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The Gatewood Neighborhood


Gatewood is a charming yet under-the-radar Neighborhood in Seattle. Located between the Fremont and Wallingford neighborhoods, Gatewood’s tree-lined streets are home to some of the city’s most affordable houses. The area has always been popular with families who want an urban environment that feels like it belongs in the suburbs. As more people discover this hidden gem, values have appreciated significantly over the last few years.


About the Gatewood Neighborhood


Gatewood Neighborhood is a small, charming neighborhood on the West side of Seattle with many old character homes. Puget Sound borders it to the west and Northgate Mall to the east. The famous Burke-Gilman Trail runs along its eastern border, allowing easy access to other parts of town! This historic neighborhood isn’t big enough for building out or up here, so it remains mostly unchanged from when it was first developed in 1908. Some great amenities are found within walking distance, like grocery stores, shopping centers, cafes/restaurants.


Gatewood Seattle is a neighborhood on the hill of West Seattle. It has breathtaking views, charming tiny houses, and historic homes. This makes it ideal for all those looking to invest in real estate or buy their first home here.


This neighborhood is one of the city’s most charming yet under-the-radar areas. This unique Neighborhood is home to many of the city’s most compelling characters. However, what makes Gatewood Seattle appealing are the historic houses that have been preserved. The Gatewood neighborhood was built in the 1890s, and much of its charm can be attributed to that fact.


In recent years many new businesses have been opening up in Gatewood Seattle. Consequently, it is becoming a growing neighborhood in Seattle again. Gatewood Seattle has a fantastic view of the Cascades and Olympics Mountains. It also offers views of downtown Seattle, Puget Sound, and Vashon Island, among many others.


The best way to see all this is by walking around Gatewood with your camera at hand! Gatewood doesn’t have any famous buildings or landmarks, but if you like tiny houses, it’s perfect for you because each house here looks unique from its neighbors in terms of design and architecture.


Facts about the Gatewood Neighborhood


Gatewood Neighborhood is a historic neighborhood in West Seattle. It’s not well-known to outsiders, but it’s filled with picturesque homes and exciting history. Gatewood began as an independent community before being annexed by the City of Seattle in 1907. Now, you can find this little slice of old Seattle tucked away between its more famous neighbors: Fauntleroy Park and Alki Beach. Until recently, most people would have described Gatewood as “charming yet under-the-radar,” but that has changed over the last few years due to Google Maps, including free walking tours for users! This is great news since many beautiful spots worth visiting when checking out Gatewood, such as Admiral Way, Gatewood Elementary, and Alki Avenue.


The first schoolhouse in Seattle, built in 1864 and located at Gatewood Park (formerly called “City Park”), became known as The Little Red School House. It served grades one through eight until it closed because of overcrowding in 1926. A new brick building opened across the street from it that same year; however, this too had to complete due to lack of space after only two years as well as a third building erected on 20th Avenue S., just south of Dravus Street where another newer elementary school currently exists named South Shore Elementary School.


The 1950s was when Admiral district saw rapid economic development due primarily to increased demand for housing after WWII. However, Sunset Hill Area remained largely undeveloped until much later when it became one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the 1960s thanks to views overlooking Puget Sound, proximity to Volunteer Park’s hiking trails/beaches, good schools, and four private golf courses within close driving distance.


Gatewood Seattle is considered one of the more affordable areas in Seattle compared to other parts such as Queen Anne, Magnolia, or Ballard, which have seen increased real estate prices over the past decade. Despite this, it’s still within proximity to Downtown, so many people who work downtown choose to live here because they can avoid paying for parking garages by leaving the car at home while being able to enjoy all that city has to offer without having stress about traffic jams. The Neighborhood is a great place to live, with easy access to the many amenities that the city offers. It’s close to Downtown, with lots of green spaces, and has a sense of community that’s hard to find in modern times.


Many of the Gatewood neighborhood properties were built during the 1940s and 1950s, just before the Interstate Highway system was created. This means that most homes remain on original footprint, sizes, and configuration with minimal renovations or upgrades such as new windows, roofing, etc.


Activities in Gatewood Neighborhood


Fauntleroy Park

Suppose you’re looking for things to do in Gatewood, Seattle. In that case, many fun activities include everything from the usual park picnics and outdoor playtime at parks such as Fauntleroy Park or Lincoln Park, which are great places to meet up with friends and family. Other attractions within walking distance include Volunteer Park, The Museum of History & Industry, or Seattle Asian Art Museum.

Lincoln Park

Gatewood is a quiet little community that offers lots of history, parks, and outdoor activities for those who love spending time outdoors. It’s also close to Downtown, making it easy to commute with excellent access to the many amenities, including great shopping opportunities at University Village, Westlake Center, Pacific Place, and Pioneer Square.


Denny Park

Gatewood Seattle is a green, community-oriented neighborhood with lots of amenities and activities for all ages. It offers excellent views along with easy access to the many shops, restaurants & nightlife options in Downtown, as well as beautiful parks such as Denny Park, where you can enjoy picnics during summer months or even join one of the free tree planting programs that are held in spring to help renew this green city.


Thanks to its many historic homes, Gatewood Seattle is a great place to check out holiday lights and decorations. One of the best times for this is during the Tour of Homes in December. Another great time to visit Gatewood Neighborhood is for famous events, such as the summertime Farmer’s Market or the Fall Pumpkin Festival.


The Neighborhood is home to wildlife and plants, with plenty of trails, hills, and green spaces perfect for long walks or jogs. You can also find many local cafes such as Cafe Mox in the area – serving up fresh coffee every morning! Plus, there are many great restaurants nearby, including fast-food joints like McDonald’s and more upscale dining options at places like Beckta Dining & Wine.


Gatewood Neighborhood also has a beautiful neighborhood association that organizes many events throughout the year. The most popular of these is the Tour of Homes, which gives visitors a chance to tour several private homes decorated for the holidays.


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