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How Much Does a Maid Cost in Seattle?

The Emerald City of Seattle is considered one of the best places to live in the US, let alone the Pacific Northwest.  However, the Seattle area’s high quality of life all-too-often translates into a high cost of living as well.

Indeed, the median home cost here is nearly twice that of the rest of the state, and grocery bills, housing, and transportation costs aren’t far behind. So while the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metro area remains a great place to live and work, it is by no means a place you can get by “on the cheap.” 

For families considering a professional cleaning or maid service in Seattle, the potential cost of these services might seem like a pretty big barrier. However, as we’ll show you in this article, getting a dedicated, professional maid for your Seattle home or apartment doesn’t have to cost you an arm or a leg. 


Why You Need a Maid in the First Place

The world is a busy place, and if you live in a beautiful part of the country like Seattle, there are always things to do both indoors and outdoors. So to make the most of your work and free time, you might want to consider hiring a part-time housekeeper, maid, or cleaning service. This is an excellent way to maintain your home’s cleanliness and appearance while saving time and energy for the things you want to do. 

It’s also worth noting that having a maid on your side is a great way to protect your home’s value and stave off expensive repair and cleaning costs. With the average Seattle home going for nearly a quarter-million dollars, it’s important to maintain your investment and clean it regularly. If mold, mildew, rot, or other issues get a chance to take hold, they can cost you a fortune down the line (or negatively affect your home’s value). 

In short: having a dedicated maid service in Seattle is the best way to protect your investment, keep your home clean, and – most importantly – keep your free time free!


Understanding What Factors Into the Cost

Before you go about hiring a maid or cleaning service, you need to realize what is being factored into the cost of your service. In this section, we’ll outline exactly what it is you’re paying for so you can get a better sense of the value a company like NW Maids can provide. 

  • Types of Cleaning Companies

Cleaning companies come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of professionalism. For instance, independent cleaners or contractors are self-employed teams or individuals who work on a client-by-client basis. Because they are the final word on pricing, they can often negotiate their services much more readily than corporate cleaning companies. However, they might not have all the insurance, licensing, and security in place that a homeowner might like. 

However, most established cleaning companies do. They also tend to have larger, more well-equipped crews so that they can do more jobs in more places throughout the day. The problem is that all of that comes with a cost that is passed along to you, the customer. On top of that, going with a larger company means you’ll lose that “personal touch” of getting to know your maid and ensuring he or she knows the what, when, and how of your home.  

  • Security

As stated above, different types of cleaning companies will provide different levels of security. For instance, with a single independent contractor, you might not be able to verify the backgrounds of the people who will be in your home. They also might not have the proper insurance to protect you (and their workers) in case something were to happen. Though incidents are rare, many Seattle homeowners would prefer a properly-vetted cleaning workforce. 

Bigger companies are almost always licensed, bonded, and insured against damage, theft, and injury. Remember, you aren’t just concerned about someone taking your jewelry, but about a maid slipping down the stairs and potentially suing you for negligence. Though working with a big company doesn’t eliminate this possibility, it does provide lots of homeowners with peace of mind (at a cost).

  • Professionalism

In the event an independent contractor makes a mistake, overcharges you, or doesn’t provide the promised service you expected, what are you going to do? In most cases, the person who supplied the unsatisfactory service is the owner / operator of the company. If they choose to be unprofessional, there’s very little you can do about it. 

Big companies usually have a customer service team to call if you need assistance or report a problem. Though this doesn’t automatically mean that you won’t have to be concerned about poor customer service, it can provide you with at least some sense of security and protection. 

  • The Type (and Frequency) of Service

You can’t reasonably expect to pay the same amount to clean a five-bedroom mansion and a two-bedroom apartment. Nor can you expect to pay the same for a touch-up and a total-move out deep cleaning.  On the other end of the spectrum, most cleaning companies (independent, corporate, or otherwise) are happy to provide discounts for frequent, repeat work. 

All of this is factored into the price of your service before you pay for it. So if you want to get your cabinets, oven, and refrigerator detailed, you’re going to pay more than someone who simply wants some light dusting and their floors mopped. So, remember to consider what type of service you want and how often you want it before you start comparing and contrasting different quotes. 

When you start contacting cleaning companies to price out their services, you need to understand that everything listed above is included in the price quote they provide. And while it’s always nice to get your hands on a great deal, you should try to remember that those deals might come at the cost of security, professionalism, frequency, and cleaning options. 

