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Miner’s Landing Pier 57 Seattle

Miners Landing Pier 57 Seattle is a small boat dock on the Ship Canal in Seattle, Washington. It is one of two boat docks found at this location, and it offers parking for boats and fishing. This pier has been around since around 1900 when the Ballard Lumber Mill built it.
Miners Landing Pier 57 Seattle is a great place to visit in your free time or if you want somewhere fun to take out your boat! Whether it is sunny or rainy, there will always be something different going on here!

History of Miner’s Landing Pier 57 Seattle

The history of Miners Landing Pier 57 Seattle is intertwined with the history of the surrounding land, which was once part of a larger farm. At one point in time, it even hosted shacks occupied by Chinese families living on nearby Harbor Island who worked at coal-fired Pike Place Market steam plants. The pier dates back to 1893 when Sam Hill built three wooden ports along Elliott Bay for his Pacific Coast Coal Company shipment business. He named them after himself—Sam’s #13, 14, and 15—and they included warehouses where he could store coal until ships made their way around from Alaska or Canada carrying cargo bound for San Francisco or other ports en route southward to Mexico and points beyond. Over time these piers became increasingly obsolete, but they still stand today.

Miners Landing Pier 57 Seattle is located in the Interbay neighborhood of Ballard and has been known by many different names over time. It was once called Harbor Island Park during a brief period when it served as an amusement park and nearby Smith Cove Cruise Terminal. The pier became known as Miners Landing after being purchased by local businessman Alvin Klevorn who established his business there named Salvage First around 1969 to deal with shipwrecks while also offering boat repair services for fishing vessels that were no longer seaworthy due to rust damage or other issues caused by old age or poor maintenance. He sold the property in 1991, which changed hands several times before being acquired in 2004 by current owner Rick Robins of Sand Point Properties.

What’s in Miner’s Landing Pier 57 Seattle?

The pier itself can accommodate boats up to 50 feet long, with depths ranging from 12-15 feet depending upon the tide level. However, larger vessels or those carrying hazardous materials are prohibited from docking there due to environmental laws enforced by the Washington State Department of Ecology and other city regulations. It’s open 24 hours a day all year round except during inclement weather, when it may be closed temporarily until conditions improve.

Today, Miners Landing Pier 57 Seattle is a beautiful place to visit during the summer months when you can enjoy swimming and sunbathe at nearby Golden Gardens Park. It’s also home to not one but two restaurants— Salvage Bar & Grill and The Fisherman’s Restaurant & Lounge —so you don’t have to go far from your boat or walk along the pier for a bite to eat after docking there for a few days. On weekend evenings, it becomes host to several festivals throughout the year, including Seafair Pirates Landing in July, which features fantastic fireworks shows over Puget Sound that are visible from all points onshore, as well as boats docked nearby. There’s an annual fishing derby each August in addition to a Christmas boat parade that occurs on the first Saturday of December.

Miners Landing Pier 57 Seattle offers many activities such as volleyball games, fishing off of their dock, watching seaplanes take off and land at Kenmore Air, visiting restaurants like Anthony’s Homeport, The Rusty Pelican Pub & Eatery, and The Boathouse Cafe, and seeing live music acts at the arena. There are also two playgrounds for children.

Facts about the Miner’s Landing Pier 57 Seattle

The Great Wheel is one of the most popular things to do at Miners Landing Pier 57 Seattle. It’s also known as The Ferris wheel on Lake Union. The pier was originally built in 1893 by Sam Hill, who named it after himself. It was made of wood and included warehouses for coal storage. Pier 57 is an active fishing pier with five permanent fish cleaning stations, two on the north side and three on the south. There are two restaurants on the pier— Salvage Bar & Grill and The Fisherman’s Restaurant & Lounge. Miners Landing Pier 57 Seattle is one of the best places to take in views over Puget Sound during the summer when the weather’s nice. The pier is equipped with an open-air amphitheater perfect for hosting local concerts, theater productions, and movies. There are two boat docks on this pier, with 39 slips in total. All boats can be stored inside when it’s raining outside. A pump-out system also allows all water to drain back into Lake Union instead of going down through drains throughout Pier 57 Seattle.

It was once named Harbor Island Park. The pier is locally known as Miners Landing, but it has had many different names over time. It is now privately owned by Sand Point Properties LLC and is currently operated by the Washington State Department of Transportation. There are two public restrooms located at the north and south ends of the pier; both are open year-round.

Activities on Miner’s Landing Pier 57 Seattle

Enjoy views of Lake Union and surrounding mountains.

BBQ or picnic on your boat, kayak, or paddleboard.

Walk the pier and enjoy views of Lake Union, Gas Works Park, Portage Bay & the Seattle skyline.

Stop by for a coffee, lunch, or dinner at one of our marina tenants: The Boathouse Cafe & Bistro, Anacortes Coffee Company, Taqueria Los Barriles Tacos.

Watch boats coming in & out on their way to the Ship Canal, Lake Union, or Salmon Bay.

Take a bike ride through the trails and hills around Miners Landing Pier 57 Seattle. If you want to get some exercise while exploring, use a bicycle to get around the city.

Enjoy views of the Ship Canal and Ballard Locks. Take in the city skyline and the Olympic Mountains across Puget Sound. Catch a glimpse of the bustling piers below, home to fishing charters, kayak rentals, and ferry terminals

On clear days, you can see Mount Baker to the east and Cascade Mountains to the west. You also can see Mount Rainier towering over Seattle in all its glory.

Get a unique view of the Fremont Bridge, considered one of Seattle’s best examples of Art Deco architecture.

Nearby attractions include the Washington Park Arboretum, UW Husky Stadium, and Madison Park. Miners Landing Pier 57 Seattle is a boat dock near the Ship Canal in Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood on Lake Union. It has views of Mount Rainier to the southeast and Gas Works Park to the northeast. The pier is next to Lake Union Drydock, a maritime industrial business that repairs ships and boats.

How to get there:

Miner’s Landing Pier 57 Seattle is located at 1301 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98101, United States.

Miners Landing Pier 57 Seattle is located near Montlake Bridge and can be reached by car, bus, or bicycle. It is also accessible via the Burke-Gilman Trail.

Miners Landing Pier 57 Seattle can be reached by car, bus, or bicycle. It is also accessible via the Burke-Gilman Trail. The pier gives visitors access to Lake Washington and Montlake Cut and views of Mount Rainier and Portage Bay on Capitol Hill. There are several restaurants and cafes nearby.

There is no fee to access the pier or use any of its amenities, though there may be additional fees for some activities or renting specific equipment. Pier 57 is open daily from sunrise to sunset. No outbound traffic is allowed after dark!

Monday 11am–9pm
Tuesday 11am–9pm
Wednesday 11am–9pm
Thursday 11am–9pm
Friday 11am–9pm
Saturday 10am–9pm
Sunday 10am–9pm

Phone: +1 206-623-8600

Website: minerslanding.com

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