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Seattle Neighborhood – Fauntleroy

The Fauntleroy Seattle Neighborhood


Fauntleroy is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Seattle. This community offers a unique lifestyle, with easy access to both parks and beaches. Fauntleroy has plenty of historic buildings that have managed to survive the years. If you are looking for a place to live comfortably, then this neighborhood should be on your list!


The Fauntleroy Seattle Neighborhood is a beautiful community that offers plenty of opportunities. If you are looking for a place to live, this should be one of your top choices. Fauntleroy has many beautiful historical buildings. There are several beaches, and parks close by. You will have easy access to downtown Seattle from here. If you want to make new friends who value their quality time as much as you do, then Faunterlory might be the right location for you.


About the Fauntleroy Seattle Neighborhood


Fauntleroy Seattle Neighborhood is a lovely place to live with beautiful views of Puget Sound, Vashon Island, the West Seattle waterfront, and the Olympic Mountains on clear days. It has easy access into town via major roads or bus line routes to get you anywhere fast, including Downtown Seattle. If you enjoy walking, biking, or just strolling along enjoying nature, this would be an ideal location for one looking for a fresh start away from city life but remaining within reach of many amenities.


Fauntleroy Seattle Neighborhood is rich in history and lifestyle. It was named after a famous sea captain, Louis Fauntleroy, who resided here with his wife Elizabeth in the 1890s. Over the years, the community had had several names, including “The Junction” for its location on top of an old ferry landing that connected West Seattle to Vashon Island before bridges were built. In 1887, when it became part of Seattle, this rural suburb began growing into a small town centered around California Avenue SW.


Today many things are happening in the area! There have been numerous new home builds and remodels, which can be seen throughout all parts of the Fauntleroy-Seattle neighborhood and some brand new businesses. Many people are taking advantage of the proximity to downtown Seattle, yet not being right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle by living here. There are several parks, marinas and beaches to enjoy as well.


Facts about the Fauntleroy Seattle Neighborhood


Fauntleroy is located in West Seattle and was named after a ferry captain. The area has seen significant changes over the years but managed to maintain its charm and sense of community throughout it all. There are still lovely views of Puget Sound that you can enjoy while walking along the beach or just relaxing by your waterfront home. You will also be able to take advantage of many parks nearby, such as Lincoln Park, Seaview Beach Park, and Schmitz Preserve, for hiking trails and other activities like picnics and camping.


The Fauntleroy Seattle Neighborhood is the most northern in West Seattle. The neighborhoods are located on both sides of Vashon Island and Puget Sound, with an estimated population of about 25,000 residents.


Several schools within the Fauntleroy-Seattle Neighborhood, including Denny Middle School, opened their doors to attend from September 1966 until June 1981. It was destroyed by fire after being vacant for many years before that date. Today the school has been completely rebuilt as a community center housing some retail shops and other businesses.


The arbutus tree makes up over 90% of all trees found growing throughout this area. These beautiful plants can survive through harsh weather conditions without any problems at all. The flowers can adapt and be seen in different colors of cream, pink or yellow depending on the time of year it is found growing there.


With so many homes throughout this area being constructed with unique architectural features, you will find everything from classic Tudors to modern contemporary styles within these neighborhoods today. Some have been built on top of old historic properties that were once used as farms, while others can date back over 100 years ago when they first went up for sale during that period of history known as “Seattle’s Boom Years” by some people who research these types of things around town.


There are many opportunities to get involved both socially or through volunteer work. Organizations such as Junior League have events throughout the year where they seek out members who want to give back by donating time at local food banks, pet shelters, hospitals, and more.


The Fauntleroy Seattle Neighborhood is one of the more desirable neighborhoods in all of Washington. A tight-knit community with a vibrant history, there are many reasons that people choose to live here. The neighborhood has access to nearly everything you could want, including excellent schools and entertainment options for adults and children alike.


