How to Shrink Clothes? Updated 2023

How many times have you found yourself in the dilemma of not having enough closet space? Or, even worse, too much and clothes spilling out onto your bedroom floor. This is a common problem faced by many people today.

The good news is that there are ways to shrink your clothes at home without using an expensive dry cleaner! This post will discuss three easy methods for shrinking your clothes and organizing them so they don’t spill into other areas of your house again.

how to shrink clothes

Methods of Shrinking Your Clothes

Organization of Clothes

The organization is the key! Take out all your clothes from your wardrobe. Fold them neatly and place them on one side while you remove any empty hangers or have too many items hanging off them for more space. This will be helpful to see how much space you need before folding your clothes again.

Shrinking Method One

Use Cold Water Showers / Baths: You can shrink cotton fabrics by adding a few ice cubes into the last cold water rinse cycle in your washing machine. After doing this method once, please don’t do it continuously as it may lead the fabric to weaken over time with constant shrinking.

Shrinking Method Two

Use Hot Water Showers / Baths: To shrink your clothes more effectively, you can add some hot water into the last cold rinse cycle of the washing machine. This is because cotton fabric shrinks better when it comes in contact with heat instead of cold temperatures. After doing this method once, please don’t do it continuously as it may lead to a color loss over time or even damage fabrics made from delicate materials like silk and wool.

Shrinking Method Three

Use A Special Dry Cleaning Solution: You can get unique dry cleaning solutions from your local dry cleaner. They will apply this solution to shrink the fabric and then use a steamer to steam it, which leads to even more shrinking of the clothes. This method is expensive, but if you have a lot of money lying around, go for it! It’s worth every penny, in our opinion. We don’t recommend using this method at home because there are far safer and cheaper ways to achieve similar results without having to sacrifice quality or damage your clothing!

how to shrink clothes

How To Shrink Clothes Without Fading?

For clothes made from cotton and viscose, we recommend placing them in cold water with some fabric softener. This method will reduce the chance of your colors fading over time after washing.

If you do use hot water to shrink, please make sure that it’s not very high as this can cause color loss or damage to delicate clothing such as wool and silk fabrics. We would only recommend using boiling water if you’re willing to take this risk because there are no other methods available for shrinking these materials aside from this one.

If the material shrinks after being dried, it will be very minimal because most of your shrinking will occur during washing. Even if this does happen by accident, please do not panic!

You can still fix shrunken clothing with a few tricks like trying to turn your garment inside out and ironing at high heat on steam mode for around 15 minutes or until all wrinkles are gone. Alternatively, you can also use a fabric steamer. This method fixes almost every size issue faced when wearing shirts, sweaters, and pants.

how to shrink clothes

How to Shrink Different Types of Fabrics

Cotton: The best way to shrink cotton is to wash the clothes in hot water and dry them on high heat. If you need a specific size, then after washing, use a fabric steamer or hot iron to tighten up the fabric before drying it. This method is excellent for saving money because there’s no risk of damaging your clothing when using this technique!

Lace: Shrinking lace can be tricky because all types of lace have different degrees of durability. The easiest ways are to put the item into boiling water or shower with boiling water from head-to-toe – but make sure not to let any part touch below your waistline not to harm yourself! Once finished, allow plenty of time for your garment to drip dry out of reach of animals or children.

Linen: To shrink linen, you should wash it in cold water followed by tumbling dry on low heat, but if you want to tighten up the cloth further, then ironing is an option as well! Linen does not like high temperatures, so this method works best for shrinking your clothes without damaging them too much.

Wool: Wool can be shrunk naturally by washing and air-drying – no hot irons needed here either. If desired, though, after doing all that, put your wool garment into a very hot tumble drier (only do one at a time) OR use the steam function on iron to press down firmly with great caution; make sure there’s plenty of room between every panel of fabric!

Polyester: The primary way to shrink polyester is to wash in cold water and dry on low heat. If you want a tighter fit, ironing your garment before putting it into the dryer can do just that!

Other Types of Fabrics: As long as you know what kind of material it is, well, there’s a good chance for success with this method because pretty much everything shrinks when exposed to high temperatures! Just make sure not to use any harsh chemicals or bleaches during the process.

how to shrink clothes

Tips on Shrinking Clothes.

You probably don’t want them to shrink in the wash when it comes to clothes. But I’m sure there are times when you wish your shirt or pants would be a little smaller after they’ve been washed and dried.

It’s not always easy to make your clothes fit better without spending money on new ones that will continue shrinking anyway. Here are some tips for how to look like you’re losing weight at home quickly!

– If you’re looking to shrink a shirt, use a fabric steamer or the steam setting on your iron. This will help remove any creases and make them look new again! You can also lay your garment out flat and place a towel over it, but the iron is as close to the fabric as possible without actually touching it (about an inch away) and keep moving until you’ve covered all of that area. Be careful not to press too hard because this could cause damage or burns if you accidentally touch the surface with your hot metal tool.

-If shrinking jeans is your goal, hang them outside after washing to dry. This will help decrease the size without any heat or fancy tricks! You can also put towels in with your jeans while they are washing (or even throw a tennis ball into the mix) for more of an effect; this will cause friction and make it seem like you’ve lost weight. Just remember that there won’t be as much fabric left inside once you take out those items, so opt for dark colors if needed instead of light-colored pants.

-When it comes to shrinking clothes, the essential thing is heat. Try not to put your items in a dryer because this will increase their size and cause them to shrink more than you can handle! If you’re looking for some quick results without any hard work on your part, then lay out all of your dark-colored shirts or pants outside during sunny days; make sure they are spotless before doing so. This method will only take about 30 minutes but could leave you with many smaller clothing options if done correctly!

Here is a good quality fabric steamer that we recommend to help you safely shrink clothes.

Now that you know how to shrink your clothes, you’ll have less of a problem with them not fitting right anymore. It’s easy to do but be careful not to burn your garments or yourself along the way!


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