8 Vital Aspects of Monthly Cleaning

We all appreciate the comfort and cleanliness of a well-kept living space, but this often means scrubbing your home for hours. Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle every nook and cranny each and every day, as there are specific chores that can be effectively managed within a monthly schedule.

As these are usually more complex chores, keep in mind that hiring professional house cleaners in Shoreline will help streamline the process. But even then, it’s valuable to know which areas of your house need attention only once a month. Read on to find out! 

monthly cleaning

What cleaning should be done monthly?

Maintaining a tidy home while also keeping your sanity and free time is possible if you focus on the most important tasks and schedule them appropriately. Have a look at this list of activities you should do on a monthly basis:

1. Light fixtures

In this case, you only need to dampen a cloth and wipe down the fixtures or pull out the pan and wash it. By doing so, you’ll get rid of any insects caught inside and thoroughly clean the unit. Once this is done, they won’t just look better, but they’ll also operate more efficiently.

2. Window treatments

Curtains, blinds, and other window treatments can harbor dust, pollen, and pet dander. Washing or vacuuming them once a month will keep allergens at bay. Additionally, tidy window treatments can significantly impact the overall look of your home. Dirty or dusty curtains and blinds can make a room appear neglected, while well-maintained draperies contribute to a more polished and welcoming atmosphere.

3. Baseboards & door frames

It is easy for dust and dirt to accumulate on baseboards, door frames, and window sills. Giving them a monthly wipe-down keeps your home looking neat and well-kept. Also, this will prevent stubborn dirt and grime from building up and help maintain a clean living environment, as routine cleaning takes less time and effort than removing layers of buildup.

4. Air vents

Vents and air ducts in your home are easily clogged with dust and debris, potentially impacting your indoor air quality. A monthly vacuum and in-depth cleanup is highly recommended as a precaution against allergens spreading and to maintain adequate airflow.

What cleaning should be done monthly

5. Deep cleaning carpets & upholstery

Your carpets and upholstery should be lightly vacuumed once a week, but deep cleaning should take place once a month at the very least. As a result, you’ll get rid of ground-in dirt and stains, extend the life of your carpet and furniture, and maintain a fresh scent in your home.

6. Flipping mattresses

For the long-term durability and consistent use of your mattress, make sure you rotate and flip it every month. The result is a sleeping surface that does not sag and provides comfort and support.

7. Filters 

Maintaining optimal air quality in your home and ensuring the efficient operation of your appliances requires checking the filters on your air conditioner and vacuum cleaner regularly. It may be necessary to wash them or replace them, depending on their condition.

8. Walls

It doesn’t matter whether you have children or not, you probably have at least a few marks on your walls – furniture scuffs and food splatters are good examples. Make sure you take the time to find the marks and wash them carefully. 

Where can I find experienced house cleaners in Shoreline and surrounding areas

Where can I find experienced house cleaners in Shoreline and surrounding areas? 

In case you’re not sure how often to perform different upkeep tasks around your home, particularly more complex ones, NW Maids Seattle can handle a wide range of cleaning tasks you may need. Our highly professional, bonded, and insured staff work tirelessly to tailor our services to the individual needs of each of our clients. So, instead of spending a day doing drudgery, spend the day exploring William E. Boeing House and rest assured your home will be tidy when you get back. Get in touch with us today! 




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