Activities in Fauntleroy Seattle Neighborhood


Fauntleroy Seattle is one of the most popular neighborhoods in West Seattle. There are many things to do here, including shopping, dining, or taking a walk along the beach. This neighborhood has managed to maintain its history and charm over time with beautiful views of Puget Sound. You can enjoy many opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking trails at Lincoln Park, Seaview Beach Park & Schmitz Preserve while camping or picnicking alongside your waterfront home!


One thing that Fauntleroy Seattle Neighborhood is known for is its beautiful parks and beaches. This area has a variety of activities to choose from, such as hiking, walking the dog, or just having fun at one of the many playgrounds within this community. The sunset viewing spots in this neighborhood offer some fantastic views! There’s even an ample park space where you can take your dog out for an off-leash walk – which we all know dogs love!


Fauntleroy Seattle Community also hosts events throughout the year like festivals and fairs. These give residents and visitors another reason to come together, meet new people and enjoy everything that Fauntleroy Seattle offers.


The Fauntleroy-Seattle neighborhood also offers various restaurants to choose from, including some good old American food at Johnny’s Dock, Italian cuisine at Piccolino, and more! If you enjoy Asian foods, then Kamikaze Sushi has been rated as one of the best sushi places in all of Seattle that meet everyone’s needs from vegan diets or gluten-free options. There are also several coffee shops where customers love sipping on their favorite drinks while playing board games with friends or just enjoying time alone with their laptops to conduct business matters.


Fauntleroy Seattle Community provides amenities such as beautiful parks and beaches along with many other local attractions. Events hosted by this neighborhood throughout the year often bring people together, which is another reason why we love living here so much! There are plenty of opportunities to get out into nature if that’s what interests you most while having everything from restaurants to shopping centers located just minutes away.


The sunset viewing spots in this neighborhood offer some fantastic views as well, especially if you’re into photography or painting. You’ll also find plenty of festivals going on throughout the year within this community, providing ample opportunity to meet new people and learn about other cultures from those who join us here in our favorite place.


Fauntleroy Seattle Community also has an ample park space where you can take your dog out for an off-leash walk, which we all know dogs love! This is another reason why Fauntleroy Seattle Neighborhood remains a popular choice among those looking to buy homes in the Pacific Northwest. There’s so much to do and see here; it’s no wonder that people from across the country are making their way over to experience what our neighborhood has to offer firsthand.


Things to do in Fauntleroy Seattle Neighborhood


Fauntleroy is known for its incredible views of Puget Sound. It has perfect weather, beaches, and many outdoor activities. You can do some fishing or go kayaking just by the waterfronts in Fauntleroy Seattle Neighborhood. Several parks to visit, including Seacrest Park with its pier built on pilings taken from logs cut at this location over 100 years ago! Here’s the list of some things to do in the Fauntleroy Seattle Neighborhood:


Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park: Lincoln Park is located downtown between Lander Street and Edmunds street. It features extensive playground equipment for children, a swimming pool, picnic areas, and lots more.


Fauntleroy Park

Fauntleroy Park: Fauntleroy Park is next to the beach and features a large playground, public restrooms (seasonal), horseshoe pit, volleyball area, small dog area on leash.


Space Needle

Space Needle: The Space Needle is a tower in Seattle built for the 1962 World’s Fair. It has an observation deck on 520 feet that you can visit for a fee. There is also an exciting restaurant inside of the tower with great views!


Museum of Pop Culture

Museum of Pop Culture: Museum of Pop Culture or MoPOP is a museum located in Seattle. It has rotating exhibits about pop culture, which include cinema, music, and more.


Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market: Pike Place Market has fresh seafood and produces, flowers, coffee shops, and small restaurants. It is exciting to visit this popular Seattle attraction.

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass: Chihuly Garden and Glass is a museum located in Seattle. It features hundreds of pieces made by Chihuly all around the garden, including glass pieces on the ceiling!


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