part of Lake Washington before it was filled with sediment from a canal. It’s now called Union Bay and is not navigable by boats anymore. However, people love going boating near this area during nice weather! There are no boathouses or boatyards along here because there isn’t enough water depth for boats except at high tide when waves crash against their sides. English Point once had its dock where shrimp were caught, but they have been replaced by luxury homes today, which line the shoreline making up one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Seattle.


The Portage Bay / Roanoke Neighborhood is a charming place to live. This part of town has many lovely old homes and tree-lined streets on the east side of Lake Washington, between Capitol Hill and Montlake (northwest of Downtown). It’s also close to I-90 for easy access across the lake or Downtown. The UW Medical Center is nearby, and several parks, including Cowen Park, James Corner Field Operations’ Olympic Sculpture Park, East Union Stables. There are plenty of places nearby that serve great coffee like Caffe Ladro, Victrola Coffee Mohawk Cafe.


This is an excellent neighborhood in which to live and has many nearby things like parks and cafes. Many restaurants serve delicious food here. The Portage Bay / Roanoke Neighborhood provides peaceful living access to the city within minutes via a car or bus system. This area of town is charming for its tree-lined streets and beautiful homes. It’s an ideal place to call home.


Portage Bay / Roanoke Neighborhood is one of those places where everyone wants to live if they can afford it due to how unique this area indeed is compared with other parts of town or even entire cities since there aren’t many others out there like this place anywhere else in the world. This community has so much character, whether you’re just visiting for fun during some free time, planning on moving into an apartment by yourself after college graduation, or taking a boat ride around Lake Union because everything about this place is so beautiful. No matter what type of house you buy here, it will be a good investment by the time you’re ready to move out and retire because people will still want to live in Portage Bay / Roanoke Neighborhood for many more years!


Facts about the Portage Bay / Roanoke Neighborhood


The area has a massive population of students who attend the University of Washington, which is right next door! Many residents commute to work by walking or biking because it’s not too far from the city center where they can find jobs easily. Some grocery stores, coffee shops, and restaurants within this neighborhood for essentials, but it only takes about 20 minutes to get into Downtown if you need more options. A notable strip mall called Laurelhurst Market &and Pharmacy opened up recently that features many upscale restaurants with delicious food and an old-fashioned drugstore housed inside what used to be a Safeway supermarket building years prior!


The neighborhood is especially famous for its pastel-colored homes, which line the streets of this community. Some of these houses were built as early as 1910, although most have been modernized with remodeling and renovations over time to keep up with structural changes that needed to be made through the years. As a result, many old-fashioned Seattle-style cottages can now be found in addition to classic Craftsman bungalows and ultra-modern boxes built on stilts! It’s an eclectic mix, but it adds character and charm at the same time since residents here appreciate all types of architecture styles from different eras. Don’t forget about those views either because they’re amazing whether you like looking out onto Lake Union or Lake Washington.


The neighborhood is also recognized for its many parks throughout the area, including Roanoke Park, which features a swan-shaped lagoon where people can rent paddle boats during nice weather! There are three different lakes within this community that residents love to visit whether they want to walk around, go boating or do some fishing with their friends and family members. It’s not too far from Downtown Seattle, but it feels like you’re in another world when you get off of work at the end of each day because there are all types of wildlife here to see besides your average birds such as eagles, geese, herons and other waterfowl who call these areas home! You’ll be amazed by all of the tall trees everywhere as well, especially those old cedars which are more than 100 years old! There’s no denying why this area is so popular among people who love nature.


The community of Portage Bay / Roanoke Seattle still has a lot more to offer, with plenty of green areas all around, including trails where you can walk your dogs or ride bicycles without having to worry about roads too much. It’s also close enough to Downtown, where residents can find lots of great restaurants and bars on Capitol Hill if they want something different for dinner or drinks after work at night. You must try out some local pubs to get the actual Seattle experience while visiting here because it adds character once everyone starts talking about this place. Besides, everyone loves a good happy hour, so why not take advantage of it while you’re still in town? There’s also the new Chihuly Garden and Glass museum if you want to check out some beautiful glass sculptures or even enjoy an outdoor exhibit where they grow all kinds of flowers on vines!


It might be one of those small areas, but there is plenty more to see with your own eyes when visiting Portage Bay / Roanoke Neighborhood, such as traveling around by boat or taking pictures from different angles during sunset time. You’ll feel at peace here whether you hang out next door at Gas Works Park, which overlooks Lake Union without any homes blocking that view anymore, or exploring parts of Lake Washington where you can find historical lighthouses, boat docks, and even an old anchor! It’s one of the best places to live if you’re looking for a quiet place near Downtown Seattle with so many different things to see or do whenever you get tired of working all day.


