Comprehensive Guide on How to Remove Mud Stains from Wall

Comprehensive Guide on How to Remove Mud Stains from Wall

Mud can be quite a nuisance when it comes to keeping our homes clean. It seems to find its way onto our walls whether it’s brought in by kids, pets, or tracked in from outside.

Don’t worry!

With the tools and techniques, you can quickly get rid of those mud stains and maintain fresh and clean-looking walls. In this guide, we’ll take you through the step-by-step process of cleaning mud off your walls so they remain a source of pride in your home.

How to Clean Mud Off Walls

Evaluate the Situation

Not all mud stains are the same. It’s crucial to assess both the severity of the stain and the type of wall surface you’re dealing with before beginning the cleaning process. Here are some factors to consider:

Wall Type: Different wall surfaces, like painted drywall, wallpaper, or textured walls, may require cleaning methods.

Fresh vs. Dried Mud: Fresh mud is easier to clean compared to dried mud, which may require effort.

Stain Severity: The severity of the stain determines the cleaning approach. Light mud smudges can often be wiped off easily, while heavy mud caking may necessitate cleaning methods.

How to Clean Mud Off Walls

Step-by-Step Guide on Removing Mud From Your Walls

Here is a step-by-step process for removing mud from your walls:

Get Your Cleaning Supplies Ready

Before you jump into the mud cleaning task, it’s essential to gather all the tools and supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A soft bristle brush
  • Microfiber cloth or sponge
  • Bucket
  • Mild detergent
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Rubbing alcohol

Step 1: Remove Excess Mud

Start by using a bristled brush to gently remove any loose or dried mud from the wall’s surface. Be careful not to scrub, as it could cause damage to the paint or wallpaper.

Step 2: Prepare a Cleaning Solution

In a bucket, mix water with a drop of mild detergent. If you prefer an eco option, you can substitute the detergent with a mixture of parts white vinegar and warm water.

Step 3: Test in an Unseen Area

Before applying the cleaning solution to the area, test it on an inconspicuous wall section first. This will ensure it doesn’t harm or affect the finish or paint.

Step 4: Gently Clean the Stain

Soak your cloth or sponge into the cleaning solution. Squeeze out any excess liquid. Next, gently wipe away the mud stain. Avoid scrubbing, as it may cause damage to the surface of your wall.

Step 5: Rinse with Fresh Water

Once the stain has been removed, rinse the cleaned spot with water. You can use a cloth or sponge to eliminate any remaining traces of detergent or vinegar.

Step 6: Dry the Wall

Take a cloth or towel and pat down the cleaned area until completely dry. This step helps prevent any watermarks from appearing on your walls.

Step 7: Dealing with Stubborn Stains

If the mud stain persists, you can create a cleaning solution of rubbing alcohol and warm water in parts (1:1 ratio). Use a cloth to apply this mixture to the stain. Gently rub until the stain disappears. Dry the area, as mentioned earlier.

Step 8: Final Check

Inspect the cleaned area thoroughly to ensure no traces of mud or cleaning solution are left behind. If necessary, repeat the cleaning process until all signs of staining have vanished.

How to Clean Mud Off Walls

Preventing Future Mud Incidents

Now that you have successfully cleaned off the mud from your walls, it’s essential to consider ways to prevent occurrences. Here are some tips that can help keep your walls free from mud:

Designate an Entryway: Create an entrance or designate an area near your door as a dedicated space for removing shoes and dealing with muddy items. Make sure you have a boot tray or rug available where family members can take off their shoes and keep coats.

Use doormats: Put doormats outside and inside your entrances to trap dirt and mud before it reaches your walls.

Regular cleaning: Include wall cleaning as part of your household chores to quickly address any smudges or stains caused by mud.

Teach children and pets: Educate your kids and furry friends about the importance of wiping their feet or paws before entering the house.

Consider NW Maids

Cleaning mud off walls might seem like a job. It’s definitely doable with the right tools and techniques. If you don’t feel up to it, consider contacting NW Maids, a reliable house cleaning service. Our skilled team can handle mud stains as well as other cleaning tasks, leaving your home spotless and revitalized.


Remember that mud stains on walls don’t have to be eyesores. By following the steps outlined in this guide and taking measures, you can ensure that your walls always look clean and flawless. Prioritize cleaning methods, test any solutions in an area before tackling more significant stains, and enjoy a beautiful home!

