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The Wedgwood Neighborhood


Wedgwood is a community in Seattle that many people are unaware of, but it has so much to offer. Wedgwood is home to the Northwest African American Museum and Center for Urban Horticulture. Several parks are scattered throughout Wedgwood, with places like Gasworks park providing an incredible view of the Seattle skyline. If you want to get away from the hustle-and-bustle of city life, then this might be just what you’re looking for!


About the Wedgwood Neighborhood


Wedgwood Neighborhood is a North End and Northeast located in Wedgwood, Washington. Home to about 23,000 people according to the 2000 census report, this small town has much more than what it shows on the surface. It’s one of those places where you can feel safe when you walk around at night. Everyone knows everyone else in tight-knit communities like these (almost like Mayberry), which makes for an even greater sense of security. However, if that doesn’t convince you, perhaps we should mention all the different things to do in and around our beautiful city? For example, hiking trails overlooking Lake Washington and beyond; access points into Mount Rainier National Park (which also happens to be the largest National Park in Washington State); and many different restaurants, shops, and bars for those who like a good time.


Wedgwood is located between the University Village mall, making it very convenient, especially if you have friends or family attending school there! Most homes are single-family residences, with some being duplexes, so they can be pretty expensive even though prices continue to remain stable during these times when real estate changes rapidly throughout other neighborhoods in Seattle, such as Ballard Greenlake, etc. Wedgewood shares borders with many different communities like Laurelhurst and Sand Point, making this area easily accessible because everything mentioned above (shopping malls, schools, etc.) all reside within walking distance from your home! It’s also close enough to downtown Seattle that driving will not take up most of your day either since traffic isn’t that bad throughout this area.


Wedgwood Neighborhood is home to many people who have ties to the University of Washington. The area has a very high rate of homeownership, and residents tend to be well educated, open-minded, and family-oriented. The neighborhood boasts excellent public schools, abundant green space, including parks with trails for jogging or walking dogs, and community events hosted by local businesses throughout the year. Wedgwood Seattle Residents are also located close to some significant transportation lines making it easy to get around without having a car if you don’t want one!


Facts About the Wedgwood Neighborhood


Wedgwood Seattle Neighborhood is part of the northeast region of the city. It’s about 0.75 miles away from Queen Anne, which means it takes approximately ten minutes on foot to get there. Wedgwood Seattle has a population of around 15,000 residents and spans just over three square kilometers in area. The median age for people living here is 37 years old, while the average household size stands at two people per family unit or home. In terms of income levels, it’s estimated that 45 percent earn less than $50k each year. Still, only 21 percent live below the poverty level, so incomes are high compared to other neighborhoods within this metropolitan area!


There aren’t any famous landmarks near these apartments except maybe Lake View Cemetery, where many famous people are buried, including Bruce Lee, the actor who starred in The Green Hornet. There is also no public transportation running through Wedgwood Seattle except for buses that only run on weekdays, so it’s best to own a car if you want to move around other parts of this city or even within your neighborhood!


One interesting fact about Wedgwood is that it has its fire department called Station 32. The station was built in 1970 by volunteers who worked together to raise funds for construction. Another cool thing about this neighborhood is that it’s one-stop away from the University Village mall, making it very convenient, especially if you have friends or family attending school there! Most homes are single-family residences, with some being duplexes, so they can be pretty expensive even though prices continue to remain stable during these times when real estate changes rapidly throughout other neighborhoods in Seattle such as Ballard or Greenlake.


Wedgewood lives up to its name due to how aesthetically pleasing its winding roads are arranged perfectly, making them very beautiful, which may be another reason why everyone chooses this place for their families too because it’s safe and has plenty of trees, plants, and parks where things are always going on within walking distance from home if that isn’t exactly what you’re looking for either. The prices remain stable during these times, where real estate changes rapidly throughout other neighborhoods like Ballard or Greenlake, so there’s no need to worry about driving taking up most of your day here either. All of those reasons make Wedgwood Neighborhood.


There are lots of great parks in Wedgwood. The largest is the Wedgwood Broiler Park which includes an off-leash dog run. It also has an outdoor amphitheater that hosts many summertime concerts. The park is located near the library, senior center, and community center in Wedgwood, Seattle, Neighborhood. There are also many smaller neighborhood parks throughout the neighborhood. These include a pocket park with a playground, Wedgwood Village Park with an off-leash dog area and tennis courts, and Waverly Park with a garden. There are also two indoor recreation facilities in Wedgwood, the Evergreen Racquet Club and the Wedgwood Athletic Club. These provide a year-round swimming pool, sauna, and other amenities.


Activities in Wedgwood Neighborhood

There are so many activities in Wedgwood Neighborhood. The restaurants and cafes of the neighborhood offer a selection of food from around the world. Wedgwood includes a movie theater that shows first-run movies, popular concerts at the outdoor amphitheater, and children’s storytelling at the library.


Performances throughout the year at a nearby high school and many local churches provide live music, theater, and dance opportunities. There are also many local events and festivals throughout the year, such as a classic car show, an art walk, and a jazz festival. Wedgwood has a farmers market every Saturday from April to October.


People can enjoy the Seattle community by visiting many parks, including Wade Oval Park and Meadowbrook Field. There are also annual events that people living in this neighborhood look forward to each year, such as SummerFest Northwest at Wedgwood Square, a free concert series held every summer on Wednesday evenings from June through September. People have access to restaurants for all different types of cuisine, so there is no need for people who live here to leave the area if they don’t want to!


There are so many different shops and services available in Wedgwood Neighborhood. There is a large grocery store called QFC, which has everything from fresh produce to clothing. People living here can also use the post office for mailing letters or purchasing stamps if they don’t live close enough to walk there! Many people who live in this area feel at home without feeling too small because there is always something new opening up around them.


People living in this neighborhood come from different cultural backgrounds, making it unique because there is never a dull moment when people with diverse interests get together. The diversity around here also adds to the overall culture and charm of each piece of this vibrant city landscape. Whether someone lives close by or has driven to visit, they know they’ll always find something fun and interesting at Wedgwood!


Things to do in Wedgwood Neighborhood


You don’t have to leave this area for fun and exciting activities when life brings you down or when it’s just time for a break from work! There are so many different types of entertainment, including museums, libraries, parks, shopping malls, restaurants/bars, and more! Here are some of the things to do near Wedgwood:


Wedgwood Rock

Wedgwood Rock: A rock-climbing spot located in the middle of Lake Washington Blvd, which is known to be a popular spot for people who like to sunbathe or play around on kayaks.


University Village Mall

University Village Mall: One-stop away from Wedgwood Seattle, this mall contains many fantastic stores and restaurants perfect for all your shopping needs (and wants too)!


Lake View Cemetery

Lake View Cemetery: Bruce Lee is one famous person buried here, so why not visit him? Many other historical figures are also buried here!


Station 32 Fire Department

Station 32 Fire Department: A fire station built by volunteers serves as an emergency contact center if you ever need help with something along these lines.


Green Lake Park

Green Lake Park: A local favorite to jog or go boating on the little lake found here! People also like to take their dogs for a walk around this area.


Official Bad Art Museum of Art

Official Bad Art Museum of Art: This museum is full of many different types of art that you probably wouldn’t find anywhere else.


Goldmyer Hotspring

Goldmyer Hotspring: If you love to go hiking and experience the great outdoors, Goldmyer Hotspring is a hot spring located about 40 minutes away from Wedgwood.


Moonpaper Tent

The Moonpaper Tent: A place where you can walk around, eat food and enjoy the ambiance too.


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