Portage Bay / Roanoke Neighborhood is genuinely unique in so many ways, which helped it become recognized as one of the most popular neighborhoods throughout this region ever since 1910 when only around 20 families were living here. People love visiting this community because they finally feel like they can relax away from everything else happening Downtown but remain close enough within walking distance should something come up suddenly without having to worry about finding parking or driving far away. It’s one of the best places to live, whether you’re a college student attending Seattle University, which is nearby, new parents with children growing up fast, or someone looking for their first house since there are so many options available here.


There are at least 40 different parks throughout Portage Bay / Roanoke Neighborhood where people can enjoy time outside no matter what season it is! You’ll be amazed by all of those views that include some truly amazing sunsets over the water as well as endless amounts of wildlife on both Lake Union and Lake Washington, ranging from eagles, geese, herons, and other birds, depending upon what time of year it is. Don’t forget about the tall trees, which are hundreds of years old, throughout these areas! There’s no doubt that people love living here thanks to the incredible views and having plenty of wildlife nearby without any homes blocking your view.


There’s no doubt that people love living here thanks to the incredible views and having plenty of wildlife nearby without any homes blocking your view. This community has so much character, whether you’re just visiting for fun during some free time, planning on moving into an apartment by yourself after college graduation, or taking a boat ride around Lake Union because everything about this place is so beautiful. No matter what type of house you buy here, it’s going to be a good investment by the time you’re ready to move out and retire because Portage Bay / Roanoke Neighborhood is one of those places where everyone wants to live if they can afford it due to how unique this area indeed is compared with other parts of town.


Activities in Portage Bay / Roanoke Neighborhood


Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream

Wineries and Breweries: Portage Bay / Roanoke has the best bars in the city. It’s a great place to go out for drinks after work or on weekends if you want some laid-back fun with friends. There are plenty of breweries and wineries where you can enjoy delicious beer flights or wine tasting before heading home at night. For those who aren’t interested in drinking alcohol, there is also a fantastic ice cream shop called Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream that serves made-to-order milkshakes and sundaes during brunch hours, making it more than just your average bar scene!


The Confectionary

Dessert Destination: Another highly recommended restaurant within walking distance from this neighborhood is The Confectionary. This bakery has a ton of baked goods and treats that will make you feel like you are in heaven! The best part is that they have cookie shots, which means the dough comes out warm from the oven with different flavors depending on the time of day (like pumpkin spice).


Seafood: Portage Bay / Roanoke is the best place to go for seafood, especially if you’re a fan of Alaskan King Crab Legs or Lobster. Many restaurants offer this on their menu, so you’ll have plenty of options depending on what time of day it is and how large your budget is. Some places even have all-you-can-eat crab legs nights where they come out with trays filled with delicious meaty goodness! If this isn’t up your alley, there are also other great Chinese food spots nearby that make for a fun night out if you’re in the mood for some takeout.


Coffee Shops: There are plenty of coffee shops located around Portage Bay / Roanoke, so there’s no shortage when it comes to caffeine options. Whether you need your daily fix before work or want somewhere cute to study at all hours of the day, you’ll be able to find it here.


Restaurants: Portage Bay / Roanoke has the best bars in the city. It’s a great place to go out for drinks after work or on weekends if you want some laid-back fun with friends. There are plenty of breweries and wineries where you can enjoy delicious beer flights or wine tasting before heading home at night. For those who aren’t interested in drinking alcohol, there is also a fantastic ice cream shop called Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream that serves made-to-order milkshakes and sundaes during brunch hours, making it more than just your average bar scene!


Community Events in Portage Bay / Roanoke Neighborhood


The Portage Bay / Roanoke community hosts several events throughout the year.


Annual Summer Street Fair: Block party with live music, food vendors, beer garden

Annual Tree Lighting Festival: Free outdoor holiday market featuring local crafts and gifts for families

Quarterly Coffee with the Councilmember: Meet and greet opportunity where residents can go to discuss issues, voice concerns

Monthly Neighborhood Potlucks: Neighborhood wide potluck dinner at a different home each month


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Seattle Neighborhood – High Point

High Point Seattle Neighborhood Washington

The High Point Neighborhood


The High Point neighborhood is an incredible place to live, work, and play. With its proximity to public transportation, parks, the Seattle Center complex with Key Arena, and International Fountain Park, it’s no wonder why this is one of the most popular neighborhoods in town!


