Professional House Cleaning and Cleaning Lady Checklist Updated 2022

Many people are looking for ways to save time and money. One way that many people do this is by hiring a cleaning lady or professional house cleaner. If you are thinking about hiring someone but aren’t sure what you need to know before starting the search, this article will provide all the information you need. This is a comprehensive checklist for those looking to hire a professional house cleaning and cleaning lady service. This checklist includes everything you will need to know before hiring someone, what questions to ask, and how often they should come. The house cleaning and maid services industry can be confusing, but this list makes it easy!

professional house cleaning and cleaning lady checklist

Cleaning Lady Checklist for Professional Cleaning

Before hiring a professional cleaner, make sure that everyone in your house knows what they need to be doing and when! You can help them out by either giving them their specific tasks or making up a plan together as a team so there won’t be any confusion later on about who did what after the floors have been scrubbed clean. It might be helpful if everyone picks one room to focus on at first then work back through it repeatedly until everything looks spotless once more!

Keep an eye on how much time has passed since each task was completed, too, just in the case started working quickly without checking with someone else to make sure they are on the same page. Here’s a checklist of what they need to be doing:

Clean Around Kitchen Appliances

One thing that might be a bit tricky is cleaning around kitchen appliances such as stoves, microwaves, and fridges due to how easily you could potentially hurt yourself if not being very careful! You can either use specific tools for this or get your hands dirty by using paper towels dipped in vinegar water then wiping down any extra residue from spills! It’s no secret that stains left behind tend to attract more dirt over time, so it’s important to stay vigilant about making sure things remain cleaned up until their next scheduled day of house cleaning too. Before beginning anything else, make sure to take off all jewelry and clothing items made out of silk since these will likely get ruined in the process!

Clean Counters, Cabinets, and Floors

Once you have gotten all of your ovens cleaned out thoroughly with a solution made up for this purpose only, make sure to clean off all kitchen cabinets as well. They are usually left dusty after cooking meals, so it might be challenging to keep track over time without making them look dirtier than before, along with other areas around the house that need attention too! Something else worth mentioning is protecting your flooring since these can become scratched or stained very quickly if not being careful when moving things around or cleaning windows. Keep any cloth rags stashed away near each window during both springtime and fall months because there will be plenty of leaves that will eventually fall from trees!

Clean Windows

You can use many different solutions when washing windows, like vinegar water with a little bit of dish soap added to it for extra grease-cutting power. You can also mix up warm water and baking soda or try using newspaper instead, which might be easier depending on the kind of window panes that need cleaning, too, since they tend to vary in size around homes. Make sure before beginning any tasks, however, remove all jewelry along with clothing items made out of silk because these kinds of fabrics could become very quickly ruined if handled roughly by someone unaware about how delicate they genuinely are.

Clean Furniture and Flooring

Make sure to wipe down any flat surfaces nearby before beginning anything else because you don’t want to be distracted while washing windows, only for someone knocking over an expensive vase that was left near them. You should also remove all jewelry along with clothing items made out of silk since these kinds of fabrics could become very quickly ruined if handled roughly by someone unaware of how delicate they genuinely are. Next, clear off any flat surfaces nearby so there won’t be anything accidentally knocked over onto hardwood flooring too! Once everything has been taken apart from one another, make sure not to forget underneath furniture either, which can sometimes get missed without moving things around first.

professional house cleaning and cleaning lady checklist

Cleaning Supplies/Equipment

The best way to get a comprehensive checklist is from the cleaning lady that you hire. Hiring professionals means they have experience and knowledge of what supplies they need to do a thorough job. However, if you are going at it alone, please be sure to bring all your tools! You will want bleach for white clothes or surfaces; if there are any stains on clothing or upholstery, use re-wash soap, so they come out quickly (mix with water).

Would you please mark down some suitable gloves because many cleaners like working without them? Sometimes, having them can make things easier, especially when dealing with chemicals such as sprays and powders, which could irritate over time if not appropriately protected.

Don’t forget about the vacuum cleaner because the best way to get rid of dust and dirt is to vacuum. You can use one or buy two because it would be great to have one for the carpets and another for wooden floors. Many people forget about the dustpan, but it is necessary because you don’t want to leave the dirt and dust on walls and floors.

Last but not least, the mop and bucket will always help when it comes to cleaning floors. Make sure you add a good scrub brush to your list because this type of equipment might be necessary for removing any tough stains on floor areas such as tiles or grout lines.

professional house cleaning and cleaning lady checklist

Professional House Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning Day! Go through each house room and clean it thoroughly, starting with all rooms used least often first. Then work down to those most frequently used. While working on this part of the list, be sure that every item has a place in its own home, or something else will have no place for itself when cleaning is done except wherever it lands at the end of the day. If there doesn’t seem to be enough space anywhere in your home for everything you want/need, take some time now to make better use out of what little space exists before moving forward with purging anything more from clutter control purposes only. Remember always one step ahead of yourself, thinking ahead to how you plan on using the space after cleaning is complete once all surfaces are clean and shiny; vacuum or dust each room thoroughly before moving on to the next one.

Kitchen Cleaning – Every inch of your kitchen should be cleaned today, including inside cabinets and drawers if possible. The stovetop can also be given a quick scrub along with any other dirty appliances in the way. Wipe down every surface throughout your home, paying close attention to corners where little feet can get caught up instead of being able to move freely when needed most. As always, take care not to forget about areas that are used less by putting them off until later in the week when they may become neglected again! Remove any items that are no longer functional (and remember to recycle, donate or sell anything you can when appropriate) before moving on to the next step in your list.

Bedroom Cleaning – Walk into each room and focus on making it look exactly how you want for one night’s sleep. Make sure all dirty laundry is put away so there will be nothing left lying around accidentally, especially under beds where many people often forget about them entirely. Take care not to miss any corners of a bedroom during this time either because they may go undone if given enough thought beforehand without checking every inch thoroughly ahead of yourself instead. Don’t forget to pay attention throughout cleaning day, even though some areas might seem more important than others simply because distractions may occur, and you want to be prepared for them as best as possible from the start.

Bathroom Cleaning – It’s time to give all surfaces a deep scrub today. Scrub every surface down until it is clean enough for your standards, including grout, so nothing remains dirty or grimy at any cost during this process. Remove everything that doesn’t belong inside a bathroom either because these items can quickly become clutter if left unattended long-term before moving onto anything else in your house instead. Once done with that part of your list, move on to other preferred rooms such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc., where you will spend more quality time after completing those tasks first from beginning to end.

Living Room Cleaning – Sweep or vacuum every surface before moving onto anything else in your home, paying close attention to corners where little feet can get caught up instead of being able to move freely when needed most. Get rid of any items that are no longer functional (and remember to recycle, donate or sell anything you can when appropriate) before moving on to the next step in your list at hand.

Once finished with this task, be sure not to miss out on spending time with friends and family by making plans for later today because it is always better late than never if something were ever come up unexpectedly, which could lead down an entirely different path instead. Taking care of essential matters first allows everyone room enough within their personal space to make sure these types of tasks are correctly completed; knowing full well will enable them to accomplish more in the process without running into any distractions or interruptions along the way.

Now that you’ve completed the Professional house cleaning checklist consider hiring an experienced house cleaning lady who knows how to perform a proper clean just like the professionals do too! This way, you’ll know it’s being done right, so you don’t have any messes to clean up later on down the road!


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