Do maids bring their own supplies?

Guidelines on How to Prepare for Maids’ Arrival

Professional cleaning services offer many benefits, which is why many homeowners love to hire dependable cleaners to sanitize their homes from top to bottom so they can enjoy their leisure time to the fullest.

Whether you’re hiring maids for the first time or you’re a recurring customer, you probably want to ensure you’re completely prepared for their arrival at your place in Downtown Portland or the area. In the following article, you’ll learn everything you need to know before your cleaning lady arrives. Read on!

Do maids bring their own supplies?

A reliable and professional team of maids will bring their own supplies and equipment suitable to fit all your cleaning needs and requirements. Apart from that, in case a customer is allergic to some of the products or wants an environmentally friendly cleaning approach, a high-quality cleaning service will customize the products they use to fit the client’s needs and preferences. 

Many homeowners make the mistake of using cleaning supplies in the wrong way. However, professional cleaners are strictly trained to use these items in a completely safe manner and will know how to clean your home in a way that achieves optimal results.

Should people tip maids?

This is another important thing many homeowners want to know before their cleaners arrive. The answer is always the same – you’re not obliged to tip your maids, but they’ll surely appreciate it. 

Although cleaners are paid professionals, many people decide to show their gratitude for the successful completion of the job by tipping them. When they decide to do that they calculate the amount per their current budget considering the level of service quality.

Should I stay at home when the maids arrive?

This is another dilemma homeowners often come across. It’s again something that depends on the client’s preferences. Some people choose to be present during the clean-up because they don’t feel comfortable imagining strangers alone in their house, working near their valuable belongings.

On the other hand, others decide to take this opportunity to relax while someone qualified and skilled cleans their home. If you find a reputable and trusted company, you’ll be comfortable with both options.

What should I do before the cleaning lady comes?Should people tip maids?

If you’ve noticed you need help from professional maids, you’re probably wondering how to prepare for their arrival. There is a couple of things you can do:

Set your expectations

If you want to ensure your expectations and needs are met, you should set them and communicate them clearly. This way you’ll ensure your team of cleaners knows what they should focus on.


Although cleaning ladies are trained to clean effectively and thoroughly, it’s easier for them to work without having to move things around. If you have the time, try to declutter rooms and clean off the counters so that they can vacuum, dust, and mop more easily.

Take care of the kitchen mess

Make sure you put away the dirty dishes and place them inside the sink if you don’t have time to wash them. You should also get rid of the food leftovers before your maids arrive.

Where can I find trustworthy maids to clean my home in Downtown Portland?

If you’re wondering what clean-up tricks your home needs, or want reliable pros to spruce up your property, NW Maids Portland is the company you should choose. We boast years of experience, reliable techniques, and quality equipment that made numerous customers fully satisfied with the final results. We take pride in our satisfaction guarantee that offers peace of mind and an easy booking system that saves you time. 

You can rest assured that the pros we connect you with are completely insured, bonded, and trained to handle every step of the clean-up process. We offer a broad array of services, from move-in/out clean-ups to office sanitization, while also giving you the opportunity to choose eco-friendly supplies.

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