In the heart of downtown Seattle, this area has been a part of life in Emerald City since its incorporation. The High Point neighborhood is located on Queen Anne Hill and was named after one of the first roads that led to it – Fifth Avenue North or “The Summit.” In addition to being considered for several different names, including Green Lake Heights and West Queen Anne, it eventually became just known as High Point due to its proximity at high elevation above sea level within city limits.


About the High Point Neighborhood


Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, High Point is a popular neighborhood with an incredible location. It’s one of the most densely populated neighborhoods and has beautiful views everywhere you turn! With its proximity to public transportation, parks, the Seattle Center complex with Key Arena, and International Fountain Park, it can’t be beaten as far as convenience goes!


High Point Neighborhood is a vibrant community that’s been around for decades. You will find an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and other businesses in the neighborhood. The people here enjoy living simply, but with all the modern amenities they need at their fingertips to make life easier. High Point has a lot going on throughout the year, from summer festivals to winter holiday celebrations; there is always something happening right within your reach.


High Point is a close-knit community that has been around since before Washington was even recognized as its state. This history and long-standing roots within the city limits make for some very historic homes that are indicative of this area’s age and culture, so if you’re looking for a place to call home that offers beautiful waterfronts and parks during all seasons, then look no further than the High Point Neighborhood.


Many schools, churches, and daycares are located nearby, making it easy to raise a family or start anew in this beautiful city setting. The local businesses are fantastic, too, including many great cafes that serve delicious food and caffeinated beverages for those who may need them or want more than coffee at their disposal. The vibrant culture here makes this place like no other: if there were ever a “must live” neighborhood within city limits before all others, well, undoubtedly, High Point would make anyone’s shortlist. This area is one of the best places in Seattle to live, work, and play.


Facts about the High Point Neighborhood


High Point is an affluent neighborhood. High Point offers many great amenities for residents to enjoy, including beautiful waterfronts, parks, and trails. The area has a lot of history that dates back hundreds of years. Many people have lived in the region since before it was even recognized as part of Washington state. The community also houses some very historic homes, which indicate its age and long-standing roots within the city limits.


If you love spending time outside, then you will enjoy living here during any season! The area also has several historic homes that offer an exciting look into real estate history, making this one of the unique neighborhoods in Washington state.


Not only does High Point Neighborhood have a rich cultural experience, but it’s also an excellent place to live or visit because there is so much diversity in the community! There are people from all walks of life and backgrounds living here. This makes for interesting conversations with neighbors at the grocery store and lively debates on local issues happening at city council meetings. Visitors will enjoy experiencing this diverse culture as well!


The neighborhood welcomes everyone regardless of ethnicity, faith, traditions, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We’re very proud that we’ve been recognized nationally by CNN Magazine as one of America’s Best Places to Live 2015 and recently received a perfect score on Niche’s 2017 Seattle Schools Report Card.


Activities in High Point Neighborhood


High Point has a lot of activities and events going on throughout the year. This is why it’s no surprise to find families with children here and people just starting in life. The community always has something happening, whether it be during summer, fall, or winter. Live life to the fullest by living here. Activities for all ages are at your fingertips, and you’re surrounded by beautiful nature. Find out what activities await you on our website today!


High Point serves as a hub of activity that everyone can enjoy regardless of age or interests. There’s something for everyone to enjoy right outside their doorstep, including outdoor recreation opportunities like hiking trails, community festivals, sports games, and summer concert series held throughout July & August. 


You’ll find everything from dog parks to playgrounds around this neighborhood near Magnuson Park (Seattle), Little Norway Park (Shoreline), and Lake Washington. With so much to do, it’s no wonder why High Point is a desirable neighborhood.


In addition to all those activities in High Point Neighborhood, there are plenty more things to do in this area. Some of the most popular activities include shopping, dining out at local restaurants and cafes, visiting nearby coffee shops like Caffe Ladro or Starbucks Coffee, catching a game with friends at The Seattle Storm Stadium or Starfire Sports Complex, spending time outdoors by kayaking on Lake Washington, taking hikes around High Point Greenbelt Trail System which is located near Northgate Mall & Shoreline Community College.


High Point Neighborhood also has plenty of cultural activities that happen every day. Whether you are looking to learn about other cultures worldwide, relax with some friends by playing games based on those influences, or have fun at festivals celebrating different ethnicities.


The neighborhood is also home to some of Seattle’s most beloved parks, including Kerry Park, which offers views of the city skyline; West View Park, and offers open space as well as an indoor swimming pool and Cowen Park, where visitors can enjoy picnics while taking in the beautiful sights around Green Lake such as boating, kayaking, rowing, and paddle-boarding. The Woodland Park Zoo provides entertainment year-round at affordable prices allowing you to enjoy time together exploring exhibits and participating in events.


