How do you clean your house like a professional

5 Useful House Cleaning Tips You Should Know

If you’ve ever scheduled professional house cleaning in Downtown Portland, you definitely noticed how fast and efficient the experts are. It only takes them a few short hours to achieve the level of cleanliness that would take you days.

It certainly made you wonder how professional maids manage to clean your house so well and so fast. While it is a lot thanks to training and experience, it’s even more about finesse. Over time, pro cleaners pick up on some tips and tricks that make the work faster and easier, while retaining high quality. And, now, we’ll share some with you.

How do you clean your house like a professional?

Professional housekeeping is all about speed and efficiency without sacrificing an ounce of quality. Therefore, it stands to reason that you should aim for the same goal. The first step toward it is to steal some knowledge.

#1 Stealing the knowledge

Now, we’re not saying that stealing is ok. But, in this case, it is. It’s a great idea to stick around when your professional maids come, at least the first time. Just by standing on the sidelines and observing, you’ll be able to pick up on some pretty neat cleaning techniques that you didn’t know about.

Of course, make sure you don’t get in their way and obstruct their work. If you do that, they won’t mind one bit and everybody will be happier about it.

#2 Don’t rush

Housekeeping is like any other undertaking. You can’t expect to do a good job if you are unorganized. To help you with that, we have a twofer tip:

  • Declutter first, then clean. When tidying up your home, the name of the game is efficiency. You want to be able to maneuver through the areas you’re cleaning as swiftly as possible. Therefore, remove all unnecessary clutter that can impede this goal.
  • Have a plan of attack. Being chaotic is a great way to do too little work in too much time. Which is the exact opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish. To avoid this major housekeeping mistake, take some time to make a plan.

Doing these two things alone will vastly speed up the cleaning process, making it smoother and less tedious.

#3 Start prepared

Tying into the previous point, here’s something to speed up the work even more. Always have all the necessary cleaning supplies and tools in one easy-to-reach spot. Once you start cleaning, the last thing you need to do is run around the house, wondering where you left that pet-friendly disinfectant or those brand-new microfiber cloths.

#4 Give it a rest

And, no, we don’t mean to give up on home maintenance, although that is a viable option if you know you need a professional service. What we mean is don’t spray, scrub, and walk away when using products. Especially not if you’re using them in tacky areas.

The vast majority of supplies need some time to take effect. Therefore, it is important to apply it, then let it rest for a few minutes before scrubbing. Doing this will soften even the hard-core dirt (to an extent), making it easier and faster to clean.

#5 Start high, end low

While professionals follow a specific procedure, this postulate is at its very core. Going from top to bottom ensures that all the dust and dirt that falls down gets cleaned in the next pass. Therefore, you’ll get all of it in one go, without the need to go back for a cleaning Downtown Portland

Is there an easy way to find reliable house cleaning in Downtown Portland?

There sure is! In fact, doing so has never been easier. All it takes is one phone call to NW Maids to find some of the most skilled and dependable cleaners from the Willamette River to the Columbia River and anywhere in between.

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