With some patience and the proper equipment, you’ll be able to achieve walls of mud that you can proudly display to your visitors.


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How to Easily Clean a Burnt Pot

How to Easily Clean a Burnt Pot

We’ve all experienced it—the situation of a burnt pot. Whether you got caught up in a phone call, lost track of time, or simply had a mishap, dealing with a burnt pot can be quite the kitchen nightmare.

Don’t worry!

Rescuing your cookware is not a mission. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to effectively clean a burnt pot and restore it to its glory.

How to Clean a Burnt Pot

Understanding Why Pots Burn: The Science Behind Burnt Pots

Before we delve into the cleaning process, let’s first understand why pots end up burning in the place. When you heat up a pot on your stovetop, the heat gets transferred to the contents inside.

If those contents are left unattended or stuck to the bottom of the pot, their temperature can rise significantly, leading them to burn. This leaves behind a layer of burnt residue that appears impossible to remove.

How to Clean a Burnt Pot

Step-by-Step Guide to Clean a Burnt Pot

Having scorched pots doesn’t have to be a disaster. Here’s how to clean a burnt pan naturally:

Gather all the Tools You Need

Here are the tools that you’ll need:

  • Gloves
  • Baking Soda
  • Dish Soap
  • Boiling Water
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Vinegar
  • Non-abrasive Sponge or Cloth

Step 1: Let it Cool Down.

The first and most important step in rescuing a burnt pot is to let it cool down completely. Cleaning a burnt pot can be risky. It may cause burns or further damage.

Step 2: Remove Residue.

Once the pot has cooled, carefully use a spoon or spatula to scrape off any loose burnt food. Avoid using anything that could harm the surface of the pot.

Step 3: Apply Baking Soda.

Sprinkle an amount of baking soda over the burnt areas of the pot. Baking soda, being an alkaline substance, works wonders in breaking down burnt-on residue. Let it sit for a few minutes to start breaking down the burnt food.

Step 4: Pour Boiling Water.

Gently pour boiling water into the pot, ensuring that all the baking soda and burnt areas are covered. The hot water will help loosen the remaining residue. Allow the pot to sit with the boiling water for 30 minutes to an hour.

Step 5: Be Gentle with Scrubbing.

Once you’ve allowed the pot to soak, put on some gloves and use a sponge or cloth to scrub away the burnt-on residue. The combination of water and baking soda should make removing it reasonably easy. If there are any spots, try using a spoon or spatula to help loosen them.

Step 6: Rinse and Repeat if Needed.

After you’ve done your best to remove the burnt residue, thoroughly rinse the pot with warm water. Take a look at its condition; if there are still traces of burnt food, simply repeat the process until it’s spotless.

Step 7: Tackle Stubborn Stains with Vinegar.

For those to remove burnt-on stains, vinegar can be your weapon. Soak a cloth or sponge in vinegar and use it to scrub the areas. The acidity of vinegar is excellent for dissolving and lifting away stains.

Step 8: Give It a Final Wash with Dish Soap.

Once you’re satisfied with the results, give the pot a wash using dish soap and warm water. This will ensure that any remaining traces of baking soda or vinegar are removed, leaving your pot smelling fresh and clean.

How to Clean a Burnt Pot

Tips for Avoiding Burnt Pots

Now that you’ve successfully rescued your pot, learning how to prevent this culinary disaster from happening again is essential. Follow these suggestions to keep your pots in good condition:

Adjust the Heat: Ensure you adjust the heat on your stovetop based on the requirements of your recipe. However, high heat isn’t always necessary as it can result in burnt food.

Stir Regularly: When cooking, particularly when simmering or sautéing, it’s essential to stir your food to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pot.

Invest in Quality Cookware: Opt for high-quality pots and pans that have non-stick surfaces as they are less likely to have food sticks and burn.

Utilize Cooking Sprays: A light spray of cooking oil can be helpful in preventing food from sticking to the pot.

Stay Focused: Remain attentive while cooking, avoid distractions, and consider setting timers if needed as reminders to check on your food.

Presoak Burnt On Food: If you accidentally burn food, promptly fill the pot with water and let it soak. This will make cleaning easier.

