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The Dunlap / Othello Neighborhood


The Dunlap and Othello neighborhoods of Seattle are two distinct communities that share a border. These neighborhoods each have their personality, but they share some commonalities: both were once home to large industrial plants and are now undergoing redevelopment. This blog post explores the history of these two Seattle neighborhoods and how they can be mutually beneficial for one another during this time of change.


About the Dunlap / Othello Neighborhood


Seattle’s industrial history is an essential piece to understanding how these neighborhoods evolved. The Duwamish River Valley was once home to many factories that took advantage of its access to waterways and railroads. During this time, most industries in Seattle settled along with Lake Washington or Puget Sound because they were easier to reach by water than through roads that required crossing over steep topography (Puget Sound) or hilly terrain (Lake Washington).


The Dunlap / Othello Neighborhoods are located in the Duwamish River Valley, making them more accessible than most other neighborhoods. The neighborhood is within walking distance to Boeing Field and close to I-90. These factors made it an ideal location for an industry that needed access by land or air. Many companies chose this part of town because of its centrality between Puget Sound (east) and Lake Washington (west). Over time, railroads were extended from Renton through Tukwila south toward Kent. They connected with lines heading west along the river valley from Sumner/Auburn down into Seattle via Beacon Hill Tunnel. In 1891, a second railroad tunnel was completed underneath Beacon Hill, making it possible for trains to travel from Renton and Kent down into Seattle (and vice versa). Between 1911 and 1940, several large factories were built along the Duwamish River in this area.


One of these companies was Pacific Car & Foundry Company which made railroad cars and later airplanes. After WWII, many railway jobs disappeared as railroads began investing money into trucks instead of locomotives. This decrease in the industry contributed to a significant rise in poverty levels throughout Tukwila, SeaTac, and Burien, where manufacturing had been king. In the 1950s-60s, Southcenter Mall opened up at the intersection of Interstates 405 and 167, allowing people to drive rather than walk or take public transportation to shop for necessities. In the past decade, Tukwila has seen a rise in multi-family housing as more people move south from Seattle to avoid high rent prices and commute by train or bus into downtown.


Dunlap / Othello Neighborhood Today


Today, Dunlap / Othello is going through redevelopment similar to other areas of King County that have been impacted by suburbanization and industrial decline. The City of SeaTac recently approved plans for a new commercial development on Northfield Avenue, including an eight-story office building with ground-floor retail space where Pacific Car & Foundry once stood. This project is expected to bring up to 1500 jobs during construction plus 400 permanent positions after it’s completed making this area even more attractive for job-seekers.


In addition to the new office building, new residential development is currently under construction on Southcenter Boulevard in SeaTac. It will have 448 units of housing when it opens next year. Pacific Eagle Holdings built this project. They purchased 24 acres near Seattle Premium Outlets from Tukwila for 35 million dollars and plans to build up to 2000 homes throughout this area over the next five years (including high-rise condos).


The Othello neighborhood was known as an African American community with jazz clubs lining Martin Luther King Jr Way; however, these businesses slowly closed down after Interstate 90 opened, and people began commuting into downtown Seattle via car rather than taking public transportation they had done previously. Today, Othello is a diverse community with many Asian Americans living in the area. This neighborhood also has an increasing number of white-collar workers commuting to downtown Seattle every day via light rail or bus.


The New Face of Northgate Mall & Dunlap Neighborhoods


As more people move into this part of King County, old buildings are being renovated and new ones built, making it possible for these neighborhoods to rebound economically while preserving their historical roots and providing jobs for those moving into the area. If you’re looking for homes near public transportation that won’t break your bank, then check out houses on sale in Southcenter / Tukwila or contact us at The Ashton Real Estate Group if you have questions about buying real estate.


Dunlap / Othello is a dynamic neighborhood with many new developments going up in the area and existing businesses and homes for sale that would be perfect for first-time buyers or those looking to downsize from their current home. This part of King County has been overgrowing over the last few years due to its proximity to downtown Seattle, Southcenter Mall, SeaTac Airport, and Interstate 405, making it an ideal place for commuters who want more bang for their buck! 


Dunlap / Othello offers affordable housing prices (compared to other parts of Seattle) while still being close enough so you can enjoy all that this city has to offer every day, including various parks like Dash Point State Park & St Edward State Park with views of Mount Rainier, easy access to public transportation such as Link Light Rail and the Tukwila International Boulevard Station allowing residents to commute downtown via train easily.


Crime Rate

In 2018, the Dunlap / Othello Neighborhood had one of the lowest crime rates in King County, with only four crimes reported. This area is safer than 81% of neighborhoods in Washington and 98% safe compared to other U.S. cities.


Grocery Stores Within Walking Distance

The Dunlap / Othello Neighborhood has many amenities, including grocery stores close at hand. Many people believe they need to move outside city limits or drive long distances for these life necessities, but this area provides them within walking distance. These short commutes allow residents time away from work for other life necessities such as exercise or family time.


Neighborhood Income 

The median household income in the Dunlap / Othello Neighborhood is $29,000, lower than 62% of neighborhoods across America. However, it’s important to note that with a mean rental rate of 54%, many people living here cannot rent at market price and instead spend upwards of 50% on housing per month – making their money go further than most others who have similar means.


Facts about the Dunlap / Othello Neighborhood


The Dunlap / Othello Neighborhood is located between Beacon Hill and I-90. It stretches from 14th Ave to Rainier Avenue, while its northern boundary reaches Columbia Street in the south. This neighborhood has two names because of its location. To the West along 15th West lies “Dunlap,” which was once a town before annexation by Seattle in 1910. On the east side of this area lies “Othello Square,” named after William Pinnock Othello, who donated land for churches and schools around 1882 (today’s Pleasant View Church). The southern part of this neighborhood includes some homes constructed during World War II with generous government subsidies under legislation such as the Lanham Act. These homes were built as low-cost housing for defense workers and later sold to veterans returning from WWII at favorable rates.


Community Events in Dunlap / Othello Neighborhood


There are many events hosted throughout the year in Seattle. From outdoor concerts to community meetings, there’s always something fun going on around you. The location of your property is critical when deciding what type of activities and amenities will be necessary to you or someone that may visit frequently. Dunlap / Othello Neighborhood has several community events that take place throughout the year.


The first event of the year is the annual Dunlap / Othello Neighborhood Spring Celebration! This is a free, family-friendly event where neighbors celebrate spring and enjoy food, music, games, and more. The fun starts at noon on Saturday, April 21st.


In early June, there’s an opportunity for everyone in your family to get involved with Summer Fun Nights hosted by local businesses near you. Enjoy some free activities, including movies, bowling & mini-golf, while also supporting small business owners in your neighborhood.


Another exciting way to spend a day this fall is by attending one of the many festivals around Dunlap / Othello Neighborhood from early September through the end of October. The Dunlap / Othello Neighborhood Jazz Festival is a popular event in your area where jazz lovers can take in all kinds of live music while also getting to know their neighbors better.


The holiday season brings with it many fun activities and celebrations! Make sure you add Christmas Tree Lighting, Holiday Crafts Fair & Santa’s Arrival Parade to your calendar this year so that everyone in your family has something exciting to look forward to each day leading up till December 25th!

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