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Fremont Troll in Seattle, WA

Known as one of the world’s most giant sculptures, this statue is located in Seattle and has become a popular tourist attraction. Artist Steve Badanes created it for an exhibit called “The Four Seasons” in 1990.

The Fremont Troll is the most famous work of art in Seattle, WA, with its vast size (19 feet tall), elaborate detail (including colorful clothing and expressive face), and central location on North 36th Street near Phinney Avenue.

History of Fremont Troll

The Fremont Troll is a public art sculpture located beneath the north end of the Aurora Bridge in Seattle, Washington. It was created by four local artists: Steve Badanes, Will Martin, Donna Walter, and Ross Whitehead. The troll sculpture took about eight months to complete with a total cost of $133,000 (in 1990s dollars) with the artists donated their time. It was unveiled on June 16, 1990, and became a popular attraction in Fremont for travelers from all over to take pictures with it. The Troll was also made to be touchable so that people could climb on the statue.

The Fremont Troll is an impressive work of art, not just because of its size but also how detailed it is. It features intricate carvings all over its body and bright colors such as blue, purple, and green. It is also said to be the giant troll sculpture globally by many sources, including Wikipedia, which lists it as a tourist attraction on its page about Seattle.

In recent years, the Fremont Troll has been getting a lot of attention from tourists and locals alike in Seattle who post photos on social networking sites such as Instagram and Facebook. This is not just because the statue itself is an impressive work of art but also because it allows people to take exciting or funny photos with it. The Fremont Troll has since become an iconic landmark in Seattle that represents the city’s culture and history, especially for those who live there.

Fremont Troll has become a popular attraction in Seattle, WA, for those who live there and those who visit the city.

Facts about the Fremont Troll

The Troll is made of rebar, wire mesh, and concrete.

It has a span from the north to south end 17 feet long x 14 ft tall. Each arm measures 13ft in length, and it weighs approximately 16 tons!

The model for this sculpture was made out of a Volkswagen Beetle.

It took four years from its design until its completion in 1990.

There are visible bolts on all sides showing how it is held together and supported by steel beams buried deep within concrete supports at the bottom.

The concrete was made with wire mesh and rebar for the strength needed to support cars driving over it.

The steel beams used to keep the sculpture stable have been known to cause issues for drivers that hit them.

It is located at N 36th St, Seattle, WA 98103, USA

Tourists frequently visit this park and Troll due to their popularity from being in Hollywood movies such as Singles (1992), which was filmed here, along with Sleepless in Seattle (1993), a TV show named Frasier, and many more.

The Fremont Troll was recently in the media once again when it caught on fire for unknown reasons that were not arson or intentional damage. However, this did not affect its popularity whatsoever since many people still flocked to take photos with it even though half of its face had burned away. Locals estimate that around 100,000 people visit Fremont Troll every year.

What to see on Fremont Troll tour:

Fremont Troll is a giant public art sculpture in Seattle, Washington. It was created by the world’s largest arts organization and sat under Aurora Bridge at 36th Street Northwest and Troll Avenue NW (hence the name) across from Seattle’s North Beach / Ballard district. Unveiled in 1990, it measures nearly 15 feet tall for about 16 tons weight – one ton per foot!. The work has made headlines over time as people are not sure if there will be an arm or not…!

Fremont Troll tour stops you will enjoy most include: trolls garden area with many other large metal sculptures that surround this park; Troll holding real VW Beetle car which he pulled out of the nearby lake; views from different angles of the Fremont Troll from below and above; murals painted on surrounding walls.

Fremont Troll Tour: Costs & Opening Hours

Tours are free; however, if you want to take a closer look or have your photo taken with the troll sculpture, there will be some small fee as it is sponsored by local companies who display their ads for money. Also, when Aurora Bridge gets busy in the summertime, street traffic (bikes and cars) a lot of noise can ruin lovely photos, so keep that in mind! Opening hours vary depending on which season – spring April-May opens around dusk until midnight while autumn October – November closes at dawn again after midnight… Winter months December through March, close early around sunset but stay open during weekends.

How to get there to Fremont Troll:

Fremont Troll is located in the northwest corner of Fremont, Washington. It’s possible to get there by bus – take Metro route 19 from downtown and alight at 35th Avenue NW & Leary Way NW (just before you cross under a bridge). The sculpture faces south, so it can also be seen when looking northward down this street. You’ll find parking reasonably close by but not immediately next to the Troll!

Bus routes that stop near Fremont Troll are: route 72 serves Phinney Ave N/NW Market St; route 26 serves NW 80th Street via 15th Ave NW, and route 62 serves Greenwood Ave N between 85th St & 105st Streets.- 25 minutes walking distance from Fremont Troll to Gas Works Park.

25 minutes from Fremont Troll to Ballard Locks and Hiram M Chittenden Locks (also known as Ballard locks). – 20 minutes driving distance from Fremont Troll to Seattle Center.


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