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The Fairmount Park Neighborhood


Fairmount Park in Seattle is a neighborhood that offers the perfect balance between urban living and a peaceful oasis. The community is located on a hill overlooking downtown Seattle. It’s an ideal location for those who enjoy the convenience of city life while still wanting to feel secluded from it all at times.


About the Fairmount Park Neighborhood


The Fairmount Park Neighborhood is a relatively new neighborhood, with most homes in the area being built within the past 20 years. The majority of housing stock in this community consists of single-family detached houses with small yards and decks or balconies for enjoying fresco dining. Although some lots are pretty large, many do not offer views due to their proximity to other buildings. There are also several condos available throughout the neighborhood and rental housing units, both apartments and townhomes/duplexes. Many residents love living in this friendly urban oasis because they can experience all aspects of life, from walking downtown during business hours on weekdays when traffic is peak to biking along greenbelt trails through peaceful parks on the weekends.


The Fairmount Park Neighborhood is a great place to live because it offers residents access to all of the amenities they need and want while remaining secluded from city life at certain times throughout each day. This neighborhood is a popular area for young professionals and families with children due to its proximity to downtown jobs, schools, shopping, dining options, and public transportation. It also has easy access to several private schools and public schooling options for those with children.


This community has many different housing types, including condos/apartments that rent by the month or week. Many of these units have low move-in fees, while some offer discounted rental pool memberships at local fitness centers nearby. Single-family homes are available throughout the area – both detached houses with yards or condos located above retail spaces below ground level. There are parks within walking distance from most residences. Some of these parks include the Seattle Chinese Garden, Little Brook Park, and Fairmount Playfield. There are also several community gardens throughout the neighborhood, in addition to a few churches!


There are also many amenities near the Fairmount Park Neighborhood, including grocery stores such as Safeway or QFC, drugstores like Bartell Drugs or Rite Aid Pharmacy, and hardware stores like Ace Hardware for all your home improvement needs. In addition, there’s an auto parts store nearby should you need to get work done on your car quickly while still enjoying peace at home today.


When thinking about what you’ll be able to find in the Fairmount Park Neighborhood, it’s important first and foremost that you know where this neighborhood lies; inside downtown Seattle! This means there are many different employment opportunities nearby, so whether your line of work requires an office space or something entirely different, the chances are high that there will be jobs available for those who reside within the community. In addition to having easy access via public transportation into our vibrant downtown core, there are also plenty of options for shopping and dining within walking distance from most residences.


Another essential aspect to consider when thinking about what you’ll be able to find in the Fairmount Park Neighborhood is that this community offers a tranquil escape during business hours but then quickly becomes busy at night as people return home after work or on weekends! Many residents enjoy living here because they can experience all aspects of city life without feeling like they’re stuck in traffic throughout each day (unless commuting into downtown) – making it an ideal place for those looking for peace while still being part of everything happening around them.


In addition, there are many beautiful restaurants in this area where families can dine out or pick up takeout during dinner hours after a busy workday. There are also plenty of grocery stores nearby should you decide not to eat out tonight! The list goes on and on – which makes a living here an ideal option if you’re searching for your slice of peace within a bustling metropolis.


What are some Facts about the Fairmount Park Neighborhood?


The Fairmount Park Neighborhood is part of Seattle and consists mainly of single-family homes built after World War II up through the 1990s, which has turned into one-of-a-kind housing stock that’s worth keeping around! In addition, there are many restaurants near this neighborhood and shopping opportunities for those who enjoy exploring local shops on foot or by bicycle.


This neighborhood is a peaceful oasis in the city. The neighborhood has twice been designated as a historic district. Both times, it was declared the “largest collection of late 19th-century middle-class homes remaining in Seattle,” according to the designation report.


The beautiful home ranges from Craftsman bungalows to Tudors, all tucked away in a secluded area close to downtown but far enough so you can relax quietly without hearing cars constantly whizzing by your house every second. This fact is a significant selling point for those trying to escape from the urban lifestyle but doesn’t have the means of traveling very far.


Many people are living in this area commute downtown and enjoy walking or biking through the neighborhood. In contrast, others take public transportation, easily accessible via Seattle’s Metro Transit bus system with routes going towards Northgate Mall and Downtown Seattle every five minutes on weekdays!


On top of that, there is also access to Interstate-five within a few miles away if you want to go north into Canada or south into Portland, Oregon, where more shopping opportunities can be explored at either malls or small boutique shops waiting along main roads. It has been rated as one of America’s best city suburbs in the past decade, which is a significant selling point for those who are thinking about moving to this area.


Activities in Fairmount Park Neighborhood


For those who enjoy the outdoors, Fairmount Park Seattle is the perfect place. The park has a variety of activities to offer its visitors, including walking trails, biking paths, and horseback riding trails. There are also children’s play areas with swingsets and slides for younger kids and basketball courts if you want to shoot some hoops. Of course, no outdoor activity would be complete without having beautiful views at your disposal.


At Fairmount Park Seattle, several gorgeous vistas will take your breath away, such as looking out onto downtown or watching boats pass by on Lake Washington. With so much beauty around, it almost seems like this neighborhood was plucked right from one of our national parks in many respects! If spending time outside isn’t your thing, then you can spend time exploring the beautiful surroundings of Fairmount Park Seattle.


The community offers an assortment of restaurants for different tastes, from traditional American to Asian fusion cuisine that features sushi rolls, bubble tea drinks, sashimi platters, or wok stir-fries made fresh daily at their local eateries found all over town! Rental opportunities are available throughout this area ranging from apartment complexes to single-family homes on quiet tree-lined streets perfect for families just starting who want a peaceful neighborhood to raise their children.


Things to do in Fairmount Park Neighborhood


The neighborhood has a lot of green space, making it great for walking, biking, and playing. There are also many trails in the area where you can explore the woods. The park offers peace and an opportunity to learn about local wildlife like birds or animals that might be hiding out there too! If you’re interested in bird watching, this is your kind of place because different species call Fairmount Park their home, including eagles, hawks, and owls. It’s easy to spot deer grazing throughout the parks as well, so look up when walking around at night time because they love hanging out under street lamps. You’ll even find turtles basking on logs by small ponds during warmer months!


There are plenty of activities in the Fairmount Park Neighborhood, such as biking, walking, and exploring. You can also participate in sports like tennis and basketball. There is a small municipal pool nearby that offers swimming lessons for all ages during the summer months.


There are free outdoor concerts at the amphitheater in the summer months, which is a great place to see your favorite musicians or even watch movies. You can also take in a show with other family members during this time by going to one of their many events that feature children’s shows for all ages! There is always something fun happening here, so stay tuned, and you’ll be sure not to miss out on any significant events coming up soon near Fairmount Park Neighborhood.


Woodland Park Zoo

If you want more of an adventure, then make your way to the nearby Woodland Park Zoo, where all kinds of animals are on display, including pandas, elephants, and lions. The zoo is also home to a children’s play area with giant slides for kids or adults who like their thrills!


Lake Washington

This neighborhood has something for everyone. If you’re into the outdoors, then this is your kind of place with great views and plenty to do all year round! There are also many places where you can get a bite to eat or get some ice cream if you need it. The park itself offers pretty walks and opportunities for biking, hiking, and even horseback riding, so don’t forget those boots! It’s easy to enjoy yourself here, whether it’s spending time outside exploring nature or taking live shows at the theater during summer months; remember Fairmount Park Neighborhood when looking for a new home because there’s no better location out there; than right here near Lake Washington!


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