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Seattle Neighborhood – Gatewood

Gatewood Seattle Neighborhood Washington

The Gatewood Neighborhood


Gatewood is a charming yet under-the-radar Neighborhood in Seattle. Located between the Fremont and Wallingford neighborhoods, Gatewood’s tree-lined streets are home to some of the city’s most affordable houses. The area has always been popular with families who want an urban environment that feels like it belongs in the suburbs. As more people discover this hidden gem, values have appreciated significantly over the last few years.


About the Gatewood Neighborhood


Gatewood Neighborhood is a small, charming neighborhood on the West side of Seattle with many old character homes. Puget Sound borders it to the west and Northgate Mall to the east. The famous Burke-Gilman Trail runs along its eastern border, allowing easy access to other parts of town! This historic neighborhood isn’t big enough for building out or up here, so it remains mostly unchanged from when it was first developed in 1908. Some great amenities are found within walking distance, like grocery stores, shopping centers, cafes/restaurants.


Gatewood Seattle is a neighborhood on the hill of West Seattle. It has breathtaking views, charming tiny houses, and historic homes. This makes it ideal for all those looking to invest in real estate or buy their first home here.


This neighborhood is one of the city’s most charming yet under-the-radar areas. This unique Neighborhood is home to many of the city’s most compelling characters. However, what makes Gatewood Seattle appealing are the historic houses that have been preserved. The Gatewood neighborhood was built in the 1890s, and much of its charm can be attributed to that fact.


In recent years many new businesses have been opening up in Gatewood Seattle. Consequently, it is becoming a growing neighborhood in Seattle again. Gatewood Seattle has a fantastic view of the Cascades and Olympics Mountains. It also offers views of downtown Seattle, Puget Sound, and Vashon Island, among many others.


The best way to see all this is by walking around Gatewood with your camera at hand! Gatewood doesn’t have any famous buildings or landmarks, but if you like tiny houses, it’s perfect for you because each house here looks unique from its neighbors in terms of design and architecture.


Facts about the Gatewood Neighborhood


Gatewood Neighborhood is a historic neighborhood in West Seattle. It’s not well-known to outsiders, but it’s filled with picturesque homes and exciting history. Gatewood began as an independent community before being annexed by the City of Seattle in 1907. Now, you can find this little slice of old Seattle tucked away between its more famous neighbors: Fauntleroy Park and Alki Beach. Until recently, most people would have described Gatewood as “charming yet under-the-radar,” but that has changed over the last few years due to Google Maps, including free walking tours for users! This is great news since many beautiful spots worth visiting when checking out Gatewood, such as Admiral Way, Gatewood Elementary, and Alki Avenue.


The first schoolhouse in Seattle, built in 1864 and located at Gatewood Park (formerly called “City Park”), became known as The Little Red School House. It served grades one through eight until it closed because of overcrowding in 1926. A new brick building opened across the street from it that same year; however, this too had to complete due to lack of space after only two years as well as a third building erected on 20th Avenue S., just south of Dravus Street where another newer elementary school currently exists named South Shore Elementary School.


The 1950s was when Admiral district saw rapid economic development due primarily to increased demand for housing after WWII. However, Sunset Hill Area remained largely undeveloped until much later when it became one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the 1960s thanks to views overlooking Puget Sound, proximity to Volunteer Park’s hiking trails/beaches, good schools, and four private golf courses within close driving distance.


Gatewood Seattle is considered one of the more affordable areas in Seattle compared to other parts such as Queen Anne, Magnolia, or Ballard, which have seen increased real estate prices over the past decade. Despite this, it’s still within proximity to Downtown, so many people who work downtown choose to live here because they can avoid paying for parking garages by leaving the car at home while being able to enjoy all that city has to offer without having stress about traffic jams. The Neighborhood is a great place to live, with easy access to the many amenities that the city offers. It’s close to Downtown, with lots of green spaces, and has a sense of community that’s hard to find in modern times.


Many of the Gatewood neighborhood properties were built during the 1940s and 1950s, just before the Interstate Highway system was created. This means that most homes remain on original footprint, sizes, and configuration with minimal renovations or upgrades such as new windows, roofing, etc.


Activities in Gatewood Neighborhood


Fauntleroy Park

Suppose you’re looking for things to do in Gatewood, Seattle. In that case, many fun activities include everything from the usual park picnics and outdoor playtime at parks such as Fauntleroy Park or Lincoln Park, which are great places to meet up with friends and family. Other attractions within walking distance include Volunteer Park, The Museum of History & Industry, or Seattle Asian Art Museum.

Lincoln Park

Gatewood is a quiet little community that offers lots of history, parks, and outdoor activities for those who love spending time outdoors. It’s also close to Downtown, making it easy to commute with excellent access to the many amenities, including great shopping opportunities at University Village, Westlake Center, Pacific Place, and Pioneer Square.


Denny Park

Gatewood Seattle is a green, community-oriented neighborhood with lots of amenities and activities for all ages. It offers excellent views along with easy access to the many shops, restaurants & nightlife options in Downtown, as well as beautiful parks such as Denny Park, where you can enjoy picnics during summer months or even join one of the free tree planting programs that are held in spring to help renew this green city.


