So how do you actually clean green… the RIGHT way? Experts weigh in…


Ah yes… cleaning without the toxic chemicals. Sounds like a dream come true.

A recent publication from Tree Hugger talks about 10 different ways that you can incorporate green cleaning into your routine simply and easily. It is possible, and works better than you probably conceived! (Inconceivable… cue the Princess Bride references).

Without further ado, here are the 10 simple ways to green clean your home with ease!

  1. Get eco-friendly cleaning products
  2. Avoid poor indoor air quality
  3. Watch out for antibacterial cleaners
  4. Basically… baking soda
  5. Clean your indoor air… the eco-friendly way
  6. Get rid of all of your toxic cleaners
  7. Avoid dry cleaners (the convential ones)
  8. Hire a green cleaning service
  9. Get those shoes off!
  10. How to design your home to be clean and green

Let’s take a deep dive into the world of green cleaning and unveil the curtain on the professional secrets to this subtle craft!


1) Get your green cleaning products!

The basics consist of Baking Soda, Borax, White Vinegar, Lemon, Castile Soap, and something called Washing Soda, which is actually sodium carbonate.

The article warns that you probably shouldn’t leave these chemicals around young ones and pets, but for the most part they are more innocuous than the far more chemically laden ones.

You can check out other brands such as Mrs. Meyers and Method for more green cleaning action.

2) Avoid bad indoor air quality

Get those windows open! You want to make sure your home is well-ventilated, since this is one of the best things you can do for your home while cleaning it. All of those toxins you’re removing are definitely going to make the air more toxic, so replace it with fresh air!

3) Steer clear of antibacterial cleaners


Here’s the thing about antibacterial cleaners… they actually remove a lot of good bacteria, and make it easier for super germs to spread! (Cue ominous music…)

4) Baking soda for the win!

Here’s the thing about Baking Soda – you can use it on just about everything cleaning related! Especially when it comes to freshening up carpets and removing stains. Put the power of the soda to use, and you won’t regret it!

5) Clean your indoor air naturally

You can always try using some plants to clean the indoor air – they are great at filtering the air so that you only breathe the freshest air possible!


6) Get rid of your toxic cleaners safely

According to 604 Maids, a cleaning service in Vancouver, Canada: “A lot of toxic cleaners actually need to be recycled at the correct facilities instead of throwing them in the trash. This helps the environment tremendously, and that’s what we’re all about!”

Make sure that if you’re throwing those old spray bottles in the trash, you’re not polluting the environment too much! If they have instructions on how to dispose of them, follow those instead of just chucking it.

7) Avoid dry cleaners (conventional ones)

Yes, they’re toxic! That’s pretty much all we need to say about that.

8) Hire a green cleaning service

Shameless plug: You can always hire us here at NW Maids for your green cleaning service needs if you’re within an hour of the Seattle, WA area!

9) Kick your shoes off!

It’s important not to track in the toxins that you may have been exposed to outside, into the home. Instead, try taking your shoes off in an ‘airlock’ of sorts – an area before you step into your bedroom or living room that serves as a location where you can keep shoes and other things that might potentially have dirt or toxins on them. Examples: oil, antifreeze, debris from street trash, etc.

10) Designing your home to be clean and green

I would actually recommend that you design your home in the way described above, because that will get you the best shot at keeping your home clean. And of course, if you need any sort of cleaning advice, contact us or book your cleaning online with our handy booking form!


Thank you for reading and let us know how these tips work for you!


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