5 Things to Consider Before Hiring Cleaners

Hiring professional help is an effective way to reduce stress and take the burden of housekeeping off your shoulders. However, with many different services available nowadays, finding the right one can be challenging. The following article will help you understand what makes a reputable cleaning provider and what to look for when choosing the best maids for your home in Queen Anne. Read on!



What should I know before hiring a house cleaner?

Keep these things in mind, no matter if you’re looking to restore your home to its former glory through thorough, occasional, or regular maintenance:

1. Qualified & vetted pros

The idea of inviting someone into your most personal space may seem intimidating and intrusive. For this reason, you want to be sure your team is well-trained and rigorously screened. This means you need to ensure that safety precautions are part of the company’s standard operating procedures before welcoming them into your home and providing them with access to your most valuable items, including those of your family. 

2. Referrals & online reviews 

Get recommendations from your friends and family on cleaning services for your home. This way, you’ll be able to gain a first-hand understanding of the methods involved in the process. And more – knowing how satisfied someone else is with the work provided will help you make a more informed choice.

Now it’s time to move on to online reviews and see what other customers have to say about them. Ensure that the reviews on their website include the reviewer’s name, their location, and where they originally wrote the review. You’ll eliminate fraud by doing so.


3. A wide range of services 

Ask about the services offered before you sign anything. Get more information about regular home maintenance and in-depth cleaning. Ask them to give you more info on their method, the equipment they’re using, as well as their supplies. 

It will be easier to establish an honest and transparent relationship with your cleaning provider if you know what to expect. Custom requests are a plus, so don’t forget to ask if they offer them. 

4. Fair rates 

The cost of professional cleaning is the biggest concern for most people. Does the company charge an hourly rate or a flat fee? Both options offer advantages and disadvantages. For instance, with hourly rates, you might worry that the cleaner will prolong the job. Then again, a flat fee may cause a housekeeper to rush through their duties. To find the best solution, discuss these concerns with your team.

5. Complete happiness

Reputable companies place a high priority on customer satisfaction. Customer service must be available to assist you in every step to ensure that this process runs smoothly.

Additionally, seasoned pros carefully select their cleaners. They hire meticulous individuals who are dedicated to their jobs. Best of all, in case you’re not satisfied with the work, a team of experienced cleaners will re-clean it for you.


Where can I book experienced maids in Queen Anne? 

Is it time to hire a professional to help you with your daily chores? If so, asking these simple questions upfront will help you avoid unpleasant surprises down the road, so be sure to find out as much information about a potential house cleaning service in Queen Anne and nearby communities before committing.

Hiring a trustworthy house cleaning service is more of an investment than anything else because it saves them time and hassle in the long run. So, why sacrifice your time when choosing NW Maids to take care of all your cleaning needs? We’re a professional team that provides affordable services to Seattle residents. Book a free quote today for your home cleaning needs, no matter if you’re located in Lower Queen Anne or elsewhere in the area. Dedicated to your complete satisfaction, we’ll make sure you’re pleased with the house cleaners we connect you with!




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