Signs of a Bad Cleaning Lady Updated 2022

If you think that your cleaning lady is doing a lousy job, some signs can help you identify this. There is no need to worry – we have all been in the same situation before! This article will point out some of those warning signs, so you know what to look for and how to tell if she’s not doing her job right. We’ll also discuss some tips on finding a good one next time.

signs of a bad cleaning lady

Warning Signs of a Bad Cleaning Lady

A woman who cleans your home is one of the most influential people in your life. At least once a week, you let this person into some of the most personal areas of your household. They are exposed to everything from stains on walls to items hidden under beds and couches. Unfortunately, many women do not live up to these requirements leaving homeowners struggling with their houses being dirty or, worse- damaged by haphazard cleaning techniques used during periods when there was no housekeeper available for hire.

Homeowners need to be aware that signs exist indicating whether they have gone through enough trial runs hiring possible cleaners before settling upon one whose work shows promise of satisfying them without letting too much damage. Here are signs that the person you’ve been using as a cleaning lady might not be doing such a great job:

– She does not arrive on time, or she leaves before you’re satisfied with her work. She makes her schedule regardless of your wishes or other arrangements that you have made with her.

– She does not follow the instructions you have given her, or she changes them on a whim without consulting with you.

– She does not use suitable cleaning materials, or she uses too much of them, which can make your home smell like chemicals even after she has left.

– She does not clean the areas you ask her to, or she cleans them too much, which can be just as problematic.

– She talks on her cell phone while working or even brings other people into your home when you are not present.

– She leaves your home dirty or, worse yet, damaged. This could include items broken during the cleaning process, scratches on hardwood floors, and scuffs on walls.

signs of a bad cleaning lady

Red Flags of a Cleaning Lady

A good cleaning lady should have a good work ethic and be punctual, respectful to your belongings & scheduled, trustworthy by returning borrowed items quickly or not lending in the first place if you prefer they don’t. If these things are happening, it may be time for a replacement cleaning lady who suits your needs and expectations. Keep an eye out for red flags like these to ensure you are getting the best possible cleaning lady for your needs and home.

Always Late.
Arrival times should be within the same window each time. If they are coming too early or late without informing you, it could cause problems in your schedule and not allow for enough time to get ready before leaving the house again. It’s best if both parties can agree on this beforehand so there is no confusion later down the road when changes need to happen along with other expectations that may come up unexpectedly.

If they have a history of being unreliable or impolite, then it may not be the best idea to hire them in the first place. You can usually tell this from your interactions with them during any trial period that you might have used to determine if they were a good fit for cleaning duties in your home or not. If it doesn’t seem like they are taking their job seriously, maybe find someone more suited to meeting expectations and deadlines so things stay on track.

Not Trustworthy.
It’s not uncommon for these people to borrow things without asking, but they must return them quickly after the job or make sure you know what happened. Even something as small as a button on your coat could be an issue if someone doesn’t notice and accidentally leaves it behind when cleaning up before leaving each day. Suppose you see missing items like this later down the line, even sometimes after. Then there may be some more significant problems that need to be addressed sooner than later so everyone can get back to regular living habits again with no worries about anything being stolen from inside the home.

Always Distracted.
If they keep their phone on them and are constantly checking or using it while cleaning your house, this is unacceptable and needs to change. It’s also very unprofessional when someone does this, so do not feel embarrassed about standing up for yourself by letting them know that their attention needs to stay with what is going on in front of them instead of being distracted by something else.

Lack of Respect for your Belongings.
Lack of respect for your belongings and how you like things done can be a problem. It would be best if you did not have to worry about whether or not the person who cleans your house will break something and will most likely try and cut corners instead of doing it safely. If they don’t use the equipment provided, such as vacuum cleaners or mops/buckets, this could also cause problems down the road since many people do not clean properly without them. You also do not want to be held liable if something does happen along the way.

Setting Expectations Early On.
Make sure you set expectations early on about what needs regular cleaning like every week versus only occasionally, like once per month. If each person can agree on what should be done and how it will get done, then there won’t be any problems down the line when things need to get taken care of or changed around during certain weeks where something else needs attention instead. This way, you both know precisely what matters most to take care of first before anything else gets in the way, so this relationship stays intact without too many issues along the road, no matter who is responsible for doing these tasks in the end.

A wrong cleaning lady could ruin your home! Make sure you know all of her red flags before allowing anyone inside with a different set of standards than yours that may not fit into your ideal lifestyle very well at all unless proper expectations are set out early on from day one about what is expected and what needs to be done more regularly or occasionally before it becomes a huge problem later on down the road.

signs of a bad cleaning lady

How to Find the Right Person for me?

If you’re having trouble with your cleaning lady, there are a few things you need to know before telling her what she is doing wrong. Some women have worked for decades as housekeepers, and they might take offense if asked to do something differently. If the cleaner that comes into your home has been working in this profession for many years, it’s possible she may not be used to being told how to clean correctly. This can especially hold for cleaners who make very little money per hour and depend upon tips from customers like you to bring home a paycheck. For this reason, it’s always best to try and communicate with your cleaning lady instead of against her. Here’s a list of good qualifications to make sure you’re hiring the right person:

First of all, ask friends and family members who they use as their cleaner, so you know where to start looking. There is no point in spending hours online trying out different websites or hiring companies when someone close has already done the hard work for us. If none of these people have ever had success with anyone, then try asking neighbors instead, they might not have a cleaning lady themselves, but it’s worth asking just in case. If that doesn’t work, try to find places that other people use – such as local businesses or schools. There is a good chance that if these companies are using the cleaners, their standards must be high enough to avoid any problems.

The most important thing here is communication. It would be best to find out whether or not both parties understand each other. If there isn’t any miscommunication, it won’t matter what type of person she is because everything should go smoothly! It also helps to know her background so ask how long she has been doing housework before doing it for you.

Good Credentials
If you hire someone, they must have good credentials. This includes being insured, having excellent references from past clients, which can be checked out if necessary, and having a license is required in your area. A superb cleaner will have all of these things.

Good Attitude
Another essential quality to look for is a good attitude. Bad attitudes can become contagious, so you don’t want them in your house; if they don’t seem like the right person, then keep looking.

When we finally find someone who looks like they might be a good choice, it’s essential that the next step is to hire them. Don’t just leave it at this point; make sure you follow up by trying out their cleaning skills for yourself. This way, if there are any problems such as damage or not doing enough work, you can handle these issues right away before they get worse and become more expensive to deal with later on. Suppose everything goes well, though, then hopefully from now on. In that case, things will continue in this way without too many problems, so you don’t have to worry about anything else apart from making sure your cleaner knows exactly what needs to be done each time.


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