5 Key Questions to Ask a Home Cleaning Company

We often find that working full time, taking care of kids, meal prep, and getting a good night’s sleep leaves us with little free time. In many cases, this leads to housekeeping tasks being neglected. An effective solution to this problem is outsourcing your household chores to professional house cleaning services in Portland. 

The question is, how do you know if they’re truly offering high-quality services? What can you do to determine whether a company is trustworthy or not? Follow this list of questions we compiled to help narrow down your choices when choosing a prospective service provider for your home.

What questions should I ask a cleaning service?

If you want to avoid hiring unqualified cleaners for your home, make your decision based on these 5 questions:

1. How long have you been in business and what services do you specialize in? 

The cleaning industry requires a great deal of experience. The fact that 50% of cleaning companies fail within their first year is not surprising. In the fifth year, nearly 90% of businesses are closed permanently.5 Key Questions to Ask a Home Cleaning Company

Although hiring a newly formed company is not necessarily a bad idea – after all, we all have to start somewhere – but in general, companies with a long history are more likely to remain in business. Also, the specifics on their procedures and approaches will indicate a collaboration with a company with extensive experience and knowledge.

2. Is your team insured? What happens if something in my home is broken or damaged?

There’s no substitute for proper insurance. Although booking an uninsured company may save you a little money, when you find your hardwood floors damaged, appliances scratched, and fine china set broken, you’ll also be on the hook for the cost since they can’t offer compensation. 

For this reason, be sure to contact your company’s insurance provider to verify their coverage. If breakage or damage occurs, there should be a written policy on how to handle it. Don’t hesitate to ask for a copy if necessary.

3. Does your company perform a background check on employees?

It’s important to trust your team before welcoming them into your home. That’s why service providers with a serious approach perform background checks on all their employees. What’s more, it is possible to work with the same professionals every time, if it gives you peace of mind.

There are several factors to take into consideration when conducting a thorough vetting process:

  • An online application with a test
  • Taking the phone interview
  • Reference and background checks
  • Face-to-face interview and skill assessment 

4. Can you provide eco-friendly cleanings?

Environmental awareness continues to grow. As a result, green cleaning services are in high demand. Dependable cleaning companies understand this, which is why they also offer eco-friendly products and green services upon request, at no additional charge. 

What questions should I ask a cleaning service?

5. Do you offer satisfaction guarantees?

A 100% happiness guarantee is a clear indication that your company cares deeply about its reputation as well as clients’ satisfaction. Any time you’re unsatisfied with any aspect of the service provided, contact the company and they will dispatch a team to your home to reclean the area at no additional cost to you. You can get a full refund if you’re still not happy with their work. 

Where can I schedule reliable house cleaning services in Portland, OR?

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