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The Roxhill Neighborhood


Roxhill is a neighborhood in Seattle that has been around for decades, but it’s still relatively unknown to many. The community offers many amenities, including parks, schools, and shops. It also features an abundance of outdoor space with lush greenery and hidden houses that blend in naturally with the environment. Roxhill is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Seattle because of these qualities and more!


Roxhill is a community within south-central Seattle primarily developed during World War II by members of the U.S Army Corps Of Engineers between 1940–1941 as part of Fort Lawton (now Discovery Park). After WWII ended, people began moving into this area due to affordable housing prices; however, most homes were built to be relatively short-term, and many had problems with bad plumbing. Since then, it has evolved into a friendly and quiet community with low crime rates and cheap rent.


About the Roxhill Neighborhood


Roxhill is a neighborhood in Seattle that has been around for decades but remains relatively unknown. The area offers many amenities, including parks, schools, and shops; however, it lacks public transportation options making it hard for people who rely on this service to commute in and out of the neighborhood. Living here will also give you access to an abundance of outdoor space with lush greenery while unobtrusive houses blend naturally into their environment. Roxhill is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Seattle because of these qualities!


It has its community center and park, Roxhill Park. You may find that this neighborhood isn’t as well-known or publicized compared to other areas like Ballard or Capitol Hill. Still, it does not mean that you should either overlook it when thinking about places to live in Washington state or assume so because there are some great attractions here, such as:


The history of Roxhill stretches back over 100 years ago, with it being considered one of the first neighborhoods established outside downtown Seattle. There was even an amusement park located at the same site where today’s Roxhill Park stands on which operated from 1906 until 1912, after which became known simply by locals as “Amusement Park.”


In this neighborhood, you will find a community of homes surrounded by nature and wildlife. The houses here are mostly bungalow style located on large lots with mature trees, creating a hidden setting for those who want to live near the city but not be part of it all day long. In addition to the many birds that live in these areas or pass through during migration, other local faunas such as deer and even elk make their home within Roxhill Neighborhood boundaries. This environment provides a quiet atmosphere where neighbors can feel comfortable knowing they’re close enough should something happen while still being far enough away from noise pollution to provide peace and tranquility every day of the week.


There is plenty to do here in the Roxhill neighborhood, and people traveling from all over the city may be surprised at what they find when strolling through its streets. It tends to have a more low-key feel compared to other areas of Queen Anne, but that doesn’t mean it lacks any amenities or features residents can enjoy, with one being Roxhill’s community center complete with fitness rooms, sauna, meeting space as well as having access to outdoor activities such as tennis courts and playgrounds for children. The park within this area has been recently renovated too, with new play equipment installed, paths repaved, plus even entryways built from stone offering an old-fashioned rustic look which adds a lovely charm if you’re looking for a place to call home that’s outside the typical and crowded city environment.


Residents who enjoy hiking or like spending time out of doors will undoubtedly appreciate this neighborhood more than most, with it having views of both Lake Union and Westlake Park available from some points within its territory. There is even an abundance of trees that line many streets throughout the area, giving these places excellent seclusion but also making them very peaceful too when you take into consideration how close they are located to downtown Seattle itself, where noise levels tend to be higher due to traffic volume, etc. You can find homes for sale in Roxhill listed on Trulia by searching through their website currently via your browser, so don’t wait any longer to find out more about this neighborhood!


Facts about the Roxhill Neighborhood


The Roxhill neighborhood has been traditionally an industrial location for families of color; however, it’s changing to a mix of high-rise condos and apartments with single-family homes that have yards which creates a good sense of community among neighbors.


Roxhill is a serene neighborhood with highly rated schools, shopping opportunities, and some of the best parks in western Washington. The area has many family-friendly amenities, including top-notch public transportation, making getting downtown for work or entertainment easy. It is an ideal place to raise children as crime rates are low and there are lots of activities to do outside during all seasons.


The Roxhill Neighborhood also offers residents ready access to natural beauty at every turn; whether it’s walking under towering trees on one of its trails or enjoying wildlife viewing from your backyard – this neighborhood does have it all! Several restaurants are located within walking distance if you don’t feel like cooking, but if you do, the area is also filled with many grocery stores and Farmer’s Markets.


Roxhill also offers many small, family-owned businesses and operates to help foster a sense of community among neighbors while providing excellent customer service and low prices like Casa Latina (domestic violence services), High Point Medical Center (primary medical care center serving south Seattle since 1978), Facing East Restaurant (Chinese food including dim sum), South Park Family Health Clinic( free health care clinic), Hillman City Collaboratory (community organization with affordable housing for artists and makers), Centerstone (mental health services),


In addition, Roxhill is a very environmentally friendly community. It has been awarded LEED Gold certification for its high-efficiency building standards and green roofs, which have increased the energy efficiency of buildings in this neighborhood.


Roxhill also has several community parks recognized for their design and functionality, such as Hillman City Collaboratory, Sunset Playground, Roxhill Park.


The Roxhill neighborhood has its community Collaboratory, where residents can participate in various activities like fitness classes or potlucks with their neighbors during the week for free.


In addition, several parks are located in Roxhill that are maintained by the city, which have play structures, open green spaces for kids to run around in, basketball courts.


Activities in Roxhill Neighborhood


This Roxhill Neighborhood is very diverse, and the people living within it like to celebrate their different cultures. Every summer, there is a huge event that many people come to enjoy called the Roxhill Neighborhood Street Fair. There are booths and tents set up along several streets, and each has different food and cultural items for sale or demonstration purposes. People who attend this street fair can sample foods from all over the world, including Africa, Asia, Europe, India, Mexico / Latin America, and have fun games such as ring tosses with their children!


In addition to community activity resources in the neighborhood itself, residents also have access to excellent sports venues nearby. The closest baseball fields, for example, are just less than two miles away, where they will be able to schedule practices during certain hours of the day depending on what time it is currently. In addition, the neighborhood is just under three miles away from two different community centers.


There are also many private businesses in Roxhill Neighborhood for those who want to rent out space. Some of these include study spaces where students can work on homework or projects together at their own pace, as well as conference rooms if you need a place to hold important meetings with your team members!


Regularly scheduled Roxhill Neighborhood activities include walking clubs, yoga classes, and cultural events. Several community groups also host special interest gatherings for those interested in specific topics such as watercolor painting or drawing instruction.


There is always something fun going on at the primary school located within this neighborhood too! The school has a vast community room where many different parties and games occur throughout the year. Anytime someone wants to have a party they can’t afford to rent out space for, they head to the school for an exciting celebration.


Many Roxhill Neighborhood residents are also very active in their community, and there are several community projects that they help out with throughout the year. Some of these include park clean-ups, tree planting events, and food drive gatherings.


There is a community garden located in Roxhill Neighborhood as well. Anyone can stop by and help out with planting, weeding, harvesting, and other gardening chores. Even if someone is not a Roxhill Neighborhood resident, they can still stop by the community garden to pick up some fresh produce or plants to take home.


In addition, there is an after-school program provided by volunteers from local colleges during the academic year. If you have children attending elementary school in Roxhill Neighborhood, they will participate in this excellent program for free! In addition, there is a very popular youth basketball league that many children from the neighborhood play with each week.


The best thing about the Roxhill neighborhood is how naturally beautiful it seems; there isn’t anything too showy here, just enough beauty to make life wonderful without excessive. You can find many things to do in Roxhill.


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