What are the 9 types of cleaning

9 Types of House Cleaning

Everybody knows that there are many different ways to clean one’s home. Yet, hardly anyone gives a second thought to what they are or what each of them entails. This knowledge may come in handy or, even, prove crucial in your effort to keep your home neat and tidy.

Whether you’re keen on DIY housekeeping or you’re hiring house cleaning services in Northeast Portland, knowing about different types and categories of housekeeping will help you not miss important details or contend with sub-par results.

What are the 9 types of cleaning?

One of the reasons professionals are so effective is that they know exactly which type of home maintenance they will be doing. This enables them to prepare for the housekeeping task at hand and execute it with minimal waste of time and resources. Usually, they fall into 3 distinct categories:

  • By Intensity;
  • By Frequency;
  • By Urgency.

Let’s break each one down.


Housekeeping can be done with different levels of intensity. As such, we can form the first 3 types of tidying up. From least to most intensive, these are:

  • Routine cleaning is the most basic form of housekeeping. It entails decluttering and tidying up in general, along with some speedy dusting, vacuuming, and dirt removal without using agents (e.g. swiping floors with a broom).
  • Sanitizing refers to a process of killing microorganisms (e.g. bacteria), usually by using a specific agent. Therefore, it is much more thorough than routine home maintenance;
  • Disinfecting is the most in-depth method of all mentioned here. It is similar to sanitizing, in that it involves using an agent. However, disinfecting kills almost 100% of microorganisms, including viruses (which sanitizing doesn’t do).


Knowing how to sort your housekeeping task by frequency is especially useful when you’re planning ahead for events, don’t have enough time to do it all at once, or when you’re hiring a professional crew. These include:

  • Daily cleaning, as the name suggests, are standard activities necessary to keep your home healthy and comfortable. However, it is also an excellent option if you need to break down a massive task into smaller chunks, to save yourself from exhaustion.
  • Periodic cleaning is more comprehensive and usually done on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, and entails cleaning and sanitizing every household area.
  • Deep Cleaning is the most thorough and in-depth method available today. It includes cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection of every part of the house, along with all amenities. Since it is an incredibly time and energy-consuming process, most people do it only once or twice a year.

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Not all endeavors are high on the priority list, making the 3rd category easy to define. We can sort housekeeping types by urgency as follows:

  • Immediate cleaning refers to situations where you have to act without delay. This is the case with spills (to, say, prevent the upholstery from staining) or with pet accidents (to prevent odors).
  • Maintenance cleaning involves activities that keep your house from getting unsanitary over a prolonged period. In essence, we can view it as a combination of periodic (weekly) cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Restorative (remedial) cleaning is a higher form of tidying up necessary to keep a long-neglected area or an amenity in good condition or restore it to close-to-original condition. As such, it is a task reserved only for the most trained and experienced professionals.

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