Alternatively, you can’t just assume that larger companies are automatically free of problems. Since they have bigger teams and larger service areas, they can stand to lose a few unhappy customers without it affecting their reputation.


How NW Maids Solves Your Cleaning Company Problems

Thanks to our years of experience in this industry, we’ve been able to come up with comprehensive solutions to all of the problems above. For instance:

  • Pricing 

Both independent cleaning contractors and large regional businesses know that Seattle is more expensive than Renton, Kent, or Lynwood. This means they’ll often raise their prices for anyone living in the metro area, regardless of where the company itself is located. 

NW Maids solves this problem by providing Flat Rate pricing throughout the Pacific Northwest. This means that we provide a fair, affordable price no matter where you’re property is. As an added bonus, our flat-rate pricing is fully customizable. This means you only pay for the services you select and nothing more. 

  • Security and Professionalism

One of the things that makes Northwest Maids so different is that we are a maid service referral company. This means that we evaluate each customer based on their needs and location, then send one of our carefully vetted affiliate companies out to do the job. We’ve done the hard work for you by curating partnerships with the best local cleaning companies in Oregon and Washington. This means you can rest assured that you’ll get the professional service you deserve.

Since we are fully licensed and bonded, we can provide the security our clients want as well as the customer support they need. Again, we only work with the best cleaning companies in the Pacific Northwest, so when you call NW Maids, you get worry-free, hassle-free service from companies both large and small.  

  • Type and Frequency of Service

Again, our flat-rate pricing is specifically designed to save our customers time, money, and stress. You simply select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home and then pick the type of service you prefer. You then choose any add-ons you’d like as well as the frequency at which you’d like the service to be provided. Our automated booking system then automatically calculates the cost. No price gouging! No hidden fees. 

  • We Start with a Great Standard Cleaning Package

Whenever you book an NW Maids affiliate, you get a basic package of services designed to keep your home spic, span, and safe. This includes dusting, floor cleaning, garbage removal, and polishing in your bathrooms, bedrooms, and living spaces. We also polish all countertops in your kitchen while emptying the sink of dishes and glassware. This service ensures that you come home to a beautiful, sparkling space, but without having to search for any of your stuff!


Afterward, You Can Customize Your Service with Add-ons

At NW Maids, we believe you should only pay for the services you want. If you do need something special, simply select it from our booking page, and we’ll automatically factor it into the price. Examples include:

  • Deep Cleaning ($65) –With our deep cleaning service, we get under, behind, and on top of every surface we can find, eliminating trapped dust and germs wherever they might be hiding. 
  • Fridge Cleaning ($25) – We get inside your fridge to clean up every stain and spill, then put everything back where it was. 
  • Oven Cleaning ($25) – Even self-cleaning ovens need a good deep cleaning now and then. We’ll use top-quality products to ensure your oven remains grease (and smoke) free. 
  • Interior Windows ($65) – We can do a top to bottom clean on every interior window in your house for a small additional fee.  
  • Cabinet Cleaning ($25) – Just remove all of your items ahead of our visit, and our NW Maids will make your cabinets look brand new by the time you get home. 
  • Basement Cleaning ($80) – Basements are where dust and mildew love to build up, but our teams can eliminate those issues before they become problems while giving your floors, walls, and windows a nice once-over as well. 
  • Laundry Services ($25) – We’re more than happy to wash and dry one load of clothes, towels, or linens so that they’re waiting for you when you get home.  
  • Move In/Out Cleaning ($175) – Skip that heavy-duty move-in / move-out deep clean and let us do the heavy lifting for you. You’re home with be ready for you or the new owners in no time. 


Save by Becoming a Repeat Customer

There’s nothing more valuable to a business than a customer who comes back, which is why we here at NW Maids offer great incentives for frequent service. For instance: 

  • Once Per Month (10% Off)– If you commit to getting your home cleaned once a month, we can provide you with a 10% discount on the entire service. 
  • 2x Per Month (15% Off) – Not only does twice-per-month service prevent the build-up of mildew, dust, and bacteria, but it will save you a whopping 15% per service. 
  • Weekly Cleaning (20% Off) – Get a huge frequent flyer discount by opting for weekly cleanings. There’s no better way to protect your investment.