Thanks to its many historic homes, Gatewood Seattle is a great place to check out holiday lights and decorations. One of the best times for this is during the Tour of Homes in December. Another great time to visit Gatewood Neighborhood is for famous events, such as the summertime Farmer’s Market or the Fall Pumpkin Festival.


The Neighborhood is home to wildlife and plants, with plenty of trails, hills, and green spaces perfect for long walks or jogs. You can also find many local cafes such as Cafe Mox in the area – serving up fresh coffee every morning! Plus, there are many great restaurants nearby, including fast-food joints like McDonald’s and more upscale dining options at places like Beckta Dining & Wine.


Gatewood Neighborhood also has a beautiful neighborhood association that organizes many events throughout the year. The most popular of these is the Tour of Homes, which gives visitors a chance to tour several private homes decorated for the holidays.


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Seattle Neighborhood – Genesee

Genesee Seattle Neighborhood Washington

The Genesee Neighborhood


The Genesee neighborhood in Seattle is a residential area that is located to the northeast of Capitol Hill. It has a lot of older homes and apartment buildings, but there are also some new apartments being built in this part of town. The neighborhood was once home to many high-income residents with large houses on big lots, but now it’s more affordable for people who don’t have as much money or are looking for something more urban.


About the Genesee Neighborhood


The Genesee neighborhood in Seattle is a residential area that is located to the northeast of Capitol Hill. It has a lot of older homes and apartment buildings, but there are also some new apartments being built in this part of town. The neighborhood was once home to many high-income residents with large houses on big lots, but now it’s more affordable for people who don’t have as much money or are looking for something more urban.


The neighborhood is also close to the water. One of the most popular attractions in the area is Lake Union Park which has been wholly revitalized over time and offers plenty of opportunities for recreation like kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding during warmer months! Another favorite spot is Gas Works Park, where you can sit back and watch boats glide across Lake Union while enjoying some time outdoors catching up on your reading list. This park’s history as an industrial site used by Seattle Gas Light Company makes it all that much more exciting today; those who love playing outside will appreciate this one, especially when they want something different from day-to-day activity options.


For those looking for something a bit more relaxed to enjoy after an active day in the area, there’s plenty of options available nearby, not only coffee shops and restaurants but also places like bars and pubs where you can sit back and relax with friends or family over drinks at your favorite local location. Now that one doesn’t have to travel far from other popular areas in Seattle, such as First Hill or Capitol Hill, which offers unique cultural attractions, living in the Genesee neighborhood should be on someone’s list when considering where to live around town today.


People who live here love that they can quickly get downtown when needed; transportation options are excellent in Genesee. People also appreciate the beautiful views and access to nature found in this part of town! The many parks make it easy for families or individuals who like spending time outdoors. Finally, people enjoy living close enough to everything but far enough away from too much traffic and noise pollution; you will not find yourself stuck on commutes every day if you choose one of these homes as your next place to call home!


Facts about the Genesee Neighborhood


Genesee Neighborhood was established in 1913. It is located on the west side of Lake Washington and has a population of about 11,000 people. Genesee Park borders to its south, and there are several conservation parks near it, including Marymoor Park. The Burke-Gilman Trail also runs through this neighborhood, allowing for easy access from other parts of town or outside city limits into the community itself. There are many shops within walking distance from homes and restaurants featuring all manner of cuisine options available along with cafes where locals enjoy catching up over coffee together, which makes a living here very convenient indeed! In addition, the area offers views overlooking both Lake Washington and Mount Rainier, which provides any homeowner with a beautiful backdrop no matter where they choose to live in the Genesee Neighborhood.


The average number of people per household is approximately two. Roughly 800 families are living within this neighborhood. There have been several instances where residents formed a tight-knit community by getting to know each other on a first-name basis and hosting social events together, including potlucks, block parties, and more!


In addition, many homes in the neighborhood include garages that can be used for storage or even converted into home offices, giving homeowners yet another possible room that would not otherwise exist without their garage space. On top of all this, most structures built here were done so between 1920 – 1950, making them unique from those found elsewhere throughout town, especially if you take a drive-through and enjoy the architecture of this area with its unique and historical appeal.


There are several parks throughout the neighborhood, including Thomas Street Park, Woodlawn Park, and more. In addition to nearby trails such as Burke-Gilman Trail, which runs through this area and offers a scenic route for pedestrians! If you enjoy bird watching, then living here is an excellent choice as well since there is no shortage of birds in or around this community either with ducks, geese, and other feathered friends calling it home year-round, especially during migration season when many live within just feet from their human neighbors as they settle down onto rooftops or even backyards at times. Because these homes were built so long ago, some may require renovations before moving into them; however, those who opt to do so can enjoy the benefits of a lower property tax and appreciation in value over time and more.


Activities in Genesee Neighborhood


There are so many things for people to do here because it is located near other popular neighborhoods like Capitol Hill and First Hill. However, even when you compare this area’s amenities with those around it, there is still plenty that stands out about living in or visiting the Genesee neighborhood in Seattle today, including lots of great brunch spots! People looking at apartments in Belltown should consider checking out what options exist within walking distance from everything else they enjoy since that will help them find something that works well for their lifestyle.


