Top 6 Questions to Ask Your Cleaning Company

Most businesses have an online presence, and you can certainly devote some time to online research and check out reviews written by other clients. However, some specific information may be missing so make sure that any particular needs you might have can be met by professional maid services in Seattle, WA.

What questions should I ask a cleaning service?

Since we tend to forget a lot of things when we get on the phone it’s a great idea to make a list of questions to ask the cleaning company you’re considering. They may point out their strong points, but you might have some specific preferences you should ask about. Think about what your priorities are and add them to the list.

However, don’t forget to check for some general signs of a high-quality company. Depending on your preferences, questions you should ask could include:

  • When and how can I schedule a service? Would your cleaner be able to adapt to your schedule, so you don’t have to postpone or cancel your plans? This is essential, as you want to hire professionals capable of working around your schedule and when you need them, not the other way around.Top 6 Questions to Ask Your Cleaning Company
  • Are all the cleaners background-checked? This is a piece of essential information since you’ll be letting a stranger into your house, possibly while you’re not there. You should feel comfortable and safe having them around your children, pets, or valuables. Make sure to ask about their references and insurance.
  • Does the company provide a satisfaction guarantee? Will they come back and go over some parts they could’ve potentially missed? Since mistakes do happen, mostly unwittingly, a company deeply committed to customer satisfaction will offer to reclean the problem areas if they’re not exactly per your high standards of cleanliness.
  • How much can I expect to pay for your service? You should ask about the pricing in advance to make sure that you can afford everything you had in mind, particularly if it involves some special requests and added services that are not a part of the cleaner’s regular checklist. Also, only work with companies that provide accurate estimates, as this shows they have the necessary experience and expertise under their belt.
  • What kind of products do you use? If you have children or pets, or anyone in your household is suffering from allergies or any other kind of respiratory issues, you should make sure that the products used will be safe for everyone. You can also ask if they’re eco-friendly, as this is becoming increasingly important to a lot of people.
  • How long have you been in the business? Finally, you want to hire experts with numerous years of industry presence, as this tends to attest to their professionalism. The longer a company stays in business, the more satisfied their customers are and the better their service tends to be.

How can I find a professional Maid Services in Seattle, WA that fits my needs?

Modern life is quite busy so among all the work and family responsibilities, free time has become a scarce commodity. Fortunately, having professional cleaners take care of your living space is no longer as cost-prohibitive as it once was. You’ll avoid spending money on expensive cleaning products and appliances, and then spending hours cleaning and scrubbing. What questions should I ask a cleaning service?

Leave all the hard work to professional house cleaners and devote your precious free time to more important or pleasurable activities. You can just sit back and relax or finally take your kids to Wild Waves Water Park while your home is being cleaned by professionals.

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