Professional Home Cleaning

So, how much does a maid cost in Seattle? It depends – and that’s a good thing. If a company tries to tell you how much a service will cost before they find out what you want cleaning, how big your home is, and what special services you want, you’re likely paying far too much, or getting very questionable service and security. You want a cleaning company that caters to your specific needs so that you don’t end up paying more or getting less than you want!

At NW Maids, we’ve made it our mission to provide affordable, reliable home cleaning to the Pacific Northwest. As a top-quality maid service referral company, we  only partner with the very best cleaners throughout Washington, Oregon, and beyond. Our ultimate goal? To let you know how professional cleaning can not only change your home, but your life as well. 

If you’re ready to make the professional cleaning commitment, call the team that knows how to get you what you want at a price you can afford. That’s NW Maids. 


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What Does it Cost to Have A House Professionally Cleaned?

Whether it’s Spring Cleaning time or the dead of winter, there are loads of benefits to keeping your home, yard, and exterior spaces like garages clean and free of clutter. Not only do you discourage the build-up of dirt, bacteria, mold, and dust, which can affect your physical health, but you promote creativity and relaxation, which improves your mental health. 

But who has time to keep up with all that cleaning themselves? 

That’s where NW Maids comes in. As a maid service referral company servicing the states of the Pacific Northwest, we make it our business to keep the very best cleaning companies in business. Moreover, we’re going to tell you why you should consider having your house (or parts of your house) professionally cleaned, while detailing exactly how much you can expect that to cost. 


First Things First: Affordability is Built into the Service

When contacted by a new client or someone who’s never had anyone else clean their home before, the first question is inevitably, “How much does it cost to have a house professionally cleaned?” While there are tons of factors that might affect the actual number associated with each service, the good news is that most home cleaning companies make affordability a big part of their business model. 

Think about it: there are only so many mansions in a city, right? While those affluent patrons might pay top dollar for whole-house cleaning, that isn’t enough to sustain an entire, competitive market of house cleaners. And to clean the homes of people with average incomes, you can’t charge an arm and a leg. 

Indeed, the typical rate for cleaning a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house is around $165. For that, you get a completely spotless kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. in about one and a half to two hours! Of course, not everyone’s house fits that bill, that’s why NW Maids allows you to customize your booking by selecting the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and any specific add-ons you want.  

Remember, we want your business. So, we do our best to make our services as affordable as possible. 


Want to Save on Cleaning? Become a Repeat Customer!

There’s nothing more valuable to a business than a customer who comes back. That’s why we’ve come up with a variety of discounts related to how often you repeat our services. These discounts can be real life-savers for customers who are particularly busy or who may have higher-than average cleaning needs due to kids, pets, clutter, etc. 

10% Off Cleanings – If you commit to getting your home cleaned once a month or once every three weeks, we can provide you with a 10% discount on the entire service. This is a “fire and forget” way to ensure your home gets the constant attention it deserves without you having to lift a finger. Trust us: you’ll love coming home to find every inch of your place spotless. 

15% Off Cleanings – Twice a month cleanings will not only ensure there is no build-up of allergy-causing mold or disease-ridden bacteria, but will save you a whopping 15% on your overall cleaning bill. If you like to keep a particularly clean home but simply don’t have the time, this is the best option for you (and your budget). 

20% Off Cleanings – You can save a full 20% off of our cleaning services if you opt for weekly cleanings. This is about as close as most people get to having a live-in maid. Over time, you’ll become so used to having a virtually spotless home that you’ll all but forget what it was like before. 


Get Extra Value with Add-Ons

Every homeowner has chores that they absolutely hate. Alternatively, many households simply require more attention to detail than others. Either way, a great way to maximize your value when getting your home professionally cleaned is to sign up for add-on services. 

Deep Cleaning ($65) – If you want our maids to really get into the nooks and crannies (the places that haven’t seen a mop in years), we can do it for a small additional fee. With our deep cleaning service, we get under, behind, and on top of everything we can, and make sure to leave it spic and span. 

Fridge Cleaning ($25) – Clearing out and clearing the fridge has to rank near the top of least favorite homeowner activities. However, we can clean up every stain, spill, and bit of not-so-fresh food residue for the cost of a light lunch in downtown Portland. Of course, we’ll put everything back as it was. 

Oven Cleaning ($25) – Ignoring your oven is a surefire way to end up with a smoky problem on your hands. Unfortunately, even self-cleaning ovens don’t quite do the job they should when it comes to clearing out oils, fats, and char. We’ll get in there with heavy-duty oven cleaning products and leave the stove sparkling for a small one-time fee.  