Many activities, amenities, and proximity to things like jobs or shopping make this an excellent place for people who value convenience! There’s no shortage of fun ideas if you want something exciting, but it can also be peaceful if your speed increases. Art galleries showcase local talent, places like recreation centers with yoga classes, or outdoor spaces perfect for enjoying nature. Residents appreciate the proximity to jobs and shopping without dealing with too much traffic on their commutes every day. There’s no shortage of fun ideas for things to do.


Lake Union

The Genesee Neighborhood is a popular destination in Emerald City. From walking trails to coffee shops, there’s plenty of activities around this neighborhood for residents and visitors alike. Not only is this neighborhood close to popular attractions like Lake Union and Gas Works Park, but it also has its unique cultural spots.

Gas Works Park


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Seattle Neighborhood – Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park Seattle Neighborhood Washington

The Fairmount Park Neighborhood


Fairmount Park in Seattle is a neighborhood that offers the perfect balance between urban living and a peaceful oasis. The community is located on a hill overlooking downtown Seattle. It’s an ideal location for those who enjoy the convenience of city life while still wanting to feel secluded from it all at times.


About the Fairmount Park Neighborhood


The Fairmount Park Neighborhood is a relatively new neighborhood, with most homes in the area being built within the past 20 years. The majority of housing stock in this community consists of single-family detached houses with small yards and decks or balconies for enjoying fresco dining. Although some lots are pretty large, many do not offer views due to their proximity to other buildings. There are also several condos available throughout the neighborhood and rental housing units, both apartments and townhomes/duplexes. Many residents love living in this friendly urban oasis because they can experience all aspects of life, from walking downtown during business hours on weekdays when traffic is peak to biking along greenbelt trails through peaceful parks on the weekends.


The Fairmount Park Neighborhood is a great place to live because it offers residents access to all of the amenities they need and want while remaining secluded from city life at certain times throughout each day. This neighborhood is a popular area for young professionals and families with children due to its proximity to downtown jobs, schools, shopping, dining options, and public transportation. It also has easy access to several private schools and public schooling options for those with children.


This community has many different housing types, including condos/apartments that rent by the month or week. Many of these units have low move-in fees, while some offer discounted rental pool memberships at local fitness centers nearby. Single-family homes are available throughout the area – both detached houses with yards or condos located above retail spaces below ground level. There are parks within walking distance from most residences. Some of these parks include the Seattle Chinese Garden, Little Brook Park, and Fairmount Playfield. There are also several community gardens throughout the neighborhood, in addition to a few churches!


There are also many amenities near the Fairmount Park Neighborhood, including grocery stores such as Safeway or QFC, drugstores like Bartell Drugs or Rite Aid Pharmacy, and hardware stores like Ace Hardware for all your home improvement needs. In addition, there’s an auto parts store nearby should you need to get work done on your car quickly while still enjoying peace at home today.


When thinking about what you’ll be able to find in the Fairmount Park Neighborhood, it’s important first and foremost that you know where this neighborhood lies; inside downtown Seattle! This means there are many different employment opportunities nearby, so whether your line of work requires an office space or something entirely different, the chances are high that there will be jobs available for those who reside within the community. In addition to having easy access via public transportation into our vibrant downtown core, there are also plenty of options for shopping and dining within walking distance from most residences.


Another essential aspect to consider when thinking about what you’ll be able to find in the Fairmount Park Neighborhood is that this community offers a tranquil escape during business hours but then quickly becomes busy at night as people return home after work or on weekends! Many residents enjoy living here because they can experience all aspects of city life without feeling like they’re stuck in traffic throughout each day (unless commuting into downtown) – making it an ideal place for those looking for peace while still being part of everything happening around them.


In addition, there are many beautiful restaurants in this area where families can dine out or pick up takeout during dinner hours after a busy workday. There are also plenty of grocery stores nearby should you decide not to eat out tonight! The list goes on and on – which makes a living here an ideal option if you’re searching for your slice of peace within a bustling metropolis.


What are some Facts about the Fairmount Park Neighborhood?


The Fairmount Park Neighborhood is part of Seattle and consists mainly of single-family homes built after World War II up through the 1990s, which has turned into one-of-a-kind housing stock that’s worth keeping around! In addition, there are many restaurants near this neighborhood and shopping opportunities for those who enjoy exploring local shops on foot or by bicycle.


This neighborhood is a peaceful oasis in the city. The neighborhood has twice been designated as a historic district. Both times, it was declared the “largest collection of late 19th-century middle-class homes remaining in Seattle,” according to the designation report.


The beautiful home ranges from Craftsman bungalows to Tudors, all tucked away in a secluded area close to downtown but far enough so you can relax quietly without hearing cars constantly whizzing by your house every second. This fact is a significant selling point for those trying to escape from the urban lifestyle but doesn’t have the means of traveling very far.