Something is going on here all year long. In addition to annual events like High Point Days and CultureFest, each season brings new experiences, including local restaurants participating in Dine Around Seattle during Restaurant Week and summer concerts at Rooftop Sound off West Smith Street. If that’s not enough, there’s always the chance of catching a street performer or two during lunch hour.


Things to do Near High Point Neighborhood


High Point Neighborhood is a great place to live. You can do many things here, and it’s easy to find your way around the neighborhood as streets have signs for each block, so you don’t get lost. Here’s a list of things to do in the High Point Neighborhood:


Space Needle

Space Needle: This is one of the most iconic buildings in Seattle. It’s great to go up and have a look around for free, or you can book tickets to go up into the observation deck.


Museum of Pop Culture

Museum of Pop Culture: Also known as MoPOP, this is a great place to go if you love music. There’s an IMAX theater and beautiful exhibits on display.


Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market: This is a great place to go and grab some food. Many vendors are selling different things here, including fresh seafood that you can buy to take home.


Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glasss: This is a great place to go if you love art. The museum has lots of beautiful glass pieces on display, and there’s also an outdoor section with beautiful gardens.

Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Art Museum: This museum is home to many pieces of art and traveling exhibits. You can easily spend a few hours here looking at everything they have to offer.


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Seattle Neighborhood – Roxhill

Roxhill Seattle Neighborhood Washington

The Roxhill Neighborhood


Roxhill is a neighborhood in Seattle that has been around for decades, but it’s still relatively unknown to many. The community offers many amenities, including parks, schools, and shops. It also features an abundance of outdoor space with lush greenery and hidden houses that blend in naturally with the environment. Roxhill is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Seattle because of these qualities and more!


Roxhill is a community within south-central Seattle primarily developed during World War II by members of the U.S Army Corps Of Engineers between 1940–1941 as part of Fort Lawton (now Discovery Park). After WWII ended, people began moving into this area due to affordable housing prices; however, most homes were built to be relatively short-term, and many had problems with bad plumbing. Since then, it has evolved into a friendly and quiet community with low crime rates and cheap rent.


About the Roxhill Neighborhood


Roxhill is a neighborhood in Seattle that has been around for decades but remains relatively unknown. The area offers many amenities, including parks, schools, and shops; however, it lacks public transportation options making it hard for people who rely on this service to commute in and out of the neighborhood. Living here will also give you access to an abundance of outdoor space with lush greenery while unobtrusive houses blend naturally into their environment. Roxhill is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Seattle because of these qualities!


It has its community center and park, Roxhill Park. You may find that this neighborhood isn’t as well-known or publicized compared to other areas like Ballard or Capitol Hill. Still, it does not mean that you should either overlook it when thinking about places to live in Washington state or assume so because there are some great attractions here, such as:


The history of Roxhill stretches back over 100 years ago, with it being considered one of the first neighborhoods established outside downtown Seattle. There was even an amusement park located at the same site where today’s Roxhill Park stands on which operated from 1906 until 1912, after which became known simply by locals as “Amusement Park.”


In this neighborhood, you will find a community of homes surrounded by nature and wildlife. The houses here are mostly bungalow style located on large lots with mature trees, creating a hidden setting for those who want to live near the city but not be part of it all day long. In addition to the many birds that live in these areas or pass through during migration, other local faunas such as deer and even elk make their home within Roxhill Neighborhood boundaries. This environment provides a quiet atmosphere where neighbors can feel comfortable knowing they’re close enough should something happen while still being far enough away from noise pollution to provide peace and tranquility every day of the week.


There is plenty to do here in the Roxhill neighborhood, and people traveling from all over the city may be surprised at what they find when strolling through its streets. It tends to have a more low-key feel compared to other areas of Queen Anne, but that doesn’t mean it lacks any amenities or features residents can enjoy, with one being Roxhill’s community center complete with fitness rooms, sauna, meeting space as well as having access to outdoor activities such as tennis courts and playgrounds for children. The park within this area has been recently renovated too, with new play equipment installed, paths repaved, plus even entryways built from stone offering an old-fashioned rustic look which adds a lovely charm if you’re looking for a place to call home that’s outside the typical and crowded city environment.


Residents who enjoy hiking or like spending time out of doors will undoubtedly appreciate this neighborhood more than most, with it having views of both Lake Union and Westlake Park available from some points within its territory. There is even an abundance of trees that line many streets throughout the area, giving these places excellent seclusion but also making them very peaceful too when you take into consideration how close they are located to downtown Seattle itself, where noise levels tend to be higher due to traffic volume, etc. You can find homes for sale in Roxhill listed on Trulia by searching through their website currently via your browser, so don’t wait any longer to find out more about this neighborhood!