Consider NW Maids for All Your House Cleaning Needs

If you’re finding that your cleaning responsibilities are getting overwhelming or you simply don’t have the time to keep your home spotless, consider reaching out to NW Maids. Our team of professional cleaners can handle all the cleaning that you need, ensuring you can enjoy a pristine living space without any stress.


Dealing with a burnt pot might seem like a challenge. However, with the right tools and techniques, it’s completely manageable. Just remember to be patient, take your time, and don’t give up – you’ll be able to rescue your pot and restore it to its glory. Following these prevention tips will help reduce the chances of any culinary mishaps. Happy cooking, and may your pots always shine!


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Tips for Supporting Each Other in Sharing Household Chores

Tips for Supporting Each Other in Sharing Household Chores

In today’s fast-paced world, keeping an organized home can feel overwhelming. Many households have tasks and responsibilities that require attention.

However, by adopting the approach and being willing to support one another, tackling chores can become more manageable and harmonious. In this article, we will share ways to help each other share household responsibilities.

How Do You Support Each Other in Performing Different Chores

Recognizing Individual Strengths and Preferences

A key aspect of chore management is understanding each person’s strengths and preferences. Each member of the household brings their helping skills and preferences to the table. By acknowledging and utilizing these differences, you can establish an efficient division of chores.

For instance, if one person enjoys cooking while another prefers cleaning, it makes sense to assign these different tasks. This way, everyone gets to do what they enjoy, carrying out chores enthusiastically and carefully.

How Do You Support Each Other in Performing Different Chores

Teamwork Makes Tasks Easier

Doing chores together can transform tasks into opportunities for quality time and bonding. Teamwork will not only reduce the workload but also strengthen the sense of unity within the household. Here are some ideas for collaboration:

Buddy System: Assign chores in pairs or teams. For example, one person can wash dishes while another dries and puts them away. This approach encourages cooperation and makes chores less solitary.

Saving Time: To maximize efficiency, consider combining chores. For instance, while one person prepares dinner, another can tidy up the dining area. This way, everyone can relish a cooked meal in an organized space.

Showing Support and Appreciation: When you notice someone struggling with a chore, offer assistance and express gratitude for their efforts. A simple “thank you” can be incredibly motivating for everyone to contribute.

Transforming Chores into Friendly Competitions: Make chores more enjoyable by turning them into competitions. Challenge each other to clean areas faster or more thoroughly. The winner could enjoy a reward and even take a break from chores next time.

How Do You Support Each Other in Performing Different Chores

Engaging Kids with Entertaining Chores

Make household chores kids-friendly by incorporating these ideas

Treasure Hunt Cleaning: Turn tidying up into a treasure hunt by creating a map leading to treasures.

Dance Party Cleanup: Transform chores into a dance party by playing lively music.

Artistic Dishwashing: Add a twist to washing dishes by decorating dishwashing gloves with artwork.

Laundry Basketball: Make sorting fun by turning it into a basketball game.

Garden Helpers: Get kids involved in gardening activities to teach them responsibility and foster their connection with nature.

How Do You Support Each Other in Performing Different Chores

Encouraging Mutual Empowerment

By trusting your housemates or family members to handle their chores, you reduce the need for micromanagement and foster a sense of responsibility. Acknowledge each other’s efforts and celebrate achievements, no matter how small they may appear.

Encourage each person to take ownership of their assigned tasks. This will not only lighten your load but also boost their confidence and self-esteem. It’s essential to keep in mind that the ultimate aim is to establish a living environment where everyone feels valued and capable.

Being Flexible with Chore Assignments

Life can be unpredictable. There will inevitably be occasions when someone is unable to complete their assigned chores due to circumstances. In situations, it’s crucial to demonstrate flexibility and be willing to step in for one another.

Having a plan or a list of chores that can quickly be reassigned can make a significant difference. It helps prevent the stress and frustration arising when chores are unfinished or undone.

Open and Honest Communication

Communication plays a role in any partnership, including chore distribution within a household. Open and honest discussions about chores are crucial to ensure operation at home. Gather around with your family or housemates and communicate about your expectations and limitations.

Share your thoughts, actively listen to others, and try not to assume who should be responsible for what tasks. By discussing chores, you can determine which tasks each person is comfortable with and establish a shared understanding of responsibilities.