Many people are living in this area commute downtown and enjoy walking or biking through the neighborhood. In contrast, others take public transportation, easily accessible via Seattle’s Metro Transit bus system with routes going towards Northgate Mall and Downtown Seattle every five minutes on weekdays!


On top of that, there is also access to Interstate-five within a few miles away if you want to go north into Canada or south into Portland, Oregon, where more shopping opportunities can be explored at either malls or small boutique shops waiting along main roads. It has been rated as one of America’s best city suburbs in the past decade, which is a significant selling point for those who are thinking about moving to this area.


Activities in Fairmount Park Neighborhood


For those who enjoy the outdoors, Fairmount Park Seattle is the perfect place. The park has a variety of activities to offer its visitors, including walking trails, biking paths, and horseback riding trails. There are also children’s play areas with swingsets and slides for younger kids and basketball courts if you want to shoot some hoops. Of course, no outdoor activity would be complete without having beautiful views at your disposal.


At Fairmount Park Seattle, several gorgeous vistas will take your breath away, such as looking out onto downtown or watching boats pass by on Lake Washington. With so much beauty around, it almost seems like this neighborhood was plucked right from one of our national parks in many respects! If spending time outside isn’t your thing, then you can spend time exploring the beautiful surroundings of Fairmount Park Seattle.


The community offers an assortment of restaurants for different tastes, from traditional American to Asian fusion cuisine that features sushi rolls, bubble tea drinks, sashimi platters, or wok stir-fries made fresh daily at their local eateries found all over town! Rental opportunities are available throughout this area ranging from apartment complexes to single-family homes on quiet tree-lined streets perfect for families just starting who want a peaceful neighborhood to raise their children.


Things to do in Fairmount Park Neighborhood


The neighborhood has a lot of green space, making it great for walking, biking, and playing. There are also many trails in the area where you can explore the woods. The park offers peace and an opportunity to learn about local wildlife like birds or animals that might be hiding out there too! If you’re interested in bird watching, this is your kind of place because different species call Fairmount Park their home, including eagles, hawks, and owls. It’s easy to spot deer grazing throughout the parks as well, so look up when walking around at night time because they love hanging out under street lamps. You’ll even find turtles basking on logs by small ponds during warmer months!


There are plenty of activities in the Fairmount Park Neighborhood, such as biking, walking, and exploring. You can also participate in sports like tennis and basketball. There is a small municipal pool nearby that offers swimming lessons for all ages during the summer months.


There are free outdoor concerts at the amphitheater in the summer months, which is a great place to see your favorite musicians or even watch movies. You can also take in a show with other family members during this time by going to one of their many events that feature children’s shows for all ages! There is always something fun happening here, so stay tuned, and you’ll be sure not to miss out on any significant events coming up soon near Fairmount Park Neighborhood.


Woodland Park Zoo

If you want more of an adventure, then make your way to the nearby Woodland Park Zoo, where all kinds of animals are on display, including pandas, elephants, and lions. The zoo is also home to a children’s play area with giant slides for kids or adults who like their thrills!


Lake Washington

This neighborhood has something for everyone. If you’re into the outdoors, then this is your kind of place with great views and plenty to do all year round! There are also many places where you can get a bite to eat or get some ice cream if you need it. The park itself offers pretty walks and opportunities for biking, hiking, and even horseback riding, so don’t forget those boots! It’s easy to enjoy yourself here, whether it’s spending time outside exploring nature or taking live shows at the theater during summer months; remember Fairmount Park Neighborhood when looking for a new home because there’s no better location out there; than right here near Lake Washington!


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Seattle Neighborhood – Seaview / Mee-Kwa-Mooks

Seaview / Mee-Kwa-Mooks Seattle Neighborhood Washington

The Seaview / Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood


A visit to Seattle is not complete without a stop in the Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood. This neighborhood, also known as Seaview, was named after the Native American tribe that inhabited the area for thousands of years before European settlers arrived in 1853. The name means “beautiful water,” Many visitors find it an apt description of this diverse waterfront community where residents live near one another on tree-lined streets with views of Puget Sound or Lake Washington.


About the Seaview / Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood


The Seaview / Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood is located in the north end of King County. Named for a Native American tribe that inhabited the area, it has been called “one of Seattle’s nicest neighborhoods.” The neighborhood is situated between Puget Sound and Lake Washington. It was named after two Native American tribes on Whidbey Island before white settlers arrived, Mee-Kwa Mooks and Kwikwash. The word “mee Kwa mooks” meant “shaped like a bear’s head.”


The community is a mix of residential and commercial areas. The southern end features Lincoln Park with views, walking trails, a fishing pier, and many waterfront homes on Lake Washington. Northward from there are several marinas for both powerboats and sailboats that serve people who commute into Seattle or dine out at local seafood restaurants. Between those two points, you will find an eclectic collection of businesses, including coffee bars serving artisan roasted coffees from around the world, Irish pubs where locals gather daily after work, and even one pub featuring rice bowls—a unique combination not commonly found in most neighborhoods! There’s also a variety of small specialty shops offering everything from handmade soaps made by artisans using locally harvested seaweed to home decor items made out of recycled materials.