Interior Windows ($65) – If you want to see the world a bit more clearly after your service, you can add on our interior window cleaning for a small additional fee. We’ll not only polish those windows, but leave them so clean as to look brand new. 

Cabinet Cleaning ($25) – Cabinets are so often ignored when it comes to cleaning, but our maids don’t mind getting in there and really dusting them out. Simply remove all of your items beforehand, and we’ll get your cabinets looking good as new for when you get home. 

Basement Cleaning ($80) – Moist, dark basements are the primary places where mold, mildew, and bacteria can take root. These can not only lead to upper respiratory issues that affect your entire family, but can cost a fortune in mold remediation if left unchecked. The answer is our basement cleaning add-on. Our team will scour every part of your lowest floor, ensuring even the darkest corners are cleaned, sanitized, and safe. 

Laundry Services ($25) – Homeowners know that there is rarely enough time to do everything, and laundry is all too often one of the chores that falls by the wayside. Well, since our team will be spending a few hours in your home anyway, why not have us handle a load for you? We can wash and dry your clothes, towels, or linens for a tiny fee, leaving them hot and fresh for when you get home. 

Move In/Out Cleaning ($175) – No cleaning task is more dreaded than the move-in and move-out deep clean. No worries, our team is up to the challenge and highly experienced in how to make your new (or old) home look perfectly presentable. It might cost a bit more than our other add-ons, but it’s one that you’ll only need once every few years at most.


Customize Your Service to Your Needs

Like other professional cleaning companies, NW Maids tries to keep the scheduling, payment, and even the cleaning process itself as hands-off as possible. With our comprehensive online system, you need only click, pay, and go about your day. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t offer custom-tailored services to any client, anywhere, any time. 

Say, for instance, you only need one room cleaned. Perhaps you’re only looking to declutter and deep clean your attic or garage? Maybe you own a rental property and just need to keep it looking nice while you show it to prospective tenants? Whatever it is you need, we have you covered. 

Simply reach out to one of our team members, and we will provide you with a free consultation and quote that suits your unique cleaning needs, budget, and schedule. The same goes for one-off services like vacuuming or window detailing. Simply call us with what you need, and we’ll give you an instant, fair quote for the job.


The Pros of Using a Pro

One of the first things our new customers tell us is that they never thought they’d use a cleaning company. But once they try it, they absolutely love it. Why? Because they suddenly discover just how much time they have on nights and weekends – time they used to spend cleaning on their own. After all, your time is valuable, and in a world where both parents often work, who wants to sacrifice their weekends toiling away? 

So, yes, hiring a professional cleaner costs money. However, it saves you time, which is often far more valuable! 

There are other benefits of using a professional cleaning service too. For instance: 

  • Employee Vetting – All of the maids and cleaners we partner with are subject to background and identity checks. This protects your family and your property and ensures you get polite, prompt, and accurate service. 
  • Payments are a Snap – Our customer portal makes it easier than ever to choose, schedule, and pay for our services. Plus, you never have to worry about having cash on hand. 
  • Total Protection – We (and all of our partners) are licensed, bonded, and fully insured. In the event an accident does happen, you can rest assured it will be taken care of. You can’t get that from your neighborhood cleaning lady. 
  • Seamless Service – Professional cleaners operate in the background. Whether you’re home or not, they make it their business to complete their assignment as promptly, efficiently, and quietly as possible. In many cases, you can schedule your appointments so you and your family simply come home to a perfectly clean house. 


Professional Home Cleaning: Worth Every Penny

At NW Maids, we’ve made providing affordable, reliable home cleaning to the Pacific Northwest our mission. As a maid service referral company, we work with only the best cleaners throughout Washington, Oregon, and beyond. Our ultimate goal is to let you know how professional cleaning can not only change your home, but your life as well. 

Imagine the time you spend cleaning your home each week. Now imagine what else you could do with that time? Could you spend it with your family, your friends, or your pets? In the end, time is valuable, and our service allows you to maintain the beauty and wealth of your home without sacrificing the things in life that matter most. 

If you’re ready to make the professional cleaning commitment, call the team that knows how to get you what you want at a price you can afford. That’s NW Maids.


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How Much Does It Cost to Have Your Whole House Cleaned?

