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Seattle Neighborhood – Riverview

The Riverview Neighborhood


There is no better place to live than in Riverview, Seattle. This neighborhood has a lot of friendly neighbors and craftsman-style homes, which provide an unparalleled sense of community. There are many benefits to living in Riverview Seattle, such as proximity to the city center and waterfront parks. You can be sure that this is your new home if you want something with character!


About the Riverview Neighborhood


Riverview Neighborhood is where residents can enjoy nature with the lush tree-filled parks and access to the Puget Sound. The homes in this neighborhood are primarily craftsman style, built between 1909 through 1928. These homes make up about 65% of all residences within Riverview. While there are many multi-family units located here, approximately 90% of these properties are owner-occupied. With many local businesses available along I-90 for shopping needs, it’s no wonder that over 96 percent of homeowners living in Riverview Seattle feel safe walking alone at night!


The people who live in the South Bellevue area also tend to be more involved than most other areas within King County; they play an active role in their communities’ educational, cultural, and civic affairs. The proximity to local area amenities is very convenient for residents here.


History of Riverview Neighborhood


The first residents of the Riverview neighborhood were members of the Duwamish Tribe. The tribe was later moved to a reservation in West Seattle, known as Chief Sealth Park. In 1870, during construction on Mill Street for what would become Harbor Island’s terminal building, workers unearthed bones belonging to an extinct species of bison. Evidence suggests that Native Americans hunted these animals along with deer and coyotes between 6000 BC and 3000 BC. Later settlers used this land primarily for farming until 1886, when it became home to Fort Lawton (one source claims 1852). During World War II, over 200 buildings were constructed at Fort Lawton by U.S Army Engineers using plans drawn up by famed architect Leonard Strykack. Following the war, Fort Lawton buildings were converted to family housing for military personnel and their families.


People who live in Riverview Seattle


The people who live in this neighborhood are generally friendly and welcoming! Residents enjoy many activities and opportunities for involvement through clubs, groups, organizations within South Bellevue, such as the Kiwanis Club of South Bellevue, which has been around since 1947! Other popular community associations include the Somerset Community Association (SCA) that helps build a sense of belonging among neighbors by sponsoring events like Garage Sales or Ice Cream Socials. For those into sports, there are even organized soccer leagues available at Graham Hill Park, one more reason why it consistently ranks on the top of the list for best places to play soccer in Seattle.


Riverview Neighborhoods has some amazing friendly neighbors too! They were all so welcoming when we moved here about five years ago, and we still see many of them out walking their dogs or taking care of their yards every day. There’s nothing like knowing who your neighbors are to make you feel more comfortable in a new place! 


On top of this, you live in such proximity to downtown without actually downtown, making Riverview an ideal location for anyone looking for that small-town feeling where everyone knows your name and is there to help you when you need it.


The Riverview Neighborhood is a great place to raise a family or move into an empty nest. It has everything you could want and more! There are many events throughout the year that these friendly neighbors participate in together, like holiday parties, summer barbeques, and even volunteering at local schools. They make this neighborhood feel like home for everyone who lives here, making it such a lovely place!


Riverview Neighborhood Boundaries


Elliott Bay on the west bounds the Riverview neighborhood, Duwamish Waterway on the south, West Marginal Way SW (north-south roadway) to Highland Park Drive SW (west of Harbor Island), North-South Street (east of Harbor Island; formerly Railroad Avenue S.) to East Marginal Way, which runs north-south along the eastern border. It covers roughly 40 blocks that are generally flat except near Beacon Hill, where it reaches about 150 feet above sea level at one point before descending again towards Spokane St., which forms a natural depression through much of its length.


Riverview Neighborhood: Homes and Neighbors


The majority of homes in the Riverview neighborhood are single-family residences built between 1905 and 1939. Most were designed with elements from the craftsman style, which was popular during this time. Standard features such as gabled roofs, overhangs that extend beyond wall lines, shingles, or decorative wood panels below eaves and windows often trimmed by a semi-circular head make it easy to spot one example of this architectural style across the street from another. The center of activity for families living in these homes is usually within walking distance at parks like Duwamish Waterway Park, where they can enjoy boating activities on Lake Washington Ship Canal and the Duwamish River. Other nearby amenities include an elementary school, library branch, and a major grocery store (PCC Natural Market).


Riverview Neighborhood: Commercial Spaces


In terms of commercial spaces, those that are most convenient for residents to access from the Riverview neighborhood include some small corner stores and gas stations along Airport Way S. Public amenities like grocery stores require more time to reach by foot or bus because they are located elsewhere in West Seattle (or within Harbor Island). Some examples of nearby commercial spaces in this area are the Duwamish Market, located on Spokane Street at 26th Avenue SW, and selling much fresh produce, seafood, and meat. There is also a popular restaurant located at the Duwamish Waterway Park on Harbor Island.


