Should you clean before the cleaner comes

7 Steps to Prepare For Cleaning Service Visit

You’ve finally decided you could do well with less cleaning and more free time. You went ahead and found a reputable company in Kent that offers cleaning services of top quality, booked an appointment, and… now what?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one feeling a bit lost when first hiring a maid service. You won’t have to roll out a red carpet, bake cookies, or do excessive preparations. It takes only a minor effort on your part to ensure a seamless and effective service visit.

How do I prepare for a professional cleaning?

There are several things you can do to ensure a smooth cleaning session. The best thing is that neither will take a lot of time or effort.

Clear the clutter

Before your cleaning crew arrives, take a few minutes to tidy up any clutter. Put away kid’s toys, your clothes, and personal belongings to give cleaners easy access to all surfaces. Not only will this make the cleaning process faster, it will also make it more effective.

Communication is key

The first time you converse with your maids, make sure to notify them about your specific cleaning needs, preferences, and priorities. Whether you want them to pay extra attention to a certain area or use a cleaning product you like, letting them know in advance goes a long way to ensuring your satisfaction.

Gather supplies

This step is completely optional and comes into effect only if you have specific preferences regarding the cleaning supplies. In general, every maid service has its own tools and supplies that they use.

However, if you want them to use your preferred brand, it is up to you to ensure these supplies are readily available, as having them on hand contributes to a more personalized and satisfactory experience.

Secure valuables

Reputable cleaning companies go a long way to hire ethical and conscientious employees, securing valuable or fragile items you’re concerned about remains a good practice. Doing so provides peace of mind for both you and your cleaning team.

Set priorities

If there are specific areas or items you want your cleaners to focus on, or if you want something done in a certain way or order, make a list. Give the list to your team when they arrive or, if you won’t be staying home, leave it in a visible place for them to find. This helps them allocate their time efficiently and, therefore, provide an even better service.

Children & pets considerations

If you have kids or pets, you’ll have to take their comfort and safety into account. While cleaners generally have no qualms about working around your little ones, it is best to reserve a safe space for them until the work is done.

Again, you don’t have to go overboard with this or take extreme measures. Simply notify the crew of any areas to avoid and you’ll be ensuring a harmonious experience for everyone involved.

Should you clean before the cleaner comes?

This has to be the most common question for someone that’s hiring cleaners. The answer is “no”. While a basic tidying-up is helpful, you don’t have to go overboard before the pros arrive. Thorough cleaning is their expertise so simply focus on minor decluttering and they’ll take care of the rest.

How do I prepare for a professional cleaning

Which Kent cleaning services near me are considered top-notch?

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