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National Nordic Museum in Seattle, WA

Nordic Museum in Seattle, WA, is a great place to go on a cold winter day. This museum provides an exciting and educational experience for all visitors of any age. There are many things to do here, from watching films about Nordic cultures, playing games with Viking children, or even browsing through the vast collection of artifacts from each country.

It is dedicated to preserving and sharing Scandinavian heritage through artifacts, artworks, textiles, music, literature, and folk culture. The museum’s collection includes more than 15000 items spanning 1500 years! Two permanent galleries highlight the cultures of Denmark (Denmark) and Norway. The museum also hosts various exhibits that change throughout the year, so there’s always something new to see!

Here are ten fun activities you can enjoy at this museum:

  1. Watching movies about Nordic culture
  2. Visiting the Viking village and playing games with kids dressed as Vikings!
  3. Playing board games that teach you how to speak Norwegian!
  4. Browsing through the vast collection of artifacts from each country.
  5. Having a snack in one of their cafes or restaurants!
  6. You are renting out space for your private events!
  7. They were taking tours to learn more about Nordic history and culture.
  8. Visit the gift shop to take home souvenirs with you!
  9. Visiting during any holiday season because they have special activities at certain times throughout the year (such as an Easter egg hunt, Halloween trick or treating, etc.)
  10. They are also participating in the Nordic Museum’s many events and exhibits.

What exhibits does National Nordic Museum have?

There are many different interactive opportunities for children at the National Nordic Museum. They can dress up like Vikings if they’d like, do hands-on crafts while learning about their history through cultural lessons inspired by Scandinavian culture, and it’s an educational museum that you will enjoy because of how immersive it is! There aren’t many places that can say all of these things after being visited by families from all over the world. The National Nordic Museum in Seattle has been bringing people together since it opened decades ago. Still, now kids get to learn about their ancestors thousands of years ago when they visit today during education programs where they’ll experience what life was like back then!

Kids will love this museum because they get to immerse themselves in another way of life that is different than what they’re used to seeing every day! This museum is exceptionally educational and tons of fun at the same time, so it doesn’t feel like work when you’re there learning something new! The only problem you’ll have with the National Nordic Museum is deciding which exhibit to see first!

It’s educational, but also tons of fun! There aren’t many places that can say that about themselves after being visited by families from all over the world! The National Nordic Museum in Seattle has been bringing people together since it opened decades ago. Now children will be able to experience what life was like for their ancestors thousands of years ago when they visit today! It offers a ton of interactive opportunities for them and provides education programs where your child gets hands-on learning experiences inspired by Scandinavian culture! It’s an educational museum that they will enjoy, which is the perfect combination.

What to bring to the National Nordic Museum?

Water bottle: the museum has plenty of water fountains throughout its different sections to keep you hydrated! -Snacks: there are a few places at the beginning where there’s space for sitting and enjoying some snacks from home or a quick snack run at one of the many cafes in the area.

Bug spray: Several exhibits have insects, so you might want to bring bug spray if they’re not your favorite animals!

Sunscreen: The museum has many windows, and it’s located outside, so sunscreen is helpful for this location.

Camera or cell phone: The museum has several permanent and temporary exhibits that you’ll want to take photos of!

Raincoat: Even though Seattle doesn’t rain much in the summer, it can be a little unpredictable, so having a coat or umbrella with you is recommended.

What not to bring in the National Nordic Museum?

Pets: I know this is a hard one, but there are areas in the museum that don’t allow pets even if they’re on a leash. It’s for your pet’s safety as well as other visitors’ who might be afraid of animals.

Food or drinks: There aren’t many places where you can eat at the museum, so you might not want to bring food because it could get ruined. And if you’re looking for a snack run, there are cafes in the area that sell snacks and drinks!

Large bags: The museum doesn’t allow any large bags or backpacks through the entrance, so if you have a big bag with you, it will need to be checked at the front desk. If this is your situation, make sure to go early for them to get everything squared away before they open!
It is important to note that it is banned in the museum, so if you choose to bring your food and drink, be sure not to leave them unattended.

What does the National Nordic Museum Offer?

The museum has an excellent selection of books and other items for sale. A map can help you find your way around the exhibits, as well as the cafe and gift shop. Even if you don’t plan to buy something from their store, they have a fantastic window display called “Drawn by Ice.” It changes throughout the year and is always worth a look.

This museum has many family-friendly activities, such as story time every Saturday at 11:00 am in their frosty cafe. If you turn up to hear it when they aren’t doing one, don’t worry – there’s plenty to do and see while you wait! You can also find a list of events on their website. The museum is frequently updated with new exhibits and has something exciting going on every day!

For example, if you’re there during February, they will be holding an ice carving exhibition (and competition). No matter when you go, it’s always worth checking out what will be happening.

Location and Admission

The National Nordic Museum is in Seattle, Washington. It is located at 2655 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107, USA. The admission ticket fee range from is $10 – $15.

Address: 2655 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107, United States
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 10am–5pm
Thursday 10am–5pm
Friday 10am–5pm
Saturday 10am–5pm
Sunday 10am–5pm

Phone: +1 206-789-5707

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National Nordic Museum in Seattle WA


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