People who visit Seattle will enjoy exploring this diverse community where residents live near one another on tree-lined streets with views of Puget Sound or Lake Washington. A trip here may even involve taking a stroll through Lincoln Park, which offers stunning views, walking trails, and a fishing pier. You can also stop in at one of the charming Irish pubs located here to enjoy some drinks and conversation with friends or even take an excursion into downtown Seattle.


And if you’re up for it, you may see a cruise ship docking at one of Seattle’s piers, making it easy to combine your visit with partaking in some sightseeing along the waterfront or taking an excursion into downtown Seattle! If not, no worries, relax on Seaview’s tree-lined streets while enjoying views of Puget Sound from your new home.


Facts about the Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood


Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood is a tranquil, safe neighborhood in Seaview. This Neighborhood has homes built around the year 1955. There are many parks and outdoor activities available to enjoy in this beautiful area of Washington State.


The name “Mee Kwa Mooks” originated from the Duwamish Tribe who lived in the Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood. The area was named after a mountain that once stood there, which has been noted as one of many extinct volcanoes located near Puget Sound and is now known today as Beacon Hill.


It’s also worth mentioning that while it doesn’t have its official neighborhood association, this east Seaview region has a few community groups to help residents get involved with their local government by hosting events such as movie nights or parties during festivals like Seafair!


Activities in Seaview / Mee-Kwa-Mooks Seattle Neighborhood


Mee-Kwa-Mooks Park

Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood in Seaview is a great place for those who love fishing and nature activities. You can visit the Mee-Kwa-Mooks Park, which overlooks Puget Sound, and you will see the beautiful view of Mount Rainier too! The park features trails that lead to Whirlpool Bay, Cedar Creek Beach, and Rialto Beach, where you can also watch wildlife such as eagles or seals on your way there! If camping outdoors is something that sounds appealing to you, make sure to book campsites at Oak Harbor Campground before heading out here. As always, remember it’s a first-come, first-serve basis, so we advise making reservations ahead of time, especially during the summer months when this place is trendy.


Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood is a small-town feel, so it’s great for people of all ages! There are several local shops to shop around and grab some delicious seafood if you’re craving it while at the same time enjoying that beautiful view. You can find everything from souvenirs, groceries, candies, or even pick up fresh, delicious seafood right away from the fish market here! If you have kids with you, then there’s a playground just across Mee-Kwa-Mooks Park near Whirlpool Way where they’ll be able to play safely too. Also nearby at 404 NE Midway Blvd is an arcade called “Penny Lane Fun Center,” which is great if the kids want to have some fun while you’re spending time outdoors.


Deception Pass Bridge

Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood in Seaview is a beautiful area to enjoy nature and even bring your pets along with you. You can visit nearby Oak Harbor too for more outdoor activities or shopping around town! It’s only about 25 minutes away from Whidbey Island, where there are plenty of other things to do, such as wine tasting at local wineries, kayaking, or hiking trails that overlook Deception Pass Bridge, which is fantastic. During the fall months, when it turns into an orange color! So if you want something scenic, then this place will not disappoint, so make sure to pack up your belongings and get ready for one heck of a trip!

Community Events in Seaview / Mee-Kwa-Mooks Seattle Neighborhood


Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood in Seattle provides several outdoor and indoor activities for residents to enjoy. The neighborhood has several parks, trails, and beaches where people can gather with their families or run on the weekends. There are also numerous restaurants located within walking distance that offer delicious cuisines worldwide, including Thai food, Italian fare, Mexican dishes, American comfort foods, etc. Additionally, a theater hosts many events throughout the year, such as concerts and plays, which draw guests into Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood. This neighborhood is easily accessible by bus lines, so visitors do not need cars to explore it all. Here’s a list of community events in Mee-Kwa-Mooks neighborhoods:


Annual Winter Solstice Celebration: Begins on the first day of winter. This event highlights family traditions and community togetherness, highlighting how important it is to share in each other’s celebrations.


The MeeKwatMooks Community Center: Is a community hub for arts and culture, which is open to all visitors. There are classes in yoga, dance, gardening workshops, and others offered at no cost.


MeeKwatMooks Farmers Market: This is held every Saturday morning (year-round) and has many vendors selling fresh produce, flowers, artisan goods, as well as food trucks for visitors to enjoy. This market is a great way to meet the members of your community while connecting with local businesses that share your values.


The MeeKwatMooks Annual Family Carnival: Is held in August and is a day filled with carnival games, bouncy houses for the kids, food trucks, and live music to add excitement to an already fun event. The proceeds from this fundraiser go directly back into our community center, where they are used to fund various programs.

MeeKwatMooks Annual Spring Festival: It is held every year in April and is a day filled with carnival games, bouncy houses for children, yummy food trucks, and live music. The proceeds from this fundraiser go directly back into our community center, where they are used to fund various programs.


