What cleaning mistakes should I avoid

4 Common Housekeeping Mistakes You Should Avoid

Home maintenance is an unavoidable part of our lives. We all do it regularly (well, pretty regularly) but, even then, we don’t give it too much thought. And that easygoing attitude often results in housekeeping mistakes that, in turn, lead to subpar results. Not only that, but some of those errors can leave your home dirtier than it was.

Therefore, the natural question is: “How can I avoid the most common mistakes when cleaning?” Aside from hiring house cleaners in Downtown Portland, which is the only surefire way, just knowing what you can go wrong about is enough to aid your cleaning efforts.

What cleaning mistakes should I avoid?

Ideally, all of them. But we know that’s a bit unrealistic. After all, making mistakes is an integral part of the learning process. Still, avoiding them is much better. Here’s what not to do if you want to clean your house like a real pro.

#1 Not using protection

If you’ve ever stayed at home when your maids arrive, you may have noticed that they always come fully equipped with protective gear. There’s a good reason for that. You can never be too safe when it comes to protecting your health while tidying up your home

Make sure you have good rubber gloves and a face mask, and you’re good. Throw in some eye protection against those pesky splashes, and you’re golden!

#2 Using the same cleaning tools for everything

The point of home maintenance is to dispose of dirt, germs, bacteria, and other unhealthy intruders in your home. However, using the same tools to do so absolutely defeats that purpose. By doing this, you’re only spreading dirt around (although it doesn’t seem so).

To avoid this mistake, have a dedicated set of tools for different areas of your home. Yes, it will cost you a bit extra at the start, but all of those accessories will last longer. So, it is a great long-term investment. Oh, and your home will be much cleaner, too, so no downsides here.

#3 Cleaning from the ground up

If there was a top list of the most common home maintenance mistakes, this would be #1. Starting from the ground and working your way up only means that dust and dirt from higher levels wind up on the ground again. Then, what you’re left with is either a poorly cleaned home or wasted time, since you have to clean some more. All you have to do to remedy this mistake is start high, end low, and there you go!

#4 Not hiring professional cleaners on a regular basis

Despite popular opinion, hiring experts isn’t a luxury. In today’s busy world, it has become a bare necessity. Busy schedules, paired with fast-paced lifestyles often leave us with little to no time for ourselves.

A maid service can help you get your time, energy, and, most importantly, nerves back. Hiring pros on a weekly or bi-weekly basis can take the immense weight off your shoulders and leave you free to enjoy that day-long excursion to the Columbia River you’ve been dreaming of for so long.house cleaners Downtown Portland

Where to find the top house cleaners in Downtown Portland?

If you’ve noticed that the time to hire a maid service has come, you’d certainly want someone you can rely upon to give your home a thorough makeover. And when in Downtown Portland, the easiest way to find dependable cleaners is with NW Maids.

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