Handy Tips to Make Your Kitchen Shine Again

Keeping your kitchen spotless is an essential part of maintaining a healthy and hygienic home. Not only does a tidy kitchen look and smell better, but it can also help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and germs. However, with busy schedules and endless to-do lists, it can be challenging to find the time and motivation to tackle this task.

This is why many Queen Ann residents are unwilling to handle this task on their own, so they turn to professional cleaning services for help. Keep on reading if you’re ready to take your kitchen upkeep to the next level.


How often should you clean your kitchen

How do I clean my kitchen efficiently?

Taking care of your kitchen doesn’t have to take the whole day. With a few simple steps, you’ll keep your cooking space pristine without feeling overwhelmed:

1. Countertops: Wipe them down with a wet cloth or sponge and dishwashing liquid. Pay particular attention to all the nooks and crannies, especially the areas around the faucet.

2. Appliances: Tackle each appliance with a damp cloth and some mild detergent. Also, make sure any grime or grease buildup is removed. For microwaves, use a glass bowl filled with water and microwave for two minutes. Then wipe down the inside. For ovens, put a bowl filled with water in and set it to “broil” for five minutes before wiping out its interior.

3. Floors: Sweep or vacuum all floors thoroughly using a dry mop or broom. A mop is always an option if you have the time – however, be sure to use a product that works best with your flooring material.

4. Cabinets: Wipe them down with soapy water and then rinse them off with vinegar (this will help cut through any grease). Add some lemon juice to your solution for a more pleasant smell.

5. Dishes: In a perfect world, everyone would have time to wash the dishes right after meals. But let’s be honest – that’s not always realistic. If you can’t wash them right away, at least rinse them off and put them in the dishwasher (or hand-wash them if you must).

6. Disposals: Before running your disposal, run some cold water through it and add a lemon peel. This will give the unit an extra-fresh scent!

How often should you clean your kitchen?

Cleaning your cooking area at least once a week is a good idea, but in case you use it frequently, it may be necessary to give it a bit more attention than that. The good news is that keeping your kitchen space hygienic and properly sanitized doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

For instance, if there are a lot of heavy-duty chores awaiting for you, such as cleaning the oven or stovetop, divide the workload into smaller tasks and do a little bit each day. Keeping this in mind will prevent you from becoming exhausted or discouraged, or from giving up before the job is completed.

Where in Queen Anne can I book dependable cleaning services

Where in Queen Anne can I book dependable cleaning services?

If you’re in search of a cleaning provider that can cater to your specific needs and preferences, look no further! NW Maids Seattle is here to help. Whether you live near Queen Anne Boulevard or elsewhere in Queen Anne Hill, our services are a cost-effective solution for homes of any size.

Rest assured that our team of highly skilled professionals is well-equipped to exceed your expectations and deliver top-notch quality service. If you have any questions or concerns, our team will be happy to assist you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and get the service you need!



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