You wouldn’t think that spending money on something intangible would actually reap benefits to your financial stability. However, new research is showing that this is in fact that case.

A recent article from US News depicts several key factors that actually make your house cleaning service more beneficial to your financial well being than previously thought. The reasons cited in this article are as follows:

  • Reducing family stress
  • Reducing your personal stress levels
  • You don’t like cleaning
  • You would lose money by cleaning yourself
  • You’re not that dirty

Why don’t we go through these one at a time!


Reducing family stress


It’s very apparent that having a dirty home can lead to a cluttered, unorganized family situation. The truth is, the cleaner your environment is, the happier the residence of said environment are going to be!

According to the US Bureau of Labor, an average cleaning takes about 10 hours. That’s 10 hours you can spend with your family!

This is important because, as they say, a happy wife is a happy life! Make sure that you are keeping the home clean for your loved ones, as they will repay you with boundless appreciation! (and possibly cookies)


Reducing your personal stress levels


You might think that having a dirty house is no problem, if it’s just you! But that’s not necessarily the case. The truth is, you might be experiencing effects from your clutter and dirt without even being cognizant of it.

As Joe Rogan once said, if you take a cross section of my room and see how cluttered it is, that’s exactly what my brain is going to look like. I’m paraphrasing, but the essential lesson is evident. You must keep your place clean if you want to be able to make a mess creatively, or metaphorically! This tip is especially important to those working in the creative arts.

You don’t like cleaning

Let’s face it – you would rather do almost anything other than begin cleaning that big mess of yours! It’s okay, we’ve all been there.

We recommend focusing your energy and time on doing the things you like to do. This may seem self-evident, and almost redundant and banal. Still, it’s worth mentioning.

TCA from The Cleaning Advantage noticed that customers were saying the same things were valuable to them as well. “The greatest thing about being able to take care of our customers is that we’re giving them free time to pursue the activities that bring them the most fulfillment. And that’s what it’s all about!”


You would lose money by cleaning yourself

I know, I know. That makes no sense! Or does it? Think again, as this does actually prove to be a valid point when you stop and think about it.

Think about how much time you spend cleaning. Then think about how much money you make per hour, and see how much money you’re losing by spending time cleaning as apposed to working on your craft.


In a lot of cases, you might actually be losing money by cleaning!


You’re not that dirty

Not everyone needs a professional house cleaning service. A lot of times, if you don’t spend a lot of time at home, it can actually not be necessary to hire a cleaner. Although you may still benefit, it may not be required if your home is not used as often as a regular home (due to you traveling extensively, for example).

Have you ever felt like your time could be spent better? Well, it can. Let your local house cleaning service handle the issue. You can book online in a minute using our handy booking form also.

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