Why you shouldn’t just hire any cleaning company – investigate!


Yes, we’ve all been in a hurry before, needing a cleaning service and not caring who you went with. We understand how you feel!

However, if you’re going to let someone into your home, there are several things you should probably ask beforehand. Let’s get into them now!

According to a recent blog by there are 7 things that you should look out for before hiring a cleaning service.

  1. What your individual needs are
  2. The qualifications of the cleaner or company you’re thinking of hiring
  3. Their experience
  4. Your schedule vs theirs – are they able to fit you in?
  5. Cleaning supplies – who provides them, what are they like?
  6. How can you pay? What methods do they accept?
  7. References and Background Checks – super important for the sensitive job of going into your home!

Let’s check these out together and figure out more about them!

1) Your individual needs

You should always consider what your actual needs are – if the individual or service you’re thinking of hiring doesn’t accomodate for your individual needs, run!

Here is a sample cleaning checklist that you can reference – it includes all the basics of a regular cleaning, plus some extras and add-ons that you may want to mention to your cleaning professional or company.

Make sure you are clear about what it is you need – are there areas of your home that need special attention? Are you expecting a deep cleaning for the price of a regular cleaning? These discrepancies should be able to be answered by your cleaning individual accurately and clearly. It’s important for your home to be in good hands, and this is a great way to make sure you’re getting a person or service that can fulfill your cleaning needs!


2) The qualifications of the cleaner or company

It’s super important to check if the company or cleaner you are thinking of hiring actually has the correct qualifications. Cleaning is a job that does require a high level of organization and expertise. This is partially due to it being a job that requires you to match the correct cleaning products and cleaning techniques to the correct surfaces that you are cleaning. For example: If you use Bleach on a glass stovetop, it does cause damage!

Clean Maids near Cypress, TX has this to say: “Granite, marble and stainless steel appliances (like fridges and sinks) all need to be handled with the correct products and cleaning supplies, otherwise they can be seriously damaged and need to be replaced. This can be quite costly so you want to make sure you have well trained cleaners!”


3) The cleaner’s experience (and feedback)



It’s very imporant to regard the cleaner’s experience and what kind of feedback they’ve received.

Check online review sites like Yelp and Google for online reviews, but keep in mind that you should take these with a grain of salt! It’s common knowledge that 1 in 50 happy customers leaves a review, but 1 in 4 unhappy customers will scream your company’s name from the rooftops!

This is why it’s very important to ensure that your cleaning company or individual has enough experience to have some sort of feedback listed online for them, or at least references that they can send you.

4) Their schedule


Is the cleaner or company able to fit you into their schedule? This is important, as schedules fill up fast, and it’s very important to ensure that you can find a spot that works for you. This is even more important if you’re booking a recurring cleaning vs a one-off, because you want to make sure your cleaner can access the property at the time of cleaning. Otherwise they might get locked out and have to charge a cancellation fee in some cases!

5) Cleaning supplies


It’s important to be clear about who provides the cleaning supplies. Are they high quality? Check with your cleaner or company and ensure that whoever provides the cleaning supplies, they are there at the time of cleaning, otherwise there will be a miscommunication that could result in a bad experience.

6) Methods of payment

It’s important to see if you can pay via credit card – make sure that the cleaner or company has a booking form that you can use. This makes it so much easier to book your cleaning, and ensure payment is sent on time on their end as well!

7) References and Background checks

This is pretty self-evident, but it’s worth repeating anyway. Make sure you get your cleaners background checked and get some references, or at the very least, ensure your company that you’re hiring has done so.

We hope this list helps, and make sure you check our our cleaning services if you’re in the Seattle area!



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