How to Find a House Cleaning Deal? Updated 2022

The joys of owning a home are endless, but the responsibilities of it can be overwhelming. One of these tasks is finding a reliable house cleaner. However, many homeowners have found this to be one of the most challenging jobs around-especially if you live in an area where there are few affordable house cleaners, or you need someone who will clean your refrigerator! That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate guide to help find the perfect cleaning deal for you and your needs.

how to find a house cleaning deal

What is a Reasonable Price for House Cleaning?

Housekeeping deals can range from $25-50 an hour on average, but some providers charge more than this. Some companies offer discounts, so don’t forget about asking them if they have any special offers running at the moment when setting up your appointment with them over the phone. This will allow you to cut costs even further and save money in general, which is always lovely!

Just take note of all payment terms before signing anything because once you’ve done that, it might become tough getting out of your contract. Everyone has been there, so don’t worry too much about it because this is a common practice among providers to keep their clients “stuck” with them for as long as possible. In addition, find out what you want before agreeing on anything, and everything will be just fine!

Many factors influence the price of house cleaning. Yet, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Each company has its philosophy and approach when it comes to pricing, resulting in significant differences among them. The key here is understanding your needs and finding a good value for money deal on house cleaning services while paying attention to various non-price aspects of each offer you consider.

how to find a house cleaning deal

What Services Should I Expect?

Cleaning supplies are usually included in standard hourly rates but not always, so make sure to clarify this before reaching any agreement with a provider or at least bring your products or equipment like a vacuum cleaner. What about the frequency of visits? Some people prefer daily maids while others want their home cleaned once per week so try finding out what is more convenient for both parties as there may be some flexibility here. Once the primary service levels are agreed upon, other factors can affect how much house cleaning costs. These include:

The number of bedrooms – the more bedrooms, the larger and messier your home is. Remember that if you have a big family or pets, this might also affect cleaning time and therefore bills, so think these factors through carefully when deciding on a budget.

Size of the house – obviously, the larger your property is, the more hours it will take to clean. On the other hand, be sure to include all rooms typically used in the housekeeping process.

Size of home – the size of your home will also affect costs. The more rooms you have, the greater the house cleaning bill, but remember that this doesn’t apply to areas like hallways and bathrooms, usually included in standard prices.

Location of home – in most cases, cleaners will have to charge more if your house is located outside the city center or far from their usual route. However, it might be much easier if you are looking to find someone who can clean your home regularly in the suburbs or rural areas.

Additional tasks – sometimes other jobs may become necessary, for example handling pet hair removal, which requires specific equipment (a handheld steam cleaner). Make sure to clarify all details before signing any contract to avoid unpleasant surprises after the job has been completed.

how to find a house cleaning deal

What Other Things Should I Pay Attention to?

Cleaning supplies – make sure they are included in the price estimates you receive from various providers. Some companies may provide you with essential equipment and cleaning products, but they will charge for them separately (this should be listed in the agreement).

Payment terms – after all, you want to make sure that everything is documented and agreed upon in advance. Make sure the provider will not ask for any additional payments after the job is completed. This may be a sign of poor quality service, so make sure to avoid it at all costs. An important thing to remember is that reputable house cleaners will always be upfront with their pricing and terms of service. They should provide you with all details before the job is done, so there are no unpleasant surprises after the fact.

Cleaning schedule – some providers may want to stick with a regular plan for your house so they can minimize their time spent getting familiar with the layout of your home. It is essential because the more often they come to your house, the better maids understand how everything works inside. If you prefer flexibility, make sure to communicate this with the provider and explain why it is essential for you.

Eco-friendly products – Look into hiring green cleaners instead. House Cleaning Deals often come with standard eco-friendly products that are safe on surfaces and do not cause any damage even when used frequently over long periods, which means no hazardous chemicals in your home either! This is also great news for those living with pets because there won’t be any chance of getting sick from contact with these substances during cleaning sessions.

how to find a house cleaning deal

Tips on Finding a House Cleaning Deals

– Look for discounts or offers that will reduce the price of house cleaning. You can find deals and coupons online, through email, on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Many companies also offer free trials with a limited number of bookings available, so you would need to get your hands on one quickly.

– Ask for a house cleaning referral. If your friends or family have been using the service before, you can ask them if they know anyone who offers discounts and promotions to first-time customers. You may be able to take advantage of this offer as many companies will give out special promos as a way of showing their appreciation for referrals from clients.

– Consider looking into professional cleaning companies that offer discounts to first-time customers. House cleaning deals often come with standard eco-friendly products that are safe on surfaces and do not cause any damage even when used frequently over long periods, which means no hazardous chemicals in your home either! This is also great news for those living with pets because there won’t be any chance of getting sick from contact with these substances during cleaning sessions.

– Consider hiring a cleaner on an hourly basis. If you only need some help cleaning your home now and then, such as before guests come over or during short vacations where you would like to return to a spotless place upon arriving back home, it may be more cost-effective for you if the company charges per hour instead of offering package deals at lower rates which can end up being cheaper in the long run.

– Get recommendations from family and friends who may already use a cleaner regularly. Be sure to ask them about their experience so far, if they’ve been satisfied with the service they’re receiving, then go ahead and book in advance! If it sounds too good to be true, then maybe steer clear…

– Get quotes from at least three companies or individuals, this will give you a good idea of what’s out there and who is offering the best deal. If you’re on a tight budget, then it might be worth asking if they offer any discounts for students, full-time parents, or senior citizens. It’s also important to check that the prices include all cleaning products and materials too; this is often not included in some deals!

– Check reviews online from previous customers via Google Reviews as well as Trustpilot. If there have been complaints about a company, make sure to steer clear. Just because one person has had trouble with them doesn’t mean everyone else will but take precautions when hiring new staff members, especially those who come at such low rates!

– NW Maids offer discounts for Recurring services. If you do not want to go through the trouble of constantly scouting for deals and offers, consider signing up for a recurring house cleaning service instead. Each session is at a discounted rate than what would be charged if done on an individual basis. The best part about this option is that you sit back and relax while your place gets cleaned by professionals who know just how to get the job done correctly in time which saves money!


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