Alki Beach Park in Seattle WA

Things To Do in Seattle – Alki Beach Park

Alki Beach Park in Seattle, WA

Seattle is known for its extreme climate changes. One day it will be sunny and 80 degrees; the next, it will be pouring rain with temps in the 50s. This can make deciding what to wear difficult! Luckily, Alki Beach Park (a Seattle favorite) has a great view no matter what weather you find yourself in. From sandy beaches to lush forests, this park offers something for everyone!

History of Alki Beach Park

It was named after the Alki Point Lighthouse. It is also known as Puget Sound Beach, and The West Seattle Water Taxi has a stop here too! There are many attractions at this park; you can enjoy jogging, biking, rollerblading, or having fun with your friends and family members by swimming in its pool open from May till September every year. Its facilities include:
A parking lot for cars & trucks.
Ramps for disabled people to not face any problem while visiting it.
In springtime, when flowers blossom here, then it creates a beautiful scene which attracts tourists towards itself very strongly.

Nowadays, Alki Beach Park is considered the primary spot to enjoy some moments with your friends or family members.

Fun Facts about the Alki Beach Park

It has a beach of its own which attracts many visitors towards it consistently throughout the year.

The West Seattle Water Taxi provides a transportation facility at this park.

You can find large open areas for playing games like volleyball, football, etc., here easily without any need for a reservation!

There are also public restrooms available on both sides of this place so that everyone could use them accordingly only if they want to do so.

Parking facilities are also provided by this park for cars and trucks alike because there is more than enough space available here for parking.

Disabled people and senior citizens could also enjoy their time at this park by taking the help of ramps provided over there without any problem.

Activities and Things to do Alki Beach Park

Enjoy the beautiful views of Seattle’s skyline and Mt. Rainer from Alki Beach Park in Washington state.

The sands are perfect for building sandcastles if you decide to bring your kids too! There is plenty of room to play frisbee golf here as well, making this park a haven for sports enthusiasts throughout all seasons. And don’t forget about a fantastic playground area that will keep your children entertained for hours on end.

You can easily find many food stalls near its beach area where you could buy delicious snacks like burgers, hot dogs, etc., at reasonable rates!

Fishing (you can catch salmon and steelhead trout right off of the pier!)

Hiking trails for those who like exercise outside of joining an organized gym!

Bicycling is also possible at this park, so you can ride along the flat ground if that’s more up your alley than walking would be – maybe after some time on the beach?

You can enjoy a romantic sunset while walking along with your loved one or watch boats go by on Puget Sound throughout the day.

When you get to Alki Beach Park, take your camera out and start snapping some great pictures of Seattle’s skyline that will be perfect for sharing on social media or printing as a keepsake.

Things to Avoid when Visiting the Alki Beach Park

Things not to do in Alki Beach Park is a common question when visiting this summer. Not doing these things can help you enjoy your time at the park more! The following list covers some of the most popular items people ask about:

Do not bring glass bottles or open containers with alcohol. Drinking at Alki Beach Park will be cited by police officers and Seattle Police Department’s South Precinct Community Police Team (CPT) members.

Do not leave children unattended, both on playground equipment and around water areas that are supervised by lifeguards who have been trained in First Aid & CPR for child care providers. Adults should also supervise children while they’re playing in the sand near the water, as well as playing in the water.

Do not play on or around lifeguard stands, structures, and equipment for use by park personnel only. This obstructs their ability to monitor beach areas they’re responsible for supervising, including land and water activities occurring nearby them. It’s also unsafe for children who may be playing near the stand without adult supervision present.

Do not leave dogs unattended on Alki Beach Park’s promenade path. This applies to both pets and service animals who are with their owners at the park. It also means no tied up or leashed dogs, as well as unleashed ones – they’re all considered “unattended.” An adult handler should keep Pets in control during visits, whether that person is near them or within view of where they’ll remain until called for. Service animals must always be under the direct control of their handlers when visiting this location, too; just because a dog may have received special training doesn’t mean it can roam free around here without supervision from its owner/handler.

Location of Alki Park 

Alki park is located at 665 Alki Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116, United States.

Some parking lots are available at this site for around $15.00, depending on the time frame. The prices vary by season, so make sure you check before making your way there!

The Alki Beach Park has something that everyone can enjoy when they visit, which makes its popularity understandable. It can be a great place to spend your day with the family or even on a romantic date. You can’t go wrong with the opportunities it presents!

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Alki Beach Park in Seattle WA



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