Riverview Neighborhood: Parks and Recreation


In terms of green spaces, there are numerous parks to choose from for those living in the Riverview Seattle community, including Duwamish Waterway Park, May Creek Linear Park Trail, West Marginal Playfield (also known as Port of Seattle Dog Off-Leash Area), and Fort Lawton Picnic Shelter. Residents can also visit several marinas along Elliott Bay, such as Shilshole Marina, which has over 600 boat slips available for rent, or Dock with a capacity of 100 boats. 


Suppose you’re into rock climbing, head over to Beacon Climbing Center, where it’s possible to scale walls as high as 40 feet. For those who prefer indoor activities, there are many options. The West Seattle YMCA is a fitness center for people of all ages and offers classes such as yoga and kickboxing. There is also a martial arts dojo (Satori Martial Arts) that offers courses like Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a self-defense form of fighting. Other recreational facilities in the area include Northacres Park, Seahurst Park, and Camp Long.


Riverview Neighborhood: Schools and Education


In terms of education, the only public school that serves this area is Pigeon Point Elementary School; however, a library branch can be found within walking distance at Miller Playfield, which also features an outdoor amphitheater for the community members to use for events or performances. The nearest university serving people living in this neighborhood would likely be the University of Washington – Seattle Campus or South Seattle Community College. In addition, you will find several private schools close by, including Good Shephard Catholic Preschool, Our Lady Of Guadalupe Parish Daycare Center, and Holy Rosary Academy. Riverview Park Apartments are affordable apartment homes located just minutes from downtown West Seattle near I-90. With bus service at the front door, residents can easily access downtown Seattle and beyond for work or play. Riverview Park Apartments is located just minutes from I-90, making it easy to get into Downtown Seattle in about 20 minutes, where you can enjoy shopping at Westlake Center.


Facts about the Riverview Neighborhood


Riverview Neighborhood is a great place to live. It’s a very safe area with an active neighborhood association that organizes many community events, including yearly festivals and parties for the kids. There are also two coffee shops within walking distance from each other, making it easy to get your caffeine fix! The homes here reflect the general style of houses throughout Seattle: Craftsman Style Homes; however, some newer construction has been popping up recently. Of course, there are several parks within walking distance and trails along Interstate 90, which make recreational activities popular among families who live here.


Most people living in this area do not own cars because they can easily walk or bike everywhere they need to instead of driving around town looking for parking. For those who own cars, many take advantage of the “Free Ride” area that exists on either end of this neighborhood and uses it to get downtown while avoiding traffic.


Riverview Neighborhood is also home to the big Lumber Mill, which has been in operation for over 100 years. It’s a popular place to work for many people living in the area and has even been known to hire interns throughout the year so if you are interested, definitely check with them!


And if you want additional space, there are plenty of nearby homes available for rent or sale. So no matter how big or small your family needs are, they will have access to a wide variety of homes to suit them!


Finally, it is essential to mention that this community exists on either side of the I-90, which can be pretty loud at times; however, most homes have become accustomed to insulation or other methods that help block out some of the noise. If considering moving here, make sure you ask your neighbors how they feel about their home acoustics because while it might not bother one person, it could undoubtedly get annoying quickly depending on where your unit is located within the complex itself.


Activities in Riverview Neighborhood


Riverview Neighborhood is a charming area with an active community. The central location between Ballard, Fremont, and Queen Anne Hill allows residents to walk or bike for daily errands easily and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking in the nearby Burke-Gilman Trail. Here are some of our favorite things to do in this fun neighborhood:


Ballard Farmers Market

The Ballard Farmers Market is a Saturday morning tradition for many families in the area. Get there early to walk through booths of locally grown produce, flowers, and more before enjoying breakfast at one of our favorite spots.


Waterfront Activities are plentiful on Lake Union, with both private boats and public boating options available for rent or purchase. From kayaking to stand-up paddleboarding, you’ll find plenty of fun things to do out on the water that doesn’t require owning your boat! Head down into Fremont by way of Westlake Avenue Bridge, where you can take advantage of this great option within walking distance from Riverview Neighborhood homes – not far away but worth it if you want to access without having to drive!


Rent bikes from Blazing Saddles, head into the Burke-Gilman Trail or take a romantic ride with that special someone at Ballard Locks. The trail passes not far from Riverview Neighborhood homes, so you can easily rent cycles for an hour or two of fun riding. Our favorite thing to do is pack picnic supplies in their handy bicycle baskets before heading out on this scenic route, where there are many options for enjoying nice weather all year long by taking advantage of riverside eateries as well as parks along the way.

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