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The Museum of Flight

The Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA, is home to over 150 historic airplanes, helicopters, and spacecraft. It also houses the world’s most extensive aviation library with more than 20,000 books and magazines! If you are interested in learning about aviation history or want to experience it firsthand, this museum is for you.

The Museum of Flight is an excellent place for history buffs or anyone who wants to learn more about airplanes. Engaging exhibits teach you all about different types of planes, their impact on society throughout history, and how they’ve evolved! You can also play games with your kids at this museum while learning about famous people like Orville and Wilbur Wright, Amelia Earhart, and Charles Lindbergh.

It is not just about airplanes – the museum also houses exhibits that feature spacecraft like those used in space missions for the U.S., Russia, China, or other countries worldwide! You can learn more about famous astronauts who helped make these flights possible with interactive exhibits and artifacts.

It is a must-see for anyone who wants to learn more about the history behind airplanes, spaceflight, or has an interest in aviation. You can even schedule tours that feature unique aircraft like the SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance plane – one of the fastest planes ever made.

History of Museum of Flights

The Museum of Flight is a nonprofit educational institution in Seattle.
It was established to “preserve and display historic aircraft.” The museum has over 150 aircraft and spacecraft from around the world on display for visitors to see. There are many exhibits at this museum that will teach you about aviation history and inspire your next visit.

The museum is spread across 200,000 square feet of space. The museum has over 25 exhibits that include artifacts from flight history as well as personal collections. This consists of a replica Apollo spacecraft for visitors to see up close and inside the cockpit of an Air France Concorde airplane that you can board yourself! Visitors get unrivaled access to some of the rarest historic aircraft in private ownership and even get to see a full-scale replica of the Wright brother’s 1903 flyer.

The museum also presents and hosts several special exhibits throughout the year. Some of these are:

Red Barn: This historic airplane was the first Boeing aircraft and dated back to 1916.
1907 Wright Flyer: This historic plane is one of only four authentic 1903 aircraft flown by the Wrights during their flying trials in 1904 and 1905.

Boeing 247: This aircraft was the first all-metal, modern airplane and was introduced in 1933.

Star Wars Exhibit: Visitors can check out a selection of memorabilia from this famous Star Wars series, including scale models, concept drawings, and more.

Space Gallery: This is the most extensive gallery of its kind globally, including a Space Shuttle Trainer and an SR-71 Blackbird.

Facts about The Museum of Flight

The museum is the largest private air and space exploration center in the world.

It has many historic planes on display from all eras in history. There are over 50 planes in the collection that change regularly, meaning that there will always be something new to see here (for kids). You could choose specific types of aircraft to explore or browse through photos online before coming and pick what piques your interest! One plane had an exciting story about how it was discovered by some people hiking but didn’t know anything about airplanes at first glance until they found out after doing research online.

The museum is also home to the world’s most extensive aviation art collection with over 400 fine and graphic arts works.

The museum also houses the world’s most extensive aviation library with more than 20,000 books and magazines!

There are many fun activities for kids, like a flight simulator lab or airplane rides!

The toilets are wheelchair accessible, and the staff is charming, so they help you around if needed, which is good because some of the exhibits aren’t in clear view unless someone explains them to you.

Activities in Museum of Flights

The activities in the museum are very different and exciting. There is a flight simulator that you can try for $12 or take an airplane ride for about $80-$200 (this depends on whether your child is over certain weight limits). In addition to activities for kids, adults can partake in activities too! Some examples include exploring an F-18 simulator or building your radio-controlled model aircraft from scratch.

You could also go through the gift shop where there are many things to buy, such as t-shirts, books, toys, etc. Furthermore, you could explore all the historic airplanes they have at their facility!

You can explore historic planes by watching movies reading historical documents exhibits in the children’s section. Adults may purchase food inside cafes and various small stores within a complex overhead map detailing layout house models of the flight museum building.
The Flight Deck Adventure flight simulator lab provides a hands-on learning opportunity where participants can learn about aerodynamics through piloting interactive lessons.


You have to drive there, and it is located in Seattle’s museum district. The address is9404 E Marginal Way S, Seattle, WA 98108, USA.

Museum hours are from Monday through Sunday between 10: 00 am to 5:00 pm (and open until 30 minutes after sundown). Museum admission costs $20 for adults; children 4 years old and under get in free. Group rates are also available upon request; early-bird discounts are offered when purchased online ahead of time! The museum provides wheelchair access throughout all three floors and wheelchairs available for loan on-site if needed.

Address: 9404 E Marginal Way S, Seattle, WA 98108, United States

Monday 10am–5pm
Tuesday 10am–5pm
Wednesday 10am–5pm
Thursday 10am–5pm
Friday 10am–5pm
Saturday 10am–5pm
Sunday 10am–5pm

Phone: +1 206-764-5700


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The Museum of Flight in Seattle WA



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