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Seattle Neighborhood – Junction / West Seattle Junction / Alaska Junction

Junction / West Seattle Junction / Alaska Junction Seattle Neighborhood Washington

The Junction / West Seattle Junction / Alaska Junction Neighborhood


Located at the Junction of West Seattle, Alaska Junction, and Waseca, the neighborhoods of Junction are a mysterious bunch. For some people, these names bring up memories of childhood adventures on their grandparents’ land. Others might be wondering why they’ve never heard about this place before. Regardless of where you live or what your background is, you’ll want to read on!


The Junction is a small community located in the heart of West Seattle. It has been recognized as one of the best places to live because it’s secluded from downtown and very close by bus or rail. This area used to be nothing more than farmland before being purchased and developed into single-family homes, condos, and apartments for young professionals who want a home without working too hard to maintain it.


About the Alaska Junction Neighborhood


The Alaska Junction Neighborhood was named after the Alaska Railroad. It spans just over three miles of Delridge and is home to about 11,000 people in West Seattle. This area has a lot of history behind it, starting with its name. The neighborhood got its name from an old train station built by the Northern Pacific Railway back in 1904 called “Junction” because passengers needed to change trains if they were headed south towards Tacoma or Portland. 


After World War I came along, there were plans made to build new rail lines that would connect between Stampede Pass (Tacoma) and Everett via Snohomish; however, this plan failed due to lack of money following the Great Depression, which led to the Northern Pacific selling the land to local businessman and entrepreneur’s “Joe Eichler” (of the famous Northern California homebuilding company, which is now a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway). 


He worked with city planners in Seattle on designing this area as we know it today. This was also during an era where people were moving from urban settings into either suburbs or rural areas, so lots that would accommodate single-family homes began popping up everywhere across America. The Alaska Junction neighborhood was no exception: once construction started in 1929, over 700 homes had been built by 1939 along the main thoroughfare called SW Genesee Street and its surrounding streets such as 21st Ave SW and 24th Ave SW.


Today, the Alaska Junction neighborhood of West Seattle is a thriving community with many family-friendly amenities. Just one block away from Alki Beach and Puget Sound, it has become a top-rated summer attraction for everyone in the Greater Seattle area. It also offers excellent access to local schools such as Chief Sealth International High School, which, if you don’t know, already was named after Chief Sealth, who was an Indian leader whose tribe inhabited this land before white settlers came over and claimed most of its territories including West Seattle. The people living here enjoy various parks and recreation centers built later on: Delridge Community Center Park & Skateboard park, Louisa Boren Lookout Park, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, and Roxhill Park, to name a few.


West Seattle has so much history behind it, going way back to the first inhabitants of this land and then later with settlers from various parts of Europe. It was a central hub for trade through its local piers that were built along the coastlines; even hosting one time events such as the “Alaska Day” parade where thousands flocked to see all about Alaska & Yukon territories which at that point in history had not been purchased by America yet (it happened back in 1867). Then eventually, once Americans took over after agreeing with Russia & United States’ governments, it became part of Washington State during 1889’s inauguration. Many decades later, when transportation boomed across West Seattle, industries flourished like never before: bringing people together who would spend their days working hard while also enjoying fun times afterward with their families.


Today, West Seattle is still a hub for people to come together and enjoy various activities such as food festivals held in the heart of Alki Beach every year, including “SeafoodFest” or “Bite of Seattle.” There are also outdoor adventures that you could do during your free time by visiting Roxhill Park, where there is an off-leash area for dogs to play in, while children can go on hikes through the park trails. If you are more into sports, then check out Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, where they host many indoor art classes throughout each season along with programs specifically designed for youth & teens ranging from soccer camps to martial arts lessons! The Junction has something special waiting around every corner… it’s a place where people can relax and enjoy themselves to the fullest.


Facts about Alaska Junction Neighborhood


The neighborhood is named after a street, Alaskan Way, built along Puget Sound and used to be called Railroad Avenue. In 1907 this area became known as The Junction because it connected several neighborhoods, including Chinatown, Pioneer Square, Belltown, and Downtown Seattle. It also got its name from being where two railroads met with other types of transportation such as ferries or trolleys. As you can imagine, tons of travelers passed through here on their way to work or just passing by for one reason or another, which created an all-around vibrant community lifestyle in this part of town.


In 1991 the West Seattle Bridge opened up. The bridge was named after Chief Sealth, the Duwamish Tribe leader, which became a pivotal part of this neighborhood. It connected West Seattle to Downtown, allowing easier access for people who came into or left this area. Because of the new connection, many warehouses and industrial regions began being transformed into residential homes.


In more recent years, there has been increased interest in developing commercial space along Alaskan Way S; however, one factor that is preventing these from happening on a large scale is transportation issues such as traffic congestion, poor pedestrian environment, and lack of transit connections between destinations within the city center core area making some places challenging to get around unless you have your vehicle with you at all times. There are also only a few parking facilities which is another issue because this leaves commuters with the option of using on-street parking or by ramp.


Alaska junction neighborhood has seen many demographic changes over time; for example, it went from being primarily working-class European immigrants during its early years to becoming an ethnic mix of many different backgrounds and races, including African Americans, Caucasians, Asians, Latinos, etc. Some people moved in due to their jobs after WWII when there were lots of factory work available. Still, then, later on, most people started moving out again once these places began shutting down one after another, leaving long-term residents wondering where everyone had gone off to. Today you can still see some traces of old buildings left abandoned here and there, although they are few and far between.


