Fremont Bridge

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Fremont Bridge

This bridge comes from John Charles Frémont, an American military officer and explorer. This Seattle treasure has a suspension design that is rarely seen on other bridges worldwide. It also stands apart by being one of only three places where you can view a replica of the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge opposite its actual location. This bridge has been an icon for Seattle since it was built in 1973 and is one place you should visit!

While walking across this popular attraction, make sure to look down and up at all of its features, take plenty of pictures, or sit on a bench, and people watch. There is a lot to see in Seattle, and the Fremont Bridge is one of them!

History of Fremont Bridge

Seattle’s famous bridge designer, Minoru Yamasaki, designed the Fremont Bridge. The original design for the bridge was rejected because it didn’t fit in with the Art Deco style that was popular. After some revisions, the bridge’s final design was a suspension-style bridge that has become an icon for Seattle.

The Fremont Bridge was completed in 1973 and is over a mile long. The bridge has four lanes of traffic, sidewalks for pedestrian travel on both sides, two bascule leaves controlled by large motors to allow ships through the draw span, and its bicycle trail.

The Fremont Bridge is more than just a pretty face. It also serves as an essential connection between Seattle and its surrounding suburbs, especially during rush hour traffic jams. More importantly, though, it helps to connect the two parts of the city separated by Lake Union on either side! This bridge can be crossed any time, day or night but make sure to check the hours, so you don’t get stuck in a jam when trying to cross!

Facts and Figures of Fremont Bridge

-Construction started in June 1972 and was completed on 1973

-Length – 1611 feet (491 meters)

-Width of roadway – 62 feet (18.90 meters)

-Height of main span above water level – 190 feet (58.00 meters)

-Number of traffic lanes on the bridge – four

-Weight of each leaf, in pounds – 30 tons Clearance below the bridge when open to maritime traffic – 135 feet (41 meters)

-Width of sidewalks – eight feet (240 cm)

-Number of cables on each side of bridge – 192

-Length of cable, in feet – 16,000

-Height of tower above water level – 210 feet (64 meters)

-The Fremont Bridge was built in 1973 and is considered one of the most notable landmarks in Seattle. It has also become a very iconic bridge around the world!

-The Fremont Bridge was modeled after San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, but it isn’t a replica like you would think at first glance. This makes it even more interesting because it gives off that familiar feeling of being a replica even though it isn’t one at all!

-The Fremont Bridge is the seventh longest suspension bridge globally and averages around 100,000 crossings every day. It also has two concrete towers that stand over 600 feet tall, making them some of Seattle’s tallest buildings!

-The Fremont Bridge is the longest steel suspension bridge in Seattle.

-The Fremont Bridge was designed by Minoru Yamasaki, who also designed the World Trade Center.

-The Fremont Bridge is open to pedestrians and cyclists only. Cars are not allowed to cross it.

-It crosses Lake Union and connects Seattle’s Fremont and Queen Anne neighborhoods.

-The bridge has a pedestrian walkway on the east side that offers fantastic views.

What to See at Fremont Bridge

The Fremont Troll

As you walk across the bridge, be sure to look down because there is a giant troll under one of the pillars. Four local artists created this popular attraction in 1990, and it has become an iconic landmark for Seattle ever since! The Troll gets dressed up in clothes throughout the year during special events like Halloween and the winter holidays!

The Fremont Cut

If you have time, be sure to walk on the east side of the bridge and check out this unique feature. The cut is a man-made trench that runs underneath Seattle’s most famous landmarks: Lake Union and the Aurora Bridge! There are stairs below, so you can stand at the bottom of the cut and get a better view of both bridges.


The Fremont Bridge is one of the busiest bridges in Seattle, especially during rush hour. Be sure to look down at all of the boats passing underneath you! It’s fascinating how many ships pass through on some days, and it can be fun to figure out what they are carrying or where they are heading next.

