Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle, WA

Things To Do in Seattle – Olympic Sculpture Park

Olympic Sculpture Park

The Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle, WA, is a great place to visit with friends and family. This park has fantastic views of the water surrounding it and some unique sculptures that are both beautiful and interesting to see. There are many reasons why this particular sculpture garden should be on your list of places to go when you’re in Washington State.

The Olympic Sculpture Park is a fantastic place to visit if you are looking for something fun and different to do.


History of Olympic Sculpture Park

The Olympic Sculpture Park was created in 2007 and is a nine-acre park that hosts over 100 works of art. It was made thanks to a $30 million donation from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and individuals in Seattle’s community. ​​It is located right by the water in between downtown and Belltown. The majority of the works in this park are from that were donated. The Olympic Sculpture Park is part of Seattle Art Museum’s (SAM) public art collection, and it was designed by world-renowned architect Mr. Jensen / architectsAlliance.


What Do at Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle

Sit in a cafe on a sculpture lawn or visit Seattle Art Museum for additional exhibits (just across the street). There are free events throughout the year, such as yoga, dance, and art classes. There are several different types of art in the park, including sculptures, paintings, and photos.

Visit Olympic Sculpture Park Café. Steps, benches, and pathways for walkers and runners. There is an outdoor Amphitheater for public performances and events.


Here are the nine reasons why you should check this park out on your next trip:

Beautiful Sculptures to View – The sculptures in this park are not only beautiful, but they also have a unique style that makes them exciting and fun to see. You can walk around the sculpture garden for hours admiring all of the fascinating pieces of artwork here. There is no shortage of amazing things to look at!

Unique Location – One thing that sets Olympic Sculpture Park apart from other places you might go while visiting Seattle is its location by the water. With views like these available throughout your entire visit, it won’t be hard to find something special about this place that keeps you coming back time after time.

Easy Accessibility – It doesn’t get easier than having free access to a place that is only about an hour’s drive from the city of Seattle. Olympic Sculpture Park has no fee for admission and can be easily reached via public transportation in just about 20 minutes!

Great Views – If you are looking for views, this park certainly delivers on those expectations. You don’t have to worry about having great photos or even being able to see all the sculptures because there will more than likely always be something interesting lined up between where you stand and your camera lens.

Free Activities – There aren’t many things better than knowing everything at this particular sculpture garden comes without any fees attached whatsoever. Whether it is admiring the works of art off in the distance or taking a hike around the park, you can do it all at Olympic Sculpture Park without having to break your wallet.

Walking Trails – If you are a fan of walking trails and getting some exercise while exploring new places in nature, this is somewhere that can offer up those opportunities for fun. You don’t have to worry about paying an expensive fee or even bringing along a ton of money so that you can spend time outside!

Waterfront Restaurants Nearby – While visiting Olympic Sculpture Park, make sure to check out nearby waterfront restaurants as well! These places not only serve up delicious food options, but they also provide excellent views that will leave you speechless when combined with this location.

Bathrooms – This is where you wouldn’t expect to have toilets; however, they do exist here. So if you are wondering where the nearest restroom is while exploring Olympic Sculpture Park, there will undoubtedly be one available nearby!

Well Maintained Grounds – This sculpture garden in Seattle that people love is how well maintained it always remains throughout every season of the year. You won’t see any litter or trash sitting around, which makes for a friendly, clean environment all around. There aren’t many places with such attention paid towards maintaining its beauty as this park does!


What to See At Olympic Sculpture Park?

You can visit more than 100 artworks displayed on nine acres of land at this park, four of which were created by Mark di Suvero. Another piece is called “Eagle” and was created by Alexander Calder, while there is also an open-air exhibit called ‘Hedge Maze’ that visitors will enjoy. There’s something for everyone who visits this incredible place where you’ll be able to see works of artists and others such as Louise Bourgeois, Andy Goldsworthy, Auguste Rodin, and Alexander Calder.

There are several restaurants, cafes, and food trucks nearby in downtown Seattle where you can grab a bite to eat after you visit the park. You can walk through sculptures made from recycled materials during your time there. There are several different art pieces available to see – from massive outdoor sculptures, paintings, and photos. It is free for all ages, with a few minor exceptions. It is easy to access. You can bring your pup along. The Olympic Sculpture Park is open every day of the year. You can do so many things while visiting this park that it is impossible not to find something that interests you!


Getting to Olympic Sculpture Park

It’s pretty easy to get here as several buses will take you directly from the airport, including the E Line Express Bus Service and King County Metro Buses 30 & 124, which have stops at Broad Street and First Avenue South or Occidental Avenue S between Main Street and Jackson St near Myrtle Edwards Park.

You can also cycle here if you’d like by parking your bike at designated locations throughout the park that have been marked with signage for cyclists; these include Broad Street & Jefferson St near South Lake Union Discovery Center or Occidental Avenue S between Main Street and St near Myrtle Edwards Park. Accessible by car or public transportation.

There’s also a car park located on Western Avenue between Broad Street and Warren Avenue near South Lake Union Discovery Center. You can’t miss it if you’re driving! The Olympic Sculpture Park is open every day of the year. Olympic Sculpture Park is open from sunrise to sunset every day of the year!

Address: 2901 Western Ave, Seattle, WA 98121, United States

Open daily
Opens 30 minutes prior to sunrise
Closes 30 minutes after sunset

Phone: +1 206-654-3100

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Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle, WA



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