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The Olympic Hills Neighborhood


Olympic Hills is a top Seattle neighborhood for many different reasons. Many homes have been built in this area, making it a perfect place to buy or rent. It has excellent schools and parks to offer residents and their families and the convenience of being close to all of the major highways. Olympic Hills is also home to one of the most prestigious golf courses in the United States: The Country Club at Newcastle!


Many things about Olympic hills make it an ideal location for people looking for somewhere new to live. Suppose you’re interested in buying your property. In that case, there are some fantastic locations available where you can build something custom designed just how you like it with lots of options for outdoor living.


About the Olympic Hills


The Olympic Hills neighborhood is located in the northeast quadrant of Seattle, WA. It consists mainly of single-family homes on small lots with large trees. The area has many green belts for walking and trails. At first glance, this neighborhood appears to be more residential than commercial. However, after some exploration, it becomes clear that the area has many shopping and dining options. Its main thoroughfare is East Pike Street, which connects it directly to Downtown life while also offering quick access to Greater Seattle via public transportation systems such as buses or light rail trains.


Olympic Hills Seattle Neighborhood has so much to offer, and this is just a preview of what you can find in the neighborhood. Olympic Hills Seattle Neighborhood also provides excellent outdoor activities such as hiking and biking through multiple trails along Capitol Hill’s wooded hillsides or Lake Washington shoreline. If you are into boating, then Lake Washington offers ample opportunities at the nearby marinas. Many boats house their vessels during wintertime when they cannot use them on the dry ground due to diminishing water levels. The neighborhood also features an extensive network of bike paths, making it easy for bicyclists to get around without relying on city traffic congestions and parking headaches either! You will love how green everything is here; with so many trees lining the streets, every block in Olympic Hills Seattle Neighborhood is sure to be a peaceful and calming experience.


Olympic Hills offers many great restaurants and cafes to give residents their daily dose of caffeine. Whether you want a good old American breakfast at your local Denny’s diner or something more exotic such as Vietnamese pho soup from Pho Than Bros., Olympic Hills has it all and then some. You will also find that most of its eateries offer outdoor dining, giving diners the option to enjoy their meal under the sun while breathing in fresh air rather than sitting inside an enclosed restaurant space that can get stuffy during summertime heatwaves. Outdoor seating also gives diners a chance to enjoy the many parks and walking trails that Olympic Hills features.


Olympic Hills also offers excellent access to downtown life, as well as Capitol Hill’s shopping district, where you can find all your favorite stores from boutiques that feature local designers or upscale retail chains which offer designer clothing at affordable prices. One of its best features is how centrally located it is! No matter what area you live in this vibrant community, whether it’s on Queen Anne hill, East Pike Street, or West Garfield street – everything else will always feel close since transportation options are readily available throughout the city through buses and public transport systems such as rail trains. If you don’t feel like driving, no worries because there is always a bus or train waiting for you.


No matter what you need to get done during the Day, Olympic Hills Seattle Neighborhood will always have a way of helping you complete it through its excellent access to downtown life and Capitol Hill’s shopping district with many retail shops for all your needs.


Facts About the Olympic Hills


Olympic Hills is bordered on the west by Puget Sound and Hamilton Beach. It’s also home to Meadowlands resting, marshes, and wetlands that attract wildlife such as blacktail deer, elk, beavers, and coyotes. Many residents say they’ve seen eagles soaring overhead or in tall trees near their homes. The area has many green belts for walking and trails.


It is considered one of the top neighborhoods in Seattle because it provides a family environment with affordable homes while being convenient to downtown, schools, parks, UW Medical Center, shopping centers, and freeways. It also includes Lake City Way, which offers restaurants, supermarkets, and retail stores that meet all needs.


There are many great reasons why Olympic Hills makes an attractive neighborhood for Seattle’s real estate investment, including its convenient location close to Interstate 90, which takes you downtown Seattle within minutes from your front door if necessary during rush hour traffic situations. Nearby parks include Meadowdale Park with tennis courts plus a children’s playground area where kids can enjoy time after school or on weekends. The school bus stop is within walking distance of the park.


Activities and Events Olympic Hills


Olympic Hills Seattle Neighborhood is a great place to live in. There are many things to do in this neighborhood.


A gymnasium that can be rented out to host small events or parties. After school programs including Homework Assistance Program, computer lab with internet access, a summer camp program for kids age five through twelve years old from July until August, classes on financial literacy, English language instruction for non-native speakers, and a program for adults age 50+. The center also offers courses on health, nutrition, mindfulness meditation exercises, and healthy cooking.


Olympic Hills Community Center also hosts Kids Day every third Saturday, where families are invited to enjoy kid-friendly activities like arts & crafts projects, games, and more. To see upcoming scheduled event information at the Community Center, make sure to check their calendar online.


You can also find many community events here, such as movies in the park, summer concerts at Pine Lake Park, local art walks through galleries located throughout Olympic Hills Seattle Neighborhood, where fabulous pieces of artwork are displayed. There is so much going on in this area!


Things to do in Olympic Hills


Olympic Hills offers some of the best Seattle attractions you can experience. Take advantage of all the fun outdoor activities in Olympic Hills by visiting some of these great local destinations:

Pike Place Market

Pike Place: There is nothing like the original Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. It has been around for over 100 years and houses many merchants that sell fresh produce, flowers, seafood, and other everyday items. The market is a great place to explore handcrafted gifts, delicious restaurants, unique locales, and fun events. It is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Space Needle

Space Needle: This massive structure located in downtown Seattle is one of the most iconic landmarks. It was built for the 1962 World’s Fair and housed a restaurant that rotates to give you 360-degree views of the city. You can also take an elevator up 600 feet for stunning panoramic pictures!

Pine Lake Park

Pine Lake Park: Pine Lake Park has an expansive 235 acres that include trails for every level, picnic shelters, and tables, forests filled with wildlife (including bald eagles), swamps, meadows, and more. The park also hosts events like live music concerts throughout the year.

Schmitz Preserve Park and Wetlands

Schmitz Preserve Park and Wetlands: With over 45 acres, this unique public park provides access to the Puget Sound waterfront while offering visitors natural features such as wetlands, restored forest land, tallgrass prairie restoration sites, saltwater marsh habitat, and shoreline access.


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