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The Seaview / Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood


A visit to Seattle is not complete without a stop in the Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood. This neighborhood, also known as Seaview, was named after the Native American tribe that inhabited the area for thousands of years before European settlers arrived in 1853. The name means “beautiful water,” Many visitors find it an apt description of this diverse waterfront community where residents live near one another on tree-lined streets with views of Puget Sound or Lake Washington.


About the Seaview / Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood


The Seaview / Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood is located in the north end of King County. Named for a Native American tribe that inhabited the area, it has been called “one of Seattle’s nicest neighborhoods.” The neighborhood is situated between Puget Sound and Lake Washington. It was named after two Native American tribes on Whidbey Island before white settlers arrived, Mee-Kwa Mooks and Kwikwash. The word “mee Kwa mooks” meant “shaped like a bear’s head.”


The community is a mix of residential and commercial areas. The southern end features Lincoln Park with views, walking trails, a fishing pier, and many waterfront homes on Lake Washington. Northward from there are several marinas for both powerboats and sailboats that serve people who commute into Seattle or dine out at local seafood restaurants. Between those two points, you will find an eclectic collection of businesses, including coffee bars serving artisan roasted coffees from around the world, Irish pubs where locals gather daily after work, and even one pub featuring rice bowls—a unique combination not commonly found in most neighborhoods! There’s also a variety of small specialty shops offering everything from handmade soaps made by artisans using locally harvested seaweed to home decor items made out of recycled materials.


People who visit Seattle will enjoy exploring this diverse community where residents live near one another on tree-lined streets with views of Puget Sound or Lake Washington. A trip here may even involve taking a stroll through Lincoln Park, which offers stunning views, walking trails, and a fishing pier. You can also stop in at one of the charming Irish pubs located here to enjoy some drinks and conversation with friends or even take an excursion into downtown Seattle.


And if you’re up for it, you may see a cruise ship docking at one of Seattle’s piers, making it easy to combine your visit with partaking in some sightseeing along the waterfront or taking an excursion into downtown Seattle! If not, no worries, relax on Seaview’s tree-lined streets while enjoying views of Puget Sound from your new home.


Facts about the Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood


Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood is a tranquil, safe neighborhood in Seaview. This Neighborhood has homes built around the year 1955. There are many parks and outdoor activities available to enjoy in this beautiful area of Washington State.


The name “Mee Kwa Mooks” originated from the Duwamish Tribe who lived in the Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood. The area was named after a mountain that once stood there, which has been noted as one of many extinct volcanoes located near Puget Sound and is now known today as Beacon Hill.


It’s also worth mentioning that while it doesn’t have its official neighborhood association, this east Seaview region has a few community groups to help residents get involved with their local government by hosting events such as movie nights or parties during festivals like Seafair!


Activities in Seaview / Mee-Kwa-Mooks Seattle Neighborhood


Mee-Kwa-Mooks Park

Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood in Seaview is a great place for those who love fishing and nature activities. You can visit the Mee-Kwa-Mooks Park, which overlooks Puget Sound, and you will see the beautiful view of Mount Rainier too! The park features trails that lead to Whirlpool Bay, Cedar Creek Beach, and Rialto Beach, where you can also watch wildlife such as eagles or seals on your way there! If camping outdoors is something that sounds appealing to you, make sure to book campsites at Oak Harbor Campground before heading out here. As always, remember it’s a first-come, first-serve basis, so we advise making reservations ahead of time, especially during the summer months when this place is trendy.


Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood is a small-town feel, so it’s great for people of all ages! There are several local shops to shop around and grab some delicious seafood if you’re craving it while at the same time enjoying that beautiful view. You can find everything from souvenirs, groceries, candies, or even pick up fresh, delicious seafood right away from the fish market here! If you have kids with you, then there’s a playground just across Mee-Kwa-Mooks Park near Whirlpool Way where they’ll be able to play safely too. Also nearby at 404 NE Midway Blvd is an arcade called “Penny Lane Fun Center,” which is great if the kids want to have some fun while you’re spending time outdoors.


Deception Pass Bridge

Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood in Seaview is a beautiful area to enjoy nature and even bring your pets along with you. You can visit nearby Oak Harbor too for more outdoor activities or shopping around town! It’s only about 25 minutes away from Whidbey Island, where there are plenty of other things to do, such as wine tasting at local wineries, kayaking, or hiking trails that overlook Deception Pass Bridge, which is fantastic. During the fall months, when it turns into an orange color! So if you want something scenic, then this place will not disappoint, so make sure to pack up your belongings and get ready for one heck of a trip!

Community Events in Seaview / Mee-Kwa-Mooks Seattle Neighborhood


Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood in Seattle provides several outdoor and indoor activities for residents to enjoy. The neighborhood has several parks, trails, and beaches where people can gather with their families or run on the weekends. There are also numerous restaurants located within walking distance that offer delicious cuisines worldwide, including Thai food, Italian fare, Mexican dishes, American comfort foods, etc. Additionally, a theater hosts many events throughout the year, such as concerts and plays, which draw guests into Mee-Kwa-Mooks Neighborhood. This neighborhood is easily accessible by bus lines, so visitors do not need cars to explore it all. Here’s a list of community events in Mee-Kwa-Mooks neighborhoods:


Annual Winter Solstice Celebration: Begins on the first day of winter. This event highlights family traditions and community togetherness, highlighting how important it is to share in each other’s celebrations.


The MeeKwatMooks Community Center: Is a community hub for arts and culture, which is open to all visitors. There are classes in yoga, dance, gardening workshops, and others offered at no cost.


MeeKwatMooks Farmers Market: This is held every Saturday morning (year-round) and has many vendors selling fresh produce, flowers, artisan goods, as well as food trucks for visitors to enjoy. This market is a great way to meet the members of your community while connecting with local businesses that share your values.


The MeeKwatMooks Annual Family Carnival: Is held in August and is a day filled with carnival games, bouncy houses for the kids, food trucks, and live music to add excitement to an already fun event. The proceeds from this fundraiser go directly back into our community center, where they are used to fund various programs.

MeeKwatMooks Annual Spring Festival: It is held every year in April and is a day filled with carnival games, bouncy houses for children, yummy food trucks, and live music. The proceeds from this fundraiser go directly back into our community center, where they are used to fund various programs.


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