The Seattle Great Wheel

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The Seattle Great Wheel

The Seattle Great Wheel is the world’s tallest and fastest giant Ferris wheel. It offers unparalleled views of Seattle, Puget Sound, Mount Rainier, and the Olympic Mountains. The height of this Ferris wheel is 175 feet tall with a max speed of 18 miles per hour. You can experience it in an enclosed cabin or sit outside for spectacular views.

The Seattle Great Wheel is located in Myrtle Edwards Park by Pier 57 on Elliott Bay at 301 Alaskan Way and is approximately 200 feet from where the Waterfront Streetcar stops daily! Visitors to The Seattle Great Wheel can enjoy a spectacular view of Puget Sound, downtown skyscrapers, and the Olympic Mountains while riding this iconic attraction with their friends or family members during daylight hours throughout most of the year.

History of the Seattle Great Wheel

In March 2007, a plan was announced to build the Seattle Great Wheel at Pier 57 on Elliott Bay.
Construction began in June 2008 and took about one year of physical work before it opened to the public on May 29, 2012.

The Ferris wheel is 175 feet (53 m) tall with 42 climate-controlled gondolas, each accommodating up to six passengers for a ride that takes approximately 12 minutes per revolution. It also has an observation deck level which provides views from 520 feet above sea level! The rotating restaurant seats 150 people inside and another 120 outside under cover of retractable glass walls when weather permits. If you are looking for family fun or want something different than hanging out downtown, then this might be the perfect solution for you.

The Seattle Great Wheel is a giant Ferris wheel in Seattle, Washington, on Elliott Bay that opened to the public on May 29, 2012, after construction began in June 2008. It has 175 feet of height and 42 climate-controlled gondolas with views from 520 feet above sea level! There’s also an observation deck and a rotating restaurant seating 150 people inside and another 120 outside undercover when weather permits. If you’re looking for something different than hanging out downtown, then this might be your best bet!

Getting to The Seattle Great Wheel

The Seattle Great Wheel is located on Pier 57 at the waterfront in downtown Seattle. It can be accessed by foot or car, but since it’s only a few blocks away, you should save yourself some time and walk over there! There are also many food options nearby if you want to grab lunch before going out onto the wheel. If taking public transportation, hop aboard one of many buses that stop near Pike Place Market (the closest bus stop) and jump off once you pass between Piers 62/63 – this will leave you right across from where the Ferris Wheel begins! There are many things you can do while onboard, including eating & drinking (there’s even an opportunity for wine tasting), taking photos, listening to music or watching movies playing inside your TV screen, learning about current events around the world via digital screens that show information feeds like CNN live updates, etc., relaxing away from home by catching up on reading some material in our iPads subscription service, watching the views go by, or even managing a live feed of your house and pets while you’re away.

The Seattle Great Wheel is built to last, with safety being its number one priority. The wheel itself features four levels which are:

First Level (wheelhouse) has ticketing, boarding area, and operator’s booths plus two restrooms for guests’ convenience;

Second level contains 42 gondolas, each having six snack tables *(each seat can accommodate up to five people); they also include comfortable seating as well as large windows that provide great views; there’s also an ADA accessible open-air gondola at this level where those who do not wish to ride in enclosed cars may sit instead; it allows wheelchair access, but you cannot ride alone due to safety reasons;

Third level has a large dining area that can accommodate up to 175 people and includes two bars, a live entertainment stage with a sound system for bands & DJs, as well as three restrooms. This is the best place in The Seattle Great Wheel, where you’ll get an outstanding view of Elliot Bay. It also features several TV screens playing different international news channels (CNN, ESPN, etc.) or your favorite music videos all day long; this level will also be home to our outdoor patio, which we’re planning on opening soon once weather permits; it – so keep checking back! We’ve got many plans ahead, including hosting events like beer tastings/wine tasting and pairing dinners …more about them later if they go through!

Fourth level is also a dining area, but it’s smaller than the one on the Third Level. However, this section of The Seattle Great Wheel gives you an up-close view of the city and its waterfront as well as other attractions like Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum (which we’ll talk about soon!) Plus, there are six more TV screens here playing different channels all day long for your viewing pleasure; they might even show the live feed from cameras located outside, which will give you a chance to watch boats crossing Elliott Bay or planes landing. At Seatac Airport plus many others!

What to Do and See in The Seattle Great Wheel

Hanging out waiting for your ride to start can take up some time, and there are a few things you can do to pass the time. The first thing recommended when it comes to weather like this in Seattle is renting an umbrella (which they will be happy to sell or rent to you if needed). If your day gets wet, all of those umbrellas littering the ground make for great entertainment!
Once the Ferris wheel starts moving, two different views of the city await you. The first view is of downtown Seattle, and depending on what time it is, this can be a very busy sight! You’ll see Pike Place Market to one side with its mix of fresh produce stands, cafes, restaurants, and shops – all filled with locals who come here for their daily needs or some delicious bites (as mentioned above). Across from that will be the famous Space Needle which has been around since 1962 but still looks as modern as ever today.

The second set of views are when your gondola reaches the top half of its rotation. At this point, you should get out your cameras if you brought them along because there’s no better opportunity than to snapshots out at Sound on such clear days. The view of the Puget Sound overlooks all three surrounding bodies of water: Lake Union, Portage Bay, and – of course – Elliot Bay.

This is not your average Ferris wheel. The Seattle Great Wheel has 42 climate-controlled gondolas, each seating up to eight people, and features a full bar and food service. Adult tickets for the Ferris wheel cost $14 $12 for seniors $9 for kids and anyone age 2 or younger rides for free.

Address: 1301 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98101, United States

Monday 11am–10pm
Tuesday 11am–10pm
Wednesday 11am–10pm
Thursday 11am–10pm
Friday 10am–11pm
Saturday 10am–11pm
Sunday 10am–10pm

Phone: +1 206-623-8607


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The Seattle Great Wheel

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