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The High Point Neighborhood


The High Point neighborhood is an incredible place to live, work, and play. With its proximity to public transportation, parks, the Seattle Center complex with Key Arena, and International Fountain Park, it’s no wonder why this is one of the most popular neighborhoods in town!


In the heart of downtown Seattle, this area has been a part of life in Emerald City since its incorporation. The High Point neighborhood is located on Queen Anne Hill and was named after one of the first roads that led to it – Fifth Avenue North or “The Summit.” In addition to being considered for several different names, including Green Lake Heights and West Queen Anne, it eventually became just known as High Point due to its proximity at high elevation above sea level within city limits.


About the High Point Neighborhood


Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, High Point is a popular neighborhood with an incredible location. It’s one of the most densely populated neighborhoods and has beautiful views everywhere you turn! With its proximity to public transportation, parks, the Seattle Center complex with Key Arena, and International Fountain Park, it can’t be beaten as far as convenience goes!


High Point Neighborhood is a vibrant community that’s been around for decades. You will find an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and other businesses in the neighborhood. The people here enjoy living simply, but with all the modern amenities they need at their fingertips to make life easier. High Point has a lot going on throughout the year, from summer festivals to winter holiday celebrations; there is always something happening right within your reach.


High Point is a close-knit community that has been around since before Washington was even recognized as its state. This history and long-standing roots within the city limits make for some very historic homes that are indicative of this area’s age and culture, so if you’re looking for a place to call home that offers beautiful waterfronts and parks during all seasons, then look no further than the High Point Neighborhood.


Many schools, churches, and daycares are located nearby, making it easy to raise a family or start anew in this beautiful city setting. The local businesses are fantastic, too, including many great cafes that serve delicious food and caffeinated beverages for those who may need them or want more than coffee at their disposal. The vibrant culture here makes this place like no other: if there were ever a “must live” neighborhood within city limits before all others, well, undoubtedly, High Point would make anyone’s shortlist. This area is one of the best places in Seattle to live, work, and play.


Facts about the High Point Neighborhood


High Point is an affluent neighborhood. High Point offers many great amenities for residents to enjoy, including beautiful waterfronts, parks, and trails. The area has a lot of history that dates back hundreds of years. Many people have lived in the region since before it was even recognized as part of Washington state. The community also houses some very historic homes, which indicate its age and long-standing roots within the city limits.


If you love spending time outside, then you will enjoy living here during any season! The area also has several historic homes that offer an exciting look into real estate history, making this one of the unique neighborhoods in Washington state.


Not only does High Point Neighborhood have a rich cultural experience, but it’s also an excellent place to live or visit because there is so much diversity in the community! There are people from all walks of life and backgrounds living here. This makes for interesting conversations with neighbors at the grocery store and lively debates on local issues happening at city council meetings. Visitors will enjoy experiencing this diverse culture as well!


The neighborhood welcomes everyone regardless of ethnicity, faith, traditions, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We’re very proud that we’ve been recognized nationally by CNN Magazine as one of America’s Best Places to Live 2015 and recently received a perfect score on Niche’s 2017 Seattle Schools Report Card.


Activities in High Point Neighborhood


High Point has a lot of activities and events going on throughout the year. This is why it’s no surprise to find families with children here and people just starting in life. The community always has something happening, whether it be during summer, fall, or winter. Live life to the fullest by living here. Activities for all ages are at your fingertips, and you’re surrounded by beautiful nature. Find out what activities await you on our website today!


High Point serves as a hub of activity that everyone can enjoy regardless of age or interests. There’s something for everyone to enjoy right outside their doorstep, including outdoor recreation opportunities like hiking trails, community festivals, sports games, and summer concert series held throughout July & August. 


You’ll find everything from dog parks to playgrounds around this neighborhood near Magnuson Park (Seattle), Little Norway Park (Shoreline), and Lake Washington. With so much to do, it’s no wonder why High Point is a desirable neighborhood.


In addition to all those activities in High Point Neighborhood, there are plenty more things to do in this area. Some of the most popular activities include shopping, dining out at local restaurants and cafes, visiting nearby coffee shops like Caffe Ladro or Starbucks Coffee, catching a game with friends at The Seattle Storm Stadium or Starfire Sports Complex, spending time outdoors by kayaking on Lake Washington, taking hikes around High Point Greenbelt Trail System which is located near Northgate Mall & Shoreline Community College.


High Point Neighborhood also has plenty of cultural activities that happen every day. Whether you are looking to learn about other cultures worldwide, relax with some friends by playing games based on those influences, or have fun at festivals celebrating different ethnicities.


The neighborhood is also home to some of Seattle’s most beloved parks, including Kerry Park, which offers views of the city skyline; West View Park, and offers open space as well as an indoor swimming pool and Cowen Park, where visitors can enjoy picnics while taking in the beautiful sights around Green Lake such as boating, kayaking, rowing, and paddle-boarding. The Woodland Park Zoo provides entertainment year-round at affordable prices allowing you to enjoy time together exploring exhibits and participating in events.


Something is going on here all year long. In addition to annual events like High Point Days and CultureFest, each season brings new experiences, including local restaurants participating in Dine Around Seattle during Restaurant Week and summer concerts at Rooftop Sound off West Smith Street. If that’s not enough, there’s always the chance of catching a street performer or two during lunch hour.


Things to do Near High Point Neighborhood


High Point Neighborhood is a great place to live. You can do many things here, and it’s easy to find your way around the neighborhood as streets have signs for each block, so you don’t get lost. Here’s a list of things to do in the High Point Neighborhood:


Space Needle

Space Needle: This is one of the most iconic buildings in Seattle. It’s great to go up and have a look around for free, or you can book tickets to go up into the observation deck.


Museum of Pop Culture

Museum of Pop Culture: Also known as MoPOP, this is a great place to go if you love music. There’s an IMAX theater and beautiful exhibits on display.


Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market: This is a great place to go and grab some food. Many vendors are selling different things here, including fresh seafood that you can buy to take home.


Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glasss: This is a great place to go if you love art. The museum has lots of beautiful glass pieces on display, and there’s also an outdoor section with beautiful gardens.

Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Art Museum: This museum is home to many pieces of art and traveling exhibits. You can easily spend a few hours here looking at everything they have to offer.


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