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Kerry Park in Seattle, WA

Kerry Park is a beautiful park in Seattle, WA, that is perfect for summer days. It has a great view of the water and plenty of space to play on the playground or explore nature trails. There are also tennis courts and horseshoe pits if you want to get competitive with your friends! The best part about Kerry Park is that it’s so close to downtown Seattle – less than 10 minutes by car.
Kerry Park in Seattle, WA, is a destination for locals and tourists alike. The park’s beautiful views of the Seattle skyline, Puget Sound, and the Olympic Mountains are some of the most iconic in all of Washington state.


Kerry Park is located on the top of Queen Anne Hill. 211 W Highland Dr, Seattle, WA 98119, USA. The hill provides an excellent view of downtown and Puget Sound. There are also great views to be seen from many parts of West Seattle as well. A variety of photo opportunities can be found around this small but beautiful park. The entrance drive leading up to the parking lot is steep and winding.

The park is adjacent to Myrtle Edwards Park, which can be accessed via 31st Ave W or West Highland Drive (30th Avenue W) from Interstate 90 – look for signs!

History of Kerry Park

The park is named after Arthur P. Kerry, who donated twenty acres of land to the city in 1929 for a public park. The remaining four and a half acres were purchased from John E. Rea later that same year by Seattle Parks Department.

Kerry Park was built on top of Denny Hill as part of the regrade project undertaken between 1907 and 1911 to flatten out hills throughout Seattle’s north end. This area had previously been used as an illegal dumping ground before it became a regraded section of West Queen Anne hill. During World War II, this space served as one sizeable air-raid shelter capable of housing 12,000 people within its three-mile-long tunnel system – now closed off but still accessible via two of its underground entrances.

In more recent years, Seattle’s homeless population has made the park their home. This is a known safety issue in the area that has unfortunately been exacerbated by an increase in drug trafficking and prostitution.

Kerry Park was once a reservoir for the City Water Department and later acquired by Queen Anne Hill resident Jame Kerry as part of his estate. It opened to the public on August 27th, 1916, with long-time caretaker Mr. Thomas Caffrey at its helm until he retired in 1948 due to ill health.

Things To Do at Kerry Park:

Don’t forget to pack a lunch; there’s plenty of space for everyone! Don’t miss out on the views from Kerry Park. You won’t regret it! Don’t arrive without cash; there’s a donation box at the entrance.
Don’t forget to pack your picnic basket; there’s plenty of space for everyone! And don’t miss out on the views from Kerry Park. You won’t regret it! There are also tennis courts and horseshoe pits if you want to get competitive with your friends!

Take a walk around the park. Stop and have lunch with plenty of seating, grassy areas to lay out under a tree or an umbrella, and quick access to restrooms. There are also two playgrounds (one for younger kids, one for older ones) nearby and some other games like horseshoes that you can play with your little ones! If you’re looking for something more active than just walking but not too strenuous, then try taking up frisbee golf – it’s fun if everyone involved knows how to throw a frisbee, so this could be good family activity! The course consists of metal baskets in the ground, and players aim to get their frisbees into these baskets. It’s highly accessible, usually free of charge (though you can pay $0.50 for a carton of frisbees if your family has more than one person throwing), and pretty easy!

Facts about the Kerry Park in Seattle, WA:

– Kerry Park is a public park located on Seattle, Washington’s Queen Anne Hill

– The view from this park includes downtown Seattle and the Space Needle (and more!)

– This can be an excellent place to spend a summer day with family or friends

– People can walk around the park, tour a museum and enjoy nature

– There are many great activities to do in this area! Facts about Seattle: – The world’s first Starbucks was opened here.

– Bill Gates grew up near here. This is an excellent place for people of all ages.

– It has beautiful views with lots of natural beauty surrounding it. Facts about visiting Seattle: In 2015, almost 70 million visitors brought $13 billion into the economy.

– This park has been closed since November 2015 after vandals destroyed many plants and fencing throughout the property.

Getting to Kerry Park:

Kerry Park in Seattle can be reached by car or public transportation. It is located on Highland Drive, just off Queen Anne Avenue North (Near 195 West Highland Dr).

Bus Route 75: takes you to within one block from the entrance to Kerry Park. Bus route 15 stops at either end of Queen Anne Ave N, so it will take about 20 minutes walking time to get from where that bus leaves you until reaching Wallace St & W Highland Dr.

Car: From Interstate-99 heading southbound, take exit 169A for Mercer St toward SR 99/Dexter Av N; keep right at the fork in road then merge onto W Harrison St continuing westbound until taking a slight turn northward onto Dexter Avenue North; continue driving along this road as it becomes Queen Anne Avenue North. Once reaching West Highland Drive follow the signs leading to Kerry Park.

You can also walk uphill along with view Ave N/E Pinehurst Way from the intersection of E Highland Dr & Queen Anne Ave N. It takes about 25 to 30 minutes walking time from McGraw St and Broad Street to Kerry Park. The walk is enjoyable, with a view of Lake Union on one side while you pass Wallace Reservation on your left.

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Kerry Park in Seattle WA


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