The most popular attraction to Alaska Junction remains its local shops and restaurants. Several bakeries such as Cupcake Royale or Beecher’s Handmade Cheese have been around for decades, making mouths water with their tasty treats. These two places alone were named among the top ten best cupcakes in Seattle by King-TV News back in 2011! Other famous eateries include The Angry Beaver, a hockey bar from owners who also own a catering service called “Good eats.” Then there is another well-known establishment called Vovito Cafe & Bakery where you could find great Italian food, including pizzas and pasta made fresh daily on-site.


Activities and Events in Alaska Junction Neighborhood


Alaska Junction Neighborhood is a tribe of fun, funky people. This area’s laid-back vibe makes it easy to relax and enjoy the company of new friends while serving up incredible food, drinks, music, or art! The folks at Junction are super welcoming—and there are always countless events happening in this neighborhood. Here are some activities you can get involved with if you want to experience all that this incredible community has to offer.


Annual Block Party:  The Junction’s Annual Block Party is a celebration of this fantastic neighborhood. The block party takes place in late August, and it has been going strong for over 20 years. Not only is this an excellent time to enjoy the company of your friends and neighbors, but it’s also a great time to meet new people! Many great activities for all ages, including live music, art displays, games, and contests.


Food Truck Rallies: Junction’s Food Truck Rallies are held every other month on the second Thursday of the month. The Atlanta Street Car allows you to bring your friends and enjoy delicious food from some of Seattle’s best trucks! There is live music, art displays, games, and more good times with great people.


Sunset Tavern

Live Music: Junction is known for excellent live music, and there are several venues where you can enjoy the sounds of some talented singer-songwriters. The Sunset Tavern hosts many great performers throughout the year, including nationally recognized brands like Bumbershoot.


West Seattle Yard Sale: The West Seattle Yard Sale takes place on the last full in July. You can find your favorite used clothes, books, or other items at great prices! This is a fun way to get together with friends and family while enjoying shopping for some fantastic deals.


Holiday Celebrations:  The Junction’s Annual Holiday Celebration is a great time to enjoy some of the best food and drink in town while celebrating this fantastic neighborhood. There is live music, games, contests, and Santa Claus himself for all the kids!


West Seattle Farmers Market

Farmers Market: The West Seattle Farmers Market takes place every Saturday at California Avenue Southwest. You can find fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, flowers, plants, and other great local products.


West Seattle

Dinner on Lake:  If you’re looking for a more upscale night out, Dinner on Lake offers dinner cruises around West Seattle. Enjoy delicious food and drinks while taking in some of the best views this area has to offer!


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Seattle Neighborhood – North Admiral / Admiral District

North Admiral / Admiral District Seattle Neighborhood Washington

The North Admiral / Admiral District Seattle Neighborhood


North Admiral / Admiral District Seattle Neighborhood is a beautiful neighborhood in the city of Seattle. It offers residents old-fashioned charm, modern amenities, and easy access to downtown, the waterfront, and all that the Emerald City offers.


The neighborhood is a popular Northwest gem, filled with historic homes perfect for admiring our beautiful summers and winters. The area is also home to a park filled with evergreen trees, perfect for enjoying the outdoors during any month of the year. Many residents enjoy amenities like community gardens or even small farms on their properties.


About the North Admiral / Admiral District Neighborhood


North Admiral Neighborhood is a lovely place to live in. The neighborhood received its name from an English admiral, which was used to honor him for his contributions during World War I. It’s not only the street names that are interesting about the North Admiral /Admiral District; it also has other things going on for itself, such as fantastic homes and stunning views of Puget Sound. In terms of demographics, North Admiral/Admiral district has been growing with time due to more people coming into the city every year. Its very close proximity to downtown Seattle makes it an excellent location for commuting purposes.


At the turn of the 20th century, this was a neighborhood for wealthy business owners and well-to-do families. At that time, it had everything to support their lifestyles: grocery stores where they could buy fresh food; clothing retailers selling fashionable wear; dry-goods shops with fabrics and notions so women could sew up their dresses and suits. But in addition to all these amenities offered by local businesses, there were also professional services like doctors’ offices (including dentists), drugstores, lawyers’, accountant’s offices. There wasn’t much construction going on between 1900 through 1920 because Seattle was struck financially during the Panic of 1893 after such high land prices here compared to other cities in America. But in 1922, the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (AYP) boosted Seattle’s economy, and development was back on track.


The AYP brought $35 million into local coffers, which helped pay off its debts within only a few years. The Forward Thrust projects of the mid-’50s began changing North Admiral Neighborhood. They were building infrastructure such as new schools, community centers, and libraries; redevelopment projects like Yesler Terrace; and public housing for low-income families. If you look at some of these homes today with great detail or care put into them – it is because they were owned by absentee landlords who rented to tenants working at Boeing during WWII, producing planes here in South Seattle! Now, those same landlords were selling their homes and making a significant profit on them.