How clean is your house? Room to room, which is the cleanest? Where is all the dirt? Houses get dirty over time no matter where you live. Dust accumulates, carpet compacts, scuffs and skids appear on tiles, little marks can stain walls, tiny spills cause stains, hidden food causes smells; there’s no limit to what can make a house dirty, but there is a limit to how long you can spend cleaning it.

Cleaning a house is part of keeping a house. Many people didn’t realize just how much dirt can accumulated passively and naturally until they were forced to stay home during quarantine. That was a wake up call for many, and a lot of people may be realizing that they, alone, don’t have the power to keep everything clean and orderly. And they may have tried only to be faced with the reality of how complicated a clean house is to maintain.

Thankfully, with restrictions receding for now, there are opportunities for many to turn to professional services once again. Cleaning takes a range of skills, physical prowess and attention to detail that is mastered naturally over a long time. If it was easy to keep a house clean then professional cleaners wouldn’t exist. But they do, and they’re here to help.


Professional vs Amateur Cleaning

It’s easy, right? Just wet a paper towel and wipe it on stuff until it’s the right color. That’s what most people consider cleaning to be, a simple chore that’s tedious at best and useless at worst because not all stains can come out with hard work and a bit of moisture. Once a regular person is faced with a real problem, with a ground in stain or dirt-stained carpet, they may try to solve it using whatever methods come to mind. Vacuuming over a spot over and over that remains dirty just means the spot was meant to be dirty. If it can’t scrub out then it settles. 


Cleaning is a chore, but a useful one to do. The cleaner a home is, the less distractions there are. You wouldn’t be at that stain on the carpet if it didn’t bother you. A clean house provides a calm state of mind throughout the day. A distraction-less space in general does that, which is where organization can also be useful. So can a regular homeowner do all of that? Yes. And it will take all day. The main exchange someone goes through when it comes to cleaning is time. 


Having cleaning supplies at home is useful, if you know which ones to use and where. Dish soap is not the same as carpet cleaner, or wall cleaner, or upholstery cleaner. Not all soaps do the same thing. There’s a reason other cleaning materials exist, it’s because they work in a way the generic or undefined stuff doesn’t. Learning the difference is time out of a busy person’s day and eventually the costs saved by having a full complement of cleaners for every occasion will not pay off in continuous use. 


Professionals have everything they need and know what it all does. With modern day scheduling, you can even explain the exact nature of the cleaning required and the cleaners will prepare the necessary materials without bringing extra baggage or spending extra time. Hiring a professional cleaner saves time and creates a calming, distraction-free home. And they can do that every week, two weeks, every few days or once in a long while. It’ll all get dirty again later, which is why it’s so important to keep up to the task.


Another group to consider are independent contractors, or gig economy cleaners who are self-employed, self-funded and self-motivated. If someone has made their own business as a cleaner you can know two things about them up front: they enjoy what they’re doing enough to commit to it as a job and they will be willing to work with you. Professional services and company cleaners have more than just their job to consider when working. There are insurance forms, conditions, rules and regulations. Independent contractors have to take care of everything themselves including safety. They will certainly be cheaper, usually around $20 to $40 an hour. Even if they’re great, they’re independent. The pros will charge $30 to $60 an hour, but they have experience to back them up.

house cleaning service

The Cost Factors

Every home is a little bit different. Even prefabricated homes will have different layouts for furniture and more importantly different levels of dirt. If a homeowner looks at the whole of their house and tries to consider how much it would cost for them to do it they’ll get a mix of answers. The real answer can be found in a few simple ways. 


First, there’s size. This one is pretty basic. The number of rooms and square footage of each should be available somehow. Even if a homeowner doesn’t have the schematics, room sizes can be broken down into more vague estimates based on the type of room they are. A living room is usually bigger than a bedroom for example. The estimate based on square footage comes to about $150 for every 1,000 square feet. 


Second is the condition. A house that needs cleaning after months of neglect will take a lot more power and commitment, maybe even multiple days, to clean than a house that is currently occupied, has minimal occupants and is routinely spot-cleaned for major messes only. Incredibly messy or dirty homes will take more product to go through which will be considered in the cost, as well as specialty services that may have flat rates attached. Expect to see steady climb in prices when getting a quote for an old, dirty home.


Third is the background. This is related to who currently uses the house and the condition they leave it in. Kids and pets are messy, and having them in a home is wonderful and joyful until they have an accident and stain the carpet. There are also potential allergen concerns with pet dander as well as a need for special cleaning products that won’t provoke a negative reaction in them. This is usually a flat increase based on guidelines.