Creating a Chore Schedule

A chore schedule is a tool for keeping your household organized. It provides clarity on who’s in charge of which tasks. The schedule for completing chores can be daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on their type.

When creating the schedule, take into account everyone’s availability and commitments. Be flexible and willing to make adjustments as needed. Regularly reviewing and updating the chore schedule ensures everyone remains on the page.

Seeking Professional Assistance When Necessary

While household chores are part of life, there may be instances when the workload becomes overwhelming due to schedules, special occasions, or other commitments. During these times, it can be beneficial to seek help from cleaning services.

To make it easier to stay on top of your cleaning responsibilities, consider reaching out to NW Maids. We are here to assist you in maintaining a cozy home, allowing you to have quality time with your loved ones. Feel free to contact us today for a consultation, and let us handle the burden of cleaning for you.


When it comes to managing household chores, it can be helpful to acknowledge each person’s strengths and plan a schedule that works for everyone. By supporting one another and working as a team, tasks around the house can become more manageable and even enjoyable.

Remember, the key is fostering unity and empowerment within the household so everyone feels appreciated and capable in their roles.


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Upgrade Your Cleaning Routine with the Top Electric Mops

Upgrade Your Cleaning Routine with the Top Electric Mops

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is vital. Electric mops have revolutionized the cleaning appliance industry when it comes to maintaining a home. These advanced devices are designed to simplify your life by delivering cleaning results with exertion.

In this article, we will explore the world of mops and help you discover the best mops available to elevate your cleaning routine.

The Best Electric Mops

The Surge in Popularity of Electric Mops

Electric mops have experienced a surge in popularity in times owing to their efficiency and user-friendly features. Traditional mopping methods can be arduous and time-consuming, but electric mops have transformed the game by automating the process and guaranteeing clean floors. Let’s take a look at the advantages of incorporating the best mop cleaner into your cleaning arsenal:

Effortless Cleaning

One of the benefits of mops lies in their ability to tackle filthy floors effortlessly. Unlike mops that demand physical effort for scrubbing away grime and stains, electric mops do all the heavy lifting for you.

These devices employ motorized brushes and frequency vibrations to dislodge dirt and stains, effectively leaving your floors spotless with exertion on your part.

Save Time with Electric Mops

We all know that time is precious, and electric mops are well aware of that, too. These efficient cleaning tools can cover an area in time compared to traditional mopping. So you can enjoy more of the things you love and spend time on cleaning tasks.

Versatile Cleaning Solutions

One of the advantages of electric mops is their versatility. They work wonders on surfaces such as hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl floors. Some models even come with mop heads designed for flooring types, ensuring a thorough cleaning solution for your entire home.

Maintain Hygiene While Cleaning

Keeping your living space clean and hygienic is crucial for your family’s health. Electric mops often feature built-in water tanks and steam cleaning capabilities that effectively eliminate bacteria and germs upon contact. This will not only leave your floors sparkling clean but also create a healthier environment to live in.

The Best Electric Mops

Choosing the Perfect Top Electric Mop for You

Now that you’re aware of the benefits electric mops offer, let’s dive into some of the best electric mop options on the market to help you make a decision:

Bissell SpinWave

Homeowners seeking a mop often choose the Bissell SpinWave model, which has gained quite popularity. With its two counterrotating mop pads or cleaning heads, this model effortlessly tackles dirt and grime without any hassle. It’s perfect for all types of floors, and it even has a special mode for gentle surfaces.

Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System

Its features have made the Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System a popular choice. It comes with touch technology, allowing you to easily attach and detach cleaning pads without any mess. With a steam pocket that has three steam levels and a large water tank, it’s a good choice if you want to have a clean floor.

iRobot Braava Jet M6

If you’re seeking a hands cleaning experience, look no further than the iRobot Braava Jet M6. This robot mop can be controlled through a smartphone app, enabling you to schedule cleanings and customize the cleaning modes according to your preferences. It’s particularly suitable for individuals who desire a clean floor.

Tineco iFloor

Offering convenience, the Tineco iFloor is a mop without cords that makes your life easier. With individual tanks for clean and dirty water, this product is specifically made for surface cleaning, ensuring the use of fresh water when cleaning.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T5

The Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T5 is a choice if you’re searching for versatility in your cleaning routine, as it combines both vacuuming and mopping capabilities. This versatile device can mop your floors, making it an excellent option for homes with pets or areas that experience heavy foot traffic.


