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Things To Do in Seattle – Skyview Observatory – Columbia Center

Skyview Observatory – Columbia Center in Seattle, WA

Seattle is a city that offers so much to visitors and locals alike. It’s also home to one of the most incredible views in the world – from 11,000 feet! If you’ve been curious about what it feels like to see Seattle from up high, Skyview Observatory – Columbia Center has just the experience for you. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with your family or friends while enjoying the views of downtown Seattle and Puget Sound.

History of Skyview Observatory – Columbia Center

The Skyview Observatory: Columbia Center is located in Seattle, Washington, at 701 Fifth Avenue. The observatory was opened on June 29th, 1989, and offers a fantastic view of the city skyline from 11,000 feet high atop downtown Seattle and three states: Idaho, Oregon, and even Alaska! It’s a great place to visit for locals or tourists alike. There are interactive exhibits that teach you the science behind seeing things when we look into space; it’s all around us wherever we go (and there are over 100 billion galaxies out there too!) This attraction has been open since 1989, making this one of the most popular attractions in Seattle! Not only can you get up close with some like sharks who live in the aquarium on the lower floors, but you can also get up close to some fantastic views from our outside deck. There is a lovely atrium with seating and an indoor/outdoor café for visitors to enjoy their time viewing Seattle’s skyline! The Skyview Observatory – Columbia Center is open except Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Day, and New Year’s Day.

Facts about Skyview Observatory – Columbia Center

The lookout is located on the 73rd floor of Columbia Center, making it one of the highest lookouts in Seattle. There is over an acre and a half worth of glass to provide visitors with great views from all angles. Visitors can even sign their names on a beam near the ceiling as “proof” they were there for those who want to make sure they came up here themselves (or maybe don’t trust that you made it)!

Skyview has been featured as one of the top places to visit by USA Today, Forbes Travel Guide, ABC News, and more! Please feel free to view some photos we took when we saw Skyview in Seattle, Washington!

The top of the tower is covered with over an acre and a half worth of glass to provide visitors with views from all angles. Skyview Observatory – Columbia Center is an ideal location for private events of all types! Groups of 20 or 2000 guests can experience our magnificent views.  There are rotating glass-enclosed elevators that take you up to the observatory level on one of Seattle’s tallest buildings! You can see each floor pass by as you head upwards towards your destination. The doors open onto a small room with windows surrounding three sides where there is also an enormous telescope pointing outside through windows, very cool for kids who love looking at stars and planets during their visit here in Seattle.

What to see Skyview Observatory – Columbia Center

At 11,000 feet above sea level, you can see the Seattle skyline from Skyview Observatory. This is an experience like none other in Seattle that many tourists and locals alike enjoy. If you want to bring your family or kids along on this trip, too, then there are some great experiences for all ages at this unique observation deck. Even if it’s just a daytime visit, you will find yourself enjoying what they have to offer here, including panoramic views of downtown Seattle as well as Mount Rainier, Tacoma Tower, Elliott Bay, and Puget Sound. A perfect place for taking pictures too! According to experts who say most people can’t see the mountain from there, the most comprehensive unobstructed view of Mt. St Helens is available anywhere – even more than 200 miles away. There are three telescopes available for astronomers or just people who enjoy looking at stars and planets too! Watching planes take off from nearby Sea-Tac Airport is also a favorite pastime of many guests here.

Things to do in Skyview Observatory – Columbia Center

There’s a 360-degree view of the Seattle skyline from 11,000+ feet in the air. You can even watch ferries and cruise ships coming into port or leaving on tours around Puget Sound. In addition, you will also be able to see Mount Rainier and all its beauty with your own eyes when visiting this observatory during daylight hours.

Spend a day in Seattle and get the best views of the city from 11,000 feet.

Experience galleries, exhibitions, and educational programming at your own pace.

See all four seasons on one visit with the rotating exhibits. The current exhibit is “Changing Perspectives: Reflections of Landscape,” showcasing an array of photographs by acclaimed landscape photographers.

On clear days, you can see Mount Rainier and even Mount Baker from the observatory deck located on the 69th floor. If it’s raining, you can explore the galleries and check out our rotating exhibits.

Elevators are available to take you up to the observation deck at any time during your visit.

Things not to do Skyview Observatory – Columbia Center

Do not stand in front of people trying to get a photo.

Do not touch or lean on the glass; it can break!

Do not block people’s view trying to get a good photo.

Do not put bags on the floor. There are hooks available for you to use!

Location and Admission

The Skyview Observatory – Columbia Center is located at 700 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104, United States. You can take the elevator to Floor 69, and you will see a sign for the observation deck on your left when you exit the elevators.

This location often has events going on, so be sure to check their calendar before you go – it might have something important happening during your visit that you will want to experience, such as meeting an astronaut in person once a year. It’s all about keeping up with what they have on offer here rather than leaving disappointed because you weren’t aware that something had happened on your trip.

Admission costs $19 to $25 . It costs less if you go in off-peak hours or are under 12 years old or older than 65 years old. There’s also no charge for children younger than four who aren’t tall enough to reach the guardrail around parts of the perimeter viewing area. In addition, there isn’t an age limit for visitors with mobility issues as long as they have a companion to assist them.

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