Facts about the Roxhill Neighborhood


The Roxhill neighborhood has been traditionally an industrial location for families of color; however, it’s changing to a mix of high-rise condos and apartments with single-family homes that have yards which creates a good sense of community among neighbors.


Roxhill is a serene neighborhood with highly rated schools, shopping opportunities, and some of the best parks in western Washington. The area has many family-friendly amenities, including top-notch public transportation, making getting downtown for work or entertainment easy. It is an ideal place to raise children as crime rates are low and there are lots of activities to do outside during all seasons.


The Roxhill Neighborhood also offers residents ready access to natural beauty at every turn; whether it’s walking under towering trees on one of its trails or enjoying wildlife viewing from your backyard – this neighborhood does have it all! Several restaurants are located within walking distance if you don’t feel like cooking, but if you do, the area is also filled with many grocery stores and Farmer’s Markets.


Roxhill also offers many small, family-owned businesses and operates to help foster a sense of community among neighbors while providing excellent customer service and low prices like Casa Latina (domestic violence services), High Point Medical Center (primary medical care center serving south Seattle since 1978), Facing East Restaurant (Chinese food including dim sum), South Park Family Health Clinic( free health care clinic), Hillman City Collaboratory (community organization with affordable housing for artists and makers), Centerstone (mental health services),


In addition, Roxhill is a very environmentally friendly community. It has been awarded LEED Gold certification for its high-efficiency building standards and green roofs, which have increased the energy efficiency of buildings in this neighborhood.


Roxhill also has several community parks recognized for their design and functionality, such as Hillman City Collaboratory, Sunset Playground, Roxhill Park.


The Roxhill neighborhood has its community Collaboratory, where residents can participate in various activities like fitness classes or potlucks with their neighbors during the week for free.


In addition, several parks are located in Roxhill that are maintained by the city, which have play structures, open green spaces for kids to run around in, basketball courts.


Activities in Roxhill Neighborhood


This Roxhill Neighborhood is very diverse, and the people living within it like to celebrate their different cultures. Every summer, there is a huge event that many people come to enjoy called the Roxhill Neighborhood Street Fair. There are booths and tents set up along several streets, and each has different food and cultural items for sale or demonstration purposes. People who attend this street fair can sample foods from all over the world, including Africa, Asia, Europe, India, Mexico / Latin America, and have fun games such as ring tosses with their children!


In addition to community activity resources in the neighborhood itself, residents also have access to excellent sports venues nearby. The closest baseball fields, for example, are just less than two miles away, where they will be able to schedule practices during certain hours of the day depending on what time it is currently. In addition, the neighborhood is just under three miles away from two different community centers.


There are also many private businesses in Roxhill Neighborhood for those who want to rent out space. Some of these include study spaces where students can work on homework or projects together at their own pace, as well as conference rooms if you need a place to hold important meetings with your team members!


Regularly scheduled Roxhill Neighborhood activities include walking clubs, yoga classes, and cultural events. Several community groups also host special interest gatherings for those interested in specific topics such as watercolor painting or drawing instruction.


There is always something fun going on at the primary school located within this neighborhood too! The school has a vast community room where many different parties and games occur throughout the year. Anytime someone wants to have a party they can’t afford to rent out space for, they head to the school for an exciting celebration.


Many Roxhill Neighborhood residents are also very active in their community, and there are several community projects that they help out with throughout the year. Some of these include park clean-ups, tree planting events, and food drive gatherings.


There is a community garden located in Roxhill Neighborhood as well. Anyone can stop by and help out with planting, weeding, harvesting, and other gardening chores. Even if someone is not a Roxhill Neighborhood resident, they can still stop by the community garden to pick up some fresh produce or plants to take home.


In addition, there is an after-school program provided by volunteers from local colleges during the academic year. If you have children attending elementary school in Roxhill Neighborhood, they will participate in this excellent program for free! In addition, there is a very popular youth basketball league that many children from the neighborhood play with each week.


The best thing about the Roxhill neighborhood is how naturally beautiful it seems; there isn’t anything too showy here, just enough beauty to make life wonderful without excessive. You can find many things to do in Roxhill.


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Seattle Neighborhood – South Delridge

South Delridge Seattle Neighborhood Washington

The South Delridge Neighborhood


South Delridge is a neighborhood that has been developing for over 100 years. The area was once home to many industries, which have since disappeared. Recently, the community has grown with new residential developments and businesses opening in the area. South Delridge is adjacent to White Center and Burien, making it one of the essential neighborhoods in Seattle’s Southwest quadrant.