Fourth is the type of cleaning requested. These can vary based on the above factors. There can be a generally clean home that just needs a routine touchup with many kids and dogs and visitors, and there can be a thoroughly messy studio owned by someone who needs serious help. Either way, the deeper the clean the higher the average. Going from a standard clean to a deep, hard-stain-removal clean can jump the price up by $50 or more. 


Additionally there are different occupational cleaning services that assist with move-in and move-out services for apartments or real estate sales. When an apartment or lot goes on the market it needs to be made as good as new, like the previous occupant was never even there. Every trace of them from the ceiling to the carpets has to be wiped away or the new owner will start noticing the problems that they’ll have to pay for. To avoid that, estate cleaning is usually a much deeper clean, but is also easier because there’s no one to work around and no furniture to manage.


A rarer type of cleaning with a lot more work and expertise involved is Post-Construction and Post-Renovation cleaning. These involve cleaning up all the debris and dust that gets created during construction projects, like extensions on houses or rebuilding new commercial spaces. Homeowners that take on their own home improvement projects can make use of these services, but they are far more costly and not as available. It can be between $350 and $750 for renovation cleanup.


The last cost factor is frequency. Many professional cleaners function as a sort of subscription, because everything gets dirty with time. Their services will offer discounts based on increased frequency, some even going up to 20% for customers who have their cleaners come in one a week. This is especially helpful for the very big homes and for the people that can afford them. Bigger homes means more places for dirt to gather. Customers can make a schedule that works best for them so the most amount of dirt gets cleaned in the most efficient amount of time.




Additional Services

What is the default type work a cleaning service will provide? Where is their focus when there are no specific instructions? If a maid comes in to clean a house, and there aren’t any obvious stains, will she still clean? Yes, of course they will. Vacuuming, wiping windows, wiping dust and reflective surfaces down to shine again are the basics of cleaning. But that’s not all that can happen. There’s just as many kinds of dirt as there are places inside a house. Professional cleaners will know how to tackle all of them. So if there is one specific thing that needs cleaning, check to see if they will offer that kind of service before bringing them in.


The kitchen is a special place in the home. It’s where all the food is cooked, and where all the mess is kept after the cooking is done. Professional cleaners will either do what they can on sight or will offer extra work targeting specific areas of the house. In the kitchen they can clean a bad smell out of a refrigerator, and organize it while they’re there. They can clean inside an oven to get rid of the charcoal smelling droplets of food and grease splashes along the range. They can even clean the dishes, bright as new. 


If laundry is a problem, professional cleaners can offer that service too. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a washer and dryer indoors, and they may not have time to use a laundromat. With advanced notice, professional cleaners can take a load of laundry, mixed or ordered, and bring it back within at most a day, cleaned and dried and ready to wear again. For more extreme articles like mud-caked sports jerseys or reusable diapers….yes, they will still do it, but expect the cost to be more than a few quarters. 


Cleaning doesn’t just occur along horizontal surfaces. A house is three dimensions. It’s width is flat but its height is vertical. Walls can carry unseen or hard to notice filth because we don’t usually use them to store things. But a dirty wall can be just as distracting as a stained carpet. What’s even more distracting is a dirty window. All it takes is a fingertip to turn a window from crystal clear to instantly dirty. Professional cleaners can take care of windows from the inside and outside. Even second story or higher windows – for a moderate price – can be made like new. 


All of these extras range from $15 to $50 on average but can vary from company to company. 




Time to Clean

Even if you’re working from home you know that most of your time of the day can either be spent relaxing when the job is over, or working on improving your home image bit by bit. It is a tough decision. Cleaning is not the most relaxing thing to do. It takes effort, it can be considered exercise, there’s no real beneficial way to stand or move that won’t make you sore. Cleaning is a profession, and if you’re good enough at it you may as well not do it for free. Or, if you want your time to be better spent on things you care about. 


You can see an example of how quoting works here:

Going by simple bedroom/bathroom they offer fully adjustable extras and scheduling options. Take a look and you’re likely to find at least one professional cleaning service that can reach your area. Or you can contact an independent contractor to work with you and use the professionals’ pricing to negotiate a fair rate of pay for the services you request. 


It takes Time to Clean, so Clean up your Time by bringing someone in to do the cleaning for you, while you save your time for something else.


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