Now that you know about some of the mops available, it’s time to dive in and revolutionize your cleaning routine. Bid farewell to mopping and say hello to gleaming floors effortlessly. Investing in the right mop will not you save time and effort, but you’ll also create a healthier and more comfortable living environment for your family.

Consider NW Maids

If you’ve made the decision to upgrade your cleaning routine with a mop but still need help with household chores, consider NW Maids. Leave your house cleaning to us; we make it spotless professionally. Our skilled team is committed to making your life easier and ensuring a home.

So, if you need a house cleaning service, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. Together, we’ll ensure your home becomes a haven of cleanliness and comfort.


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Your Ultimate Guide to Garage Decluttering

Your Ultimate Guide to Garage Decluttering

Are you frustrated and overwhelmed every time you step into your garage? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many homeowners face this challenge, and the good news is that you can transform your chaotic space into a functional and orderly haven with effort and organization.

In this guide, we will take you through the steps to declutter your garage and help you regain control of your space.

How to Declutter a Garage

Understanding the Importance of Decluttering Your Garage

Before we dive into the process of decluttering, it’s essential to understand why having a clutter-free garage matters. A tidy garage offers many benefits:

Space: By decluttering, you’ll have more room for your vehicles, tools, and other essentials.

Improved Safety: Eliminating clutter reduces the risk of accidents and injuries caused by tripping over items or navigating through a space.

Enhanced Functionality: An organized garage allows access to your needs, making your daily tasks more efficient.

Increased Property Value: If you ever make a decision to sell your home, having an organized garage can add value to your property.

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits let’s delve into the step-by-step procedure for tidying up your garage.

Establish Clear Objectives and Priorities

Before you embark on decluttering, setting objectives and priorities is crucial. Determine what you want to achieve with your garage space. Are you aiming to create a workshop, park your car inside, or simply enhance organization? Identifying your goals will help you maintain focus throughout the process.

Gather Your Tools

To declutter, gather the tools:

Trash Bags: For items you’ll be discarding.
Storage Containers: For organizing and storing items.
Labels and Markers: For identifying contents in containers.
Cleaning Supplies: Like as brooms, mops, and cleaning solutions.

Having these tools readily available will streamline the decluttering process.

How to Declutter a Garage

Steps to Declutter Your Garage Space

Here are steps on how to declutter your garage effectively:

Sort and Categorize

Start by taking everything out of your garage. This may feel overwhelming, but it is an efficient way to declutter. As you remove items, categorize them into three groups:

Keep: Items that are regularly used or hold value.

Donate/Sell: Items in condition that you no longer need but could benefit others.

Dispose: Items that are broken, damaged, or beyond repair.

Be ruthless during this step. If you haven’t used an item in years and don’t anticipate needing it in the future, it’s time to let go.

Organize by Sections

To maintain a garage, divide it into zones based on functions like gardening, sports equipment, tools, and seasonal items. This approach will help you effectively prioritize and organize each area.

Invest in Storage Solutions

Invest in storage solutions that can accommodate your specific needs for term clutter maintenance. Consider wall-mounted shelves, pegboards, or overhead storage systems to maximize space. It’s also helpful to label containers and storage bins for identification.

How to Declutter a Garage

Keep it Clean and Well-maintained

Once you have decluttered and organized your garage, make sure to clean and maintain it. Sweep the floor, wipe down surfaces, and be vigilant about preventing clutter from creeping. A maintained garage is much easier to keep organized.

Professional Assistance

If keeping your garage decluttered feels overwhelming, think about seeking professional assistance.

Consider hiring an organizer or cleaning service, like NW Maids. Our team of experts can do this efficiently. Keep your garage in check for a hassle-free experience, and enjoy the perks of a clean and organized space.


Though it may initially seem overwhelming, decluttering your garage is achievable with planning and determination to reclaim your space. Start by setting goals, categorizing your belongings, and investing in storage solutions.

By doing you can transform your garage into an organized and functional area. Remember that regular cleaning and organization are vital to maintaining a cluttered environment in your garage. Say goodbye to the mess, and welcome to a practical and valuable home!


