How do you create and stick to a cleaning schedule

How to Create the Right House Cleaning Schedule

“Wait… What?” – you might say, suddenly stumped. “You want to tell me there’s the ‘wrong’ way to make something as basic as a cleaning schedule?” – you might ask, eyes wide in disbelief. Why, yes – that’s exactly what we’re saying!

Turns out, there is a wrong way of making a cleaning schedule for your home. It’s the one that makes you feel like you’re cleaning 24/7 and getting nothing done. In fact, since you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been using it for a while and you’re sick of it.

Well, that’s a good thing, because, now, you’re ready to take the next step and up your cleaning game. So, let’s dive in and see how you can turn housekeeping into something casual and, potentially, even enjoyable!

How do you create and stick to a cleaning schedule?

Did you ever wonder how cleaning services in Kent manage to clean your house so well in such a short time? It’s not only because they have skills, experience, and professional-grade equipment. Well, it is a lot because of that, but it’s also about being organized and not wasting an ounce of energy or a second of time unnecessarily.

Take a step back

You need to wind up before you propel yourself forward and that’s exactly what this step is all about. The first thing you should do is slow down and evaluate your living space. So turn on your critical thinking and take a nice long walk through every room of your home.

While doing so, make sure to note (literally note, in a notebook or your phone) every area and every task that needs to be done, no matter how small. What you’ll end up with is a comprehensive cleaning checklist that will be a phenomenal basis for your new schedule.

Setting the Standard

How clean do you want your home to be? Are you the type that prefers everything to be tip-top or are you someone that enjoys a healthy dose of creative chaos? Either way, it is essential to set up realistic cleanliness goals, rather than perfect ones. Being realistic is a great way to meet your expectations and avoid unnecessary stress.

Personalize your sequence

While most cleaning guides suggest prioritizing areas based on usage or foot traffic, we propose a different approach: base your cleaning sequence on personal preference. In other words: start with the spaces that matter most to you.

Do you love cooking? Start with the kitchen. Is reading before sleep your favorite activity? Then bedroom should come first. Prioritizing your favorite areas ensures that you have a sanctuary to retreat to and charge your batteries for new victories.

Evaluate & break it down

The most common pitfall of cleaning schedules is overloading yourself with tasks, leading to burnout. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to avoid this. Simply evaluate your available time, break tasks down into manageable chunks, and allocate both accordingly. Also, be sure to allow some time for R&R, otherwise, you’ll be back to square one.

Pick your approach

When it comes to going through your cleaning schedule, you have two options: room-by-room & task-by-task.

  • Room-by-room means tackling all tasks within a specific area (e.g. bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc.). This approach is excellent in that it provides immediately visible results and, therefore, a sense of accomplishment;
  • Task-by-task strategy involves handling specific chores on a grander scale (i.e. throughout the home). While the results may not be visible right away, this method provides for consistency and it is great for regular housekeeping.

In general, you should experiment with both approaches and choose the one that best aligns with your workflow.

Keep it flexible

Your cleaning schedule doesn’t need to adhere to strict, rigid timings. Instead, you can assign chores to specific days or time blocks, based on your availability and energy levels. By allowing some room for adjustments and unforeseen events, your cleaning routine will become more relaxed and, over time, evolve to suit your lifestyle.

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Who offers top-notch cleaning services in Kent & near me?

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