The Aurora Bridge

If you walk to the other side of the Fremont Bridge, you will see a replica of the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge. This is because Seattle and San Francisco are sister cities! The replica was built in 1974 as part of the United States Bicentennial celebration. It’s worth a visit if you are interested in seeing more of Seattle’s history.

Lake Union

The Fremont Bridge not only connects the two parts of town that Lake Union separates, but it also provides a great view! Be sure to stop and take in all of these fantastic sights as you cross the bridge so you can tell your friends back home about everything you got to see!

Ballard Locks

If you continue walking down from the Fremont Bridge on Eastlake Avenue, you will be at the Ballard locks. This is another man-made feature that was created to help ships navigate between large bodies of water! The area around the locks also has a lovely park with a playground for kids and a picnic area for bigger groups!

Things to Do in Fremont Bridge

-Take the kids to play at Ballard Locks Park.

-Walk across the bridge and take pictures of all the fantastic views.

-Visit The Troll Underneath One Of Bridges Support Columns, Created By Four Local Artists In 1990, And It Has Become An Iconic Landmark For Seattle!

-Go to the Fremont Cut, a man-made trench that runs underneath two of Seattle’s most famous landmarks: Lake Union and the Aurora Bridge.

-Visit The Replica Of North End Of Golden Gate Bridge In San Francisco That Was Built In 1974 As Part Of United States Bicentennial Celebration. It Is Worth A Visit If You Are Interested In Seeing More Of Seattle’s History.

-Walk across the bridge, and be sure to stop and check out all of these fantastic sights!

Activities and Events at Fremont Bridge

Fremont Bridge is lit up in spectacular colors and patterns throughout the year during special events.

-Be sure to check out the annual Solstice Parade on June 21st! This parade has been happening for over 40 years and celebrates the summer solstice with colorful costumes, floats, and live music!

-If you are in Seattle during the winter holidays, be sure to check out the Fremont Bridge Lighting Ceremony. This event happens on December 17th and features a live performance by a local choir and a lighting display that is set to music!

Finally, if you are in Seattle for Halloween, don’t miss the Fremont Bridge Lighting and Costume Contest! This event happens on October 31st and is a great way to get in the Halloween spirit! The Fremont Bridge will be lit up in all sorts of spooky colors, and there will be prizes for the best costumes!

Be sure to check out these fantastic events at Fremont Bridge throughout the year! You won’t want to miss out on the spectacular lights and sights!

What to Bring to Fremont Bridge

-Be sure to wear comfortable shoes so you can walk across the entire bridge!

-If it is a rainy day, be sure to take an umbrella with you. The Fremont Bridge provides excellent views of both Seattle and Lake Union, but if there’s a downpour, then you won’t be able to see anything from underneath the overhang!

-If you are visiting in the summer, be sure to bring sunscreen and a hat! There is no shade on the bridge, and it can get pretty hot walking under the sun.

-And finally, be sure to bring your camera! You will want to snap pictures of all the fantastic sights from this one-of-a-kind bridge!

The Fremont Bridge is located on North 36th Street near Seattle’s famous Fremont neighborhood. This area of town has had some significant growth over the years thanks to its eclectic array of locally owned businesses and restaurants. If you’re looking for a place to grab a bite or shop for some unique souvenirs, Fremont is your spot!

The bridge is also home to the infamous Troll that sits underneath it. This 18-foot tall statue was created in 1990 by artist Steve Badanes as part of an effort to revitalize the neighborhood. If you’re feeling brave, make sure to snap a picture of yourself next to the Troll!

How to Get to Fremont Bridge

You can quickly get to the Fremont Bridge by taking I-405 and exiting North 36th Street. Turn right onto Fremont Avenue and then left on Westlake Ave N before crossing over the bridge!

Address: Stadium Fwy, Portland, OR 97232, United States

Hours: The Fremont Bridge is open from Monday to Thursday to about four in the morning until midnight. On Fridays, it’s open from four in the morning until two am, on Saturdays it’s open from six am until two am, and on Sundays, it’s open from eight in the morning to ten at night.


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