About the South Delridge Neighborhood


South Delridge Neighborhood is centrally located to the main commercial corridor of West Marginal Way. It also provides easy access to local amenities such as grocery stores and restaurants for its residents. South Delridge Neighborhood’s population has remained relatively stable even though there have been a lot of people moving into other neighborhoods in the city over time, while property values remain low compared with similar areas within the region due to economic factors that affect lower-income families significantly.


The South Delridge neighborhood is a part of the West Seattle district in Washington. It’s home to over 26,000 residents and was initially developed in 1910 as a streetcar suburb by King County. Recently it has been experiencing an increase in gentrification due to its proximity to several commercial zones, including the Alki Beach business area, which brings many tourists from all over the world every year.


South Delridge has been home to many immigrants throughout its 100+ year history, including Swedish settlers at first. Norwegian and Danish families began moving into the area as it became more urbanized. During World War II, large numbers of African Americans moved into this community because they were excluded from housing elsewhere due to racial discrimination, which was something that had existed here since the early 1900s when local real estate agents would refuse service to prospective clients based solely on race/ethnicity during times when demand for new homes was so high.


Many of the African Americans who settled here had previously worked in Seattle’s shipyards during World War II, building battleships for the US Navy. After the war ended, they were let go by their employers because it was believed that there was no longer a need to build ships due to WWII being over – despite having just single-handedly won one of history’s most significant conflicts against tyranny & oppression, these workers struggled to find jobs elsewhere until moving into South Delridge where local real estate agents refused service based on race/ethnicity.


The South Delridge Neighborhood is a highly desirable location for both young families looking to settle down in an area close to major employers such as Boeing, Amazon & Microsoft. It’s also an excellent place for people who want to raise their children somewhere where they can enjoy nature with plenty of parks and green spaces surrounding them while still being within walking distance from larger shopping centers containing medium-sized grocery stores along with big-box retailers like Home Depot or Costco.


Facts about the South Delridge Neighborhood


The South Delridge neighborhood is located in the southern part of West Seattle. It borders Puget Sound to the west and south, White Center at its northern edge, and Highland Park on its eastern border. In addition to being a residential community, South Delridge also consists of industrial areas and businesses such as restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and more. This area has been developing over time from when it was primarily farmed until now. People can establish homes within walking distance or a short drive away from workplaces to avoid traffic congestion each day.


The South Delridge Neighborhood is becoming increasingly popular with young families and professionals due to its affordability, excellent schools, and proximity to major highways. The neighborhood has many ethnic communities that contribute to the local culture, including Vietnamese, Burmese, Somali, Hispanic/Latin American (including Mexican), Caucasian (non-Hispanic), Pacific Islander (including Samoan). Some people identify as African Americans living in the area. However, both White Center and Burien have higher populations of Caucasians than South Delridge.


Unlike some other areas on Seattle’s Eastside, such as Northgate or Georgetown, there aren’t a lot of new residential developments being built in this community yet, although there are some projects planned for future construction within walking distance from local schools.


Less than ten percent of all housing units were built before 1940, with about sixty-five percent being constructed after 1990, making this one of the most modern neighborhoods in the Seattle area. South Delridge was once home to many farmers but has now grown into one of West Seattle’s most popular residential areas. The average household size is about two people per residence, with many homes having between one and four occupants living within their walls on any given day or night.


The neighborhood is also home to two public parks and an elementary school within its boundaries. Most residents are homeowners with homes that were built before 1970. While there has been some new construction in recent years, it hasn’t changed the area’s character much at all, even though it has brought more attention to what makes this place unique.


Activities in South Delridge Neighborhood


There are many unique services offered to the community of this neighborhood, including a park with public art, tennis courts, and even an outdoor pool! The South Delridge Community Center also offers several services for members of the local area. Activities include dance classes, sports courses, and technology workshops; it’s worth checking out if you live nearby!


There are many significant community events in this area, such as The South Delridge Spring Festival that takes place every year at Camp Long on May Day weekend; the Annual Seafair Summer Fourth Fireworks Show which happens over Lake Washington just south of Seward Park; an annual Halloween block party hosted by local businesses. Local business owners also host their parades during the summer months, including Mr. Neighbor’s Children Parade and the Seafair Torchlight Parade.


There are plenty of historic buildings throughout the area that have been refurbished into new homes or businesses that give off great vibes, which adds to how much culture exists within these streets. Perhaps one day there will be more tourist attractions around here too! It’s only going to get better from now on, so keep an eye on this area because it’s going to be something special.


