House Cleaning Services 101

Perhaps you live in a big house that’s difficult to maintain or you just want some extra free time for yourself. There are many reasons why you’d want to get some help with housekeeping in your home in Portland, OR. Whatever’s yours, hiring professionals is a good idea and comes with many benefits.

Before you go on the search for top-rated cleaners in your area, read on to get the nitty-gritty of cleaning services so that you know what to expect.

How often should I have a cleaner come?

How often should I have a cleaner come

There are different factors that come into play when figuring out how often to book housekeepers. This may depend on:

  • House size
  • Number of rooms
  • Furniture type
  • Whether you have kids and/or pets
  • General cleanliness of your home
  • Your budget
  • Your habits

Generally speaking, most people have cleaners over twice a month. However, if you have children and you don’t have time to tidy up much in between these appointments, you may want to book weekly cleanings. So, it all comes down to your specific situation as well as your needs and preferences.

What does a basic house cleaning service consist of?

Every company is different, but most basic cleaning services will include scrubbing your kitchen and bathroom and tidying up your living room and other areas. If you go with a reliable agency like NW Maids, the housekeepers we match you with will do the following:

  • Clean, disinfect, and sanitize your bathroom (the shower, toilet, tub, sink, etc.)
  • Scrub and wipe down your kitchen area (the sink, countertops, fridge, etc.)
  • Take out the garbage
  • Dust-accessible surfaces in all areas
  • Vacuum and mop the floors around the house
  • And more

On top of the detailed checklist for basic home maintenance, you can customize the service and get add-ons depending on what your home needs.

How much is a housekeeper in Portland?

The cost of cleaning services varies, so it’s impossible to give an estimate without any of the specifics. Depending on your house size, the type of service and extras you select, and the company you choose, the price will change. Feel free to get in touch with us or get a price estimate on our website in just a few clicks.

What should you look for in a cleaner?

What does a basic house cleaning service consist of

The person you’re letting into your home to tidy up needs to be a trustworthy professional. To ensure this is the type of technician you’re hiring, it’s best to do your research.

You should check whether they’re background-checked, insured, and bonded. You should also inquire about the housekeeper’s experience. Finally, you can check the company’s client testimonials, ratings, and reviews, so that you find out what to expect and whether it’s the right match for you and your needs.

Where can you hire dependable housekeeping services in Portland, OR?

If you’re on the search for cleaners you can trust and service you’ll be satisfied with, look no further than NW Maids. We will refer you to top-rated professionals who tick all the boxes. All the housekeepers we’re working with are thoroughly background-checked and insured for everyone’s peace of mind.

We also offer a satisfaction guarantee. So, if your experts miss a spot, they will re-clean the area in question free of charge, which is only one of the benefits of our professional cleaning service.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call to find out more about what we offer or book an appointment in a couple of minutes! Have an amazing day at the International Rose Test Garden, and we’ll take care of your home.

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