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Unlocking the Secrets to a Nice Scented Home

Unlocking the Secrets to a Nice Scented Home

Imagine walking into a friend’s home and being instantly greeted by a delightful, inviting fragrance that makes you feel at ease. Ever wondered how some people manage to maintain homes that constantly smell incredible? It’s not just about lighting scented candles or using air fresheners; there are 5 hidden tricks that those with beautifully scented homes have up their sleeves.

In this article, we’ll unveil five of these secret techniques that can turn your home into a fragrant oasis. From fragrance-infused paints to homemade lavender drawer items, discover how to make your home smell as wonderful as it looks.

5 Hidden Tricks People with Nice Smelling Homes Do

1. Adding Scent to Your Room Walls

Fragrance-Infused Paints

One of the most innovative ways to maintain a pleasantly scented home is by using fragrance-infused paints. These special paints contain microcapsules filled with delightful scents gradually released into the air as time passes.

Imagine your walls not just as a canvas for your artwork but also as a source of constant fragrance. These paints are available in various scents, including lavender, citrus, and even vanilla. They keep your home smelling fresh and offer a unique and visually appealing texture to your walls.

Fragrance-infused paints are the best way to subtly freshen your living spaces with your favorite scents, creating a calming and inviting ambiance that your guests will surely notice and appreciate.

5 Hidden Tricks People with Nice Smelling Homes Do

2. Elevating Your Furniture’s Aroma

Scented Furniture Polish

Your furniture can play a vital role in how your home smells. Those with beautifully scented homes often use scented furniture polish to enhance the aroma of their living spaces.

When you use these specialized products to dust and polish your wooden furniture, the air is filled with a gentle fragrance as it shines brilliantly. Imagine having a cozy evening on your favorite sofa, and every time you sit down, a subtle aroma of fresh lemons or warm cedarwood fills your senses.

Scented furniture polish is an underrated secret that can elevate the overall fragrance profile of your home, making it a pleasant and aromatic place to relax and unwind.

5 Hidden Tricks People with Nice Smelling Homes Do

3. Good Smelling Aroma for a Hidden Delight

Lining Drawers with Scented Paper and Essential Oils

The scent doesn’t have to be confined to just the open spaces of your home; it can also be found in the hidden corners. People with beautifully scented homes often line their drawers with scented paper and essential oils.

This simple yet effective trick ensures that you are greeted by a good-smelling aroma every time you open a drawer.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Choose scented drawer liners in your favorite fragrance and place them at the bottom.
  2. Additionally, mix a few drops of essential oil with water in a spray bottle and lightly spritz it on the drawer liners.

This combination keeps your clothes, linens, and personal items smelling fresh and inviting, making your entire home smell great.

5 Hidden Tricks People with Nice Smelling Homes Do

4. Turning Your Walls into Fragrance Dispensers

Scented Wallpaper

If you thought fragrance-infused paints were a game-changer, wait until you hear about scented wallpaper. This innovative decorating solution adds a touch of style to your walls and ensures a continuous infusion of your favorite scents throughout your home.

Scented wallpaper comes in various designs and fragrances, allowing you to customize your home’s aroma to your liking. Whether you prefer the cooling scent of lavender or the refreshing aroma of eucalyptus, there’s a scented wallpaper option for you. This hidden trick adds a unique dimension to your home’s scent profile, making it a joy for both your eyes and nose.

5 Hidden Tricks People with Nice Smelling Homes Do

5. A Personalized Touch

Homemade Lavender Drawer Items

Crafting homemade lavender drawer items can be a fulfilling and aromatic experience for those who appreciate a personal touch. Lavender, which is known for its cool and relaxing properties, is an ideal choice for filling small spaces like drawers and closets with fragrance.

You’ll need dried lavender buds and small fabric pouches to make your homemade lavender drawer items. Fill the pouches with dried lavender buds, tie them securely, and place them in your drawers. Not only will these homemade sachets keep your clothes smelling fresh, but they also add a touch of charm to your storage spaces.


Cleaning and maintaining a home can be time-consuming, and experts in the field can ensure your living space is not just clean but also fragrant. If you’re looking for a house cleaning service, consider NW Maids. We offer top-notch cleaning services to help you effortlessly maintain a fresh and welcoming home.

These subtle but effective techniques will not only enhance your home’s aroma but also contribute to a more welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for you and your guests. So why wait? Try these hidden tricks and experience the joy of living in a beautifully scented home that makes your house smell great.


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