They are currently working on building more community events to bring people together and help them get familiar with each other so they can form lasting friendships along the way. Whether you want to start up an art studio or learn how to play an instrument, there’s always something new going on in the Seattle South Delridge neighborhood!


Community Events in South Delridge Neighborhood


Developing Community and Identity, the community in South Delridge has many different community activities that people can participate in. Some of these activities include:


Meet neighbors at an annual meeting or potluck dinner held by a local business association. These meetings occur every year to keep residents informed about what is happening around their neighborhood, such as businesses opening up, new developments coming close to them, and more. It also allows everyone who lives here to meet each other and form friendships with one another, which will help build this strong community we live in. This event is great because it brings all generations together through food and fun games!


Participate in the South Delridge Neighborhood Watch is an organization intended to keep everyone safe in our community.


Attend your local child’s school events. There are many different schools located within the neighborhood, and it gives people a chance to meet all sorts of new families who live here as well!


Join one or multiple organizations like SWIM (a swim club), Cascade Bicycle Club (the largest bicycle club in Washington State), and more. These groups hold several activities throughout the year for those living nearby, so be sure to check them out if you’re interested!


Attend local festivals and events, and there are many things to do within the South Delridge Neighborhood for people of all ages. For example, Around the Sound is an annual festival that occurs every year showcasing artwork created by students in different schools around here!


Participating in community service activities such as helping build homes with Habitat for Humanity or planting native plants at a nearby park with Bridging Washington! There are so many volunteer opportunities available if you’re looking to get involved on a more personal level.


Participate in community cleanups and greening initiatives like picking up trash around the neighborhood, collecting used books to donate, or cleaning out your backyard of unnecessary items you don’t need anymore.


Offering to watch a neighbor’s house for them while they are on vacation so that you can keep an eye out and make sure nothing suspicious is happening in their home during the time they will be away. People often look after each other’s pets too, when someone needs their cat fed, dog walked, or fish are taken care of during the day while they’re working. There are many different ways that people here help one another without hesitation.


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Seattle Neighborhood – Highland Park

Highland Park Seattle Neighborhood Washington

The Highland Park Neighborhood


Highland Park is a neighborhood in Seattle that offers something for everyone. This part of the city is bustling with activity and has plenty to offer in entertainment, culture, and history. Highland Park contains many attractions that make it one of the most popular neighborhoods in Seattle. Visitors are drawn to this area because they can be immersed in everything from art galleries to outdoor concerts- all while enjoying an urban lifestyle at its finest!


The Highland Park neighborhood is a vibrant and active community in the southern region of Seattle, Washington. The location offers residents easy access to downtown amenities while remaining tucked into their safe residential enclave just south of Beacon Hill. It is a beautiful place to call home. It has everything you could want right in the heart of Seattle! Some people may think living so close to downtown might be too loud, but Highland Park offers townhouses and condos that are very quiet inside with great layouts for families, especially if they have pets. With such easy access to all sorts of shopping, restaurants, and grocery stores, it’s no wonder why this area is growing more popular by the day! If you’re looking for an urban lifestyle, then Highland Park should be your top pick.


About the Highland Park Neighborhood


Highland Park is a residential neighborhood located in the Capitol Hill area of Southeast Seattle. This beautiful part of town was named after one of its most famous attractions, which happens to be an urban park that contains three separate gardens and two water features. The name “Highland” comes from this famous landmark’s lofty perch on top of one of the city’s many hills. The highest point within the entire boundaries of Highland Park is at SE 89th Street, also known as Pill Hill due to all the medical offices found here!


The Highland Park neighborhood is a beautiful place to live if you’re looking for an urban lifestyle in a bustling city. You can experience art and culture with all that this part of town offers while also being surrounded by many outdoor activities such as hiking at Discovery Park, just minutes away. This part of town offers plenty to do for locals and visitors alike, with attractions like the urban park that contains three separate gardens and two water features. If shopping is your thing, then head over to local favorites Melrose Market or Ballard Avenue- both are perfect places to find unique pieces from some locally owned stores. In addition, there’s plenty of big-name retailers located throughout this area too.


The neighborhood is located on the east of Lake Washington. It’s situated south of Seward Park and has several top-rated parks with families, including Highland Park, which offers spectacular views of Mount Rainier. Some say you don’t get a true feeling for the beauty here until you leave it behind to go back into town. The area was once home to large sawmills in an area known as Squire Creek but has since become one of Seattle’s most sought-after neighborhoods due to its central location, access to nature trails, greenbelts, and proximity to downtown via I-90, or scenic walks over Carkeek field. This secluded neighborhood retains its small-town character despite being so close to the city. The main shopping centers are located at Northgate, Greenwood, and Laurelhurst.


