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8 Things You Need to Tackle During Spring Cleaning

As the snow starts to melt and the days keep on growing longer, we start feeling the urge to refresh and rejuvenate our living spaces to leave the cold and gloomy days behind and prepare to embrace the warm season in all its rejuvenation splendor. Spring cleaning is a tradition that people lean on when calling on proven maid service in Tualatin to clear out the cobwebs of winter and prepare our homes for a fresh start, both literally and metaphorically. 

But what exactly should be included in a thorough spring clean? Here’s a comprehensive guide to the essential tasks that will help you breathe new life into your home.

What’s included in a spring clean?

Spring cleaning is more than just a chore, it’s an opportunity to create a healthier, happier living environment and give your loved ones a foundation to keep thriving. Remember, the key to effective spring cleaning is not to overwhelm yourself—don’t hesitate to enlist help from professionals who can take this important task off your shoulders. 

1. Decluttering every nook & cranny

Before you can even start think about dusting or mopping, it’s crucial to declutter. Go through each room and decide what to keep, donate, or throw away. Tackling clutter can significantly impact your home’s feel, making it more spacious and serene.

2. Deep cleaning carpets & rugs

Carpets and rugs collect months’ worth of dirt, dust, and allergens over the winter. Spring is the perfect time to give them a deep clean, preferably by hiring professionals with specialist tools. This will not only improve the air quality in your home but also extend the life of your carpets.

3. Washing windows inside & out

Sparkling windows can transform rooms, making them brighter and more inviting. Wash your windows inside and out to take full advantage of the longer daylight hours. Don’t forget to tackle the window sills and tracks as well.

4. Dusting light fixtures & ceiling fans

Light fixtures and ceiling fans are often overlooked during regular cleaning routines but can accumulate a surprising amount of dust. Cleaning these fixtures not only improves their function and efficiency but also reduces dust circulating in your home.

5. Refreshing the bedding

Take this opportunity to launder not just your sheets and pillowcases but also mattress covers, duvets, and even the mattress itself. Consider flipping or rotating your mattress to ensure even wear and extend its life.

6. Organizing closets

Switch out your winter wardrobe for your spring and summer clothes, taking care to donate items you no longer wear. This is also an excellent time to organize your closets, making daily routines smoother.

7. Thorough scrub of the kitchen & bathroom(s)

Kitchens and bathrooms require special attention due to their frequent use and the grime they accumulate. In the kitchen, clean appliances inside and out, declutter pantries, and organize cabinets. In the bathroom, focus on grout, showerheads, and fixtures to remove any buildup.

8. Ventilation & air quality checks

Replace furnace and air conditioning filters to improve your home’s air quality. Consider having your air ducts cleaned if it’s been a while, as this can significantly reduce dust and improve efficiency.

What's included in a spring clean

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