The North Admiral Neighborhood is home to some of the oldest buildings in the entire city, including Trinity Parish Church (built 1902), St. Lawrence Catholic Church (1909). Another historic building housed The Boeing Company’s first airplane factory constructed; then it became American Can Factory for many years before they moved out to Kent; lastly, under Columbia Hospitality LLC, this was turned into affordable housing units now called “Bryant House.” There are still many community activities within these walls, such as cooking classes at Seattle Central College.


There is something extraordinary about living in North Admiral Neighborhood. The architecture is a mix of old and new, with most homes being built in the 1920s. For many years, those who have lived here know everyone on their street or within walking distance from where they live, at least by name – it’s just that kind of neighborhood! So if you are looking to buy a home around Seattle but can’t find one in your budget range, there are some great places to rent here as well.


North Admiral Neighborhood has been changing over time yet still retains its historical heritage while keeping up-to-date with modern amenities today. Whether you love history or want to be closer in toto the city center without breaking the bank when buying a house near Northgate Mall, North Admiral Neighborhood is an excellent place to start.


Facts about the North Admiral / Admiral District Neighborhood


The North Admiral Neighborhood is just to the east of Shoreline, Washington. Due north is Fremont and Greenlake neighborhoods. On its western side, it runs next door to the Ballard neighborhood. Westwood Village Shopping Center has everything you need – grocery stores, restaurants, dry cleaners, etc., plus they have a movie theater there too!


In 2017, a local developer was approved to build 30 tiny homes for those experiencing homelessness in this particular area. A few years ago, they made their first “tiny home” here, which now serves as office space and storage – so it’s not just a bunch of boxes put together.


The architecture is a mix of old and new, with most homes being built in the 1920s. For many years, those who have lived here know everyone on their street or within walking distance from where they live, at least by name – it’s just that kind of neighborhood!


The area is also home to a park filled with evergreen trees, perfect for enjoying the outdoors during any month of the year. And it’s no surprise that so many residents enjoy amenities like community gardens or even small farms on their properties.


Activities in North Admiral / Admiral District Neighborhood


North Admiral Neighborhood is a great place to live if you enjoy outdoor activities. The area has several public parks, including Delridge Park and Puget Park. There are general tennis courts available in this neighborhood that anyone can use at no cost. There are also several playgrounds for kids of all ages to play on at these parks. North Admiral Neighborhood is a beautiful community with many features that make it stand out from the other neighborhoods in this city. 


In addition, the North Admiral community center offers a place where people come together after work or on weekends to relax with friends and family members while enjoying some free time outdoors, walking around the park grounds, or taking part in other recreation opportunities offered within this facility.


This neighborhood is a historic district with an excellent location. The area features beautiful homes and tree-lined streets, as well as the stunning waters of Puget Sound just minutes from downtown Seattle. Many people love living here because it’s so easy to get around – you can even walk or bike down Alki Avenue for some great views of the water.


If you want to take things at your own pace, try renting kayaks on the beach nearby and explore by sea instead while enjoying this lovely city’s scenery. You can also bring along Fido if he’d like; dogs are allowed off-leash on designated areas of Alki Beach throughout most hours each day.


For live music and a relaxed atmosphere, head over to Alki Tavern or Sunset Grill. If you’re looking for something more upscale, The Local Vine provides excellent food in a beautiful setting with views of the water. There are also several hiking trails nearby that will give you some exercise while showing off this area’s best feature.


It’s also home to a park filled with evergreen trees, perfect for enjoying the outdoors during any month of the year. And it’s no surprise that so many residents enjoy amenities like community gardens or even small farms on their properties. The architecture is a mix of old and new, with most homes being built in the 1920s. For many years, those who have lived here know everyone on their street or within walking distance from where they live, at least by name – it’s just that kind of neighborhood.


Some Things to do in North Admiral / Admiral District Seattle Neighborhood


Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market: The Market is one of the oldest continually operated public farmers’ markets in the United States. It is located on the historic waterfront in downtown Seattle, between Western Avenue and Pine Street.


Space Needle

Space Needle: The Space Needle is an observation tower in Seattle, Washington. It was built in the early 1960s for the 1962 World’s Fair, during which time nearly 20,000 people a day used the elevators.


Seattle Waterfront

Seattle Waterfront: The Seattle waterfront is the current development of the Elliott Bay area, from Pike Street to Myrtle Edwards Park. It serves as a corridor for a variety of activities and amenities.


Seattle CityPASS

Seattle CityPASS: Seattle CityPASS is a set of admission tickets to the top Seattle attractions saves you more than 50%. You can visit five top attractions (Space Needle, Seattle Aquarium, Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour, and Museum of Pop Culture) with these passes for one low price.


Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier: Mount Rainier is an active stratovolcano located southeast of Seattle, Washington. It’s a popular destination for climbers from all over the world. The most popular route is the Disappointment Cleaver, which has a 50% success rate on clear days.

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls & Seattle Winery: Snoqualmie Falls is a waterfall in Snoqualmie, Washington State. The falls are 126 feet high and flow over a basalt cliff. The falls are the centerpiece of a county park that spans more than 200 acres.

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