Highland Park Washington offers everything you could want out of a home! Some people may think living so close to downtown would be too loud, but townhouses and condos here offer quiet inside spaces while still having great layouts for families who have pets or like hiking/mountain biking. With such easy access to all sorts of shopping, restaurants, and grocery stores, it’s no wonder why more people moving into this area every day! If you’re looking for a lifestyle, then Highland Park should be your top pick.


Facts about the Highland Park Neighborhood


The Highland Park neighborhood was founded in 1905. It began as a bedroom community for the city of Ballard. Eventually, it became a popular spot to live because it was so close yet separated from the business district of downtown Seattle by one block. In 1960, when Interstate-90 opened up with an exit at 130th Street NE, access greatly improved, making it even more convenient for commuters who work in either Belltown or Northgate areas. 


Today, people opt to commute via car due to the lack of public transportation options available compared with other neighborhoods near Downtown Seattle such as Capitol Hill and Queen Anne, which have bus routes that run 24 hours per day. Highland Park Seattle is still considered a very family-friendly area since there are many schools within walking distance.


The population has grown by 40% since 2000, and it’s still growing. There are many amenities for residents, including excellent schools, parks, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. It continues to be an incredible place for families that want access to all the best parts of urban living without having to leave their home or community behind.


Highland Park consists mainly of peaceful single-family homes built in the early 20th century for workers working at nearby industries like Boeing Field or Harbor Island factories that once stood where Safeco Field does now (Seattle Mariners). Some houses were also built as rooming houses or apartments for workers. It was once home to the most stately homes in Seattle, many of which were destroyed during The Great Depression and World War II when it became more ideal for building single-family houses than large mansions that took up several lots at a time.


Today Highland Park is still one of the best places for families with children because its quiet streets are perfect for kids to ride their bikes or walk dogs without interruption. Many neighbors enjoy taking advantage of nearby amenities like Jefferson Square shopping center, Victory Sq., Lakewood Playfield, or St. Andrews Rec Center. Other favorite local businesses include Lottie’s Pub (a great place to grab dinner after work), Lucky Strike Bowling Alley, Glassybaby, and Beecher’s Handmade Cheese.


People enjoy living in Highland Park for its proximity to many great shops and restaurants. It’s also located near the Meridian Health Club, a pool with hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, and more! For those who like hiking or mountain biking, there are several trails nearby as well. There is so much to do here that it will be hard to get bored.


Amenities in Highland Park Neighborhood


Highland Park Neighborhood Green Space: Another thing that makes this area unique is how much green space there is to enjoy outside your door if desired. This includes countless public parks and numerous private golf courses that are open to the public.


Highland Park Neighborhood Restaurants: There is an array of dining options in Highland Park so that you won’t lack choices. Local restaurants have been popping up all over, and it makes life even better with some great places to eat on every corner. If seafood is more your speed, there’s also a wide variety of fresh fish at just about any market or grocery store here too!


Highland Park Neighborhood Shopping: With many shopping outlets located all around, including several malls if needed, it’s easy enough to find what you need without having to leave the area entirely. It has everything from small shops selling local wares interspersed with the more prominent names too.


Highland Park Neighborhood Schools: Highland Park has plenty of schools for all different age groups available in its vicinity so getting your kids off to a good start is easy enough if you are planning on relocating here. Parents will be glad to know that this area’s school system is one of the best around, and it ensures their children get everything they need when starting at school. 


Highland Park Neighborhood Community: Another unique aspect of Highland Park is the community itself. It has a tight-knit feel, and everyone knows each other, which makes for a fantastic atmosphere. There are always events going on too, so you won’t lack for something to do if that’s more your speed!


Activities in Highland Park Neighborhood


Cheasty Greenspace

Highland Park Neighborhood is the perfect place to experience all of your interests. If you are looking for some outdoor activities, try exploring one of the many parks in the Highland Park Neighborhood, including Cheasty Greenspace and Lincoln Park. The area also has a thriving art community with several galleries showcasing local artists’ work alongside larger venues hosting events throughout the year.

Lincoln Park


Be sure to check out the Olympic Sculpture Garden, which hosts over 100 sculptures by international sculptors along Elliott Bay waterfront parklands; it’s not something you want to miss. There are many cultural attractions, such as viewings at Benaroya Concert Hall or Northwest Film Forum, where independent films get their time on the screen each month. You will never stop discovering new things to do in Highland Park Neighborhood!

Olympic Sculpture Garden


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