What questions should I ask a cleaning service?

5 Key Questions to Ask a Home Cleaning Company

In today’s modern, hectic world, you often find yourself overwhelmed by all the tasks that await you throughout the day. Whether you live alone or have a large family and a pet, finding enough time to take care of your home’s cleanliness can be challenging, and opting for a reliable cleaning company is one of the best solutions. 

However, with a lot of available companies in Tacoma, WA it’s essential that you opt for the one that offers quality maid services. Once you pick a company, asking the right questions will give you the necessary information to decide whether you’d like to go on and hire them or search further. Keep reading for the important questions to ask your potential cleaning provider

What questions should I ask a cleaning service?Where in Tacoma, WA can I hire reliable maid service?

Once you’ve found a team that seems to have what it takes, and before you let them into your home, make sure you first check the most important information about their company. Have a look at these 5 questions to ask them:


Don’t hesitate to ask the company how long they have been in the cleaning business and how long their staff has been working in the same field. This way you’ll get the feeling of how experienced they are which is an important factor when it comes to the quality of service. 

Tools and supplies

Some companies bring only the equipment they need, requiring you to provide the necessary supplies, while with others you need to provide both. However, most companies usually bring their own tools and supplies, and this is why it’s necessary that you check before hiring. You might want them to use your own supplies, but reputable pros usually use quality products and some even offer natural products


You also need to check the prices. Feel free to ask them how they set their rates. This usually depends on the size of your home and they’ll need to know how many bathrooms and bedrooms you have. However, the cost will also depend on the type of cleaning. For example, a deep clean will have a different price than a regular clean‐up. 

Home access

When you’re hiring for the first time, your home’s security certainly comes to mind and it’s not easy to feel safe leaving it in the hands of strangers. If you check whether a single cleaner or a team is coming who will have access to keys and codes and manage opening and locking up the house, this info will help you feel secure. 

Cleaning checklist

When you choose the type of cleaning you want for your home, it’s essential that you check what exactly it includes. Go over their checklist and see if there’s anything you’d like to add or if there’s any area you’d like them to pay special attention to. Keep in mind that adding a task that’s not included can increase the total price. Anyway, make sure you communicate all your needs beforehand to avoid any confusion later on.  

Where in Tacoma, WA can I hire reliable maid service?What questions should I ask a cleaning service?

With all the benefits of hiring professional cleaners, it’s still important to mind which company you’ll trust your home to, and opting for NW Maids Tacoma is a wise move to make. We boast our team of well‐trained professionals and efficient methods that leave our clients satisfied. Spend an inspiring afternoon with your family at the Washington State History Museum and leave the chores to us knowing that your home is safe. Give us a call today!

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